Criminal Minds Episode 3 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 3 Recap

Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) frets that they don’t have much time before Hyun Joon’s sister will be killed. jerks upright believing he’s figured out the password to the locked computer.

The train… Min Young reports to the chief about her business trip. She’s on a train. One man incites another Seok Hwan to consider Min Young a threat. Another man enters the train car and sits down hiding behind a newspaper. The train stops. An announcement is made about an unexpected incident. Two men enter the car. Min Young asks what is happening. They realize she’s with the criminal minds team. They explain they are tracking a murderer. The man incites the Seok Hwan to grab the officer’s gun. He does and shoots the officer. The other man tries to grab the gun and Seok Hwan shoots him. The man incites the Seok Hwan to put the gun to Min Young’s head. Seok Hwan grabs his head as the man purrs that he’s done well.

The criminal minds team sees the video from the train. They learn there are 7 hostages on the train car. They are stunned when they see the man has a gun aimed at Min Young’s head. Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) tells Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun) to focus the video on the gunman’s face. Professor Lee sees the nervous disorder and tells them the man is on an antipsychotic medicine.

The train…
A woman tries to calm down Seok Hwan. The other man incites Seok Hwan to shoot her but the police cars with their sirens blaring distracts Seok Hwan. The woman, his doctor, tells Min Young Seok Hwan has a mental disorder and is afraid he’s so agitated he may not calm down. The pregnant passenger goes into labor.

The Criminal Minds Team learns Seok Hwan was a brilliant scientist who succumbed to a mental disorder. His doctor, Kim Ji Yeon, is on the way to a conference. The French speaking woman, Marie Liz, works at the French embassy. Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) asks about the man in the baseball cap. Na Hwang has no information on him. Hyun Joon guesses he’s the murderer that was being tracked. Na Hwang confirms this by cross referencing. The murderer is Kang Won Hyun. He robbed and murdered a family the previous evening.

The train…
The SWAT team escorts all the passengers from the other cars off the train. Team Lead Kang and Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) arrive. They tell the negotiator they’ll handle it. Team Lead Kang, Hyun Joon, Sun Woo, and Professor Lee enters the train with the negotiator. Waiting isn’t to Hyun Joon’s liking. Team Lead Kang says waiting is the right move. Seok Hwan calls Team Lead Kang who pretends is the manager that can give him what he wants. Seok Hwan yells that he has 1 hours to get rid of “it” or he’ll kill the hostages. Team Lead Kang tells the team they have 1 hour to figure out what “it” is.

Professor Lee notices an object under the forearm’s skin of Seok Hwan. KH offers to “remove” it using sleight of hand. Sun Woo thinks it is a bad idea. Team Lead Kang says they don’t have any other ideas. Sun Woo preps Hyun Joon, who smiles because doesn’t need it.

I’m surprised that in the 1-hour Seok Hwan gave them, Team Lead Kang didn’t have a plan to execute and had to rely on Hyun Joon’s proposed plan.

Team Lead Kang and Hyun Joon walk to the train under the watchful eye of Seok Hwan. Hyun Joon comes to the train car alone. He turns on the audio. He assures the tense Seok Hwan he’ll remove the microchip. To gain Seok Hwan’s trust Hyun Joon removes his bulletproof vest. Hyun Joon takes out the scalpel and cuts Seok Hwan’s arm, removing the chip. Seok Hwan feels vindicated. His doctor apologizes for not believing him. Min Young urges him to hand over the gun. Just as that is about to happen the murderer blows it and declares the Hyun Joon did not remove a microchip. Seok Hwan gets upset. The murderer tells Seok Hwan that Hyun Joon is likely a police officer. Seok Hwan trains his gun on Hyun Joon.  The murderer declares solidarity with Seok Hwan who agrees. Hyun Joon admits he is a police officer and points the finger at the murderer as the reason why the train was stopped. Hyun Joon tells the murderer about the crime he committed the previous evening. Hyun Joon amps it up and tells Seok Hwan the murderer microchipped him in order to steal his research. Seok Hwan is convinced and turns the gun on the murderer. Chaos ensues. Hyun Joon manages to disarm Seok Hwan, subdue the murderer and Seok Hwan. Sun Woo and Min Young can’t believe that Hyun Joon’s actions left him injury free.

It makes sense the Hyun Joon would be bold. He’s fresh from the police force which physically interacts with criminals more often.

