Criminal Minds Episode 5 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 5 Recap

Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin), Professor Lee Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun), and Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) are interrogated about Team Lead Kang’s behavior on the day that the reaper was arrested. The investigators are questioning if Team Lead Kang can be objective when the reaper is caught again. The investigators tell the chief that Hyun Joon’s refusal to participate will not be tolerated much longer.

Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) searches for the reaper.

The chief tells Sun Woo that psychological testing show that Team Lead Kang has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). While they are allowing Team Lead Kang to wok per his request management is concerned that Team Lead Kang isn’t fit for duty. He asks Sun Woo to give him reports on Team Lead Kang. He tells Sun Woo that she may lead the team if they remove Team Lead Kang.

A man in a mask releases a white powder into the breeze while standing on a hill overlooking a crowded park. 10 hours later those at the park come down with rashes and spit up blood. The hospitals are flooded with victims.

Min Young is happily making kimbap with her niece. She gets the call to come to work. Her niece isn’t happy her aunt is ditching her for work.

Min Young meets Seo Hye Young from the defense ministry who explains the particulars of the case. The Criminal Minds Team gathers to hear that a bacteria anthrax which target the lungs was released in the air. All victims will eventually die though they don’t know that. Hyun Joon argues the victims should be made aware death is imminent. Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) counters the public would panic if they knew. Hyun Joon can’t believe what Team Lead Kang is saying. Team Lead Kang ends the discussion. He directs the them to focus on catching the criminal.

The man in the mask isn’t happy with the press coverage of the incident and order his partner to ready more bacterial anthrax.

Team Lead Kang tells the chief the criminal doesn’t appear to be an outside terrorist. The chief reminds Team Lead Kang that his head is on the chopping block if they can’t solve the case. Team Lead Kang suffers a moment of pain, gathers himself, then assures the chief he’s fine.

Sun Woo and Hyun Joon interview one of the victims. She remembers a man in black wearing a mask. Hyun Joon stops the interview when the woman struggles to talk due to the lung damage. In the hallway Hyun Joon reiterates that the victims and their families should be told this is a fatal condition. Sun Woo counters that finding the criminal is their job.

Team Lead Kang and Professor Lee brief the defense ministry that the criminal is someone upset that their brilliance hasn’t been recognized. Team Lead Kang warns the criminal is among them. The camera zooms in on a young officer. Team Lead Kang says they don’t have much time before the public finds out and panics.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo survey the park from the spot the criminal released the bacterial anthrax. They notice a man in a mask in the crowd of reporters. Hyun Joon notes that wearing a mask indicates the man thinks there could be a risk.

Hyun Joon chases the man. They fight. The man gets away.

Na Hwang tells Hyun Joon the CCTV footage offers little to identify a man dressed in black, with a black cap and mask. Hyun Joon wonders if the man in black is military.

A young officer reports to Team Lead Kang they have a suspect, Dr. Jang, that previously warned the defense ministry about the potential for an anthrax incident. They suspect Dr. Jang has an accomplice. Hyun Joon is tasked with investigating Dr. Jung. Team Lead Kang tells Sun Woo they’ll go to where Dr. Jung works. Min Young reports three more victims from the park have died.

Dr. Jang isn’t at work. They confirm the bacterial anthrax wasn’t made in the work lab.

Hyun Joon and Professor Lee search Dr. Jang’s house unaware the man in black is watching them via CCTV. Professor Lee finds the lab in the basement. The man in black rushes Professor Lee and stabs him. He releases bacterial anthrax and leaves. Hyun Joon goes down the stairs to the lab. Professor Lee locks the door to the lab. He tells Hyun Joon the lab has bacterial anthrax and refuses to unlock the door.

Sun Woo and Team Lead Kang learn that Professor Lee has been exposed to bacterial anthrax.

The little girl calls Min Young at work. Min Young reminds her to call her aunt.

Na Hwang is upset when she tells Min Young what has happened.

Professor Lee will not leave the lab. Hyun Joon orders him to leave but he refuses. Professor Lee declares he’ll find a cure and the criminal. But no one knows that Professor Lee has a stab wound in his abdomen.

When Team Lead Kang, Sun Woo, and Min Young arrive Professor Lee tries to convince them they must extricate Professor Lee. Sun Woo counters that Professor Lee could find what they need working in the lab. Hyun Joon tells Team Lead Kang they can’t sacrifice Professor Lee. Team Lead Kang agrees with Sun Woo. Hyun Joon can’t believe they’ll let Professor Lee die to solve this case.

Here’s my problem with this situation. They’ve stated there is no cure. Professor Lee is going to die whether he’s in the lab or the hospital. Professor Lee gets to choose how he lives his remaining time. However, Hyun Joon is right to be appalled at Sun Woo’s willingness to see Professor Lee for what he can do to solve the case rather than his value as a human being, team member and friend. Team Lead Kang is a walking zombie.

