Bride of the Water God Episode 11 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 11 Recap

CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju Hwan)  recalls Lord Habaek opening his shirt and finding Joo Dong’s mark on his chest. When Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) touches his chest, CEO Shin spins her onto the chair and stands over her seeing Lord Habaek not So Ah, ready to strike with his dark energy. So Ah calls his name. CEO Shin realizes that So Ah is in front of him not Lord Habaek. He sees her fear. He realizes he was ready to strike.  So Ah sees the nick her nails gave him heal. She stares at CEO Shin in shock. Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) barges through the office door. He stares at the scene before him. CEO Shin stares at Lord Habaek. So Ah stares at Lord Habaek.  He enters the office and pulls CEO Shin off So Ah. He punches CEO Shin. When he goes to hit CEO Shin again, his arm is blocked. So Ah implores the men to stop. They glare…they stare. CEO Shin apologizes for his actions. He quickly leaves. When So Ah moves to go after him, Lord Habaek grabs her wrist to stop her.

So Ah is not happy that Lord Habaek assumes something happened. Lord Habaek is livid (that surprised me) that CEO Shin was levered over So Ah. He demands to know what happened. He asks if he interrupted her future relationship with CEO Shin. So Ah is shocked and hurt by the statement.

CEO Shin walks home in the rain.

So Ah tells Lord Habaek she won’t dignify his question with a response. Lord Habaek counters he is forced to interrupt what happened. So Ah declares the conversation a waste of time. She questions what they mean to each other. Lord Habaek is shocked and hurt by the statement. He drops her wrist. Tears spring to his eyes. So Ah walks out.

So Ah walks home in the rain.

CEO Shin walks home in the rain.

Lord Habaek stands alone in So Ah’s office wondering what just happened.

Fitting that everyone is wet considering Lord Habaek is the water god.

Yeom Mi wakes in her TARDIS-like office.  So Ah is waiting for her outside her office. So Ah asks if she can spend the night. She cries that she can’t go home. Yeom Mi is concerned.

The next morning, CEO Shin dreams of recent event. Geol Rin appears and asks what is troubling him. He asks why CEO Shin called him. CEO Shin recalls that Geol Rin told him the powers were not his choice and not his fault. CEO Shin wonders if Geol Rin said it because he’s afraid of him. CEO Shin gets upset of a past event, one that Geol Rin told him he didn’t kill people. CEO Shin wants to believe it but doesn’t know who killed. CEO Shin admits his confidence is waning. His self-imposed amnesia no longer works. He confesses he almost killed So Ah. He cries.

I believe CEO Shin is truly tortured by his past and his powers. I feel empathy for this half-human/half-god.

Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo is surprised to find Lord Habaek in So Ah’s office the next morning. When So Ah arrives with Yeom Mi they are surprised to find Lord Habaek in the office.

Sang Yoo doesn’t why Lord Habaek is in the office. Yeom Mi says So Ah spent the night at her house.  Sang Yoo doesn’t like the connection between Lord Habaek and So Ah. Yeom Mi agrees.

Lord Habaek explains he couldn’t determine how to lock the office up, so he stayed overnight to guard the office. He tells So Ah she should have left him the key. So Ah thanks him and tells him to leave. They stare at each other. Lord Habaek says this is irresponsible, but can they date? Love it! He tells her she matters to him. He confesses to wanting to kiss and hold her. Swoon! He wants So Ah to be his beginning and end. He wants his life to be filled by her. His jealously will only be valid IF she allows them to become a couple. He tells her their futures won’t change but he still wants to date her.

Tears fill So Ah’s eyes. She refuses to date Lord Habaek. They stare at each other.

Moo Ra finds Bi Ryeon making coffee when she exits her bedroom. Bi Ryeon wonders why he can be jealous of inferior humans sometimes. Bi Ryeon asks what Moo Ra will do today. She claims she’s going to watch him. Bi Ryeon chuckles that it won’t be easy. Moo Ra watches him jog, jump rope, box, with the air of someone that has all day to play. She asks Jin Gyeon why Bi Ryeon is so irksome. She asks Jin Gyeon why he doesn’t talk. Jin Gyeon says nothing.