As the police remove Seok Hwan we see the man that incited him was imaginary. Professor Lee tells Team Lead Kang that Seok Hwan suffers from delusions just like his mother. Professor Lee worries one day he’ll be the same. Team Lead Kang says mental illness isn’t hereditary and to stop worrying.

When the Criminal Minds team returns to the building Na Hwang hugs Min Young fiercely. Na Hwang thanks Hyun Joon for saving Min Young. Hyun Joon demurs they are a team and it was his job. Na Hwang practically swoons.

Sun Woo spots the river murder case file on Hyun Joon’s desk. She sees the picture of the girl and stares. Hyun Joon snatches the picture from her. Sun Woo says nothing. Sun Woo learns the profile of the killer. Hyun Joon stares at the picture and remembers when the girl boldly declared they were dating.

The Criminal Minds team gathers for dinner at Team Lead Kang’s house. His cute son, Han Byul is happy to see them.  Hyun Joon establishes a rapport. Han Byul sits in Hyun Joon’s lap during dinner while Team Lead Kang watches.

After supper, the team plays a drinking game. Sun Woo takes it from fun to serious when she asks Hyun Joon how many murder suspects there were in the river murder case. Hyun Joon knows the right number. Sun Woo is icy cold to Hyun Joon as they leave the house. Hyun Joon stares at her. Team Lead Kang gets a call from the police commissioner.

Team Lead Kang visits the police commissioner who is clearly dying. He apologizes to Team Lead Kang for disbanding the investigation team hunting the reaper serial killer. Recall in the first episode Team Lead Kang lectured on the reaper serial killer stating he’d never been caught. The police commissioner plays a tape from the reaper where he says he can’t stop killing. Then he gives Team Lead Kang a note where the reaper offers to stop killing while the police commissioner lives or else he’d start hunting the police commissioners’ family. Team Lead Kang and the police commissioner hold hands as he apologizes for dying and putting his family at risk. We see the reaper’s hand put a picture of Team Lead Kang on his wall of victims. The reaper readies his mask for when he begins killing again. The police commission knows the reaper will target Team Lead Kang.

The police commissioner sits outside in his garden. The gardener approaches and in the distinctive reaper voice asks if he wants to see who he is. The police commissioner’s eyes widen in shock as the mask is lifted. He KNOWS who the reaper is. He falls out of his wheelchair.

Two effective scenes. While Team Lead Kang must deplore what the police commissioner did, he understands the need to protect family. The police commissioner made a deal with the devil. Team Lead Kang has much to lose if the reaper targets him – his life, his pregnant wife, and cute son.

The reaper wastes no time killing. He finds a couple with a flat tire and kills them. The murder spree begins again. Team Lead Kang and Min Young visit the scene of the crime. Team Lead Kang knows the reaper is back at it.

Team Lead Kang gathers the team and explains the reaper is active again. He shows them the note from the reaper to the police commissioner. The team realizes the moratorium on murder is over. They discuss the reapers need to feel superior and the power the murders give him. They realize the last victim from 2010, Kim Yong Chul, the only one that survived, will be the next target. Unfortunately, Kim Yong Chul’s whereabouts are unknown. They believe a reporter is in contact with Kim Yong Chul. TLC takes Sun Woo with him and tasks the remaining team members to investigate the reaper with fresh eyes.

Team Lead Kang and Sun Woo find the phone booth the reporter and Kim Yong Chul use to communicate. Team Lead Kang calls the number from the reporter’s phone records. The reporter answers and asks if it is Kim Yong Chul. Team Lead Kang identifies himself. The reporter meets with Team Lead Kang and Sun Woo. He provides Kim Yong Chul’s address and warns the reaper won’t wait long until he murders again.

Team Lead Kang and Sun Woo find Kim Yong Chul. He’s upset to be found and even more upset to learn the reaper has begun again. He shudders in terror. He recounts the night the reaper stabbed him and forced him to watch his girlfriend be murdered. Sun Woo assures him they can protect him. Kim Yong Chul scoffs that no one can protect him. Team Lead Kang remarks the reaper is an ordinary man. Kim Yong Chul asks why they haven’t caught the reaper if he is an ordinary man. Team Lead Kang vows to catch the reaper. Kim Yong Chul hesitates then provide Team Lead Kang with his secret address. He asks Team Lead Kang to promise no one else will learn this address. Team Lead Kang promises.

