Bride of the Water God Episode 12 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 12 Recap

Moo Ra tells the tale of Nak Bin a human offered as a sacrifice for the gods. Lord Habaek feel in love with Nak Bin. The king of Sky country tried to create a new hierarchy of the Realm of the gods. The king of sky country thought taking Lord Habaek’s powers will facilitate. The king of Sky country told Nak Bin she might achieve eternal life if she would betray Lord Habaek. She agreed.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) finds Nak Bin tied up. He says Suh Wang Mo will kill Nak Bin and break the curse Nak Bin created with her blood. Lord Habaek says eternal life will be earned when she dies. There will be no reincarnation. Though Nak Bin begs for his help, Lord Habaek refuses to forgive her. As Lord Habaek walks away Nak Bin pleads that she loves him. That she only did this to live forever to be with him forever. But her pleas go unanswered.

Nak Bin is drowned in the sea.

Moo Ra comforts Lord Habaek. He is sad.

Moo Ra says that Suh Wang Mo wasn’t satisfied with Nak Bin’s death. She wanted her brother and son dead too. We see the sky country god down them. Recall we saw this in episode 6 but had no context for the scene.

Nak Bin’s older brother’s price for survival that he and all his descendants would live as servants of the gods. Recall we saw this scene in episode 6 but had limited context.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) calls Moo Ra’s story ridiculous. Furthermore, So Ah asks why does this affect her? Moo Ra calls So Ah foolish and blind to the point she’s making.

When So Ah returns home Lord Habaek is anxious and asks what Moo Ra told her. So Ah says she knows about Nak Bin, the woman he loved that betrayed him and was punished. She knows about Nak Bin’s brother who promised he and his descendants would live as servants of the gods. So Ah notes trying to make her accountable for something an ancient ancestor did 1200 years ago is a bit much. So Ah tells Lord Habaek to go back to his world. She tells him to leave her home. Lord Habaek counters he’ll decide when he leaves. So Ah piles it on per Moo Ra’s instructions. She tells Lord Habaek he didn’t try and save Nak Bin. Lord Habaek clenches his fist. He stares at So Ah and leaves the room, slamming the door behind him.

Now we hear what else Moo Ra told So Ah. “I’m not telling you to feel guilty. I’m telling you to let Lord Habaek go. You have to let him go. You can do that. I hate to admit this, but Lord Habaek loves you. Don’t you understand?”

So Ah counters that Lord Habaek will leave. Moo Ra counters that Lord Habaek is considering staying. This surprises So Ah. Moo Ra says that Lord Habaek is crucial to the balance and water country. Moo Ra says if Lord Habaek doesn’t become king, he has no purpose. Moo Ra tells So Ah to let Lord Habaek go while he’s able to recover and continue on his path. Moo Ra doesn’t want to see Lord Habaek torture himself with guilt like he did after Nak Bin’s death. Moo Ra begs So Ah to let Lord Habaek go.

So Ah cries at the memory of Moo Ra’s words.

I’m not sure I found Nak Bin’s betrayal compelling. I don’t know this character. I didn’t see her collude with the Sky country god. I didn’t see her betray Lord Habaek. I only saw her after the fact. Lord Habaek’s pain was obvious. But Nak Bin’s punishment and her brother’s fates didn’t move me. What was with Lord Habaek looking like a young boy and then a man during the various scenes? I did not understand that. Beyond that Moo Ra’s plea to So Ah is the right one to make. Lord Habaek’s destiny is to be king. Lord Habaek is considering abdicating before becoming king. Moo Ra’s must try and stop him and So Ah is the only way to make that happen.

Moo Ra tells Bi Ryeon she wants to bury her pain like humans can do, but that’s not possible for her. She’s angry that Lord Habaek admitted his love for So Ah. She wonders if telling So Ah to release Lord Habaek was the only way. Bi Ryeon tells her she did what she had to do. He gives Moo Ra a back hug. He wishes he could beat Lord Habaek for the pain he’s caused Moo Ra. She tells him not to. Bi Ryeon chuckles and continues to hug Moo Ra.

Lord Habaek thinks about So Ah and she thinks about him. They both are miserable. They both cry as the pain engulfs them.

The next morning Lord Habaek stares at the door to the house. He doesn’t use it.