Bi Ryeon loves irking Moo Ra. She asks why he is needling CEO Shin. Bi Ryeon wants CEO Shin dead. Moo Ra clears her schedule. Bi Ryeon promises to forget about CEO Shin while she’s with him.

CEO Shin recalls Geol Rin recommending that he tells So Ah the truth about himself. Grandpa Shin and Shi Ja Ya arrive. Grandpa Shin is not happy the land deal between CEO Shin and So Ah fells through. CEO Shin stands to end the meeting. He assures Grandpa Shin he won’t be changing his mind about voiding the land contract. Grandpa Shin leaves irked that the matter is closed.

Ja Ya mutters to herself that she missed seeing Assistant Min. He comes up the stairs behind her. Ja Ya shares her belief that CEO Shin is interested in her. She asks what she should do. Assistant Min recommends ignoring her theory and walks away.

Lord Habaek thinks about So Ah’s refusal to date him. He tells himself to get a grip. It’s been 2800 years since a human woman rejected him. He’s not happy and calls So Ah a coward for not taking a chance. Lord Habaek calls Bi Ryeon to help him do something crazy.

Bi Ryeon is thrilled to have the opportunity to explore Lord Habaek’s wild side. Moo Ra can’t believe what she’s hearing. Bi Ryeon tells Moo Ra he’s got this and she didn’t come. Bi Ryeon says he’s a guy and it’s time for “bro time” with Lord Habaek. Bi Ryeon recommends Moo Ra spend time practicing her kissing technique. He teases that he left her a surprise in her dressing room to help. Moo Ra forces Bi Ryeon to promise that he’ll only be with Lord Habaek (not go after CEO Shin). Bi Ryeon promises.

Moo Ra is not happy to find a blow-up man in her dressing room. Ha!

Bi Ryeon takes Lord Habaek to a bar. He asks what is bothering Lord Habaek. Bi Ryeon guesses the truth about So Ah. Lord Habaek denies it and drinks more. Bi Ryeon offers to share his memories of a young So Ah. Bi Ryeon describes a lovely, carefree, woman who dated cute guys and rejected Bi Ryeon’s diamond to avoid owing him. Lord Habaek starts chugging the bottle. Bi Ryeon loves it and snaps photos.

It only gets better as Bi Ryeon watches a drunk Lord Habaek upset about his rejection by So Ah. Bi Ryeon enjoys Lord Habaek not having the upper hand. A group of guys try to mess with Lord Habaek. He warns them to leave him alone. They suggest he hand over his wallet. Lord Habaek refuses. The man hits Lord Habaek. A fight ensues. Bi Ryeon loves it and video tapes the fight. He decides to intervene to impress Moo Ra (he’s videotaping the fight).

So Ah sits in her office and recalls Lord Habaek’s wish that they date.

CEO Shin follows her as she walks home. He recalls Geol Rin urging him to confess who he is to So Ah. CEO Shin wonders if So Ah is obtainable.

Nam Soo Ri (Lord Habaek’s servant) (dressed in a chicken suit ha!) calls So Ah worried that Lord Habaek isn’t answering his phone. Yeom Mi shows up dressed in a chicken suit. They smile at each other.

CEO Shin calls So Ah and asks if she can talk. She peppers him with questions about his state of mind. He assures her he’s okay. She apologizes for Lord Habaek’s behavior. As they talk, she schedules him an appointment for Monday. She wishes him a good weekend. He returns the sentiment.

Yeom Mi asks Soo Ri if a god transfers their powers to a human if they kiss. Soo Ri rushes away.

Bi Ryeon deposits a drunk in So Ah’s arms. Bi Ryeon wonders if he wants So Ah to involve herself or distance herself from Lord Habaek.

So Ah struggles to get Lord Habaek to his room. She cuts through the house. She trips and Lord Habaek falls on top of her pinning her to the ground. She extracts herself and lays next to him. He pulls her close. She stares at him. He asks her not to leave him. He promises to behave. He asks her to stay with him. Gently he grasps her hand. Swoon! She stares at his sleeping face. She grasps his hand.

