Bride of the Water God Episode 10 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 10 Recap

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) stares at Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung). He sees the tears streaming down her face. He knows she’s hurting. He walks to her. He tells her he’s leaving this world, he has to leave. He kisses her. So Ah stand there without responding. He stares into her eyes. He tells her he’s going to leave this world. He pulls her close. He kisses her. This time So Ah responds. When they finally pull apart, they stare into each other’s eyes. The moment is interrupted when Moo Ra calls and says that Joo Dong is awake. They both know what this means. If Joo Dong remembers where the 3rd god stone is, Lord Habaek will have what he needs to return to his world.

So Ah drives Lord Habaek to see Joo Dong. They don’t speak. When they arrive, So Ah tells Lord Habaek to go inside. She smiles bravely and tells him it’s almost over. She wants to see what the 3rd god stone looks like when he finds it.  After Lord Habaek exits the car, So Ah sighs. Lord Habaek watches her drive away.

As So Ah drives she recalls Lord Habaek’s words of warning that their relationship will never take flight.

Joo Dong greets Lord Habaek and they hug.

Finally, a god that’s happy to see Lord Habaek!

Joo Dong regales Lord Habaek, Nam Soo Ri (Lord Habaek’s servant), Moo Ra, and Bi Ryeon of his journey from amnesia victim, to homeless person, to farm worker. Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek that Joo Dong’s memory loss was caused by CEO Shin, who recently admitted this. Lord Habaek asks Joo Dong where the 3rd god stone is.  Joo Dong uses his powers to produce it. Lord Habaek takes the stone and add it next to the other two. They glow. SR is thrilled. Joo Dong wonders where his servant’s crest is. Moo Ra and Bi Ryeon scoff he is a stickler for details.

Moo Ra drives Lord Habaek and Joo Dong back to So Ah’s house complaining that they need not return there. Joo Dong says he doesn’t want to crash her love nest with Bi Ryeon. Moo Ra doesn’t like that statement and calls Joo Dong crazy.  Joo Dong reminds her that she and Bi Ryeon were once engaged but never consummated their relationship. That’s interesting. Moo Ra scream from frustration. After calming down, Moo Ra observes that Bi Ryeon is prickly around CEO Shin and provoking him intentionally. Joo Dong clarifies that while CEO Shin did use his powers on him, it was an accident. CEO Shin did not intend to cause him to lose his memories. Moo Ra is worried about what CEO Shin will do. Because he’s human they can’t hurt him, making him doubly dangerous.

When they arrive at So Ah’s house, Lord Habaek decides to knock and talk to her. Just before he knocks, So Ah’s lights go out. Lord Habaek decides not to bother her.

So Ah lays on the couch and thinks about what she cannot have.

In their room Joo Dong notes that some gods were opposed to creating a servant of the gods position. He notes Bi Ryeon was for it and Moo Ra was against it. Joo Dong feels the god wrongly punished only the humans for the Sky king’s bad actions. Joo Dong notes that Lord Habaek is pretending ignorance about the servant of the gods family. Lord Habaek snaps there’s nothing to remember. He claims the memories have faded. Joo Dong wonders why Lord Habaek isn’t ecstatic about have the 3 god stones. He doesn’t understand why Moo Ra can’t wait for him to return to their world.

The next morning just as Lord Habaek is about to knock on So Ah’s front door, she opens it ready to leave for work. It’s awkward. So Ah tells Lord Habaek she has things to do at work and leaves. Lord Habaek stares at her with opening longing.

At work So Ah tells Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo they are extending their work hours and adding evening hours too. He agrees to post an add. So Ah recalls Yeom Mi’s words about Sang Yoo’s devotion.

Sitting at her desk, So Ah recalls the kiss and Lord Habaek’s declaration that he’s leaving. CEO Shin calls and asks if they can meet that afternoon.

Bi Ryeon tells his henchman, Jin Gyeon, that they need to teach CEO Shin a lesson about what gods can do to him.