Lord Habaek finds Nam (Lord Habaek’s servant) asleep on the deck. He wakes him. Lord Habaek asks if Soo Ri was angry that he gave So Ah a gift. Lord Habaek apologizes for not acknowledging all Soo Ri does for him. Soo Ri can’t believe what he’s just heard. Lord Habaek tells Soo Ri to let So Ah know they are ready for breakfast.

Lord Habaek thanks So Ah for the meal. He hands over their cell phone to So Ah. He asks her to wrap things up for them. He tells her to take care when she walks home late at night. He recommends sensor activated lighting. He tells her eat better food and clean her house more often. Lord Habaek asks Soo Ri to give them privacy. Soo Ri leaves.

Lord Habaek reminds her that he can tell when she’s lying. But this time he’s unsure. He knows she wants him to leave. But he wonders when did he say he’d protect her? When did he make promises he couldn’t keep? He wants to ask if he can leave, but he can’t deny she’ll be fine without him. So Ah agrees she’ll be fine without him. She agrees he’s done little for her. She tells him the house will be quiet but she’ll be okay without him. Lord Habaek agrees. His heart breaks. He stands to leave. So Ah stands and asks if he’s leaving today. Lord Habaek counters that he’s leave right now. So Ah offers to drive him. Lord Habaek declines. He wants to end it now. He walks away. So Ah cries.

Lord Habaek finds Bi Ryeon and Soo Ri waiting for him. He tells Soo Ri it’s time to go. So Ah watching Lord Habaek walk away. Soo Ri wishes her well and runs after Lord Habaek. Bi Ryeon leaves without saying anything to So Ah.

So Ah looks to the sky and wonders if she’s done the right thing.

Lord Habaek stands at the portal. Soo Ri goes through. Lord Habaek turns and looks at this world. He enters his world.

That was a decent separation heartfelt but not gut wrenching. Lord Habaek and So Ah were so busy keeping a stiff upper lip and hiding their emotions that shimmered just below the surface that I felt their pain but I wasn’t consumed by it. This had to happen. Lord Habaek had to leave. The question is simple…what happens now?

Shi Ja Ya caves and agrees to a photo shoot on a boat even when she gets motion sickness. Assistant Min overhears and tells her not to take the job. He takes her phone and calls the PD saying the Ja Ya will get sick so he’ll next extra folks to clean up. The PD cancels the shoot. Assistant Min tells him to call back with another opportunity. Assistant Min returns the phone. Ja Ya thanks him. Assistant Min leaves.

I like Assistant Min. I don’t like Ja Ya. Their interludes are amusing.

Moo Ra can’t kiss the blow-up man Bi Ryeon got her. She gets irked. Bi Ryeon offers to get her one that looks like Brad Pitt. That interests her. Bi Ryeon chuckles that she’s the problem. He pulls her close, shocking her. Bi Ryeon says if he’s an actor in kiss scene, then he’d lean into her. Bi Ryeon does just that and Moo Ra is stunned but doesn’t pull away. Bi Ryeon lets the moment lengthen when their lips are inches apart. Then he jokes she needs to close her mouth or she’ll get a French kiss. Moo Ra pushes him away. Bi Ryeon laughs. He offers to practice kissing with her when she need it.

Moo Ra gets the call that she needs to report to film the next scene. Bi Ryeon comments that So Ah returned Moo Ra’s car. Moo Ra wonders how So Ah is doing.

At work, So Ah works with an energetic child. Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo tells her the loan was approved. So Ah is pleased. Yeom Mi bursts in and finds So Ah’s energy almost frantic. So Ah tells Yeom Mi that she’s going on a blind date. Yeom Mi can’t believe that So Ah is acting like the energizer bunny versus feeling the pain of Lord Habaek’s departure. So Ah tells her she’s got places to go and leaves. Yeom Mi muses that Lord Habaek was cold hearted to leave So Ah in the lurch.

Sang Yoo serves CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju Hwan) coffee and assures him So Ah will be back soon. Sang Yoo tells CEO Shin that So Ah was bullied because she lives with his poor family. Sang Yoo mentions that So Ah is going on a blind date. That gets CEO Shin’s attention. So Ah returns to the office.

She apologizes for what happened last time. He does the same. She asks if he wants to share the past experience that haunts him. CEO Shin tells her there are people that criticize him and take him back to the past version of himself. So Ah counters that no one should be criticized for their past. No one can control when and where they were born. She asks if there’s more. He can’t share more. So Ah urges him to trust her and share more when he’s ready. He asks her to dinner. So Ah says she can’t have a meal with a patient. He tells her it isn’t more than a meal.