Everyone reviews the case files. The team’s focus is centered on the reaper.

Someone watches a family at a camp site.

The reaper calls Team Lead Kang. The reapers ask if Team Lead Kang knows who he is from the former police commissioner. Team Lead Kang calls him a blackmailer. The reaper chuckles. Team Lead Kang calls the reaper a trashy murderer than can’t handle his own inferiority. The reapers ask if Team Lead Kang wants a deal. Team Lead Kang scoffs at the reapers lack of originality. He asks how the reaper will surprise him. The reaper promises not to disappoint. The reaper hangs up looking at the locket with the children’s pictures. He stares into the eyes of the parents at the camp sight who pleads for their children’s lives. The reaper kills the parents. Creepily he lays next to the father’s body. He finds the older son and young daughter. The older son calls the emergency call center. The reaper startles them and the son drops the phone. The young daughter starts crying. The reaper shushes the little girl. He takes the phone and reports a murder.

While part of me loves Team Lead Kang’s bravado, the other part knows he dared the reaper to murder in a more spectacular way than before. That is troubling.

The entire Criminal Minds Team goes to the scene including the chief. A gaggle of reporters is there. At the scene Team Lead Kang is surprised to hear that the reaper reported the murder. As Hyun Joon looks into the tent, Team Lead Kang imagines the carnage that must have occurred the previous evening. Hyun Joon realizes the watch from the flat tire couple has been placed on the murdered wife.  Professor Lee finds the children’s pictures but no locket. Team Lead Kang touches his head obviously in pain.

Team Lead Kang confesses to the chief that he refused the deal the reaper offered him last night. He feels guilty. The chief points out the obvious. The reaper is the killer, Team Lead Kang is not responsible for these deaths.  The chief believes the team would have caught the reaper in 2010 before the police commissioner disbanded them. The chief advises Team Lead Kang to trust himself and his team. He knows they will catch the reaper.

Hyun Joon goes to talk to the surviving children.  He uses magic to thaw the children. He speaks with the older son alone. He shares that as a boy about the same age, he saw his father (a police officer) murdered. Hyun Joon admits he was embarrassed because he couldn’t save his father and ran away. Hyun Joon points out the boy saved his sister. The boy cries. Hyun Joon gives the boy his card and urges him to call when he needs support. The boy breaks down and sobs his pain over the day, how he treated his parents on their last day on this earth, etc. Hyun Joon vows to catch the murderer.

Professor Lee doesn’t understand why the reaper changed his method of operation and left the children alive as witnesses. Team Lead Kang says nothing.

As Hyun Joon and Sun Woo leave the boy and his sister, the boy presses a photograph the reaper left with them. Hyun Joon is stunned when he looks at the photo. Sun Woo eyes widen as she recognizes Team Lead Kang’s wife and son.

Sun Woo calls Team Lead Kang and tells him to call his wife. Sun Woo says the reaper left a photo with the children of his wife and won. Team Lead Kang calls his wife she doesn’t pick up.

The reaper leaves a photo of his next victims. Team Lead Kang wanted him to surprised him and the reaper did. Yikes!

The reaper has Team Lead Kang’s son. His wife searches the mall for their son. The reaper calls Team Lead Kang. He tells him his son looks exactly like him. The reaper puts Team Lead Kang’s son on the phone. His son says he will stay with his friend until he comes. Team Lead Kang warns the reaper not to hurt his son. The reaper assumes Team Lead Kang received his gift. The reaper asks if Team Lead Kang is interested in the deal now.

My Thoughts

Procedural dramas hinge on the crime of the week. The reaper was compelling. The train killer wasn’t. Here’s what I liked:
* Team Lead Kang was front and center this episode. From the moment he talked to the police commissioner the episode ratcheted up.
*  The train killer was subdued fairly quickly so it didn’t take up the bulk of the episode. This seemed like a crime with no connection to the overarching story.