The video clip of drunk Lord Habaek horrifies Moo Ra. Moo Ra isn’t happy and wonders why Lord Habaek is hesitating to return to their world. Really, she wonders? She knows Lord Habaek likes So Ah. Bi Ryeon claims that Lord Habaek is just having a moment before taking the mantle of King. Moo Ra doesn’t like Lord Habaek acting so weak. She worries about Lord Habaek. Bi Ryeon doesn’t like that.

The next morning, So Ah wakes in her bed. She searches for Lord Habaek. He walks up the stairs (using his darling mug) and acts like nothing happened last night. As she does laundry he read a lovely passage about love from a book. She walks away pretending not to be affected, but she is.

That was a beautiful recitation about love. It affected me.

Lord Habaek asks why So Ah wore miniskirts back in the day. He asks why she looks older now. He asks if she hit on men more frequently then. So Ah tells him to eat his lunch and stop with the questions. So Ah turns the tables on Lord Habaek and asks him to recount all the woman that he’s loved. He won’t answer. So Ah agrees to drop it. They banter about all the nice things Lord Habaek can do for So Ah once he gets his powers back. So Ah chats about all the things she would do in her new life. Lord Habaek walks away saying that listening to her babble was annoying. Lord Habaek reminds her that when he gets his powers, she’ll only have one wish that he will grant. And it must be a wish from her heart.

Soo Ri returns home. So Ah scampers to make him food. Soo Ri sits with So Ah at the table. He loves the mugs that Lord Habaek bought her. Soo Ri is shocked that Lord Habaek bought her the bugs. He flounces off.

Lord Habaek takes Soo Ri the food. He flounces away without saying a word. He glares at So Ah when she comes to the deck.

So Ah suggests they have a picnic by the sea. They go shopping for picnic food.  They make the picnic food. His food is beautiful. Her food is messy.

Moo Ra calls Lord Habaek and invites him to lunch with her and Bi Ryeon. Lord Habaek declines. Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek he’ll have to come to her because she can’t leave Bi Ryeon by himself. Lord Habaek declares that he’s going to the ocean and making kimbap. He hangs up on Moo Ra. She doesn’t understand. Bi Ryeon chuckles. He admits Lord Habaek is impressing him. Moo Ra watches the drunk Lord Habaek video again. She watches another video on Bi Ryeon’s phone and doesn’t like what she sees.

Moo Ra speeds to Lord Habaek. He recalls his words “I want to live with that woman.  I want to stay here.” Moo Ra yells her frustration.

Bi Ryeon is surprised to find Moo Ra has left. He sees his phone on the floor and realizes the video she saw.

Lord Habaek and So Ah are packing things on the deck when Moo Ra appears. Her eyes shoot daggers at So Ah. She strides to So Ah and tells her that it is an honor to talk to the gods. Moo Ra says if So Ah only knew what her wicked ancestor did, she might not want to stay by Lord Habaek’s side. Lord Habaek asks Moo Ra what she’s doing. Moo Ra asks if So Ah wants the unvarnished truth about how her ancestor became the god’s servant. Lord Habaek tells her to stop. Moo Ra grabs So Ah hand and they both disappear in a puff of smoke.  Without his powers, Lord Habaek can’t follow.

My Thoughts

This episode zipped by. It wasn’t as dialog rich as the other episodes.

  • CEO Shin struggled to come to grips with almost hurting So Ah. Surprisingly Geol Rin urges him to confess to So Ah and trust in her. CEO Shin wants to but worries that he’s not worthy of So Ah. The Monday appointment to meet with So Ah may be too late if Lord Habaek changes her mind about dating. CEO Shin’s pain over his “hulk rage” was palpable.
  • Bi Ryeon set aside his hatred of CEO Shin to relish Lord Habaek’s despondency over So Ah’s rejection. He added fuel to the fire as he describes how carefree and flirty So Ah was when she was young.
  • Bi Ryeon’s videos of Lord Habaek hit a nerve in Moo Ra when he admitted that he wanted to stay on earth with So Ah. Her fury took over and she threatened to tell So Ah the truth about why her ancestor because a god’s servant. Lord Habaek could do nothing when she whisked So Ah away in a puff of smoke. I was surprised that Moo Ra acted confused over Lord Habaek’s behavior. She’s had the green-eyed monster rise in her whenever So Ah is around because she senses Lord Habaek’s pull to So Ah. It didn’t make sense that she was clueless. I’ll grant her the surprise and anger when she Lord Habaek declared he wanted to stay with So Ah. Not surprisingly Moo Ra went into “hulk mode” with So Ah. Moo Ra loves Lord Habaek. He loves So Ah. Bi Ryeon loves Moo Ra. The majority of these gods won’t end up happy. For the first time, Bi Ryeon wasn’t completely annoying to me.
  • Anyone else miss the charming Joo Dong with the ability to say the truth kindly? Where was he?