CEO Shin is handsome. CEO Shin cares for her. So Ah is could do worse.

CEO Shin tells So Ah that she’s thoughtful and kind. CEO Shin tells her he knows she’s recently been hurt and who hurt her. CEO Shin points out that So Ah has helped him. He suggests they become friends. CEO Shin lists his pluses. He muses that he shouldn’t have to promote himself to become her friend. So Ah smiles. CEO Shin offers his hand in friendship. So Ah shakes his hand.

Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra arrive at the same eatery. They see CEO Shin and So Ah shake hands. Moo Ra tells Bi Ryeon they should leave. Bi Ryeon stares at CEO Shin but agrees to leave. He tells Jin Gyeon to take Moo Ra home. He drives away.

CEO Shin teases So Ah that he’s miffed he had to campaign for her friendship. So Ah counters that if they are friends he should trust her and be able to share what troubles him. So Ah sees the stuffed animal Lord Habaek posed with. CEO Shin offers to buy it. So Ah says she’ll buy it. CEO Shin receives a call requesting his presence at the hotel. He tells So Ah he must go. So Ah thanks him. CEO Shin wishes her a safe walk home.

So Ah clutches the stuffed animal as she walks home. She passes the brick with her name and Lord Habaek’s name. Inside she stares at the stuffed animal. She uses the mug Lord Habaek got her. She smiles a bittersweet smile. She goes to the room Lord Habaek stayed in. She sits on the bed he slept on. She sits on the couch he sat on. She looks at the book that he read the passage from. She reads from the book. She thinks that she’s doing all these things to feel Lord Habaek’s presence. She reads the line “it was a miraculous, tragic love…all I can do is love you.” So Ah cries.

The next day So Ah struggles at work. She imagines Lord Habaek sitting across from her. He asks if she’s mad that he couldn’t be certain that she was lying that she wanted him to leave her. Lord Habaek tells her someone had to get hurt but id didn’t have to be her. Lord Habaek says that living life like it will end tomorrow has benefits. He notes trying to avoid pain, often causes pain. Lord Habaek disappears.

Yeom Mi dreams of a distraught So Ah. She murmurs that So Ah isn’t over Lord Habaek. She calls So Ah to come over.

Moo Ra tells CEO Shin that Lord Habaek went back to his world. She scoffs that So Ah must have asked CEO Shin to comfort her. CEO Shin counters that he wouldn’t need to ask Moo Ra about Lord Habaek if So Ah had already told him. Moo Ra tells CEO Shin to pursue So Ah and make her his. Moo Ra doesn’t believe humans need to suffer because of gods. CEO Shin asks if Moo Ra is saying that CEO Shin can make her happy, but he shouldn’t make So Ah his woman. Moo Ra counters that CEO Shin should whatever it takes to make So Ah forget Lord Habaek. She notes he was trying to do that anyway. Moo Ra urges CEO Shin to marry So Ah and live with her until she dies. Then they’ll be able to remove So Ah from the role of god’s servant. Moo Ra says ending that role can only So Ah be a happier person.

Ja Ya offers Assistant Min 1.5 times his salary to work at her manager. He declines. She asks him to help her. Assistant Min will only help her IF she calls him “oppa” (protective brother/man). Ja Ya resists. Assistant Min starts to walk away. Ja Ya calls him “oppa”. Assistant Min loves it. Ja Ya asks about the back-hug CEO Shin gave her long ago. Assistant Min tells her to forget that because CEO Shin is crushing on So Ah.

Ha! I love the direct and no-nonsense Assistant Min. I don’t like Ja Ya.

Ja Ya calls Grandpa Shin and demands that he evict So Ah from her office location. She threaten to return to the United States if he doesn’t.

So Ah arrives at Yeom Mi’s TARDIS-like office. Yeom Mi wants to read So Ah’s fortune. So Ah gets a call from Sang Yoo.

Yeom Mi and So Ah arrive at her office to find moving men packing up her office. She’s told that Grandpa Shin ordered her evicted. So Ah says they can pay the increased security deposit. So Ah learns that Ja Ya is the one that set the eviction in motion. One of So Ah’s patients, Ma Bong Yeol, arrives and orders the men to stop. He starts hitting the men.