Shi Ja Ya can’t get the back hug from CEO Shin out of her mind. She wants to ask him why he did it but she’s too embarrassed. She avoids him instead of confronting him.

CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju Hwan) welcomes So Ah when she arrives at his office. CEO Shin tells her the sale of the scared land has been nullified. CEO Shin is grateful. She promises to pay back the cancellation fee as she can. CEO Shin tells her 50% of the cancellation fee can be eliminated if she provides stress management to his hotel’s hard-working employees. So Ah agrees. CEO Shin tells her that working on his farm will cover 30% of the cancellation fee. So Ah is surprised. CEO Shin states the other 20% of the cancellation fee with be voided if she asks as his primary care doctor. So Ah is surprised at CEO Shin’s ideas.

CEO Shin did tell Lord Habaek that he would bind So Ah to him after Lord Habaek returned to his world. Looks like CEO Shin is wasting no time.

Assistant Min is taken aback by Shi Ja Ya’s tired eyes. She asks what it means when a man back hugs. Assistant Min is adamant that if it wasn’t mutual she could take measure against the man. Ja Ya admits it was CEO Shin. Assistant Min doesn’t believe her. She spots CEO Shin and So Ah walking together. She wonders what their relationship is. Assistant Min tell her the land deal and subsequent building project has been cancelled. Ja Ya can’t believe the new location is because So Ah wouldn’t sell her land. She calls her grandfather.

Grandpa Shin isn’t happy to learn that So Ah wouldn’t sell the land. JY asks if Grandpa Shin has land in the new area to build. Grandpa Shin in hot happy to admits her has no land in the new location. Grandpa Shin learned that So Ah agreed to sell the land but retracted it because of the poop of the rare Korean leopard.

So Ah is started to find Ja Ya in her office. Ja Ya snaps that not selling the land because of the poop of the rare Korean leopard. Yeom Mi overhears as she enters the office and immediately engages Ja Ya directly. Ja Ya snipes that the trio (Sang Yoo, So Ah, and Yeom Mi) is a motley crew. Irked, Yeom Mi pretends she can see ghosts around Ja Ya which freaks her out as expected. Ja Ya runs out of the office.

Ja Ya calls her grandfather that he has ghosts in So Ah’s office.

So Ah wonders how Ja Ya knew the detail of her aborted sale of her land. Yeom Mi tells So Ah that she visited her dream. Yeom Mi is concerned about So Ah. Forcing herself to share So Ah says that she’s trying to solve a problem where the answer is known without taking the expected path to a solution. So Ah murmurs she wants to find a solution where no one gets hurt.

As So Ah walks home she muses that neither she or Lord Habaek did anything wrong. But none the less a new solution must be devised. She’s pleased to see Lord Habaek waiting for her.

So Ah tells Lord Habaek that she’s been trying to devise a new solution but came up with an answer. Their relationship must end here.  Lord Habaek stares at her. So Ah says there’s no need to extend a relationship that will end once her returns to his world. She tells him this is the only way to give herself dignity. Lord Habaek asks what she needs him to do. So Ah tells him to pretend yesterday and their kiss never happened. Lord Habaek can only agree. Sad but resigned they walk to the house.

The next morning So Ah takes over for work early. Lord Habaek and So Ah banter about him leaving soon. They act like it’s no big deal, but separately the sadness on their face is evident.

Joo Dong notices. He asks Lord Habaek if So Ah is the reason why he’s not excited about returning to their world. Joo Dong says Lord Habaek is acting just like he did before when he was involved with a human. Lord Habaek warns him not to go there. Joo Dong assures him that he supported Lord Habaek’s decisions, even though it was a tragic situation. Joo Dong notes that the short human life span allows them to grab for things, especially in the name of love. Joo Dong wonders if Lord Habaek is feeling love for a human once again. Lord Habaek says it didn’t go well last time. Joo Dong reminds Lord Habaek, he’ll support his choices no matter what.

