Bride of the Water God Episode 7 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 7 Recap

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) walks into the cross walk (aka kdrama deathtrap). A truck comes barreling at her. Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) calls her name. He can’t get to her in time. So Ah appears to be hit. Lord Habaek yells her name. Bi Ryeon holds So Ah having snatched her from the truck’s path. Lord Habaek rushes to her side. Bi Ryeon puts So Ah on a bench and tells her to pay attention where she’s walking. Bi Ryeon explains he was following them and saw it unfold. He asks what the argument between them was about. So Ah won’t say and strides away. She gets into a taxi and leaves.

So Ah looks at the torn contract while in the taxi. The taxi driver philosophizes that fate’s end game cannot be changed but how you maneuver through life is up to you.

As Bi Ryeon drives Lord Habaek and Nam Soo Ri (Lord Habaek’s servant) he asks again what the argument between them was about. Again, Lord Habaek says nothing.

When So Ah arrives at the spacious estate of CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju-Hwan) she’s surprised to find him in gardening attire. She offers the ripped contract that has been put together. She suggests they sign the contract. CEO Shin asks if anyone opposes the sale. So Ah lies and says no. She presses him to sign it. CEO Shin counters that he’ll need to print and new copy and use his company seal to sign, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Resigned, So Ah makes to leave. But CEO Shin suggests she stay.

He puts her to work breaking the pruned trees branches down. So Ah comments that CEO Shin is so closed off she is surprised that he is a successful businessman. CEO Shin shares he can read emotions in others if he chooses to, though he tries to limit doing so.  They work well together and enjoy the hard work. CEO Shin offers So Ah a cooling drink. She asks why he loves tress. CEO Shin says that trees live long and have a majestic presence. They coexist with other items in the forest. CEO Shin asks if the hard work relieved her anger and stress. He encourages to her share. So Ah admits to mistakenly trusting someone and starting to rely on them. CEO Shin demurs she probably could trust this person. So Ah begs to differ. That person will leave her. CEO Shin changes his mind and declares that this person has to be a bad person if they messed with her heart knowing they’d leave her.

Lord Habaek waits for So Ah to return.

CEO Shin drives So Ah home. She thanks him for the ride. He offers his farm anytime she needs to sort things out. She apologizes for thinking him aloof. He smiles and leaves.

So Ah walks the alley to her home. She wonders if Lord Habaek will be waiting. He is. She recalls CEO Shin words about the person leaving her. She walks to Lord Habaek. She’s why he’s outside. Lord Habaek wants his powers back. She asks if he visited her land. He demurs that he can’t without a driver’s license. So Ah notes that Bi Ryeon would drive it he asked. Lord Habaek snaps that Bi Ryeon cannot be trusted. Lord Habaek asks if all is well between them or if they are still fighting. He deftly moves her out of the way of two drunk men walking next to them. Swoon! He mentions protecting her but So Ah cuts him off declaring that statement a lie. She claims she lied to him this afternoon. Lord Habaek claims to know that because she can’t lie well.

So Ah cries alone in the house.

Lord Habaek feels the pain in his room.

Their intensity is superb! I feel them want to reach out to each other, yet pull away.

Bi Ryeon searches for Lady Moo Ra. She sits by the river and eyes the dead fish. When Bi Ryeon calls she tells him she’s got things to do and not having Joo Dong around makes things harder for her. Recall Lord Bi Ryeon is god of sky country and Joo Dong is god of earth. She snaps the water is in trouble. She restores air to the fish and they swim away. Bi Ryeon tells her he ran into Joo Geol Rin. That gets her attention.  She returns to her pool where Bi Ryeon is swimming. She demands to know if Joo Geol Rin confessed. Bi Ryeon comments that Joo Geol Rin did a splendid job of evading Lord Habaek.  Moo Ra wants Joo Dong returned to their world ASAP. Bi Ryeon tells her not to fret, Lord Habaek doesn’t want to leave this world.

Shi Ja Ya takes an outdoor exercise class and sees CEO Shin and Assistant Min watch her as they walk past.

In CEO Shin’s office Assistant Min and CEO Shin discuss various matters. As CEO Shin leaves he asks Assistant Min to send him a file on his computer. As Assistant Min sits in front of CEO Shin’s computer Ja Ya bursts into his office. She’s nonplussed to find CEO Shin gone. She asks Assistant Min why CEO Shin smiled when he walked past her exercising. Assistant Min doesn’t know but comments he found her struggle with proper posture amusing. He bows and leaves. Ja Ya isn’t happy.