At the police station, So Ah explains that Ma Bong Yeol is her patient and has difficulty controlling his emotions. The police say they’ll what for his guardian to arrive before releasing him. CEO Shin arrives and sees Sang Yoo in the holding pen with Ma Bong Yeol. Sang Yoo calls to him. CEO Shin stares at Grandpa Shin’s lackey.

Outside the police station, Yeom Mi tells So Ah she’ll take Ma Bong Yeol and Sang Yoo home. She thanks CEO Shin and drives away.

CEO Shin asks if So Ah is okay. He jokes that having a rich friend has advantages. So Ah chuckles. CEO Shin offers to drive her home. So Ah prefers to walk. She thanks him for his support. He watches her walk away.

  So Ah walks home. CEO Shin calls her before she gets home to check up on her. He tells her he’ll call again. So Ah tells him that Ja Ya is her landlord’s granddaughter. She doesn’t understand Ja Ya’s hatred of her. We see CEO Shin is walking behind her to ensure she gets home safely. CEO Shin share that he has people in his life that hate him too. CEO Shin offers to buy the building where So Ah’s office is located. She turns the corner. She stops. She stares. She drops the phone. She sees Lord Habaek waiting for her. Is he real or a dream? She walks towards him tears running down her face. She runs into his arms. Lord Habaek is real! She sobs against him. He cradles her head. He murmurs she shouldn’t have stayed out this late. She sobs. He holds her offering the needed comfort.

My Thoughts

This episode ended on a high note. Breakup episodes are somewhat depressing as our leads are morose leading up to the breakup, during the breakup, and after the breakup.

  • CEO Shin seized the opportunity left by Lord Habaek’s void. He was smart. He pushed but didn’t overwhelm. He offered his money but didn’t force it. I like CEO Shin. I don’t disagree that he could be a match for So Ah. But the truth is simple. As long as Lord Habaek is in So Ah’s heart, CEO Shin has no chance at romance with So Ah. Shout out to CEO Shin, he made So Ah laugh when he wrly noted having rich friends had benefits.
  • Bi Ryeon’s hatred of CEO Shin needs further explanation. I want to know why he almost loses it every time he sees CEO Shin.
  • Bi Ryeon’s interactions with Moo Ra were good. He does understand her. He’s a similar position as CEO Shin. As long as Moo Ra has Lord Habaek in her heart, his chances as slim. BUT there is something between them. Moo Ra’s heart pounded when he drew her close and Bi Ryeon knew it. Wisely he didn’t act on the opportunity, sometimes leaving something to the imagination increases it’s power. For the second time, Bi Ryeon wasn’t completely annoying to me.
  • While Moo Ra is jealous of So Ah, her reasons for sharing Lord Habaek’s dalliance and betrayal by Nak Bin was sensible. Moo Ra is correct. Lord Habaek is destined to be King. Lord Habaek was thinking about giving it up for So Ah. The ripple effect couldn’t be good. Have you seen any other god be as wise or reasonable as Lord Habaek? Undoubtedly, he is the best choice to be King.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) wanted to stay for So Ah but she pushed him away and he returned to his world. He wasn’t sure if So Ah was lying or not. He put his heart on the line and she rejected it and him. With the responsibility of being King what else could Lord Habaek do but leave? Their breakup was quietly desperate. This isn’t a showy couple. This is a couple with intense looks and longing. Their physical interactions haven’t been numerous yet they have passion simmering below the surface. What I’m missing is Lord Habaek’s options to bridge his world and So Ah’s world. Are there any? He’s King, can’t he make his own rules?

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) pushed Lord Habaek out the door making her mantra “I love this guy, but he’s leaving me regardless” come to fruition. She was surprised at his abrupt departure. She may not have realized it, but his need to leave quickly proved the pain he was in. Lord Habaek took the “rip the bandage off quickly” breakup method. So Ah managed to maintain that outer shell and pretend all was well while covering her hurt. But the veneer was ripped away when Lord Habaek stood waiting for her under the street light. So Ah dropped her phone in disbelief. She must have wondered if Lord Habaek was a hallucination (recall her office imaginary conversation with him). I wondered the same thing. But when he stepped into the street, I hoped maybe he was real. So Ah did too. Her carefully stuffed emotions spilled forth. She rushed into his arms hitting him for the pain he caused her by leaving and returning. We are at the end of episode 12. Now we enter the last quarter of this series. I look forward to what happens next.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good. Check out my episode ranking chart below.