What’s with the blue ruffle shirt Lord Habaek is sporting? It is feminine in my eyes. I’m not a fan. Good talk by Joo Dong. He brings up two points. Humans value love. Is it wrong for a god to do the same?

In an interesting scene, Bi Ryeon takes his hatred out on a punching bag. But virtually he’s punching CEO Shin. We see two minor gods aiding by flinging CEO Shin until he’s beaten badly. When CEO Shin spots the minor gods his dark fury is unleased. Just as he’s about to release his dark energy Geol Rin appears. Geol Rin shoos the minor gods away and stops CEO Shin from taking his revenge. CEO Shin heals his battered face. He wonders why Bi Ryeon is doing this to him. Bi Ryeon calls and tells CEO Shin that was payback and suggests they call it even. Bi Ryeon warns CEO Shin it will only get worse if he feels threatened again. CEO Shin demands to know why Bi Ryeon is doing this.

The virtual assault on CEO Shin was visually effective. Bi Ryeon took his revenge and enraged CEO Shin. Bi Ryeon enjoys poking the bear. I was surprised that Geol Rin was able to derail CEO Shin’s fury that easily. CEO Shin looked like he had gone into Hulk mode.

Moo Ra visits Bi Ryeon at the gym and doesn’t understand why he’s boxing. Bi Ryeon’s sidekick Jin Gyeon leaves. Moo Ra wonders what happened to Jin Gyeon’s twin brother. Bi Ryeon feigns ignorance.

CEO Shin is speeds to meet with Bi Ryeon. Geol Rin pleads with him not to let the darkness control him. Bi Ryeon gets a grip on his fury and pulls over to the side of the road and calm himself.

At lunch, Bi Ryeon irks Lord Habaek when he comments that somehow So Ah got the land deal cancelled. Somehow, she convinced CEO Shin to oppose his team and nullified the sale. Moo Ra wants Lord Habaek to return to their world. Bi Ryeon find her repetitive requests tiresome. He says Lord Habaek will return when he’s ready. Bi Ryeon reminds Lord Habaek they all know what will happen if he doesn’t return to their world.

Lord Habaek recalls CEO Shin’s declaration that he will win So Ah’s affection after Lord Habaek returns to his world.

Moo Ra is angry at Bi Ryeon’s constant provocation of Lord Habaek. Bi Ryeon turns it on Moo Ra and demands that she admit she’s scared that Lord Habaek is in love with So Ah. Bi Ryeon yells that Moo Ra can’t stand the idea of losing Lord Habaek to a woman two times in a row. Bi Ryeon urges her to ask for his help. Moo Ra asks why he’s willing to break the rules now. Did he lose control once CEO Shin came into their lives? She wants the backstory between Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra. Bi Ryeon leaves without a word.

Excellent, charged scene between Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra. She’s right Bi Ryeon does have revenge in his heart for CEO Shin. But she doesn’t see that she’s part of the equation too. Bi Ryeon wants Moo Ra but she wants Lord Habaek. Classic situation where no one is happy.

Lord Habaek gets in touch with his considerate side and helps an elderly man gather cardboard and pulls his cart to the recycle station. The elderly man presses a portion of the proceeds into Lord Habaek’s hands. He tells him to do something good with it. The elderly man says he once found a diamond ring and turned it in. If the owner never returns, it’s good for him, but he did the right thing.

Hmm, is the diamond ring the one So Ah lost (that Bi Ryeon gave her)?

Lord Habaek spots a cute mug to replace the chipped mug he knows So Ah has. Sweetly he tries to buy it but doesn’t have enough money. He offers to model with the mugs. A bargain is struck. He poses with the mugs and walks away with the boxed mugs for So Ah. Sweet!

So Ah is happy when Sang Yoo tells her with the increased patient load, they’ll be able to cover this month’s rent. Lord Habaek calls her to meet him.