CEO Shin wakes So Ah with a phone call to inform her the new contract is ready for signature. He suggests they meet and sign. So Ah is startled when she realizes how late she slept in. She agrees to meet that evening. After she hangs up, she’s startled when Lord Habaek asks who she is meeting and why she’s happy about it. He asks if she’s trying to sell the land for money. She confirms this. He agrees to let her sell the land, if money is what will make her happy. So Ah is surprised. He asks again who just called. She won’t say. He gets very close. She gets very nervous. Lord Habaek declares it must have been a man because she’s flustered. He’s seen that same reaction in the movies. Ha!

Irked, Lord Habaek strides to the deck and decides a bath will soothe him. So Ah arrives after he’s removed his shirt and she looks away. She asks why he thought the caller was a man. He asks if it was a woman. So Ah denies this. She tries to clarify why she got flustered but can’t get it out. She shrugs and tells him to believe what he wants. She leaves. Soo Ri asks why Lord Habaek is upset. He glares at his faithful servant.

So Ah berates herself for trying to clarify her reaction. She doesn’t understand why Lord Habaek reverse his position on selling the land. He can’t be interested in her happiness, so he must be testing her.

When So Ah arrives at the office Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo tells her dropping of a rare animal were found on her land. A request has been made that she not sell her land until zoo investigates further. So Ah isn’t happy about that and doesn’t want to comply with the request. When Sang Yoo tells her that she has no appointments for the remainder of the day, she shakes her head.

Moo Ra acts a goodbye scene with another actor. When he comes close to kiss her, he has difficulty breathing. He falls to the ground. Moo Ra rolls her eyes as the production team rushes to the actor’s side. Moo Ra’s assistants note that all of Moo Ra’s costars tend to faint. Bi Ryeon arrives and informs Moo Ra’s team he brought food. Moo Ra’s makeup artist notes the shoot is canceled because her male costar was taken to the hospital.

Moo Ra takes Bi Ryeon with her to meet with CEO Shin. Bi Ryeon tells CEO Shin that he and Moo Ra are good friends whose relationship has stood the test of time. Moo Ra share she’s looking for a new home. CEO Shin comments the resort will be sad to lose such a big-name star.

Bi Ryeon tells Moo Ra he was surprised that she chatted comfortably with CEO Shin. Moo Ra shrugs that CEO Shin has strengths. She smiles when Lord Habaek calls her. Bi Ryeon notices her smile when she answers the phone.

Lord Habaek tells Moo Ra that he can’t trust Bi Ryeon. They agree to meet. Soo Ri doesn’t understand why Lord Habaek is meeting with Moo Ra and not telling So Ah. Lord Habaek murmurs this has nothing to do with So Ah.

Bi Ryeon isn’t happy that Moo Ra took Lord Habaek’s call in private. He complains about being left out. Moo Ra tells him to go. Bi Ryeon warns her that hanging out with Lord Habaek may cause he to take action. Moo Ra could care less. Bi Ryeon leaves.

Bi Ryeon wonders what he has to do to get Moo Ra to engage. He wonders if catching Joo Geol Rin would help.

Speak of the devil, Joo Geol Rin pop out of the gutter. He uses his cell phone and sees the gods are having a meeting.

At the sacred land, Moo Ra muses that she hasn’t been here since Bi Ryeon, Joo Dong and herself interacted. Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek there are no clues to the missing god stone. Lord Habaek wonders why Joo Dong asked to meet her. Lord Habaek walks the land. He finds a rock with blood on it. Moo Ra and Soo Ri are surprised. He hands Moo Ra the rock. She senses it is human blood. That doesn’t make sense. Humans can’t leave a trace on this land. Lord Habaek wonders if the rock is associated with someone from the Realm of the Gods. Moo Ra counters that no one has blood. Lord Habaek wonders what the rock means.

I take it that night the god stone was lost, Joo Dong was turned human (in the form of CEO Shin) and left blood on the rock.

CEO Shin sweetly interacts with a blind young girl and they plant flowers together. She invites him to join her and her Grandmother for noodles. Unfortunately, CEO Shin has a meeting and can’t come. He gets a phone call from So Ah but is interrupted when the young girl complains about a bug on her. CEO Shin strides to her and knocks the bug to the ground. He hurries her away. The bug burns.

What’s with the bug? CEO Shin knew it was more than a common bug.

