Criminal Minds Episode 2 Recap

Criminal Minds Episode 2 Recap

The accomplice tells Team Lead Kang Ki Hyung (Son Hyun Joo) that he met the killer, Ma Hyun Tae, in a detention center when he was a teenager. Ma Hyun Tae was the leader and made the accomplice his second. When a boy slit his wrists in their area, Ma Hyun Tae ordered him to beat the boy with a pipe, and he did so. Team Lead Kang asks if he’ll still do anything Ma Hyun Tae tells him to do.

Ha Sun Woo (Moon Chae Won) arrives at Ma Hyun Tae’s work. A coworker tries to call the police and give information.  Ma Hyun Tae overhears and puts a knife in him. Sun Woo enters the office as Ma Hyun Tae exits. She finds the dead man. She runs outside only to be tossed over Ma Hyun Tae’s escaping car. She falls to the ground. She struggles to sit up. She has an object sticking out of her shoulder. Ouch! Her gun going flying. The car stops. Ma Hyun Tae exits, picks up her gun and aim it at Sun Woo. The police siren makes him elect to flee versus shoot. Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) arrives with the police siren blaring. He rushes to Sun Woo. She urges him to go after the man that killed Ma Hyun Tae. What? How does she know that Ma Hyun Tae was the man murdered? She must have known Ma Hyun Tae by sight.  Hyun Joon gets in his car. Sun Woo gets in his car. They pursue the fleeing car.

Sun Woo call Team Lead Kang to report that Ma Hyun Tae was killed and they are pursing the killer. Team Lead Kang tells the accomplice that Ma Hyun Tae is dead. He’s not surprised but won’t say who the killer is. He taunts Team Lead Kang that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m still surprised that Ma Hyun Tae tried to call the police and the 3rd person I’m labeling a killer, stabbed him.

Hyun Joon’s pursuit of the third person to hold the title killer ends without capture when Hyun Joon positions his car to save a baby in a stroller. Hyun Joon and Sun Woo are glad the baby in the stroller lives but frustrated the killer escaped.

That was a decent chase scene. Kdrama chase scenes are typically subpar because it is obvious that they are filmed at a slow speed and the editing has the unenviable job of making it look like a high-speed chase. This chase’s “cool” moment was when Hyun Joon’s car tilted on 2 wheels.

Yoo Min Young (Lee Sun Bin) fret that they don’t have much time before Hyun Joon’s sister will be killed. Professor Lee jerks upright believing he’s figured out the password to the locked computer. Unfortunately, the password is not correct.

Hyun Joon removes the object from Sun Woo’s shoulder. She won’t get medical help, not with the killer out there. Hyun Joon calls someone and learns the car he asked about was stolen. Sun Woo calls to him that she’s ready to reengage.

They return to the scene and stare at Ma Hyun Tae’s dead body. Sun Woo suggests his murder was a message. When Team Lead Kang enters, Hyun Joon swiftly leaves. Sun Woo asks if the accomplice is still saying nothing. Team Lead Kang confirms this but notes he’s starting to tire. Team Lead Kang says they need to force an admission. Team Lead Kang wonders why Ma Hyun Tae called the police with a passport in hand. Sun Woo believes he was running but the killer wouldn’t allow his defection. Team Lead Kang believes the detention center might have answers to how the killer is.

As Sun Woo drives, Hyun Joon admits that he knows the 6th victim because she’s the sister of the co-worker who was killed in the bomb explosion 1 year ago. Ah, so it wasn’t Hyun Joon’s brother who was killed (that was my assumption). It was a close coworker. Sun Woo shares she was a female policer officer that was discriminated on the job by only being assigned menial jobs. That’s why she joined the criminal minds team. Sun Woo is certain the 6th victim is still alive.

Min Young holds the cat which sparks Professor Lee to realize maybe the cat is the key to the password. He read the cat’s collar “Fillius” and realizes it means son. I looked it up, that is correct. Min Young says this is the last chance to unlock the computer. Professor Lee types the password. The computer unlocks! They stare in horror at the cage with the 6th victim struggling to free herself.