So Ah observes Lord Habaek watching all the other customers in the coffee shop. Her heart melts at his sweet curiosity. When the enters she buys them both a coffee. Lord Habaek finds the coffee dark, bitter and a tad sweet. With subdued pride, Lord Habaek presents So Ah with the two mugs. She’s pleased. He warns her not to read more into it than intended. He claims he got the mugs to remind So Ah of her place. He points to the character on the mugs. He identifies himself as the man/master on one mug and indicates she’s the animal/servant on the other. Lord Habaek declares the mugs will remind her of their servant status. So Ah can’t help but chuckles when she realizes on the reverse side of the mugs are a woman/master and male animal/servant. She jokes that now Lord Habaek is her servant.

Cute! I loved Lord Habaek’s pleasure at So Ah’s pleasure in the gift.

Lord Habaek shows her the evidence of the two-part time jobs he took to get enough money for the mugs. So Ah is impressed. She loves the stuffed animal Lord Habaek posed with. Lord Habaek leaves with the mugs. So Ah calls to him to take care of her mugs. Cute!

So Ah calls CEO Shin who is late to his appointment with her but he doesn’t pick up. She settles down to read and wait for him.

CEO Shin drinks and recalls Bi Ryeon’s threats and vows to hate him. CEO Shin recalls Bi Ryeon’s claim that CEO Shin killed gods, which CEO Shin denied.

Having waited 40 minutes, So Ah calls CEO Shin but he doesn’t answer.

A woman approaches CEO Shin and notices he has missed calls. When So Ah calls he answers. He apologizes for being late and promises he’ll be there right away.

Soo Ri asks Lord Habaek when he’s returning to their world. He notices that So Ah is late coming home from work.

Lord Habaek calls So Ah to see why she’s late. She states her last patient is running late. CEO Shin stumbles into her office. She calls his name and hangs up. Lord Habaek stares at the phone.

CEO Shin is stumbling drunk. She settles him into her chair and takes his temperature.

Lord Habaek decides to go to So Ah’s office.

When CEO Shin won’t wake, So Ah frets. She wants to get the fever down. She takes his jacket off. She presses a cool cloth to his face. The lightning storm begins.  So Ah wipes CEO Shin down and waits for him to wake.

CEO Shin recalls Lord Habaek’s suspicion that he is a monster. So Ah frets that the fever isn’t going down.

So Ah decides to open CEO Shin’s shirt and apply the cool cloth.

CEO Shin recalls Lord Habaek opening his shirt and finding Joo Dong’s mark on his chest.

When So Ah touches his chest, CEO Shin spins her onto the chair and stands over her seeing Lord Habaek not So Ah, ready to strike with his dark energy. So Ah calls his name. CEO Shin realizes that So Ah is in front of him not Lord Habaek. He sees her fear. He realizes he was ready to strike.

So Ah sees the nick her nails gave him heal. She stares at CEO Shin in shock. Lord Habaek barges through the office door. He stares at the scene before him. CEO Shin stares at Lord Habaek. So Ah stares at Lord Habaek. If looks could kill.

My Thoughts

I’m loving the increased tension and passion among our characters. The only cool customer of the bunch was Joo Dong.

  • CEO Shin had a virtual fight with Bi Ryeon, with the help of two of the minor gods. When Bi Ryeon called to gloat, he taunted CEO Shin that if there was a next time, it would be much worse. I was surprised Geol Rin was able to defuse CEO Shin’s anger. What is their past history? We know Geol Rin visited CEO Shin in the cave before his father cast him out.
  • Bi Ryeon is set on inflaming CEO Shin’s anger. Moo Ra wanted to know why. She hit a nerve when she said Jin Gyeon’s twin brother was missing. She hit a nerve when she observed Bi Ryeon’s rage had skyrocketed when CEO Shin appeared.
  • Bi Ryeon hit a nerve when he urged Moo Ra to admit that she’s afraid of losing Lord Habaek to another human woman. Moo Ra still doesn’t see that Bi Ryeon cares for her. Was their former engagement not based in love?
  • The third god stone has been retrieved from Joo Dong. Lord Habaek should make return to his world to become king. But he’s not leaving…yet…and everyone has noticed.
  • Anyone else enjoying Joo Dong’s ability to say the truth but in a friendly non-threatening way?

