Bride of the Water God Episode 8 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 8 Recap

The god’s world…

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) asks the high priest how gods are born. They aren’t born like humans. The high priest states that god come into existence. Lord Habaek doesn’t understand the ambiguity of the explanation. The high priest chuckles that gods are ambiguous. The high priest and Lord Habaek meet with Moo Ra and Bi Ryeon. He tells them there are gods who have children by borrowing a human body. The resulting child is both human and god. Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra find the concept repulsive. The high priest chuckles that he’s never met one. The half god/human don’t have beneficial powers. Their powers annihilate living things. They have a fiery inner core. For all these reasons, gods don’t consort with them. Bi Ryeon asks if the half god/human have more power than Lord Habaek. Moo Ra chides Bi Ryeon for the question. The high priest chuckles and claims not to know. Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra leave. The high priest tells Lord Habaek he is destined to be king over all.

Bi Ryeon loves the idea of a half god/human being more powerful than Lord Habaek. Moo Ra scornfully tells Bi Ryeon that he better run if he meets a half god/human. She warns Lord Habaek to avoid a half god/human. She’s unsettled by the power to annihilate.

Lord Habaek recalls asking the priest if a half god/human was evil. The high priest states if the power is used for good, then they are good. If the power is used for evil, then they are evil. Lord Habaek claims not to be scared of a half god/human because he has eternal life. The high priest counters that if a god has been forgotten by humans, they are no longer gods, and have failed to live forever. Lord Habaek is surprised a god can lose status if humans don’t remember them. The high priest assures Lord Habaek if he meets a half god/human, he’ll instantly know it, even though they hide their true identity.

Present Day…

Lord Habaek tells CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju Hwan) that he knows who he is. CEO Shin stares at him with amazement.

The inference is clear, CEO Shin is a half god/human. The question is simple, is he good or evil?

CEO Shin claims not to understand. Lord Habaek states his mother lived and died like a human while his father has eternal life. CEO Shin stares at him open-mouthed in shock. Lord Habaek shows him the rock with the blood on it. He asks CEO Shin confirm this is his blood. Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) interjects herself and tries to pull Lord Habaek away. He asks if she knows who this man is. So Ah replies that CEO Shin is a head of a resort. Moo Ra interjects and apologizes to CEO Shin. She claims Lord Habaek can be strange. CEO Shin makes his excuses and quickly leaves. Lord Habaek orders Moo Ra to stay with Bi Ryeon until he says otherwise. He stares at So Ah and says there’s something he must confirm.

Shaken CEO Shin stands in his office and recalls what So Ah told him about Lord Habaek, what Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra said about Lord Habaek, and what Lord Habaek said about his background. He starts to sweat.

So Ah puzzles about Lord Habaek’s question if she knew who CEO Shin really was.

Lord Habaek, Nam Soo Ri (Lord Habaek’s servant), Moo Ra, and Bi Ryeon discuss CEO Shin. Moo Ra is angry that Lord Habaek confronted CEO Shin without his powers. A tense Bi Ryeon is irritated by her concern for Lord Habaek. Lord Habaek declares that CEO Shin had a hand in Joo Dong’s disappearance.

Bi Ryeon tells Lord Habaek he is only guessing about CEO Shin. He wants to confirm if CEO Shin is the half god/human. Bi Ryeon muses that So Ah’s friendship with Bi Ryeon is an interesting coincidence. Lord Habaek tells Bi Ryeon to forget So Ah and not involve her. Bi Ryeon reminds Lord Habaek that So Ah is a servant to the gods and belongs to them. Bi Ryeon claims not to want So Ah to serve CEO Shin. He notes that So Ah is a foolish human. Lord Habaek retorts that Bi Ryeon doesn’t have the right to say that and reminds him that Sky country made the king Nak Bin forget about foolish humans. He reminds Bi Ryeon that the Water country and the Realm of the Gods pardoned Nak Bin but didn’t forgive him. Bi Ryeon clenches his teeth in anger. Bi Ryeon tells Lord Habaek that just like he’s curious about the relationship between CEO Shin and So Ah, he imagines CEO Shin is curious about the relationship between Lord Habaek and So Ah. Bi Ryeon wonders if CEO Shin would covet So Ah as his servant. He smiles and tells Lord Habaek to figure it out on his own. Bi Ryeon drives away after dropping off Lord Habaek and Soo Ri. Concerned for So Ah, Soo Ri worries that CEO Shin will try to kill So Ah.