The 6th victim collapses in frustration. She can’t loosen the ropes binding her wrists to remove the duct tape over her eyes.

Professor Lee and Min Young are horrified to see there’s a countdown clock. They have 8 hours until the 6th victim is killed.

Team Lead Kang tells the accomplice he knows he wasn’t the second leader. He unsettles the accomplice by asking who the boy was that slit his wrists in the detention center. When the accomplice won’t answer, Team Lead Kang says it was him. He grabs the accomplice’s wrist to reveal the slash marks.

I’m loving Team Lead Kang’s deductive abilities and his steely manner. He’s a winner.

Sun Woo and Hyun Joon visit the detention center. They learn a boy was killed in the boiler room. There were 2 boys accused of the crime but neither would admit it. We see one of the boys was the accomplice.

The accomplice tells Team Lead Kang he did slit his wrists. Ma Hyun Tae and the second leader did take him to the boiler room. The second leader did beat him mercilessly. Then they made him bend over a desk and prepared to rape him. But another man entered the room, surprising them. Ma Hyun Tae and second leader stand at attention. Is the man a guard? Is it the guard Sun Woo and Hyun Joon just talked to? The man asks the accomplice if he wants one of the two boys to die. The accomplice agrees. The man asks what the accomplice will do for him. The accomplice commits to doing anything the man asks. The man agrees to kill for his sworn loyalty. The man asks which boy should die. The accomplice, Jae Min, points to Ma Hyun Tae who falls to his knees and begs. The accomplice then points to the second leader who beat him. The man impales the neck of the second leader. He forces the accomplice to watch the boy bleed out as Ma Hyun Tae scream in horror. Yikes! Team Lead Kang asks who the man is. The accomplice refuses to name him. Team Lead Kang claims to know who the man is.

That was disturbing. Unusual for a threat of male rape to be portrayed in a kdrama. Obviously, the man was an authority figure at the detention center.

Team Lead Kang calls Sun Woo the man is a guard. He asks Na Na Hwang (Yoo Sun) to look for a detention center guard. She produces a list of suspects.

Sun Woo and Hyun Joon come up empty on the guards. Hyun Joon realizes the parole officers could also be the authority figure that could control the boys. Sun Woo recalls talking to Ma Hyun Tae’s parole officer. She wonders if it’s him, Mr. Ahn.

Mr. Ahn hears a new boy confess he dreams of killing women before he starts fires. He asks Mr. Ahn what he should do. Mr. Ahn chuckles that he should kill the women for real. OMG! He tells the boy he can help him kill women for real. He looks outside and sees his car in the parking lot. Mr. Ahn smiles.

Mr. Ahn’s open solicitation to the boy to commit murder surprised me. The blatant manner shocking.

Waiting in the car, Hyun Joon wants to confront Mr. Ahn. Sun Woo tells him to wait because Mr. Ahn won’t confess. Professor Lee calls and reports that the IP address was update so tracking down the victim’s location will take time.  Just as Hyun Joon decides to go in and get Mr. Ahn, it appears he gets in his car. It’s dark so they only see a figure get in his car. They follow. Hyun Joon’s gut tells him this isn’t Mr. Ahn. Sun Woo doubts but then agrees. They pull Mr. Ahn’s car over. It’s not Mr. Ahn, but the boy.

I liked the Hyun Joon listened to his gut and quickly Sun Woo acquiesced. It was stupid of Sun Woo not to agree to apprehend Mr. Ahn. Who cares about his confession? If they grab him, he can’t kill the 6th victim.

Mr. Ahn is pumped driving down the street. He grabs his gun and cackles with glee.

The 6th victim continues to work on freeing the ropes around her wrists. She succeeds. She removes the duck tape from her eyes. She sees the keys but they are out of her reach.

Professor Lee and Na Hwang watch the footage of the 6th victim in the cage. Professor Lee realizes the light is swing at a constant rate. He believes the cage in on a boat in the river. Professor Lee reports this to Team Lead Kang. But there are 600 possible boats the cage could be on. Na Hwang narrows the it to 3 locations but it’s still too many boats. Team Lead Kang declares they must force the accomplice to identify the killer.

