Bride of the Water God Episode 9 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 9 Recap

Done with her meeting to cancel the sale of her sacred land, Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) takes the phone call from Lord Habaek who is leaving to meet her. She smiles in anticipation. CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju Hwan) watches her walk away frustrated. Bi Ryeon surprises CEO Shin by calling him from his tree filled land. Bi Ryeon scoffs that CEO Shin is pretending to be good. He suggests they introduce themselves. Bi Ryeon notes that the item in CEO Shin’s body must be part of the conversation. Bi Ryeon puts the little blind girl on the phone. She speaks briefly to CEO Shin. When Bi Ryeon retrieves his phone, he finds CEO Shin incensed that the little girl is being used. Bi Ryeon tells him to come ASAP. Bi Ryeon tells the little blind girl to go home. Moo Ra doesn’t like using a child to get what they want. CEO Shin drive to the meeting angry.

When he arrives, Bi Ryeon tells him the little blind girl went home. Bi Ryeon introduces himself and Moo Ra. Bi Ryeon is straightforward, Moo Ra is afraid of him, Lord Habaek is Lord Habaek, and Bi Ryeon hates him. CEO Shin asks if they hate him because he’s half human/god. Moo Ra asks why he has Joo Dong’s mark on his body.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) arrives and sees So Ah across the street. He spots her looking at her map.

Is the map the coordinates he’s been seeking?

CEO Shin states when he arrived at the sacred ground and fled, Joo Dong tackled him but he was struck by lightning and the mark appears on his chest. Bi Ryeon asks if CEO Shin killed Joo Dong.

Lord Habaek grabs So Ah’s map flips it over and stares at the coordinates.

Bi Ryeon accuses him of killing gods. CEO Shin denies this. Moo Ra orders Bi Ryeon to back down.

Lord Habaek can’t believe it. He’s holding the coordinates. He recalls the water hitting So Ah’s map she was holding on the night he came to this world. So Ah looks at the back of the map but doesn’t see anything.

CEO Shin claims that Joo Dong didn’t move after being struck by lightning and so he left. Moo Ra is angered that CEO Shin left Joo Dong a god that tried to save a human from lightning. CEO Shin counter he didn’t throw the lightning. CEO Shin admits he ran. Bi Ryeon counters his lightning couldn’t hurt Joo Dong. Bi Ryeon and CEO Shin stare and glare. Moo Ra gets a phone call.

I’m assuming Lord Habaek is calling to tell her he has the coordinates. I’m puzzled by Bi Ryeon’s claim that his lightning wouldn’t hurt Joo Dong. Is that an admission he threw the lightning? If so, who was the target?

So Ah can’t believe her map had the coordinates. She asks if this is will propel Lord Habaek make to his world. So Ah puts on a brave face and offer her congratulations.

Lord Habaek and So Ah search. Lord Habaek asks why So Ah was hanging out with CEO Shin. So Ah assures him she can read CEO Shin like a book. She calls him a complete person. Lord Habaek calls So Ah gullible. When So Ah trips, Lord Habaek gallantly offer his arm. She rejects it. They find a man digging holes. Lord Habaek and the man stare at each other. The man asks who Lord Habaek is. Lord Habaek puts So Ah behind him when the man approaches them. The man asks if Lord Habaek knows who he is. He doesn’t understand why but he’s drawn to the earth, like a mole.

Is this Joo Dong?

Bi Ryeon is thrilled to see Joo Dong. Nam Soo Ri (Lord Habaek’s servant) can’t believe Joo Dong lost his memories. Moo Ra asks where the third godstone is. Bi Ryeon knocks him out. Moo Ra asks why So Ah is sitting amount them. So Ah starts to leave but turns and gives Moo Ra a piece of her mind about her informal speech with her. Moo Ra sputter that So Ah is a lowly human and she’s the most gorgeous god in 2 worlds. So Ah scoffs and leaves. Bi Ryeon chuckles. Moo Ra can’t believe it. Even Lord Habaek has to suppress a grin.

Moo Ra remarks that CEO Shin was telling the truth, he didn’t kill Joo Dong. She orders Bi Ryeon to leave CEO Shin alone. She reminds Lord Habaek she told him to not engage CEO Shin either. She calls both of them immature. Lord Habaek agrees they should leave CEO Shin alone. Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek to return to their world once he has the third god stone from Joo Dong.