So Ah stares the signed contract for the land she sold CEO Shin.

Bi Ryeon is irritated Lord Habaek reminded him that the Sky country king Nak Bin had to be pardoned. He snaps his fingers to send CEO Shin a lighting bolt message. He says playtime is over.

CEO Shin watches the lightening.

Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo tells Lord Habaek shouldn’t hang out at the clinic and wait for So Ah much less live with her. He makes up a mythical boyfriend. So Ah arrives and is started to see Lord Habaek. She hides the land contract behind her back. They have to walk home because So Ah has loaned her car. Lord Habaek asks if she has a boyfriend like Sang Yoo claimed. He surprises her when he asks if CEO Shin is her boyfriend. So Ah denies it. She offers to feed him well, clothe him well, and have fun as her way to say farewell.

They go to an amusement park. Lord Habaek likes to yell on the roller coaster, in fact he gets obsessed with it and So Ah must pull him away from the ride. Lord Habaek calls her cute. So Ah blushes. Lord Habaek reveals he is 2800 years old.

When So Ah mentions her father, Lord Habaek recalls her anger that he left her alone. So Ah believes she must reset her life and leave the country. Lord Habaek muses her life seems better. Without thinking, So Ah counters it won’t matter when he leaves. To cover up that admission, she asks what Lord Habaek and CEO Shin talked about. Lord Habaek says he told CEO Shin not to make moves on his woman. That surprises So Ah. She blushes with pleasure. She doesn’t see CEO Shin watching them.

CEO Shin recalls So Ah statement that she was relying on and expecting things from someone she shouldn’t because he’ll leave her. CEO Shin murmurs, is that how it is?

Lord Habaek watches So Ah walk to work. He calls her and says they’ll walk home together tonight.

Shi Ja Ya shows Grandpa Shin a picture of a starlet. He’s scandalized by the bikini the starlet sports and declares Ja Ya will never do a photo shoot like that. He orders her to work for CEO Shin on the shopping mall project. Ja Ya agrees.

Assistant Min finds CEO Shin deep in thought. He informs CEO Shin all appointments are cancelled but one. CEO Shin agrees to meet him for the appointment. He ignores Ja Ya as he walks down the hall. She grabs his arm to get his attention. He pulls away quickly and tells her to speak with Assistant Min.  He leaves. Ja Ya asks Assistant Min why CEO Shin is acting colder than normal. Assistant Min asks what she wants. She informs him she’s the point of contact for the land. Assistant Min states only signing the contract remains. He lets her know he’ll send her the contract soon. She continues to pester him about CEO Shin’s behavior. Assistant Min tells her she’s exhibiting the classic “bother the guy you like” behavior.

Sang Yoo asks who So Ah went to the amusement park with. He’s not happy to learn she went with Lord Habaek. So Ah recalls Lord Habaek calling her “his woman”.  She blushes in pleasure. She’s surprised to find CEO Shin there and requesting a consultation. He tells her he’s not sleeping well because things from his past have reared their head again. He admits he doesn’t know who his mother was. He says his father treated him like he should have never been born. CEO Shin says his father locked him up until he threw him out.

Flashback…CEO Shin is thrown down on So Ah’s land on a dark night. His blood drips on the rock. He is not comfortable with fresh air. He runs away. He runs through the woods. When he sees a shaft of light he runs to it.