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) can’t leave So Ah and return to his world. He isn’t ready to leave her. Intellectually he knows he must, but emotionally he’s attached and fighting his duty. Lord Habaek working the two part-time jobs to buy So Ah mugs was charming. I was impressed by Lord Habaek’s savvy trading of his photogenic handsome face to barter for the mugs. He was so adorably proud when he presented the mugs to So Ah. He imperiously told her the mugs would remind her of her servant status. But So Ah turned the tables and showed him as her servant.  It made me think of the haunting song “Servant of Love” by American songwriter Patti Griffin.

The lyrics are apropos (

I long to live
Long to live by your ocean
Moved by the waves
No one can see

Flying close to the ground
Held by your silent
Words from the deep
Calling to me

I long to live
Long to live by your ocean
Carry me away
I’m a servant of love

Once again, So Ah being in danger evokes the knight in shining armor response in Lord Habaek. He didn’t like the situation he walked in on at the office. Will Lord Habaek and CEO Shin throw down?

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) put distance between herself and Lord Habaek. She maintained her mantra “I love this guy, but he’s leaving me regardless.” I’m impressed that she diligently kept busy to avoid thinking about his inevitable departure. She couldn’t help but be touched by the darling mugs Lord Habaek bought her. She doesn’t realize that CEO Shin has intentions towards her. The position Lord Habaek found her with at the end of the episode sparked the lightning between the two men. Can So Ah defuse Lord Habaek like Geol Rin defused CEO Shin?

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific. Check out my episode ranking chart below.

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12 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 10 Recap
  1. jasminn says:

    awesome recap, enjoyed reading!


  2. Beez says:

    “Anyone else enjoying Joo Dong’s ability to say the truth but in a friendly non-threatening way?” kjt

    Yup. And I love the actor playing Joo Dong.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Joo Dong seems to be the only one, besides Habaek, who has a shred of common sense among the gods on Earth 🌏.


      • Beez says:

        OFF TOPIC but can anybody tell me why the Big2 (Viki/DramaFever) aren’t carrying so many shows this cycle?

        Man Who Lives to Die
        Woman of Dignity
        Criminal Minds
        Reunited Worlds
        Rescue Me

        I will be emailing both providers but I’m pretty sure my answer will be the usual same ol’ “licensing issues”.


        • I’ve been noticing the same thing too so I turned to google.

          I saw a comment that if a kdrama is a remake of a US show (Criminal Minds, Scent of a Woman, The Good Wife) it will not be shown in the US.

          There’s a new kdrama vendor, Kocowa, which has a lock on kdramas from the big three – KBS, MBC and SBS. That’s not good for DramaFever or Viki or those that utilize them to access kdramas (like me). Kocowa’s pricing is $7/month or $70/year.

          I’m not sure I want another kdrama subscription service. But if DramaFever and Viki can only air the cable networks (TVN, OCN) dramas, then their content is reduced.

          This is all about money and which country profits from kdramas.
          Kcowoa article link
          Kay had a blog post link


        • Jane Tilly says:

          Grrrr 🐻, just when I spent the money for a Viki subscription . This is not happy 😡📰 news. What’s a Kdrama fan to do 어떡하지?


          • Beez says:

            @JT – I KNOW! I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be signing up for this new thing, but besides the added cost,I think you have to watch on a computer and I only have a Chromebook. I heard done people saying that it doesn’t work on Chromebook.