Lord Habaek overlooks the city from the rooftop. Moo Ra admires the view with him. Moo Ra admits while she loves the clothes in this world, she wants to return to their world. After prompting, Lord Habaek declares he wants to return to their world. Moo Ra tries to discuss So Ah, but Lord Habaek turns the conversation to the question of why the god stones are kept in this world. Moo Ra counters that doesn’t matter. Moo Ra’s belief is that the god stones are kept in this world, so Lord Habaek would have an understanding of humans before becoming king. She reminds him of the experience 1200 years ago when human drowned a woman so they could survive. Lord Habaek allowed them to live but they envied their immortality and betrayed him. The entire realm of the god suffered because of this. Moo Ra is clear – humans are cruel, greedy and stupid. Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek to return. So Ah won’t be one of his subjects. So Ah is insignificant. Moo Ra doesn’t understand his pull to So Ah but she can no longer watch and say nothing.

Yeon Mi and So Ah discuss things. Yeom Mi believes Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo sticks by her side to repay the kindness her father showed him. So Ah snaps that her father abandoned her. So Ah suggests karaoke. Yeom Mi declines.

So Ah walks home and sees only happy people. She hangs out in the park on the swings. She calls Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo and suggests karaoke. He declines.

As she nears the alley to the house, So Ah hopes Lord Habaek will be waiting for her. He isn’t. She tells herself to get used to it. So Ah stares at the brick in the wall with their names written on it. She hears a noise. Lord Habaek calls her. So Ah opens the gate. He’s there on the phone. Swoon! They stare at each other. He tells her he’ll leave in a couple of days. She asks why he came back to her house.

He turns on the lights. She touches his back. He turns and sees the tears on her face. She lies that she’s smiling not crying. She gives him a back hug. Sweet! He spins around. Lord Habaek stares at her. He steps closer. So Ah backs away. She’s not ready for what will happen. She apologizes and goes into the house. So Ah wishes him sweet dreams and goes into the house. Lord Habaek sighs.

I’m telling you, these two have an intensity. That scene held little physical interaction but the emotional energy between them was super charged!

CEO Shin recalls Bi Ryeon saying he can kill things just by touch. He reaches out to flowers and they die. Shi Ja Ya sees it happen from an overlooking balcony. CEO Shin grasps his fist. He hears someone stepping away. Ja Ya tries to tell herself what she saw didn’t happen.

Ja Ya finds CEO Shin in his office. She tells him she saw him kill the flowers. He plays dumb. She calls him wicked. Then she calls him a talented magician. CEO Shin relaxes a bit. She warns him to cast spells to make things lively. CEO Shin approaches Ja Ya and stares at her. She tries to leave. He grabs her. Dark smoke comes off him. He releases her. CEO Shin leaves at his request. Joo Geol Rin pop out from behind furniture and tells CEO Shin he did well.

CEO Shin can kill things but doesn’t relish doing so. That makes him a good guy that could do evil with his powers but hold himself in check, right?

Assistant Min finds Ja Ya dazed. He asks if she’s well. She says nothing and continues on.

Geol Rin asks when CEO Shin came here and why did he flee the cave. CEO Shin replies that he came 10 years ago after getting cast aside by his father. Geol Rin says his father told him to leave CEO Shin’s mother behind and bring CEO Shin to him. CEO Shin didn’t think Geol Rin cared anymore when he stopped visiting him in the cave. Geol Rin shares he came to this world 500 years ago. He admits he knew the blood-stained stone contained CEO Shin’s blood. CEO Shin and Geol Rin agree he was lucky to meet kind humans. Geol Rin compliments CEO Shin on his ability to control his powers. Geol Rin says now that he knows CEO Shin is doing well, he’ll leave. CEO Shin asks about So Ah.

So Ah spots Lord Habaek retrieve the paper in the morning. She asks if he’s like to join her for breakfast. The kitchen is a mess and Lord Habaek stares at his food doubtfully. Lord Habaek confirms the food is barely edible. She scoffs that he should have lied to make her feel better. She asks him for the real reason her family was punished by the gods. She believes his previous ramblings about a woman named Shim was a red herring. She chuckles and says her ancestor couldn’t have been as evil as Harry Potters’ Lord Voldemort. Lord Habaek distracts her by offering to help around the house. They clean together. Lord Habaek helps her reach high places. They get into a water hose fight.