Professor Lee tells the team that he found Dr. Jang dead and he’d been dead for several days. Hyun Joon realizes that Dr. Jang was killed prior to the park attack. This validates that Dr. Jang had an accomplice. Professor Lee finds the workspace and name of the other doctor, Mr. Lee, working with Dr. Jang. Na Hwang sends a picture of Mr. Lee. Professor Lee slumps to the ground (from his stab wound) and declares that isn’t the man that stabbed him. Hyun Joon echoes that isn’t the man he fought with. Professor Lee finds the notes that identifies the park attack as another phase in a bigger experiment. They are able to track the accomplice Mr. Choi as a member of a security firm Dr. Jang worked with in the past. Hyun Joon sends a picture of Mr. Choi to Professor Lee. He declares that is the man that stabbed him. Hyun Joon echoes that is the man he fought with.

Flashback…Mr. Choi remembers Dr. Jang not wanting to incite chaos. Mr. Lee listens while he works. Enraged that Dr. Jang doesn’t embrace the same vision, Mr. Choi kills Dr. Jang.

The team learns Mr. Choi is ex-military with the high-level clearance. Team Lead Kang calls the chief declaring he must know the high-level clearance information. The chief logs into the special access computer. He learns that Mr. Choi was once part of a deployed team that was killed in a chemical attack. The team tries to guess where Mr. Choi might attack next. Min Young suggests independence hall is the possible location. That’s where her niece is at a field trip.

Min Young’s niece runs into Mr. Choi at Independence Hall. Mr. Choi reports to his accomplice that the world will soon change.

Min Young is upset and tells Sun Woo her niece is at Independence Hall. Sun Woo want to call her niece and tell her to leave. Sun Woo stops her saying they cannot incite panic. Min Young cries. Sun Woo declares they will save the children. She hugs Min Young.

Sun Woo comes off as a cold fish. Protocol be dammed. Evacuate the little kids on the field trip.

At Independence Hall, the Criminal Minds Team stops the SWAT team from entering. The SWAT lead is not happy that his team is on hold while innocent people loiter unaware that a criminal is planning to kill them. Hyun Joon tells him once they understand the criminal’s plan, they can effectively save the day. Team Lead Kang suffers a moment of pain and drops his notes. Sun Woo stares at him remembering the chief’s concern that Team Lead Kang could put the team at risk. The SWAT lead wants to engage. Team Lead Kang stops him saying he’ll take responsibility for what happens next. Sun Woo and Hyun Joon enter with the mandate to report if they find anything.

Min Young searches the CCTV footage for her niece.

Hyun Joon realizes the criminal needs wind to release the anthrax. Sun Woo realizes the vent system will deliver the anthrax. Sun Woo finds the anthrax underneath a ventilation fan.

Meanwhile Mr. Choi tells his accomplice to stay focused. His accomplice looks in the back of the van which is filled with containers.

Hyun Joon finds Mr. Choi turning the vent system back on. Mr. Choi flees. Hyun Joon turns the vent system off.

Team Lead Kang declares Mr. Choi must have a plan B. Team Lead Kang order outside surveillance camera to be viewed. They search for the same car that was at the park. They spot the van in the parking lot. The accomplice drives the van towards Independence Hall.

Sun Woo sees Min Young’s niece. She considers but continues to do her job.

Hyun Joon and Mr. Choi fight on the rooftop.

The van parks in front of the building. The accomplice flees. Sun Woo walks around to the back of the van.

Mr. Choi holds up a detonator and laughs in Hyun Joon’s face. The SWAT team snipers kill Mr. Choi.

Team Lead Kang cuts off all communication.

Sun Woo decides to drive the van away from the crowds. She’s horrified when she gets stuck in traffic.  She gets in the van to try and defuse the bomb. With Hyun Joon’s help she defuses the bomb. She grabs the explosives from the bomb and rushes into the street.

Min Young finds her niece and hugs her.

They find the vaccine.

Seo Hye Young from the defense ministry informs the press they have found the cure for the lung illness that has struck many people.

Sun Woo watches Professor Lee sleep. She’s told he received the vaccine but only time will tell. Hyun Joon watches Professor Lee sleep from the doorway.

The Criminal Minds Team enjoys a picnic in the park. Team Lead Kang’s son, Han Byul is there. Min Young’s niece is there. Watching the play Team Lead Kang smiles. Min Young is happy to see him smile. She tells him she’s grateful to Hyun Joon for altering her niece’s teacher to leave the building. Team Lead Kang reveals Sun Woo did that not Hyun Joon. Min Young looks at her coworker and smiles.