CEO Shin says he doesn’t know the path where his father left him. He studies So Ah’s face and realizes she doesn’t know who he is. He doesn’t understand how Lord Habaek knows who he is. So Ah interrupts his musings. He smiles and says he found someone that took care of him and raised him to be a human being. CEO Shin says his adoptive father gave him the last name “Shin”.  So Ah advises him not to take medications and come back if he can’t sleep. CEO Shin thanks her. So Ah apologizes for not believing his sincerity when they first met. Now she knows the trees he tends will grow into a strong forest. She bids him goodbye.

As CEO Shin walks away a man, Jin Gyeon, calls Bi Ryeon and reports CEO Shin’s whereabouts. Bi Ryeon who is with Moo Ra thanks him for the update. Moo Ra tells him using minor gods makes Lord Habaek unhappy. Bi Ryeon counters that Lord Habaek hasn’t liked him forever. He tells Moo Ra if they plan to kill someone they need to show sincerity.

CEO Shin pulls over and recalls So Ah closing words. He breathes deeply. He answers his phone. It is Assistant Min reminding him of his appointment. CEO Shin says he’ll be there shortly.

Moo Ra and Bi Ryeon watch CEO Shin cross the street. Bi Ryeon says they need to find out if Lord Habaek is correct. Moo Ra doesn’t like it. Bi Ryeon starts CEO Shin’s car with a snap of his fingers. He makes the car drive towards CEO Shin who stands in the crosswalk (aka kdrama deathtrap). Bi Ryeon mutters that CEO Shin will now show his powers. Uncomfortable they could be killing a human, Moo Ra diverts the car. Bi Ryeon isn’t happy. Moo Ra stalks away. CEO Shin sees Bi Ryeon and stares. Bi Ryeon walks away. Bi Ryeon asks if Moo Ra likes CEO Shin. Moo Ra barks that she can’t take the chance. If CEO Shin was a human, she couldn’t hurt him willingly. She reminds him if they break this rule they can’t go home. She calls Lord Habaek and informs him of the situation. Bi Ryeon grits his teeth. Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek that CEO Shin is now on his guard. She tells him to stop. Lord Habaek calls Bi Ryeon and asks him to schedule a meeting with CEO Shin.

So Ah waits for Lord Habaek and wonders if he’ll come to her office to pick her up. She can’t believe she’s flustered by Lord Habaek. YM bursts in the office and says she can’t read Lord Habaek’s fortune. When So Ah tells her Lord Habaek is a god, Yeom Mi is stunned. She doesn’t believe So Ah but she does ask to see Soo Ri again.

Yeom Mi can’t believe that Soo Ri’s job is paddle boats at the river. She’s attracted to him. She asks him to drive her. She tries to sense Soo Ri.

Lord Habaek arrives at CEO Shin’s estate and finds him among the trees. CEO Shin approaches him. Lord Habaek sees something glow under CEO Shin’s shirt. He asks why CEO Shin didn’t contact him. CEO Shin states Lord Habaek is the future owner of that place. Lord Habaek demands respect as the future owner. CEO Shin counters he’s not from that place so he doesn’t owe Lord Habaek respect. CEO Shin states they have no need to interact. Lord Habaek agrees but wants to confirm who he is. He rips CEO Shin’s shirt exposing the glowing disc under his collarbone. Lord Habaek declares this is Joo Dong’s marking. He demands to know why CEO Shin has it. CEO Shin claims not to know Joo Dong. Lord Habaek doesn’t believe him. Lord Habaek says Joo Dong is the earth god who messed with the realm of the gods and immortality. Lord Habaek declares CEO Shin can’t have Joo Dong’s power. CEO Shin declares Lord Habaek doesn’t know what power he possesses. Lord Habaek yells that he should verify if the power works on him. Moo Ra interrupts and pulls Lord Habaek away from CEO Shin and to her. Lord Habaek demands to know what she’s doing. Moo Ra order him to be quiet and leave. The tension is broken when the little blind girl arrives. Moo Ra and Lord Habaek leave.

Lord Habaek tells Moo Ra that CEO Shin has Joo Dong’s marking. She promises to handle it. She apologizes about the god stones. She tells him he’s the king and she’s going to protect him. She walks away. Lord Habaek grudgingly follows.