  Exhausted and wet So Ah declares that was a deep clean. She lays on the floor and encourages him to join her. He declines. But then he lies down close to her. She rolls away until he traps her. He demands to know why she’s hitting on him. He warns her that inviting him to lay next to her, hugging him from behind or crying is careless. He pushes away and declares he needs a bath.

So Ah takes Lord Habaek to the bath house. He thanks her. They walk home. At the park, So Ah shows kids how to spin on a swing. Unfortunately, she spins off the swing. The mother whisks the children away. Lord Habaek shakes his head at So Ah’s antics as he walks away. So Ah scampers after him.

After watching them Geol Rin tells CEO Shin that So Ah is the god’s servant. CEO Shin asks how So Ah became a god’s servant. Geol Rin says it is linked to what CEO Shin did 1200 years ago. Geol Rin says her ancestors did something horrible. Geol Rin suggests that So Ah could understand and accept him. Then CEO Shin wouldn’t be alone. Geol Rin coos that the endless cycle of birth to death is exhausting.

So Ah and Lord Habaek tussle over erasing his name from the brick wall. So Ah tells him to enter his room not from the house but the outside access point.

Bi Ryeon visits Moo Ra on the set. She says he should be taking care of Joo Dong. He says he can’t leave her alone in the enemy camp. Moo Ra rolls her eyes.

She doesn’t see that Bi Ryeon likes her. Or perhaps she only pretends not to know.

Irking Moo Ra, her costar faints before kissing her in the scene they are filming. She sighs. Bi Ryeon chuckles and tells her team he can solve the issue. He offers that she should mimic another more famous god. Moo Ra balls her fist. When CEO Shin appears, Bi Ryeon baits him saying that they found Joo Dong but he doesn’t remember anything thanks to CEO Shin. Bi Ryeon claims he’ll set the matter to right. Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra walk away. CEO Shin struggles to control himself.

Moo Ra berates Bi Ryeon for his behavior. Why is he so aggressive with CEO Shin? Bi Ryeon says he’s the trouble maker. Bi Ryeon offers to help Moo Ra practice for her kissing scene. Jin Geon calls Bi Ryeon who tells Moo Ra to go on without him.

Assistant Min reminds CEO Shin there’s a meeting on the new project and they need to resolve what to do about So Ah’s land. It dawns on CEO Shin that So Ah’s land is the spot his father cast him out.

CEO Shin drives to the scared land. He stares at the opening to the other world he was pushed through. He recalls bleeding on the rocks. He relives the horror being left in a strange world.

Bi Ryeon appears and hits CEO Shin telling him that buying sacred land is a no-no. CEO Shin says he didn’t know the land was scared when he approached So Ah to purchase it. Bi Ryeon doesn’t believe him. Angry, CEO Shin tells Bi Ryeon that the big difference between them will save Bi Ryeon and kill CEO Shin. He taunts Bi Ryeon he’ll do it on this land but he won’t tell him how. CEO Shin admits he caused Joo Dong’s current condition. He wonders if admitting the truth matters. He dares the gods to kill him. He claims he’s the one that can do that.

That was an interesting exchange. It’s almost riddle speak because we don’t know the details of what they are talking about. CEO Shin seems bent on proving his power with his words not his actions.

Bi Ryeon tells Lord Habaek that So Ah sold the sacred land to CEO Shin. Lord Habaek recalls telling So Ah to do what she wanted with the sacred land. Lord Habaek surprises Bi Ryeon by saying he told her to sell it. He claims it won’t matter because the gateway between the worlds won’t disappear. Bi Ryeon counters that CEO Shin can alter the land and infest it with humans forcing the realm of the gods to abandon the gateway. Bi Ryeon says if the gods cannot visit this world, it will cease to exist. Bi Ryeon tells Lord Habaek that he may be an impulsive god, but he didn’t lose his head over one human woman. He reminds Lord Habaek this has happened before. Lord Habaek grabs Bi Ryeon’s shirt. Bi Ryeon continues that Lord Habaek plays the victim in all of this. Bi Ryeon claims he hates that Lord Habaek will be king and he hates Lord Habaek too. Bi Ryeon removes Lord Habaek’s hand. He gets a phone call and tells Lord Habaek to see what So Ah is doing right now.