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) admitted he didn’t want to leave So Ah and return to his world. He was pushed to admit his feelings after he and CEO Shin almost threw down. I found his confession to So Ah and request to date swoon worthy. Nam Joo Hyuk’s eyes are laser-like with an intensity as he stares into her eyes. I feel his longing, his pain, and willingness to risk it all. Way to go Lord Habaek! Walk on the wild side! But Moo Ra snatched So Ah from their preparations for a beach picnic. I felt empathy for Lord Habaek this episode. He put it well, their future won’t change, but why not enjoy the window of time they have? Why not, why not? That moment in time will never repeat. Go for it!

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) tried to maintain distance from Lord Habaek but his longing eyes didn’t make it easy. Her mantra “I love this guy, but he’s leaving me regardless” is unchanged but she couldn’t deny her heart was tugged by Lord Habaek’s actions. I would have caved but So Ah held on, knowing that the price she’d pay in future pain would be unbearable. I understand why she clings to her refusal like it’s her lifeline. She may not be able to cope with Lord Habaek’s departure. It will gut her and she knows it. Could you step into the “only for this moment” relationship knowing that certain devastation over his return to his world was unavoidable? Will the single wish from the heart that Lord Habaek granted her be the conduit that their relationship can survive?

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. Check out my episode ranking chart below.

The 5th song of the OST, “Reminds Me Of” by Junggigo, has been released. Check it out:

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18 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 11 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Oh yeah! Un huh. He wants to…DATE…her. Ummm hmmm. *wink-winkity-wink*

    I mean,he’s living with her, eating with her, going home together when she gets off work. Only one thing I can see that they aren’t doing…

    But that was seriously a beautiful recitation. I actually wondered if those weren’t his own words because I don’t see how that would be text from a travel book.


    • I’m betting So Ah wants to “DATE” him too!

      But that was seriously a beautiful recitation. I actually wondered if those weren’t his own words because I don’t see how that would be text from a travel book.
      Google search yielded the claim the book and the recitation from it was real.


      • Beez says:

        kjt, you never cease to amaze me! I would have no idea how to even start to Google that! *on Korean show water bride are the words Haebaek read to So ah out of the travel book prop from a real book or written for the script?*

        But you be doing it all! Recapping, compiling footage and creating videos, tracking down OST’s, quotes, facts – you one Googling (and busy) sistah!

        KtjaCrew, let me know if I left anything out!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    When Ha Baek interrupted So Ah and Hoo Ye, who knew what he thought went on between them❓ It did seem appropriate both So Ah and Hoo Ye were soaked by the rain 🌩💧 as they walked their separate ways away from the water god. While I was not concerned that Ha Baek did not follow So Ah, color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Ha Baek stayed in her office all night.

    While I have found Geol Rin to be an obnoxious character, I appreciate that he is a calming 🍃 force for Hoo Ye. I have compassion for a tormented Hoo Ye, I am curious about what his past actions are or what he thinks he did, since Asian guilt 😔 has such a powerful influence. I’m not sure I liked Geol Rin encouraging Hoo Ye to confide in So Ah as it seems like a ploy to divide So Ah and Ha Baek.