He orders the interrogation room temperature lowered so the accomplice’s brain slows down.

Team Lead Kang enter the interrogation room with boxes labeled with Mr. Ahn’s name. He tells the accomplice they’ve arrested Mr. Ahn. Team Lead Kang claims Mr. Ahn blamed the accomplice for putting the cage in the boat in the river. That gets the accomplice’s attention. Team Lead Kang says Mr. Ahn is betraying him. The accomplice doesn’t believe it. Team Lead Kang orders him to realize that he’s only being used by Mr. Ahn. The accomplice screams it isn’t true. Team Lead Kang shows the accomplice his family’s photos. He says that is his family. He shows the accomplice the 6th victim’s photo. He urges the accomplice to tell him where the boat is.

Hyun Joon tells Sun Woo he won’t wait for backup this time.

The 6th victim upends her cage and grabs the keys. She opens the cage. She exits. Na Hwang sees Hyun Joon and Sun Woo arrive at the boat. But the victim is grabbed and Mr. Ahn knocks over the CCTV, so Na Hwang is blind to what happens next. When Hyun Joon and Sun Woo find the cage, it is empty.

Mr. Ahn drags the victim through the woods. That doesn’t make sense that Mr. Ahn was able to exit the boat without Hyun Joon and Sun Woo seeing him. Unless the implication that the time gap between the victim exiting the cage and Hyun Joon getting on the boat is longer than we were lead to believe. Mr. Ahn tells victim there’s isn’t time. He orders her to follow him as he yanks on her chain.

Team Lead Kang order Sun Woo to stay while he takes Hyun Joon (and other officers) to search for Mr. Ahn. Sun Woo isn’t happy that the shoulder injury she’s worked around all day now cuts her out of the pursuit of Mr. Ahn.

The victim struggles up the hill as Mr. Ahn yanks her chain. She sees a knife on the ground and falls. Mr. Ahn comes to her. She stabs him in the leg. The leg? Your life in in danger and you aim for his leg? Mr. Ahn tells the victim she shouldn’t have done. He hits her and she tumbles down the hill. She struggles to stand but manages and starts to run. Mr. Ahn looks at his watch and sighs.

An army of police and the criminal minds team search for the victim and Mr. Ahn. Hyun Joon and Team Lead Kang draw guns on each other thinking they’ve found Mr. Ahn. Team Lead Kang explains that the 10 minutes left on the clock is sufficient for Mr. Ahn to continue to try and kill the victim. The timeline and method must be maintained in Mr. Ahn’s mind.

The victim finds an empty building. Unfortunately, Mr. Ahn finds the building too and grabs her.

Na Hwang finds the building and informs Team Lead Kang. She texts him the address.

Team Lead Kang tells Hyun Joon that’s where Mr. Ahn has taken the victim. Hyun Joon challenges him that if he’s wrong the victim is dead. Team Lead Kang says the building is the former detention center where Mr. Ahn worked. There was suspicious fire before it shut down. Team Lead Kang is sure Mr. Ahn was involved.

Mr. Ahn leads the victim into the detention center. He prepares the knife. He tells the victim the time is near. There are 2 minutes left on the clock. Team Lead Kang and Hyun Joon search the detention center. Mr. Ahn starts the choke the girl. Team Lead Kang enters from one side of the room. Mr. Ahn sees him. Hyun Joon enters from the other side of the room. Mr. Ahn doesn’t see him. Mr. Ahn draw a gun and orders Team Lead Kang to drop his gun or he’ll kill the girl. Hyun Joon cannot get a shot as the victim blocks Mr. Ahn. Team Lead Kang lowers his gun then dissects Mr. Ahn’s sad life: rejected by a girl at the detention center when he was young, he subsequently became impotent and could only harden when he murdered. Mr. Ahn is angry now and yells that he’ll kill. Team Lead Kang raises his gun on Mr. Ahn again. Mr. Ahn shoots Team Lead Kang in the arm. Hyun Joon shoots Mr. Ahn and he falls down in agony. Hyun Joon secures Mr. Ahn then loosens the victim and tells her it is okay. She sobs in his arms.