So Ah meets CEO Shin who asks why she’s want to reverse the sale of her land. So Ah claims while the land is important to someone, she must reverse it to ease her mind. CEO Shin reminds her $100M is an excellent price. So Ah insists she must help the unfortunate. CEO Shin asks if the unfortunate someone is the man that talked to him last time they met at the hotel. So Ah says losing $100M is less important to what he would lose. Lord Habaek watches their conversation from the windows outside. CEO Shin tells her the ideals she speaks of are noble but the man she aims to protect isn’t unfortunate.

CEO Shin walks outside and sees Lord Habaek. He approaches him and says he can read the anger and confusion on Lord Habaek’s face. Lord Habaek states nothing changes if the land belongs to CEO Shin. Setting that aside, CEO Shin claims his interest is in So Ah and doing what it takes to win her. CEO Shin thanks Lord Habaek for giving him the opportunity to win So Ah. Lord Habaek tells CEO Shin that So Ah is his servant. CEO Shin counters that doesn’t matter in this world, the world he is powerful in. CEO Shin says Lord Habaek will be leaving just like So Ah told him he would. CEO Shin says that Bi Ryeon is worried that he’ll hurt Lord Habaek’s world. CEO Shin claims no interest in the gods or realm of the gods. He urges Lord Habaek to return to his world. He leaves.

When So Ah exits she walks the opposite direction, not seeing Lord Habaek. When she calls him, he hesitates but picks up. She asks where he is. Lord Habaek lies he’s at home. When So Ah hears a car’s horn she chuckles that he’s lying. So Ah tells Lord Habaek she just did something for him but can’t share the details. She suggests they eat dinner together.

When Lord Habaek meets So Ah, he recalls CEO Shin’s words. So Ah smiles and asks why he’s so serious. Lord Habaek asks if she sold the sacred land to CEO Shin. She starts to tell him she’s getting the land back but he cuts her off. He tells her not to sell to CEO Shin. So Ah realizes that’s why Lord Habaek is not happy. She informs him she requested to cancel the sale.  She apologizes for it but doesn’t understand why she feels responsible for that land. She doesn’t understand why Lord Habaek told her to sell it when he’s leaving this world. She asked to cancel the contract for him. She doesn’t understand why, but she did it anyway. Lord Habaek counters that signing and cancelling the contract isn’t what is important. So Ah asks why she’s wasted her time. Lord Habaek tells So Ah she’s right. He’s leaving her in this world. Feelings between them are useless. He says their relationship can never take flight. He turns and walks away. So Ah tells him when the going gets tough, 1st class people smile, 2nd class people endure, and 3rd class people cry. So Ah cries. Lord Habaek turns and looks at her. She says he reduced her to a 3rd class person. So Ah notes that the worked hard to be strong. She’s alone. She battled through life’s challenges but never cried. When he appeared in her life, she thought she might become a 1st class person but he illuminated she’s a 3rd class person.

Lord Habaek stares at So Ah. He sees the tears streaming down her face. He knows she’s hurting. He walks to her. He tells her he’s leaving this world, he has to leave. He kisses her. So Ah stand there without responding. He stares into her eyes. He tells her he’s going to leave this world. He pulls her close. He kisses her again. This time So Ah responds.

My Thoughts

We have traction! We learned things that help put the puzzle pieces together. This episode focused the spotlight on CEO Shin.

  • CEO Shin’s power is real and he struggles to harness the fire within him. CEO Shin knows that Lord Habaek is the god that matters. He told both Lord Habaek and Bi Ryeon that he doesn’t care about the sacred land and the gateway between the worlds. That’s hard for me to believe. Controlling the gateway seems like it would be a win. Would the gods abandon the portal? Is that the only portal between their world and this world?
  • CEO Shin told So Ah that he’d consider reversing the land deal. Then he threw down the gauntlet and told Lord Habaek that he’d win So Ah’s affection after he abandoned her to return to his world. That definitely hit a nerve with Lord Habaek.
  • Joo Geol Rin praised CEO Shin’s self-control. They have a past relationship. Was Geol Rin CEO Shin’s father’s servant or friend? CEO Shin thought that Geol Rin had abandoned him when he stopped visiting. Geol Rin was surprised that CEO Shin’s father banished him. Who is CEO Shin’s father? Is he Lord Habaek’s father?
  • Where is the third god stone?
  • Will Joo Dong remain dazed and confused?

