Strongest Deliveryman Episode 3

My Thoughts — Strongest Deliveryman— Episode 3

Nutshell Summary:

The episode begins with Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) giving mouth-to-mouth recitation to an unconscious Oh Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) on the river bank. When he wakes, Dan Ah is vastly relieved. When the urges Jin Gyu to explain why he tried to commit suicide she’s horrified to learn that he lives an aimless life and didn’t want to go on. She kicks him several times and leaves with righteous fury.

The next day Dan Ah doesn’t feel well and finds bruises on her body from her jump from the bridge saving Jin Gyu. She soldiers on to her delivery job. She’s dismayed to find her delivery takes her up 20 flights of steps. She gives the insolent girls a piece of her mind when they treat her like gum on the bottom of their shoes. That infuriates the equally insolent mother. As Dan Ah leaves the home she collapses breaking a vase as she falls unconscious. Jin Gyu is exiting the hospital as Dan Ah is brought in and luckily he recognizes her unconscious on the gurney. He assumes guardianship for her. When Dan Ah wakes she is dismayed knowing she’s left the eatery in the lurch. When she calls to explain she offers to send Jin Gyu in her stead.

Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo), the chef of the eatery Jang Dong Soo (Jo Hee Bong) and proprietress the prickly Soon Ae (Lee Min Young) are unimpressed when the untried Jin Gyu arrives. But they are in a bind with orders. Kang Soo takes Jin Gyu under his wing and trains him. They bond over and end the night smiling.

Jin Gyu sends Dan Ah to the VIP room in the hospital. She’s stunned to learn he is rich as Croesus. He offers her a cash reward for saving his life. She hesitates. He gently insists. Dan Ah asks for the amount that will allow her to achieve her goals per her countdown app. Jin Gyu offers more, but Dan Ah only wants what she needs, not more.

Runaway rich girl Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) finds her father searching for her in the neighborhood. Guilty that she’s distressed him she runs into his arms. He tells his daughter that running away from her issues doesn’t solve anything. He advises Ji Yoon to go home and work things out with her controlling mother. Ji Yoon realizes her father is right. She and father pack her things. She thanks Kang Soo for his kind support. Her father gives Kang Soo an extra firm handshake to let him know while grateful he found his actions enabling.

Ji Yoon tells her controlling mother, Jung Hye Ran (Kim Hye Ri) that she wants to work and live in her own apartment. Hye Ran sees the determination in her daughter’s eyes and realizes she can get Ji Yoon to agree to her terms. Hye Ran tells her daughter that she’ll allow it, IF she dates the man of her choosing for 1 year. Dismayed Ji Yoon is forthright that dating isn’t marrying. Hye Ran agrees. If Ji Yoon doesn’t want to marry this man in 1 year, he isn’t worth having.

Meanwhile Jin Gyu’s mother informs him his only option to avoid being shipped to the Philippines is to date the rich girl whose family seems to be the only one that wants him. Jin Gyu can only agree as the alternative strikes terror in his heart.

As Ji Yoon enters the eatery to meet her mystery man, she and Jin Gyu stare at each other in horror. She snipe throughout the meal. Ji Yoon does her best to annoy Jin Gyu so he’ll refuse to date her. Jin Gyu informs the irritated Ji Yoon that he’ll date her no matter what she does. Ji Yoon flounces out.

Kang Soo visits his friend in the hospital who is still unconscious. He learns that if his friend had gotten to the hospital earlier for more immediate medical care, things would be different. He talks to taxi drivers and learns the highway to the hospital was such down for pleasure racing by rich men. He vows to find the rich men that impeded his friend’s path to proper medical care.

My Thoughts

The core characters are linked and likable. I love it. Writer Lee Jung Woo deftly entwined all the core characters. Only the women don’t have a relationship yet. No epilogue this episode. The whole episode was a pleasure to watch. Strongest Deliveryman’s cast of characters are likable, all of them. That is unusual. There are always characters I endure when I watch a series.

Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) is determined to learn which rich jerks blocked the highway. Kang Soo believes in justice and is a fair guy. Kang Soo and Jin Gyu forged a relationship. When Kang Soo finds out the Jin Gyu’s highway racing rerouted his friend making his end medical state worsen, it won’t be pretty. How will he react when he learns his new friend Jin Gyu is the culprit? I loved Kang Soo’s wide net of friends who tracked the neighborhood deliverymen when they stole his motorcycle. Working a neighborhood for only two months reaped him a city wide group of friends. I like Kang Soo…a lot.

Lee Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) collapsed and had to be hospitalized. I loved her fierce refusal to let Jin Gyu die. She was concerned about the medical care costs and Jin Gyu was a guardian angel to take of those costs. It was more than a fair trade considering she saved his life. Dan Ah didn’t get greedy when Jin Gyu offered her a cash reward for his life. She only asked for what she needed. I respect that.

Lee Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee) took her father’s advice and made a deal with her mother. She agreed to date for 1 year to get her freedom and ability to work. I was pleased that Ji Yoon’s mother agreed to her request. I appreciated her blunt assessment that if Ji Yoon didn’t want to marry the man after 1 year of dating, he wasn’t worth marrying. How sweet it was when Ji Yoon and Jin Gyu formally met. She tried to irk him into rejecting her but he held on fast. I look forward to these two dating.

Oh Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) learned life lessons. Jin Gyu rose in my esteem when he willingly worked for Dan Ah and he worked without whining. When he upgraded Dan Ah’s room and covered her costs, he did so with kindness. He was surprised at how little money she requested. He is intrigued with the ethical hardworking Dan Ah. Who can blame him? I enjoyed his bantering with Ji Yoon. I see their potential as a couple.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. My episode ranking chart is below.

The second track of the OST, “La La La”,  is sung by no other than leading man Go Kyung Pyo.It expresses the regretful heart of a man who wants to confess his love to a woman. There is no youtube video with this song as of this writing.

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2 comments on “Strongest Deliveryman Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Jin Gyu took responsibility by covering Dan Ah’s work tasks without whining. I think Jin Gyu stepping up allowed him the opportunity to get to know and appreciate Kang Soo and his awesome network 🕸 of deliverymen friends.

    Jin Gyu seems to have a new lease 🌱 for life thanks to Dan Ah; gaining first hand ✋ experience working, taking in the challenge to mitigate being sent to the Philippines and exploring friendships with Dan Ah and Kang Soo. I especially 💗 Jin Gyu’s unflappability in the face of his challenge to woo 💕 Ji Yoon. I am pleasantly 🎊surprised🎉 how quickly the writer has made spoiled chaebol Jin Gyu human AND likeable❗

    Only our female leads have yet to meet each other.

    Have I mentioned how much I 💗 Kang Soo❓. He seems to be on my same Justice ⚖ wavelength 〰❗
    🔹Justice Jane


    • in Gyu seems to have a new lease 🌱 for life…gaining first hand ✋ experience working, …exploring friendships with Dan Ah and Kang Soo. I especially 💗 Jin Gyu’s unflappability in the face of his challenge to woo 💕 Ji Yoon. I am pleasantly 🎊surprised🎉 how quickly the writer has made spoiled chaebol Jin Gyu human AND likeable❗
      Agreed. Writer Lee has turned our chaebol into a man willing to better himself. He has chemistry with all the core characters.

      Have I mentioned how much I 💗 Kang Soo❓. He seems to be on my same Justice ⚖ wavelength 〰❗
      JJ, he’s your guy! Truly Kang Soo takes a straightforward approach. He will catch the person that did this and garner justice for his friend.


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