So Ah is giddy anticipating Lord Habaek’s arrival. When Sang Yoo tells her to go home she snaps she’ll close the office. Sang Yoo reminds her she need to prepare for her mother’s memorial. So Ah can’t believe she forgot it.

She puts together the memorial food at home. She harried trying to cook multiple things at once. A hot pan falls to the floor. Coming up the steps, Lord Habaek hears the clatter. Inside the kitchen, So Ah grieves for her mother. Lord Habaek finds her crying on the kitchen floor.  He sees the mess. He bends down to her and gently asks what’s wrong. She murmurs nothing is going right. She raises her tear stained face and declares it is her fault.

So Ah brings Lord Habaek to her mother’s grave. She bows to her mother, Hae Se Ra. She tells her mother that the water god messed up her food prep but she came to honor her anyhow. So Ah sits in front of the grave and motions for Lord Habaek to sit next to her. She says her father abandoned her and her mother. Her mother turned to alcohol to numb the pain. So Ah hated her father and despised her mother too. She thinks they both put themselves first and left her alone to fend for herself. So Ah asks if Lord Habaek has ever had regrets. Lord Habaek doesn’t have regrets. So Ah admits to having them. She shares as an act of revenge on her father she jumped into the river in the middle of winter. But her survival instinct kicked in and she extracted herself from the river. But after that, she never swam again. She hangs her head embarrassed at the admission. Lord Habaek comments that if he had his powers he would make bright water fireflies for her. He orders her to see them not with her eyes but her heart. So Ah sees the fireflies and smiles. It’s a magical moment. Lord Habaek watches her smile.

When they arrive home, So Ah tells him that she waited at the clinic. Lord Habaek says when he arrived at the clinic, she had left for the day. He motions her into the house.

Alone in the house, she sits outside the door to Lord Habaek’s room. She knocks and asks if they can go home together tomorrow. She wants to feed him good food and take him nice places. Lord Habaek agrees. So Ah smiles. She bids him goodnight.

She sees the land contract when she enters her room. She sighs.

The next morning So Ah asks Soo Ri if she sells her land, will it interfere with Lord Habaek becoming king. Soo Ri says no. She’s relieved. But she’s still troubled by Lord Habaek’s statement that some are waiting for an opportunity. Soo Ri shares that someone once tried to overthrow Lord Habaek. So Ah is surprised. Soo Ri says the king of the Sky country was greedy and committed evil against Lord Habaek. So Ah asks for details. Soo Ri realizes he’s said too much and leaves.

So Ah stares at the land contract. She decides to break the contract. She tells Sang Yoo they won’t close the office and will try and revitalize the business.

So Ah returns the contract to CEO Shin. She apologizes. She offers to pay the contract termination fee. CEO Shin doesn’t understand why she’s doing this. So Ah declares it’s because poop from the rare Korean leopard was found on the land. CEO Shin promises to consider it.

So Ah walks away and wonders what she just did. Lord Habaek calls her and says he’ll meet her there. CEO Shin watches her leave.

Someone watches So Ah wait for Lord Habaek. She looks at her island dream. She promises herself she’ll achieve her dream one day. Lord Habaek arrives and watches her from across the street. He smiles. But he sees something that wipes the smile from his face. So Ah spots him. Lord Habaek starts running towards her. So Ah wonders what is wrong.

My Thoughts

The story isn’t as gripping as I’d like. This is the second episode I’ve watched without much emotional involvement. I enjoyed the episode intellectually. But I’m dissatisfied because the episode didn’t speak to me emotionally as previous episodes did. Lord Habaek used to do swoon worthy things. Now So Ah is thrilled if he keeps an appointment to meet her. Sorry, that doesn’t excite me. CEO Shin is revealed to be a half god/human creature. But what’s the impact? How will it affect Lord Habaek? I care, I want to know, but I’m not gripped by the plot point. If the show had never gripped me then I wouldn’t feel dissatisfied. But the show grabbed me previously, and I feel cheated when current episodes don’t give me that same pleasure.