Moo Ra wonders if the lessor god might know about JD. She asks if Bi Ryeon could help. Lord Habaek declines. Moo Ra declares she hates Bi Ryeon because he created a god’s servant and hurt him deliberately. She muses Bi Ryeon is like that. She wonders if Bi Ryeon was right. Does Lord Habaek want to stay in this world? Lord Habaek doesn’t answer.

As they stare at the water, Moo Ra asks again. Lord Habaek doesn’t answer. Moo Ra knows he can’t speak because he won’t lie to her. She admits lying to him. She wishes that Lord Habaek would lie and deny Bi Ryeon’s guess. She gets agitated and tells him that getting involved with human women doesn’t go well for him. She kneels and tells Lord Habaek that he can punish her for her bold statement.

So Ah and CEO Shin meet to sign the land contract. As So Ah goes to stamp the agreement she recalls Lord Habaek’s original statement that she couldn’t sell the land. Then she recalls Lord Habaek’s about face. She mutters she can do what she wants. She stamps and agreement. CEO Shin is pleased the land sale is finalized. He invites her to dinner.

At dinner So Ah assures CEO Shin that even though the land had been in her family for generations, it meant nothing to her. He asks about her parents. She admits her father is out of touch and her mother is dead. CEO Shin admits he’s an orphan. He doesn’t know who his mother is and his father abused him. So Ah drops her fork. CEO Shin takes her wrist and tells her he’ll request a fresh fork.

What was So Ah’s reaction to CEO Shin’s background statement about?

Moo Ra spots So Ah and CEO Shin exiting the eatery. She stops the car. Soo Ri recognizes So Ah but isn’t’ sure who the man is. Moo Ra murmurs the man is CEO Shin. Soo Ri recalls the man with money. Lord Habaek watches So Ah and CEO Shin stroll companionably. Upset, he asks Moo Ra to drive on. She notices his reaction.

CEO Shin wonders if So Ah was surprised that he spoke of background casually. He offers to drive her home. So Ah prefers to walk. He asks her who shook her heart.

Lord Habaek decides to answer Moo Ra’s question about Bi Ryeon’s guess. Lord Habaek states the truth is irrelevant. His answer is what matters. Moo Ra smiles, pleased with his response. She drives away.

So Ah thinks about CEO Shin’s question if he has a chance with her. She recalls telling him that her heart wasn’t shaken. She notes her answer is the important thing.

So Ah walks the alley to her home. She wonders if Lord Habaek will be waiting. He isn’t waiting. She’s disappointed. She goes to the deck to find him. Lord Habaek is there and cuts off her explanation saying they both should go inside. He asks her not to stay out late again. So Ah admits wondered if he’d be waiting for her in front of the house. Lord Habaek states he no longer has to think about getting his powers back when he knows he’ll return to his world anyway. So Ah leaves. Lord Habaek stares at the stone with the blood. He calls Moo Ra and asks if any of the minor gods would know stories from long ago. Lord Habaek shares he might know whose blood is on the stone.

Inside So Ah stares at the contract. She imagines Lord Habaek telling her not to sell the land. She can’t get to sleep.

So Ah knocks on Lord Habaek’s door. She asks him why she can’t sell the land. She says the portal will still work. Lord Habaek agrees. She asks again why she can’t sell the land. Lord Habaek states that it will reflect badly on him that he couldn’t protect his land in this world. That hits a nerve. She counters he’ll be king anyway. Lord Habaek notes there are gods that will make something out of this. He tells her to go back to bed.

Inside her room, So Ah tells herself she had to take care of herself.

The next morning, So Ah wakes from a restless life.

On the deck So Ah asks Soo Ri if they want to eat with her.  Soo Ri declines due to a previous engagement with Moo Ra. Soo Ri shares they saw her last night with CEO Shin. Soo Ri tells her they were a cute couple. Lord Habaek tells Soo Ri it is time to go.

So Ah worries that Lord Habaek knows she sold the land. She tells herself she had to take care of herself.

Moo Ra asks Bi Ryeon if there’s a minor god that would know stories from long ago. Bi Ryeon confirms there is.

A man pulls up in a limo. A woman walks toward him with a cane. He tells her not to bother with the charade. She walks to him normally. He says he knows she illegally parked, used her VIP power, and slapped an employee. She counters that incompetent humans must be taught a lesson. Someone calls to the man (Eunuch Kim). The man tells Eunuch Kim that he’s finally garnered success. Eunuch Kim counters that man has no business morals. The man claims minor gods never have business morals. Eunuch Kim sees another man, Jin Geon, walking towards them. Eunuch Kim sees Joo Geol Rin coming towards them.