            • Beez says:

              You guys really helped me (Although the cable guy is probably annoyed) lol. I’m sitting here right now as he installs cable & internet in my new place. After reading the links that kjt provided,I decided I may as well cancel Hulu since it only has 2 American shows that I watch and I never watch the kdramas it has because it gets them from DF mostly anyway but on Hulu, it has more commercials. So after he was agonist done installing, I said “let’s change it to add DVR”. My thought being to offset the cost of DVR by cancelling Hulu. I thought it would be simple,but apparently not! Lol

              Liked by 1 person

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    SAGACIOUS JOO DONG – I like Joo Dong, he has a way with words as he tactfully, or as KJT called it “non-threatening”, told it as he saw 👁👁 it. Joo Dong divulged that Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon were engaged in the past. When was that and why did their relationship 💕 change? What was the cause of their break 💔 up; was it related to the incident involving Bi Ryeon 1200 years ago? There was mention of the Sky king doing something bad, presumably 1200 years ago; Bi 🌧 Ryeon is a Sky god, is Bi 🌧 Ryeon the Sky king who caused the trouble or how was he involved?

    Joo Dong is a calming 🍃 force for Ha Baek. I love that he pointed out “Humans value love. Is it wrong for a god to do the same?” This is the only god on Earth 🌏 who seems to have Ha Baek’s back.

    SCHEMA DE BI 🌧 RYEON – I would like to like to know what Bi 🌧 Ryeon’s agenda is; he is NOT fully on Ha Baek’s side. Why is Bi 🌧 Ryeon “prickly” 🌵 around Hoo Ye and provoking him? Moo 🐮 Ra seems to be worried about what Hoo Ye is capable of, while Bi 🌧 Ryeon keeps “poking the bear” 👉🐻 seemingly not caring of about Hoo Ye’s abilities. The scene where Bi Ryeon was vicariously beating 👊 on a punching bag in lieu of Hoo Ye was effective. I concur with KJT that it was interesting to see how Geol Rin was able to de-escalate Hoo Ye’s wrath 😠. Is it possible Bi 🌧 Ryeon is goading Hoo Ye with the intent of pointing Hoo Ye to attack Ha Baek? What does Jin Gyeon’s twin brother have to do with Bi 🌧 Ryeon?

    HOO YE MAKES A MOVE – Hoo Ye offered very generous terms to So Ah to repay the contract 📝 cancellation fees 💰. As KJT mentioned, Hoo Ye is wasting no time getting to know So Ah and make his move. I’m still 🎉surprised🎊 that Hoo Ye doesn’t seem to have an agenda for So Ah’s land (AKA the gate ⛩ of the gods).

    While I can understand Hoo Ye being upset after being beaten 👊 on Bi Ryeon’s behest, I don’t understand Hoo Ye’s choice to get drunk 🍸 when he already had a hard time controlling his rage, may not fully know the extent of his own nefarious power ⚡ and chose to visit So Ah in that state. I was truly frightened 😨 for So Ah when Hoo Ye’s delusions visualized Ha Baek in her place. Luckily 🍀, he snapped out of it when So Ah called his name. Since So Ah saw Hoo Ye’s instant healing, isn’t it time for someone to tell her Hoo Ye is a demigod? How will So Ah react; I can’t 🤔 imagine she will take 😕 kindly to the way the gods treat Hoo Ye. When Ha Baek walked in, what was his perspective of what he saw 👁👁? Did it look like Hoo Ye was about hurt So Ah or come onto her? Is Ha Baek angry with Hoo Ye or both of them?

    ILL-FATED? OTP – I feel bad for So Ah and the tug-of-war ↔💖↔ in her heart. Just when she decided to give up Ha Baek, he reiterated he was leaving and then he kissed 💋 her, giving her hope for their relationship. Almost immediately, Ha Baek was notified of Joo Dong’s recovery, which keenly reiterated to So Ah that their relationship doesn’t have much of a chance with Ha Baek’s imminent departure. So Ah told Ha Baek they needed to end 🚫 their relationship now, which Ha Baek reluctantly agreed to, but then the next thing you see is Ha Baek spending the first money 💰 he ever earned on the darling mugs ☕ for So Ah.


    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly – I understand CEO’s unwise choice to indulge in drinking after being attacked – he probably has the worse case of LEGIT “woe is me” ever.

      He was born through no choice of his own, not allowed to live free, then abandoned and cast out (by his parent no less, who was also his captor) all alone to a strange world, where he is trying his best when along come these arrogant and pompous fools…


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