  • Is CEO Shin good or evil? Why does he have Joo Dong’s mark? Did his appearance lead to Joo Dong’s disappearance? Does he have the third god stone?
  • When Bi Ryeon was willing to hurt CEO Shin, wasn’t that an extension of his true self? We saw him hurt the father and son long ago. Isn’t hurting humans acceptable to him? Why isn’t he held accountable?
  • Moo Ra protected Lord Habaek from CEO Shin. She told him that he was king and couldn’t risk himself by interacting with CEO Shin without his powers. That’s the most tangible thing she’s done for Lord Habaek. I also liked it when she saved CEO Shin by diverting the oncoming car.
  • I liked the visit to the other world. Keep that coming, the more insight the better.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) was correct that CEO Shin was the half human/god. Their confrontation was getting good but Moo Ra interrupted. I don’t blame her. She doesn’t want Lord Habaek hurt. If CEO Shin’s powers could hurt him, she had to intervene. The flashbacks to the Lord Habaek questioning where gods come from must have relevance. How does it tie into the story? While I enjoyed his tenderness to So Ah on the anniversary of her mother’s death, I miss swoonable moments from Lord Habaek this episode. I need a fix in the next episode!

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) couldn’t allow the land sale to put Lord Habaek in a vulnerable position. So Ah swallowed her pride and asked CEO Shin to allow her to break the contract. From what CEO Shin said about not remembering where his father dumped him, he doesn’t know the significance of the land…yet. He’s obviously interested in So Ah’s connection to Lord Habaek now that he knows Lord Habaek is not a human.

Ranking the episode (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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22 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 8 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    HOO YE BUSTED – Hoo Ye looked stunned and even terrified 😨 when he was “caught” by Habaek for being a half god or demigod. I found it interesting that Hoo Ye neither confirmed nor denied being a demigod. I found it noteworthy 📓 that after the confrontation Hoo Ye was not able to put on his usual kind ☺ face for Ja Ya. Is Hoo Ye’s true nature warm and friendly ☺ or cold and aloof 😒? Stick a fork 🍴 in me, I am done with spoiled and petulant Ja Ya. It was refreshing to see Assistant Min put Ja Ya in her place by describing her techniques to get Hoo Ye’s attention as elementary school 🏫 tactics.

    It was intriguing 🕵 that Hoo Ye went to So Ah as a patient to get a feel for who she is and what role she plays with the gods. Hoo Ye’s backstory was significant; no wonder he seems to have some underlying 😠 rage against the gods. Foolishly Hoo Ye stepped in a crosswalk ❌🚶 as KJT stated ” aka kdrama deathtrap” (Korean 🇰🇷 ❌🚶 = 💀) Moo 🐮 Ra was not quite as heartless 🚫❤ as I thought; she saved Hoo Ye from the oncoming 🚘 car in Bi Ryeon’s demigod test. What would have happened if Moo 🐮 Ra had not intervened❓ Hoo Ye clearly has no 🚫💗 love of the gods and being tested seems to have left him feeling somewhere between irritated 😡 and enraged 😠. Is Jin Geon continuing to follow 😎 Hoo Ye for the Chaos 👬 Twins (AKA Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon)❓

    Habaek’s confrontation of Hoo Ye was notable 📓. Is Hoo Ye more 💪 powerful than Habaek or does it just appear that way due to Habaek’s temporary loss of powers ⚡? Why does Hoo Ye have Joo Dong’s mark ㊙? Does that mean that Hoo Ye is Joo Dong or that Joo Dong is dead❓ Why did Hoo Ye lie to the blind 🕶👧 girl and say no one was there? I wonder who this girl 🕶👧 is and what her significance to Hoo Ye is. Did Hoo Ye do something to cause her blindness and penitently trying to make up for wrongdoing? When introduced to this blind 🕶👧 girl, we saw that a caterpillar 🐛 on her skin caused her pain. Is her skin super sensitive, is the caterpillar 🐛 supernatural or did Hoo Yee burn 🔥 an ordinary caterpillar 🐛 simply because it caused the pain for the little 🕶👧 girl? The Chaos 👬 Twins mentioned earlier that the demigod had firepower.