It looks like all the minor gods have gathered for a meal. They discuss the missing Joo Dong. Joo Geol Rin wonders if that is why Lord Habaek isn’t returning to his world. Joo Geol Rin worries about Lord Habaek’s retaliation. EK declares Lord Habaek’s reaction doesn’t matter. They are startled when Bi Ryeon arrives. Everyone flees but Joo Geol Rin.  He’s startled when Moo Ra appears. The minor gods flee upset that Moo Ra is there too.

Moo Ra demands to know why Joo Geol Rin hit Lord Habaek. Joo Geol Rin assures her he didn’t betray her confidence to Lord Habaek. He’d never tell that she told him to hit Lord Habaek. Moo Ra snaps to shut his mouth. Bi Ryeon chuckles at the news. Bi Ryeon puts Joo Geol Rin in the back seat. He asks Moo Ra if she’s afraid that Lord Habaek will learn she’s jealous. Bi Ryeon recalls this happened before with Ms. Shin, but Moo Ra was wrong because Lord Habaek loathed Ms. Shin. Bi Ryeon advises Moo Ra to admit her feeling and deal with Lord Habaek’s rejection. Bi Ryeon doesn’t like Moo Ra’s obvious longing for Lord Habaek. She gets him the car, locks the doors, and leaves Bi Ryeon in the dust as she drives away.

Soo Ri and Lord Habaek eat. Lord Habaek start to tells Soo Ri what a high priest told him but is interrupted by a phone call from Moo Ra saying she has Joo Geol Rin.

Moo Ra wakes Joo Geol Rin. He kneels in front of Lord Habaek. Moo Ra tells Joo Geol Rin they will ask questions. He will answer. He will not discuss this meeting with anyone else. She reminds him that he could become like the minor god Jin Geon, who cannot speak. Lord Habaek shows Joo Geol Rin the rock with the blood on it. He says this rock from the sacred land has human blood on it. That surprises Joo Geol Rin. Lord Habaek asks how this could be possible. He says that the land erases human traces. He mutters about that man. Lord Habaek seizes on it and agrees it might be that man. Moo Ra realizes what they are inferring and can’t believe it. Soo Ri asks for an explanation. Joo Geol Rin says that man can’t be here and no one has ever seen him before.

Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek that Bi Ryeon has talked about that man. Soo Ri asks for an explanation. CEO Shin arrives. Moo Ra introduces CEO Shin to Lord Habaek. She mentions they saw him last night with a woman. CEO Shin asks if Lord Habaek is So Ah’s patient. Lord Habaek doesn’t say anything. CEO Shin apologizes for his insensitivity. Lord Habaek doesn’t say anything. CEO Shin exits. Moo Ra comments that CEO Shin and So Ah could be a good match. Lord Habaek sees So Ah. Soo Ri sees So Ah. Moo Ra sees CEO Shin greet So Ah.

So Ah tells CEO Shin she is there to meet someone. She asks if he met someone. Flustered she tells him to ignore her silly questions. CEO Shin notes she’s nervous. He asks if she’s rejecting his offer of a relationship with him. So Ah is surprised. She thought he’d guess she wants to renege on the land sale.

Lord Habaek strides to So Ah and CEO Shin. She spots him and tries to pull CEO Shin away. Lord Habaek leans close to CEO Shin and says “I caught you.” CEO Shin eyes widen. Lord Habaek gets that smirk smile.

My Thoughts

We learned more but don’t know what it really means yet.

  • The gaggle of minor gods surprised me.
  • Who is the mysterious “that man” that Lord Habaek and Joo Geol Rin were thinking about? Is he a minor god?
  • If CEO Shin is Joo Dong the god of earth, does he have amnesia?
  • Does Bi Ryeon want Moo Ra for himself?
  • Moo Ra has more than a touch jealousy where Lord Habaek is concerned

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) maintained the separation from So Ah. His struggle to keep his growing feelings in check for So Ah is apparent. Moo Ra sees it, Bi Ryeon sees it, you and I see it, but So Ah doesn’t. Lord Habaek is protecting So Ah by not becoming involved with her (or at least romantically involved). Lord Habaek couldn’t take watching So Ah and CEO Shin again, and with a possessive “don’t touch my woman” reaction moved swiftly to CEO Shin. Both actors are tall so they look equal.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) sold the land. So Ah immediately suffered seller’s remorse. Even though Lord Habaek gave her permission, even though she told herself it was her choice, she felt guilty after defiantly selling the land. When Lord Habaek said the sale would be an embarrassment to him, she went to CEO Shin, not to reject his dating offer but to negate the sale. I enjoyed So Ah’s interaction with CEO Shin at his farm. Physical labor does help reset and clear the mind. So Ah’s fear of the inevitable pain of losing Lord Habaek must mirror the pain of losing her father.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