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11 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 12 Recap
  1. Part of the curse visited upon the water king is that he is a child during the day and an adult at night. Her death freed him from that curse so that’s why they had to kill her. I think that is what they were saying. The original story had him as a child during the day and a man at night because of a curse.


  2. CEO Shin is handsome. CEO Shin cares for her. So Ah is could do worse. So true


  3. Moo Ra actually seems to care about humans even when she views them as beneath her.It is hilarious to watch her inner struggle when she tries to match make So Ah with the CEO, her surface reasons for attempting the pairing seem genuine but she also cares a little that So Ah should be happy. I really really want CEO Shin to be happy even if it is not with So Ah . He is not the usual entitled Chaebol jerk that we usually see in Kdramas, he could be really horrible considering that he is both a demi god and rich but he never takes that road. If only Bi Ryeom could leave him alone but I know we have not heard the end of that story yet 😦


  4. Moo Ra actually seems to care about humans even when she views them as beneath her
    Agreed. She is more likable with that ethical caring for mere mortals.

    I really really want CEO Shin to be happy …He is not the usual entitled Chaebol jerk …he could be really horrible considering that he is both a demi god and rich but he never takes that road. If only Bi Ryeom could leave him alone but I know we have not heard the end of that story yet
    CEO Shin has a vulnerability that I respond to. He’s alone. He’s hated. I don’t see any actions on his part that warrant it. Bi Ryeom is like a dog with a bone 🍖. He won’t CEO Shin alone.

    I’m pleased that I’m liking Moo Ra, CEO Shin, and even Bi Ryeom more. I could watch Joo Dong all day. I want him back!


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m not sure Moo 🐮 Ra’s intentions were exactly pure ❄ towards Ha Baek being so blunt towards So Ah, urging her to give 💔 up on Ha Baek; we know Moo 🐮 Ra wants Ha Baek. I agree Bi 🌧 Ryeon was quite as annoying this episode; I ♥ that he made Moo 🐮 Ra’s 💗 race 🏁. I think the Chaos 👬Twins belong together.

    Despite So Ah putting on a false 🎭 face and hiding her emotions, her breakup 💔 with Ha Baek made me very sad. Is Ha Baek really back; was So Ah hallucinating❓. If not, how long is back for❓

    I ♥ CEO Shin, AKA Hoo Ye. Hoo Ye might have a chance with So Ah with Ha Baek out of the picture 🖼; but the timing 🕒 isn’t right as So Ah’s pain is still raw from breaking 💔 up with Ha Baek. How bitterly disappointed 😫 will Hoo Ye be when he rounds the corner and spies 🔭 Ha Baek❓


    • I ♥ that he made Moo 🐮 Ra’s 💗 race 🏁. I think the Chaos 👬Twins belong together.
      I agree. Moo Ra needs Bi Ryeon’s zest and he needs her calm.

      Is Ha Baek really back; was So Ah hallucinating❓. If not, how long is back for❓
      I’m saying he’s back. For how long, I don’t know. I maintain he’s the King, he can make or break the rules.

      How bitterly disappointed 😫 will Hoo Ye be when he rounds the corner and spies 🔭 Ha Baek❓
      I don’t look forward to the pain we’ll see on his face.


  6. imberreader says:

    I’ve not watched this, as I don’t have time, didn’t even really get to finish Suspicious Partner tho I’m dying to, but been skimming recaps and watching some clips here and there… Just wanted to say there that despite many claims they don’t have chemistry, I think they have loads.

    Their first kiss scene? Magically, painfully, sweet. It’s not the explosive all out passionate chemistry, but they this melancholic painful one. Loads. It reminds me Goblin in that aspect, also another kdrama fans claimed leads don’t have chemistry. But there isn’t just one kind of chemistry.


    • Just wanted to say there that despite many claims they don’t have chemistry, I think they have loads
      I love their intensity. I see tons of chemistry and have from the beginning of this series.

      Their first kiss scene? Magically, painfully, sweet. It’s not the explosive all out passionate chemistry, but they this melancholic painful one. Loads.
      Their first kiss (the mutual one in episode 9) was poignant and lovely.

      It reminds me Goblin in that aspect, also another kdrama fans claimed leads don’t have chemistry. But there isn’t just one kind of chemistry
      Everyone that watches a show has a different reaction. I loved the Goblin leads who had a wonderful chemistry and connection. I love the Bride of the Water God leads who have an intense longing and need for each other.


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