Team Lead Kang was masterful has he poked, prodded, and dissected Mr. Ahn.

Team Lead Kang walks away holding his wounded arm. He thinks the ordinary man is capable of incredible evil.

The victim is loaded into an ambulance and taken away.

The next day Min Young holds the press conference. Na Hwang, Sun Woo, Professor Lee wait and banter. They are all smiles.

Sun Woo gives the chief Team Lead Kang’s recommendation that Hyun Joon join the criminal mind team. The chief muses that Hyun Joon was the best profiler of his class. He asks Sun Woo for her opinion. She says nothing.

Back at the police station, Hyun Joon listens to a man claim he didn’t do the crime. Hyun Joon agrees but notes the suspect likely was unfaithful on the night in question. The man confesses he did commit adultery but not the crime. Sun Woo arrives and looks serious.

Hyun Joon and Sun Woo find a place to talk privately. She offers an application form for the criminal minds team. Hyun Joon declines. Sun Woo tells him she knows the issue is related to “that day” (the bomb incident). She tells him to call when he’s ready.

Hyun Joon visits his former co-worker’s grave. He tells him that he blamed the criminal minds team for his death but now he isn’t sure.  The former supervisor arrives. Hyun Joon asks about “that day”. The former supervisor admits he was the one that gave the wrong command. He claims management wouldn’t allow him to tell the truth. He says he’ll spend the rest of his life with regret for that choice. Hyun Joon stares knowing Team Lead Kang isn’t to blame.

Hyun Joon stares at the application form for the criminal minds team. He looks old cases files and withdraws a photo of a girl and flashes to finding the girl’s body by the river when he was young. He takes out the application form for the criminal minds team and fills it out. In the background, we see an evidence wall.

Excellent. An old case that must be solved.

Sun Woo looks at the old case file for the river murder. Ah, so there’s a connection between Hyun Joon and Sun Woo through the victim, even better.

Team Lead Kang finds Sun Woo at her desk. He asks if she’s still having nightmares. He shows her a picture of a young girl from the first case she worked. He reminds her they catch the scum of the earth but save sometimes precious lives in the process. Sun Woo flashes back to finding a young girl alive. Team Lead Kang tells her to think about those they save to stop the nightmares.  He leaves. Sun Woo stares at the picture.

Hyun Joon walks into the criminal mind team building. Sun Woo greets him. Na Hwang swoons when she sees Hyun Joon. Professor Lee says her attraction is simply pheromones. She snipes at him and walks away.

Min Young reports to the chief about her business trip. She’s on a train. The train stops. An announcement is made about an unexpected incident. Two men enter the car. Min Young asks what is happening. They realize she’s with the criminal minds team. They explain they are tracking a murder. A man acts suspiciously. They approach the man. He fires and hits both officers. Min Young can’t believe it.

Sun Woo brings Hyun Joon to meet the chief who says they’ll chat later they’ve got a new case.  The criminal minds team assembles. Na Hwang shows the video from the train. They are stunned when they see the man has a gun aimed at Min Young’s head.

My Thoughts

Another good episode, not great, but good. Here’s what I liked:
* Hyun Joon learns that Team Lead Kang didn’t give the wrong command in the bomb incident that killed his co-worker. I am glad that was resolved quickly. It had to be so Hyun Joon could work with Team Lead Kang and not have the team on pin and needles.
* Hyun Joon and Sun Woo are both tracking the killer of the same river murder. Hyun Joo has an evidence wall. Sun Woo studies the case file and has nightmares. Love the bond between these two smart profilers. It doesn’t appear that Hyun Joon or Sun Woo are aware of this connection.
* The killer was caught and it wasn’t as straightforward as expected. That made it much more interesting. The victim lived. This was an excellent opening case. Fingers crossed the remaining cases are as good. These cases are crucial. Excellent cases elevate the show, simple cases lower the show.