The fourth song of the OST “Pop Pop” by Kim E-Z of Ggotjam Project has been released:

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13 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 7 Recap
  1. I find I actually prefer the chemistry between So Ah and Hoo Ye but I have a feeling that it will go down the pipes very fast as I suspect that his gentle sweet self is just a façade. I don’t think he is Joo Dong but he may have something to do with his disappearance, I hope I am wrong since I quite like the character so far.


    • Hoo Ye but I have a feeling …that his gentle sweet self is just a façade. I don’t think he is Joo Dong but he may have something to do with his disappearance
      That could be. This mysterious “that man” has me curious indeed. So Ah and Hoo Ye have a certain charm but the intensity with Lord Habaek cannot be denied.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Since Bi 🌧 Ryeon is a sky 🌬 god, it was not wonder So Ah’s rescue was quick as the wind 🍃. The taxi 🚖 driver who picked up So Ah, seemed to be talking her into accepting her fate – was this a setup? After all was said and done, So Ah did intend to sell the land 🏞.

    What is going on with the water 🌊 and Moo 🐮 Ra is trying to fix . Is the water problem a result of Bi 🌧 Ryeon and Moo 🐮 Ra’s shenanigans?

    Does Habaek not realize So Ah’s racing 🏁💗 heart, ragged breath could due his own presence? Now that Habaek has given permission for So Ah to do as she pleases, she is hemming and hawing over her actions. I wonder if one of the god arrange to have the Korean 🇰🇷 leopard 🐆💩 poop show up on her land 🏞.

    I wondered if the actor, who was rushed to the hospital 🏥, had actually kissed 💋 Moo 🐮 Ra. I recall in the second episode Soo Ri warned Habaek against kissing 💋 So Ah as a god’s kiss would bring an awakening that was difficult for humans to handle.

    Who is the adorable blind girl on Hoo Ye’s farm? Why was the caterpillar 🐛 painful to her and why did it burn 🔥 up? Hoo Ye was kind and gentle with her, which is important criteria in my book of the measure 📏 of a man.

    Now we know Habaek fell in love 💞 with a human in the past. Moo 🐮 Ra seems to not want that to happen again. I think her motivation may include preventing him from being hurt, but is primarily based on her jealousy 💚.

    Hoo Ye told is orphan backstory to So Ah. I think this made So Ah believe she had more in common with Hoo Ye than she previously realized. So Ah seems to be mesmerized by Hoo Ye when he touched ✋ her.

    “How fast is the breeze 🌬 that shook you heart 💗” must be referring to Habaek shaking So Ah’s heart. The for the first time since Habaek moved into her house, he was not waiting for her on the street 🛣. She had grown accustom to him being there.

    Moo 🐮 Ra is clearly jealous of So Ah as she has the hots 💗🔥 for Habaek; Bi 🌧 Ryeon is jealous of Habaek and has the hots 💗🔥 for Moo 🐮 Ra; So Ah and Habaek are resisting their mutual 🔥💗🔥 for their own reasons.

    I’m not quite sure what Habaek’s 🗣 “I caught you.” declaration to Hoo Ye means. Is Habaek referring to Hoo Ye’s flirting 💞 with So Ah, or is Hoo Ye the missing person he is looking for❓. Will So Ah renege on the land deal❓


    • Bi 🌧 Ryeon is a sky 🌬 god, it was not wonder So Ah’s rescue was quick as the wind
      good point.

      I wonder if one of the god arrange to have the Korean 🇰🇷 leopard 🐆💩 poop show up on her land
      I wondered that too.

      I wondered if the actor, who was rushed to the hospital 🏥, had actually kissed 💋 Moo 🐮 Ra.
      I didn’t recall her warning to Lord Habaek about kissing. But it ties in with how shocked Soo Ri was when Lord Habaek kissed her in the first episode. I dismissed the kiss because he had no powers, what did it matter?

      I think her motivation … is primarily based on her jealousy
      I concur the green eyed monster is at play

      I’m not quite sure what Habaek’s 🗣 “I caught you.” declaration to Hoo Ye means
      I don’t know either but Hoo Ye’s reaction was one of surprise.