    THE WATERGOD & HIS BRIDE? – We are now half way through the series and I wonder if/when So Ah will be the bride 👰 of the Water God. I had to chuckle 😆 at Habaek for feeling defeated at the amusement 🎢 park. Color 🖍 me 🎉 surprised 🎊 that he admitted that defeated feeling to So Ah.

    So Ah and Habaek had a “magical” 🎩 moment (KJT’s words) with the water fireflies at her mother’s grave. Her backstory was helpful to getting to know more about her. So Ah just cannot keep herself from falling 💕 for Habaek AND feeling guilty for selling the land 🏞.

    LAND TRANSACTION – I wonder if Korea 🇰🇷 has a law that gives you three business days to back out of a contract as you can in the U.S. I 💖 that So Ah used the Korean 🇰🇷 leopard 🐆💩 poop on the land as an excuse to get out of the contract and get the land back. I wonder if Hoo Ye will relinquish to contract or not? If Hoo Ye realizes it is for Habaek, he most likely will not 🚫 relinquish it. Does Hoo Ye know the significance of that property 🏞 being the gate ⛩? I think Hoo Ye might know the significance of the land 🏞 since his father cast him out of the godly realm at the gate ⛩. Is Hoo Ye planning a revenge in retaliation for being scorned and cast out of the godly realm? Does Hoo Ye want to destroy the gate ⛩ to keep the gods out of the earthly 🌏 realm❓

    I wonder who was watching 👁👁 So Ah while she was waiting for Habaek. Was the watcher the reason Habaek was ferociously loping towards her? I was a bit worried for Habaek being distracted in a Korean 🇰🇷 ❌🚶. Was the watcher Hoo Ye or someone else with a grudge against Habaek?

    OTHER THOUGHTS – I concur this episode was lacking in emotional pull👌. While Nam Joo Hyuk didn’t make us swoon 💗, he still charmed me with the water fireflies.

    I hope we will learn more about Hoo Ye very soon as the revelation of his demigodhood was a little flat ➖ or lacking in significance.


    • I found it interesting that Hoo Ye neither confirmed nor denied being a demigod.

      Is Jin Geon continuing to follow 😎 Hoo Ye for the Chaos 👬 Twins (AKA Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon)
      Love the term “chaos twins”!

      Why does Hoo Ye have Joo Dong’s mark ㊙? Does that mean that Hoo Ye is Joo Dong or that Joo Dong is dead❓
      Inquiring minds want to know.

      THE WATERGOD & HIS BRIDE? – We are now half way through the series and I wonder if/when So Ah will be the bride 👰 of the Water God
      I don’t have any expectations So Ah will be sporting a wedding gown anytime soon. Is the title false advertising?

      I think Hoo Ye might know the significance of the land 🏞 since his father cast him out of the godly realm at the gate ⛩
      Hoo Ye told So Ah when he visited her office that he doesn’t remember where his father dumped him. That could be a lie.

      While Nam Joo Hyuk didn’t make us swoon 💗, he still charmed me with the water fireflies.
      Nam Joo Hyuk’s intensity always works for me. He shows us with his eyes (and Habaek’s actions) that he is pulled towards her and wants to protect her.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Let’s face it, I am CHARMED by Nam Joo Hyuk‼ We ended the episode with Habaek running 🏃 pell mell to rescue So AH; who can resist a knight in shining armor❓ Unfortunately Habaek running means he doesn’t have his powers ⚡ back, despite So Ah being in danger ⚠.

        I think the danger ⚠ could be coming from Hoo Ye. I think Hoo Ye was lying about where he was cast out. In Hoo Ye’s flashback 📸 we distinctly saw the gate ⛩. We have no idea how long has been pursuing So Ah’s property, but I guarantee you that he has been to the site multiple times. I’m convinced he knows it is the gate ⛩ to the heavenly realm; I think he wants possession of it as part of a revenge against the gods.