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) allowed his feelings for So Ah to tether him into a kiss. He couldn’t dismiss her tears. He couldn’t let her cry without comforting her. He’s honest when he says he’s leaving her. But he finally broke down and acted on his feelings for her and explored their attraction. That was a decent first mutual kiss. It was tender and bittersweet. This couple could have a billboard that declares “star crossed lovers”. At this point, can they be together? Could they be a couple until Lord Habaek leaves her? It seems clear that he cannot live in this world and must return to his to be king. Frankly based on what I’ve seen of the other gods, his world needs Lord Habaek as king. What is the past interaction he had with a human that Bi Ryeon loves to rub in his face?

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) tried to get the land back but CEO Shin may not return it to her. I was pleased that the mystery of the coordinates was solved. It makes sense that the water that fell from the sky when Lord Habaek came to the earth that dropped on So Ah and her map, soaked the coordinates into her map. Even better was that only Lord Habaek could see the coordinates. The coordinates yielded the missing Joo Dong. So Ah had an effective put down moment with Moo Ra. I enjoyed that. Finally, So Ah bared her soul to Lord Habaek. She admitted that all her shields to protect herself came tumbling down around him. She cares for him. She wants him. She knows anything they have will be fleeting. How many times did she say he’s leaving? It’s her mantra, “I love this guy, but he’s leaving me regardless.”

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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6 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 9 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Since So Ah was not in mortal ⚠ danger, no wonder Habaek did not temporarily get his powers back. So it was water that transferred the coordinates to So Ah’s map 🗺 when Habaek came down❓

    Leave it to the Chaos 👬Twins to terrorize Hoo Ye using the blind 🕶👧 girl. I pity Hoo Ye as he is not acknowledged as a god and yet if humans were aware of who he is or the dark power or curse he possesses, they would fear 😨 him.

    Habaek keeps ⚠ warning So Ah about Hoo Ye, but will not divulge any explanation. Habaek was not a happy 😕 camper when So Ah rejected his outstretched 🖐 hand. I can tell So Ah was trying to sever her ties to Habaek now; I’m sure she is trying to mitigate the pain of loss for when he does leave.

    Bi 🌧 Ryeon and I 💗-ed how So Ah dissed Moo 🐮 Ra with “sure, sure”. Does Bi 🌧 Ryeon have a crush on Moo 🐮 Ra or So Ah. At the very least he seems to like So Ah’s moxy‼.

    Color 🖍 me wrong about Hoo Ye: “I’m convinced he knows it is the gate ⛩ to the heavenly realm; I think he wants possession of I as part of a revenge against the gods”.
    Hoo Ye only figured it out this episode. I am concerned Hoo Ye appears to be listening 👂 to Geol Rin’s advice. Geol Rin also mentioned that So Ah’s ancestors became servants to the god in relation to something Hoo Ye did 1200 years ago. Hmm what was that❓ I’m irritated 😕 that Geol Rin suggested Hoo Ye is the one who needs a servant; will So Ah become the object of a tug-of-war❓ I wonder which god sired Hoo Ye; was it a god we have already been introduced to❓ I find it interesting that Hoo Ye told Habaek that he was not interested the gate of the gods.

    I found it curious that Hoo Ye’s touch killed the blossoms 🌻 only on the plants;is it only one hand✋ that destroys❓ I believe Hoo Ye was wearing gloves when he was trimming the yard. It’s not so great Ja Ya witnessed 👁👁 the floral 🌻 destruction; at least she resolved it as magic 🎩✨ in her mind. When Hoo Ye grabbed Ja Ya it seemed to be somewhat in anger 😠 but at the same time he seemed to be protective 🛡 as he was was gripping his “cursed” hand; I wonder if that hand ✋ is always destructive or if it is only when he is angry. I can’t help but wonder if he accidentally blinded 🕶 the little 👧 girl. I don’t think Hoo Ye is evil, but I don’t think he can fully control his death 💀✋ hand, which I suspect is as scary to himself as others. I concur with KJT that Hoo Ye seems to be a good guy as he does not relish his killing power and seems to be trying to keep it in check. As others have mentioned it would be interesting to find out which god is Hoo Ye’s father. Hoo Ye’s riddled threat to Bi 🌧 Ryeon was confusing.