The criminal mind team is solid.
* Sun Woo refused to stop even with a shard stuck in her chest. That’s determined. She’s not warm and fuzzy. But she’s smart and straightforward. I like her.
* Professor Lee with his IQ of 187 continued to be amusing and insightful as he cracked the password.
* Min Young didn’t have a chance to stand out this episode but ended up a hostage at the end of the episode. She’ll have her moment to shine in the next episode.
* Na Hwang, the resident computer expert, is a bit wacky but good at her job.

Hyun Joon (Lee Joon Gi) learned that Team Lead Kang didn’t order the wrong command to his fallen friend. That made all the difference and paved the path to allow Hyun Joon to join the criminal minds team.  This episode Hyun Joon and TLC pulled guns on each other when they searched for the killer. These two smart guys have chemistry. I liked that Hyun Joon listened to his gut and ignored Sun Woo’s opposite advice. He regretted listening to her earlier. I liked Hyun Joon’s caring manner when he extracted the shard in Sun Woo. She was brusque with him. I’m not looking for romance in this drama.

Team Lead Kang (Son Hyun Joo) can crack a criminal like they are walnuts. He uses his laser eyes, deductive reasoning, and calm voice to convince the criminal he knows their personal truth. He effectively shamed the killer. He got shot and Sun Woo got stabbed this episode. Will a team member be in peril or injured every episode?

Writer Hong Seung Hyun crafted a solid part two for the first case of this series. The twists that the accomplice was then wasn’t the killer, that Ma Hyun Tae was then wasn’t the killer, then finally Mr. Ahn with his disturbing recruiting of troubled boys to do his bidding…once again I wasn’t bored.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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9 comments on “Criminal Minds Episode 2 Recap
  1. lala says:

    I find it disappointing to learn that the bomb decision isn’t the team leader fault. This isn’t about picking things about him but is it that bad to be wrong and not be a perfect character,

    this is more a drama than a crime story, with all the backstory that everyone been hurts, even the perpetrator, it makes the viewer care less cause if you hurt all of the characters from the start, it’s true that there’s no way unless to go up, it just we have no story left, feels like a cop out and Idk why we need to care about any of the characters,

    I am also disappointed by LJK and MCW acting, looked awkward and change expression for no reason, the other team is not good but they aren’t in the screen for a long time

    • I find it disappointing to learn that the bomb decision isn’t the team leader fault. This isn’t about picking things about him but is it that bad to be wrong and not be a perfect character
      I agree that Team Lead Kang does not have to perfect and he is not. The 1st episode showed that he made the correct decision, but his “imperfection” was not having the conviction to order his decision be implemented. Because of that someone died. He had to take a break to deal with it.

      it makes the viewer care less cause if you hurt all of the characters from the start, it’s true that there’s no way unless to go up
      I hadn’t thought of hurt characters being a negative. I took it as everyone has baggage that affects how they deal with each other and the cases we’ll see during the series.

      I am also disappointed by LJK and MCW acting, looked awkward and change expression for no reason
      So far neither actor has been given much to do on an emotional level. MCW’s character is rigid. LJK’s character showed more open concern about catching the killer. I worry that LJK’s character may not have the opportunity to be more than a cookie cutter police detective. Jang Hyuk struggled to overcome his police detective character being one-note in Voice.

      • lala says:

        I think I find it disappointing because it looks like Hyun Joo didn’t believe in profiling steamed from that decision and healed because team kang is not wrong. It better to tackle on why he take a stance in the profiling rather than “it because someone’s bad decision”

        I don’t think the “hurts character” being negative but when you did it to everyone, from the team leader, the main hero, the main heroine, the victim and the perpetrator. I find that make me care less cause everyone has their baggage and now it solved by joining the team, I am having no interest in their progression, seems like all of their story already laid out without me seeing how capable they are in the job. It’s the redundant feeling that all of them has no special characteristic and fall into the lone-hurts-hero territorial before we see their other’s trait.

        >> So far neither actor has been given much to do on an emotional level. <<
        I think they have a lot of emotional scene, like the bombing scene, the 1st time the team get the file, the sister kidnapping, the chasing together but the expression they make feels the same. I also find the one line monologue by them and less discussion doesn't help to ease out the character.

        It's a weird feeling that at the end of the episode I don't think I interested in any of the lead story or even feeling since it solved, then imo the cameo/perpetrator seems to outshine them in portrayal.