        • I am CHARMED by Nam Joo Hyuk
          You aren’t alone. He’s doing as much as he can with what he’s given.

          I’m convinced he knows it is the gate ⛩ to the heavenly realm; I think he wants possession of it as part of a revenge against the god
          You present a compelling case Lawyer Jane. ⚖️


  2. What if Joo Doong turns out to be his father? I mean CEO Shin,the possibility is keeping me entertained 🙂


    • That’s an interesting idea. I hadn’t considered Joo Dong being the father. With the gods looking young even though they are old, I hadn’t considered the possibility of a dalliance with a human and with a resulting child. 👍


    • Swati Panday says:

      May be the guy in the beginning of the series who was explaining to the blind child about the Realm of the Gods. Cant he be the Earth God? This child has toe be significant as they have shown her continuously in various episodes.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      Good to see I’m not the only one thinking waaay outside the box (Although I may be thinking in another dimension) -because they keep alludig to Haebok having loved a human before so my wanky brain actually entertained the notion that Haebok could be CEO’s father for a minute.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        There is definitely something about the blind girl; we’ll have to wait for the story to unfold. I’ve been thinking that Bi Ryeon, with all his animosity, might either be a brother or father to Hoo Ye.


        • Jane Tilly says:

          Looks like they are going to make up wait until nearly the end of the series to reveal what is behind Bi 🌧 Ryeon’s animosity towards Hoo Ye.

          I started rewatching from the beginning and the opening narration is from Joo Dong explaining the difference between our world, Earth 🌏 and the heavenly realm to the blind 🕶👧 girl. I sort of remembered the girl, but didn’t know who Joo Dong was at the time.


      • ha ha I went down that road too for a while


        • Beez says:

          @redbutterflys – Now I’m entertaining thr thought tray BiRyeom is CEO’s half-sibling and is jealous because CEO got to live with their father and is not realizing that CEO was a prisoner and not treated as a beloved son.


          • Bi Ryeom’s hatred does seem to stem more from jealousy than any other tangible reason so that theory could be a possibility. I can’t wait to find out what the back story between those two is all about.


  3. Swati Panday says:

    Is Habaek so matter of fact about everything?. He gave such platonic description of the child birthing 😀

    This episode i liked the Hu-Ye the demi god acting best. He emoted the pain of being cast out, lifetime of trying to be perfect human and at last being brought back to the memory of everything he has tried to overcome. I think he doesn’t want to have issues with gods but the gods are messing with him and that might make him respond in kind. He does have a lot of resentment towards the gods and their realm.

    Is Bi-Ryeom deranged… why provoke a demi-god, are u trying to start a war??

    Habaek seems to care a lot about So-Ah. Their relationship seems to be growing slowing. they are doing all kinds of couple stuff… They both seem equally involved with each other. I hope one of them can live with the other in some common grounds. whether Habaek shifts to human realm or So-Ah shifts to Water Country. i just want them to live happily ever after. 🙂

    Habaek-nim you are far too good looking for 2800 years old 😀 U seems to have maintained yourself well 🙂


    • I also keep wondering about Bi Ryeom’s sanity. So far his behaviour has been annoying and aggressive. He does have some guts calling Hoo Ye a destroyer when he reduces others through bullying ,name calling and intimidation. If there was a vote for the monster in the room I think my vote would go to Bi Ryeom. He is a deity with issues.


    • He emoted the pain of being cast out, lifetime of trying to be perfect human and at last being brought back to the memory of everything he has tried to overcome. I think he doesn’t want to have issues with gods but the gods are messing with him and that might make him respond in kind
      He wants to live beyond his painful past but the gods won’t allow that.

      I hope one of them can live with the other in some common grounds. whether Habaek shifts to human realm or So-Ah shifts to Water Country.
      If they have a chance at forever, So Ah will have to go with him to his world. Is that possible?

      Habaek-nim you are far too good looking for 2800 years old 😀 U seems to have maintained yourself well 🙂
      He is yummy!👌


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