    Oh… the skinship in this episode was smoltering 💨 with 💕 desire… Habaek was affected by So Ah’s back hug; I thought Habaek was going to kiss 💋 her. When they we laying down on the floor and Habaek siddled over an then rolled over and cornered So Ah against the furniture, I was sure he was going to kiss 💋 her but then he backed off. I laughed as Habaek called So Ah a wolf 🐺 for coming onto him. HA‼. With them each taking turns backing off, I was almost surprised that after Habaek kept reiterating that he was leaving that he finally kissed 💋 So Ah. Was Habaek trying to convince himself about leaving? I 💗 that the kissing 😘 had mutual involvement. As KJT said ” the emotional ⚡ energy between them was super charged!”


    • Swati Panday says:

      Chaos Twins 😀 😀 Lol 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • So Ah was trying to sever her ties to Habaek now; I’m sure she is trying to mitigate the pain of loss for when he does leave
      Agreed. Denying your heart is never easy.

      I wonder which god sired Hoo Ye; was it a god we have already been introduced to❓
      That is the question I want the answer to.

      I don’t think Hoo Ye is evil, but I don’t think he can fully control his death 💀✋ hand, which I suspect is as scary to himself as others

      Oh… the skinship in this episode was smoltering 💨 with 💕 desire… Habaek was affected by So Ah’s back hug… When they we laying down on the floor and Habaek siddled over an then rolled over and cornered So Ah against the furniture…Habaek called So Ah a wolf 🐺 for coming onto him….Habaek …finally kissed 💋 So Ah.
      Those were the yummy highlights.


  2. Swati Panday says:

    I am beginning to question the sanity of these protector gods. I mean are they brats or just plain horrible people… Hinting a kid Kidnapping to get attention? Do we really want such brats protecting earth…

    Habaek and So-Ah both are so sad about the impending departure. Oh Puppies! dont be so sad, figure out a way to be together. I mean he is a god after all… U sure u cant do something about it???

    The exchange between Moo-Ra and So-Ah was hilarious… Moo-Ra she isn’t a pet to be trained… Did Moo-Ra not attend the class which explained that if the human world forgot the god then they cease to exist.. Moo-Ra might want to make some changes to her attitude and behavior after that i guess. (Bi-Ryeom also better attend that class). Also Moo-Ra Honey do u think you are in position to call anyone immature?? like really….!!!!!

    Habaek is deeply in love. When she hugged him it was clear they both missed each other. Also the entire house cleaning as so so cute. I like Habaek character as a guy a lot. he has been such a gentleman since he arrived. this episode too the moment So-Ah hesitates he stopped. True gentleman..

    Bi-Ryeom/Moo-Ra either explain what happened 1200 years ago with the human chick or shut the hell up… i am so irritated with everyone referring to the incident but no one providing any info on it. If the show finishes without explaining that then i m going to be mighty pissed off..

    Really Habaek u are so soft hearted don’t be a jerk to her just because Bi-Ryeom got on your nerves. Whatever u are feeling or whatever happened 1200 years ago don’t take it out on So-Ah and your feelings for So-Ah. You are better than this…

    Their relationship sure seems doomed… but my heart just cant take a sad ending for this cute cute couple. 😥 I hope there is some way for these cuties to be together.


  3. Do we really want such brats protecting earth
    No. Lord Habaek must save the day.

    Oh Puppies! dont be so sad, figure out a way to be together. I mean he is a god after all
    Nicely put!

    Also Moo-Ra Honey do u think you are in position to call anyone immature?? like really….!!!!!
    You are on a roll!

    I like Habaek character as a guy a lot. he has been such a gentleman since he arrived. this episode too the moment So-Ah hesitates he stopped. True gentleman..
    Another spot on observation.

    i am so irritated with everyone referring to the incident but no one providing any info on it
    I’m ready for the details too.

    Their relationship sure seems doomed… but my heart just cant take a sad ending for this cute cute couple.
    Only if Lord Habaek realizes he is King and can break any of the rules he wants. He has the power to live as he wants.


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