        It's anticlimactic for the sad melo part and didn't looked professional as a crime drama.
        I hope it got better but can;t lie, the 1st week is mediocre at best.

        • It’s a weird feeling that at the end of the episode I don’t think I interested in any of the lead story or even feeling since it solved, then imo the cameo/perpetrator seems to outshine them in portrayal.
          I see your rationale for the points you raise. Certainly since you found the guest criminals were more compelling than the Criminal Minds Team members, you are disappointed. Let’s see if the next episodes satisfy. 🤞

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought it was interesting last episode that Sun Woo and Joon Hyuk ended in the same locations 📮 in their separate investigations; it was good to see them work together this episode.

    When NCI agents were checking with the parole officer about kidnapper Jae Min, my Spidey 🕷♨ senses were tingling about the parole officer, I KNEW something was off with him. I brushed it off as all fingers 👉 pointed to Ma Tae Hyun. When we found out it was Ma Tae Hyun who was murdered 🗡, I knew it had to be the parole officer, who would have been an authority 👮 figure for the former juvenile detention inmates. Incredible this S.O.B. parole officer was so OCD driven he would enlist a new recruit to aid him to finish his henious murder rather than run and hide.

    In the standoff 🔫 between the murderious parole officer and TL Kang, the TL relentlessly taunted the killer about him striking out with girls and his dysfunctional junk. KJT said it best “Team Lead Kang was masterful has he poked, prodded, and dissected Mr. Ahn” to distract him enough to protect the victim and Joon Hyun to shoot the culprit. Pretty awesome Kang was willing to take a bullet 🔫 to protect the victim.

    We also finally got clarity about the “pass and “bypass” confusion from the bomb 💣💥 incident that inaugurated the series. That cleared the prejudice Joon Hyuk had against TL Kang. Now we have our official NCI team complete and the beginning of the premise for the next case. I wonder if the new 🚆 hostage will be related to the river 🏞 cold case.

    KJT stated “I’m not looking for romance in this drama”. Not being the biggest fan of Moon Chae Won, I hope there is not 🚫💕 a romance between these two lead characters.

    As a side note I found it interesting that the actor playing Chief Baek portrayed Moon Chae Won’s dad in “Innocent Man”.

    • I knew it had to be the parole officer, who would have been an authority 👮 figure for the former juvenile detention inmates.
      Bully for you, I didn’t realize it until our leads did.

      TL relentlessly taunted the killer … Pretty awesome Kang was willing to take a bullet 🔫 to protect the victim.
      TL could have broken the Tunnel killers quickly. They needed him in the interrogation room!

      That cleared the prejudice Joon Hyuk had against TL Kang…I wonder if the new 🚆 hostage will be related to the river 🏞 cold case
      That misunderstanding need to be resolved. The excuse the former supervisor gave about management telling him to zip his lips felt lame. If the cases were related to the overarching river cold case, that would work for me. Not sure how a gunman on the train would be related.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “The excuse the former supervisor gave about management telling him to zip his lips felt lame.” -KJT.

        I think the former supervisor was in CYA 🍑 mode, but maybe Hyun Joon caught him in a vunerable moment at their deceased colleague’s grave.

        “Not sure how a gunman on the train would be related.” -KJT

        Didn’t the policeman 👮 tell Min Young they were chasing a murder suspect’s accomplice. Couldn’t the murderer or accomplice be related to the cold case❓

        • maybe Hyun Joon caught him in a vulnerable moment
          I’m glad he told the truth, it cleared up the misconception. Team Lead Kang and Hyun Joon could be a great team.

          Couldn’t the murderer or accomplice be related to the cold case
          We shall see.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur Team Lead Kang and Hyun Joon have the potential to be a great team. I also agree that TL Kang would have broken the murderous coroner in “Tunnel” in not time flat‼

        I was noticing that the NCI office setup seemed to resemble the US series office space and having a team member as a hostage on a train seems like a familiar storyline; if it wasn’t Criminal Minds it was another US crime drama.

        I can’t wait to see where this series will go.

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