  3. Beez says:

    1) Shin Se kyung is rockin’ that new hair cut!

    2) quoting JT “Hoo Ye was kind and gentle with her [blind child], which is important criteria in my book of the measure 📏 of a man.”

    Oh my. That nailed the lid shut on Haebaek for me. I have watched 129 Kdramas and not once have I had second lead syndrome… until now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Hoo Ye seems to be kind and confident man, but he was visibly shaken when Habaek called him out. I think we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of who Hoo Ye is. I think he may have be a candidate for second lead syndrome.


  4. Swati Panday says:

    Looks like both the Lord and his servant are lying. Dude they must have a connection. Lord Habaek seems jealous. Also Habaek-nim are u sure she is blushing cos of the guy she was on phone with.. cos it sure seemed different to me.. So the Lord is jealous and is lying to his friend. Lets see how the “what i say is important not the truth pans out for u honey”. Cos u seem to be falling for the human hook right and center. Is So-AH in denial or just cautious, i cant determine. but loving the way their connection is growing strong??

    How does Lord Habaek Manage to look so good in freaking everything he wears no matter how weird the clothing design is 🙂 Habaek seems more mature and efficient than the other gods. It may be the way characters are written but he does come across as superior. Habaek seems to catch on and decode a lot of stuff.

    If the CEO is the villain then he will make a wonderful villian. Waiting for the villianous behavior to start so that we can see how habaek reacts. so far habaek has dealt with everything thrown his way with a lot of dignity and cool head 🙂 but once his feelings for So-Ah come into picture then we have to see how he reacts to things.. i have a feeling the conflict is going to have So-Ah smacked right in middle of it.

    The Minor God is so Damn Confused… Does he want to be killed or saved 😀

    The back ground score is growing on me… 🙂 “How do we win this… why cant we win this… nothing is easy..”


    • Beez says:

      @Swati Panday – the CEO can do no wrong in my book. It’s hard for me to imagine what he could do to maker me switch from my second lead team.

      The CEO seems to channel empathy or something. When the bug bit the little girl, he seemed just as shook. I got the feeling he was telling her not to cry because he would have been sobbing right along with her.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Swati Panday says:

        I agree with u that the CEO is acting his part and his role is way more substantial. The gods are poking him and treating him unfairly.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Beez says:

          @Swati Panday – Yuuuup. It looks like they’re “poking the bear”. I actually hope he’s as fearsome as the old priest described and blows them all off the map!

          Thus is the first time I’ve ever not been on board the OTP. I like the actor portraying Haebok and I think he’s doing a good job but something is missing for me. Maybe his concern for his servant is a little too subtle and reserved for me. I don’t mind his feelings being hidden from her, but as the audience, I want to be blatantly aware of it.

          I just hope the show doesn’t turn CEO evil. 😯


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I agree that the gods, Bi 🌧 Ryeon in particular, are “poking the bear” 👉🐻. Why is Bi 🌧 Ryeon antagonising Hoo Ye❓. Is it possible they share the same father❓. What if Bi 🌧 Ryeon was Hoo Ye’s father❓. Hoo Ye seems to be controlling his anger do far, but I’m afraid he will reach a breaking 💔 point where he won’t hold back. I think Bi 🌧 Ryeon deserves his wrath, I’m not so sure Moo 🐮 Ra or Habaek are deserving. More than anything, I hope 🙏 So Ah doesn’t get caught in the ❌🔥.


    • Cos u seem to be falling for the human hook right and center. Is So-AH in denial or just cautious, i cant determine. but loving the way their connection is growing strong
      Their road to romance is one of denied attraction. It works for me too.

      How does Lord Habaek Manage to look so good in freaking everything he wears…Habaek seems more mature and efficient than the other gods.
      So true. Habaek manages to look good in ridiculous prints. He is a leader among gods.

      i have a feeling the conflict is going to have So-Ah smacked right in middle of it.
      Made even better by the fact she has a connection to CEO Shin and Habaek sees it.

      “How do we win this… why cant we win this… nothing is easy..”


      • Beez says:

        I have to chime in and agree – The costume department is doing a great job of having Habeauk dress ostentatiously and flashy to fit who he is, but yet not too, too flashy to appear clownish. I was thinking on the day he had on those printed shoes that one more pattern, or one more accessory, would have taken it beyond ostentatious to tacky. Great job.

        Liked by 1 person

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