    What is wrong with me that I enjoyed Bi 🌧 Ryeon rankling his fellow Chaos Twin, Moo 🐮 Ra? Maybe the answer is as simple as it is a distraction from him tormenting So Ah, Ha Baek or Hoo Ye. I laughed 😝 when Bi 🌧 Ryeon left the blowup man for her to practice her kissing! LOL! Bi 🌧 Ryeon knew exactly which buttons 🔲 to press to get Ha Baek riled up enough to get drunk 🍷. Bi 🌧 Ryeon captured Ha Baek’s true feelings; I wonder if Bi 🌧 Ryeon intended Moo 🐮 Ra to see the recording of Ha Baek wishing 🍀 to stay with So Ah.

    On a side note, I ♥ that Yeom Mi is pursuing Soo Ri.

    Ha Baek’s confession to So Ah was lovely, but the underlying fact that he will leave soon was too much for So Ah; I suspect I would feel the same as So Ah if I were in her shoes 👠. It was swoon-worthy when Ha Baek asked So Ah to stay with him, even though his drunk dead weight pinned So Ah to the floor. The fact that So Ah not only stayed put, but also clasped Ha Baek’s hand demonstrated the tenderness she feels for him. When Ha Baek was reciting the beautiful 🌸🌺🌼 words, like Beez, since those EXQUISITE words weren’t his own, we can say that Ha Baek certainly selected the right words to touch So Ah. I am charmed by Ha Baek, but I don’t think I could step into “only for this moment” relationship 💕; who wants to cruise for a heartbreak 💔?


    • color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Ha Baek stayed in her office all night.
      That surprised me as well.

      While I have found Geol Rin to be an obnoxious character, I appreciate that he is a calming 🍃 force for Hoo Ye
      I agree. It is pleasant when the grating characters have moments where they are likable.

      What is wrong with me that I enjoyed Bi 🌧 Ryeon rankling his fellow Chaos Twin, Moo 🐮 Ra?
      Nothing. I enjoyed it too. The blow up doll was perfect. Pulling her close was even better. He was likable in that moment.

      Bi 🌧 Ryeon knew exactly which buttons 🔲 to press to get Ha Baek riled up enough to get drunk 🍷
      Bi Ryeon may be jealous of Habaek and have worked against him, but there isn’t the hatred there like he has for Hoo Ye.

      I am charmed by Ha Baek, but I don’t think I could step into “only for this moment” relationship 💕; who wants to cruise for a heartbreak 💔
      I would seriously think hard before opening myself to a relationship that would only crush my heart. BUT So Ah already loves him. Her heart is already broken without him. Why not grab the happiness their moment in time could offer?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        KJT you may be right about So Ah having already fallen 💕for Ha Baek might as well grab some happiness while she can; her heart 💗 would be crushed whenever he left.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Beez says:

        I think Haebeok and Bi Ryeom are frenEMIES. A little more emphasis on the “enemy” part. My impression is it’s hard to truly hate someone you grew up with so it’s more like rival siblings. Bi Reom seems to be the victim of always losing to Habeok, sometimes for no better reason than just Haeboek’s birthright. Then add to it Haebok doesn’t even want Bi Ryeom’s biggest desire (Moo ra)…and Moo ra) wants Haebok…

        I think if Habeok were in real danger/need Habeok would be there for him. I think he already has been,in fact, by pushing Habeok’s buttons. I think there was more to that then just enjoying needling a frenemy (Although that was probably enjoyable for him (it certainly was for me).) I think Bi Ryeom was helping Haeboek face the reality of his feelings.


      • Beez says:

        Yeah, that’s the same predicament the female lead had in DOTS.


    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly – *nodding* except for: “On a side note, I ♥ that Yeom Mi is pursuing Soo Ri”

      Soo Ri is too good for her! I don’t like Yeom Mi. I don’t think she’s a very good friend, but besides that, there’s something about her I don’t like. Maybe it’s because she’s sneaky and likes to play it off as “mysterious”and part of her ethereal shtick. I understand why Soo ri hides their budding relationship from Haebeok (he’s too controlling and demanding and would probably send Soo ri on errands while Soo ri is on a date. I could even see him making Yeomi wait and watch as Hae boek sits in the tub and Soo ri scrubs his toes.) But why is Yeomi hiding it from So ah?

      The only moment I kinda warmed to Yeomi a tiiiiinnnnny liiiittle bit was when she put Rich Whiny Grandaughter in her place.


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