Hyun Joon finds Sun Woo laying flowers in the park in remembrance of the anthrax victims. Sun Woo declares even though no one knows the sacrifice these people made, they must be remembered. They are both relieved Professor Lee will be released from the hospital soon. Hyun Joon asks Sun Woo why she didn’t tell Min Young that she was the one that altered her niece’s teacher. Sun Woo shrugs and says Hyun Joon would have done the same. They walk back to the other in companionable silence. Hyun Joon muses that just convictions beat evil every time.

Team Lead Kang goes to his car. His son, Han Byul is not there.

My Thoughts

After the emotional vice grip the last episode had on me, this episode could never match it. I watched this crime done by this criminal with the same emotional detachment Sun Woo has. It didn’t grip me. This is the issue with procedural dramas, if the crime of the week isn’t stellar the episode suffers. I was irked at the pat ending – Sun Woo deposed of the explosive with less than 10 seconds to go though we didn’t see it, the vaccine was found and administered, and the public never knew.

The Criminal Mind Team:
* Sun Woo appears cold and heartless as she sticks to the rules and procedures above the emotional needs of a situation. Her annoying her allegiance to the rule book does keep things moving forward. But when faced with the innocent face of Min Young’s niece, even Sun Woo broke the rules and told the teacher to get the children out of the building. My problem with Sun Woo is simple. I do not FEEL her. She exists. I watch her. But I don’t feel anything for her.
* Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 suffered a direct attack from the criminal but kept on going. I applauded his decision to feel thinking and helping. I’m glad he survived.
* Min Young has a niece who survived an accident that killed her sister and brother-in-law. I liked seeing a softer side of Min Young.
* Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, effectively identified Mr. Choi the militant criminal behind the attacks. She wears her heart on her sleeve. I like the trust between Hyun Joon and Na Hwang.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) is constantly chasing criminals. When he tracked Mr. Choi to the rooftop he was prepared to kill him to stop the detonation of the anthrax bomb but the SWAT team snipers did the job. Hyun Joon puts people before procedures which puts him at odds with Sun Woo and Team Lead Kang. I love Lee Joon Gi. I’m seeing him suffer the same fate Jang Hyuk suffered in Voice. His character is one note. His presence does not dominate. I long for more for the character of Hyun Joon.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) is a walking zombie. He is suffering from PTSD and with good reason. His moments of pain are noticeable. We are waiting for the reaper to return. Has he?

Writer Hong Seung Hyun’s anthrax story had no soul. The emotional hook was Professor Lee’s life in danger and Min Young’s niece in danger, but it wasn’t enough to grip me.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as decent. My episode ranking chart is below.


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3 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 5 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree the anthrax story did not grab my attention like the last episode. TL Kang seemed to be a zombie for a good share of this episode. Sun Woo seemed to be heartless 🚫💗 between wanting Prof. Lee to continue working on an anthrax antidote or vaccine 💉 and insisting Min Young NOT warn ⚠ her niece’s kindergarten about the danger at the museum. I concur that I do not “feel” her either; this is a recurring issue I have with actress Moon Chae Won. I have seen Moon Chae Won in a half dozen dramas and the only one I liked her in was “The Princess’ Man”.

    When Prof. Lee was writhing in pain from his stab 🗡 wound, I question the judgement for continuing to work on a “cure”. I was also irked about the decision NOT informing the public about the anthrax danger ⚠; it seems that after the fact would have been an appropriate time as it would be too late for public panic. I like that Hyun Joon values people over procedures.

    The cast in the U.S. version of Criminal Minds’ format is an ensemble; where they work together, but some episodes shine the spotlight 🔦 on a particular character, there is not a single standout in the cast. I concur we are seeing shades of Jang Hyuk in “Voice”. The Korean writers are holding onto a similar ideal for the Korean cast, which is a shame since we are watching for our Lee Joon Gi! It is puzzling 🤔 that some of these dramas, such as “Criminal Minds” and “Voice”, do not fully utilize their superstar ⭐ power and talent.

    • I have seen Moon Chae Won in a half dozen dramas and the only one I liked her in was “The Princess’ Man”
      I’ve only seen her in the excellent in Good Doctor, so this flat portrayal is a disappointment.

      I like that Hyun Joon values people over procedures.
      It separates him apart from Team Lead Kang and Sun Woo. I chuckle every time Hyun Joon chases a criminal. It’s at least once a show.

      It is puzzling 🤔 that some of these dramas, such as “Criminal Minds” and “Voice”, do not fully utilize their superstar ⭐ power and talent.
      Aren’t they paying 💰💰 for these big stars? Why don’t they get their money’s worth? Using only part of their talents limits the quality of the series.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “Using only part of their talents limits the quality of the series.” -KJT

        You are preaching to the choir 🎵👬👫👬👫🎶, sistah❗

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