The criminal mind team:
* Sun Woo turned into a sullen co-worker once she found Hyun Joon’s river case files on his desk. Is the murdered girl her sister? Sun Woo is unappealing in this state. When will she reveal her connection to the river murder case to Hyun Joon?
* Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 realized the reaper had changed his MO and wondered why. Little did he know his boss was a driver.
* Min Young’s moment to shine didn’t occur as expected. I thought being a hostage would give her an opportunity to be showcased. That didn’t happen.
* Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, was handy as she identified the unknown murderer on the train.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) had more in common with the surviving older son than expected. He also saw his father murdered and was helpless and afraid. I’m not sure I agree with Lee Joon Gi’s choice to play that scene with such little emotion. I’ve been longing Lee Joon Gi to sink his teeth into a scene and wow me. I’m still waiting.  I liked Hyun Joon’s caring manner and utilization of magic with the train killer and the surviving children.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) chose to taunt the reaper and may have to pay a heavy price. He should have known his family might be a risk when he rejected the reaper’s offer that the previous police commissioner accepted. But he seemed surprised that his wife and son were at risk. For a smart man, that was a glaring oversight. I’m not sure I believe it. What’s with his headaches and visions of the crimes? I like Team Lead Kang. He is the most interesting member of the Criminal Minds Team.

Writer Hong Seung Hyun produced the reaper complete with black mask, creepy voice, and the penchant to murder pairs of people. I expected him to attack Kim Yong Chul but instead it was the family at the campground. Kim Yong Chul must still be a target. The problem with this episode is the Criminal Minds Team members were background characters while Team Lead Kang took center stage. Team Lead Kang is a character that interests me. But folks, I’m watching this drama for Lee Joon Gi. Writer Hong give him something to do. You’ve got a great actor on your hands, use his talents.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good based on the compelling Team Lead Kang and the reaper.


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3 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 3 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur with KJT’s assessment: “Procedural dramas hinge on the crime of the week. The reaper was compelling. The train killer wasn’t.”

    TL Kang kept the director in the loop ➰ about the “deal” the Reaper requested, but not the team; will this come back to bite him❓ Color 🖍 me 🎉 surprised 🎊 TL Kang didn’t seem to suffer a bout of “Asian Guilt” after the Reaper murdered the camping 🏕 couple right after TL Kang egged 🍳 the killer on. As KJT said “While part of me loves Team Lead Kang’s bravado, the other part knows he dared the reaper to murder in a more spectacular way than before. That is troubling.” No doubt in my mind, TL Kang thought he was calling the Reaper’s bluff; despite the miscalculation, the Reaper would have killed 🗡 the campers 🏕 anyway.

    “Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) had more in common with the surviving older son than expected.” -KJT. I concur Hyun Joon relating his own childhood experience of witnessing his father’s death 🗡 was helpful to get the young man to open up and gather 4⃣1⃣1⃣. I also agree this seemed like a lost opportunity for LJG to shine ✨ at what he does best.

    We have been given tiny teasers about the river 🏞 murders for the last two episodes; quit teasing and spill already.

    The U.S. show had “The Boston Reaper” story and if the Kdrama follows a similar storyline, then I know who the killer is and it will be very 😬😟😢 bad 📰 news for TL Kang. As KJT said “Team Lead Kang has much to lose if the reaper targets him – his life, his pregnant wife, and cute son.”

    • No doubt in my mind, TL Kang thought he was calling the Reaper’s bluff; despite the miscalculation, the Reaper would have killed 🗡 the campers 🏕 anyway.
      I agree the reaper was going to kill whether or not Team Lead Kang goaded him. But Team Lead Kang’s arrogance in goading a KNOWN KILLER put himself and his family at risk. For such a smart and controlled profiler, this was a major gaffe.

      his seemed like a lost opportunity for LJG to shine ✨ at what he does best
      Glad I wasn’t the only one with that opinion.

      teasers about the river 🏞 murders …quit teasing and spill already.
      Yes, Writer Hong, put up or shut up.

      The U.S. show had “The Boston Reaper” story and if the Kdrama follows a similar storyline, then I know who the killer is
      Did the US show have a “River Murder Cold Case” story?

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Off hand ✋ I don’t recall a “River Murder Cold Case” story. But so far I recall episodes for all of the cases so far. The Reaper storyline was pretty memorable as it tragically affected the U.S. TL Hotch (Thomas Gibson’s character) and carried over for multiple episodes and seasons, as the killer 🗡 was on the loose. I truly cannot remember if the Reaper 🗡 was ever caught or killed as I quit 🚫👁👁 watching the series. Once more details are revealed it, I may remember it.

        Since I have a decent memory, I wish 🍀 they would either shake up the original U.S. episodes or come up with some original Korean 🇰🇷 episodes; I prefer to reason 🕵 out the ending,rather than recall 😋😛 it.

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