Bride of the Water God Episode 6 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 6 Recap

1200 years ago…Bi Ryeon in the form of an eagle dives into the water next to a father and song fishing in a small boat. With a wave of his hand he plunges the father into the water next to him. When he breaks the surface, he smiles malevolently at the boy. We hear Soo Ri declares that gods are not allowed to hurt humans to which Bi Ryeon replies that gods can do what they want, be it pleasure or pain.

Present day… Bi Ryeon has trapped Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung). He taunts Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) that he doesn’t have the power to save her. Nam Soo Ri (Lord Habaek’s servant) and Lady Moo Ra watch. With a steely stare Lord Habaek declares that Bi Ryeon lost the god stones. That surprises Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra. Bi Ryeon releases So Ah. Moo Ra throws Bi Ryeon under the bus and declares he lost the god stones. Bi Ryeon isn’t happy with her defection. Moo Ra declares they feared punishment from Lord Habaek so they decided to hide the fact that they lost them.

Soo Ri rushes to So Ah’s side. She slowly walks to the trio of gods. She hits Bi Ryeon. Awesome! She walks to Lord Habaek and stares into his face. His concern is evident. She walks past him. So Ah gets in Moo Ra’s car and drives away.

Fantastic! That was a dignified exit.

Lord Habaek declares it’s time to go. Moo Ra wants to talk now. Lord Habaek asks Bi Ryeon for his car keys. Bi Ryeon declares he can drive faster. Lord Habaek punches Bi Ryeon. Awesome! He tells Bi Ryeon that blow hurts.  Moo Ra can’t believe Lord Habaek’s actions. She warns him that without his powers Bi Ryeon could hurt him badly. Soo Ri helps Bi Ryeon to hit feet. Bi Ryeon muses that Lord Habaek’s fists feel the same.

Fantastic! I loved Lord Habaek punching the smug Bi Ryeon. Lord Habaek’s action spoke volumes.

Without a cell phone (recall Bi Ryeon tossed it out the window), So Ah uses a pay phone to call her friend Jo Yeom Mi, but she doesn’t pick up. She calls Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo, but he doesn’t pick up.

Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra try to figure out how Lord Habaek knew they lost the god stones. Bi Ryeon remembers them losing fireflies that Lord Habaek’s mother gave the (2000 years ago).

2000 years ago…Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra play the same game, ask the other, when Lord Habaek demands they return the fireflies.

Moo Ra rails at Bi Ryeon for making issue for water country instead of sticking with sky country. Bi Ryeon declares he must help out. Moo Ra counters that he’s causing problems and enjoying tormenting Lord Habaek. Bi Ryeon freely admits to stirring the pot and loving the results. Moo Ra doesn’t understand why Lord Habaek delayed their discussion. Bi Ryeon points out the obvious, Lord Habaek was concerned about So Ah. That doesn’t make Moo Ra happy.

Back at So Ah’s house, Lord Habaek and Soo Ri find it empty. Lord Habaek clenches his fists when he remembers what Bi Ryeon did to So Ah.

So Ah visits her mother, Hae Se Ra’s grave. She asks her mother if she knew they were servants of the gods. She wonders if her mother knew. So Ah says she can’t tell anyone about the crazy things happening in her life. She says that Sang Yoo is the orphan that used to live with them, that won’t leave her alone. She wishes she had his contact info. So Ah doesn’t know where her father is. She claims she doesn’t miss him, she merely wants closure. Why didn’t he tell her about her role? So Ah is unnerved when she hears a sound. She wishes her mother peace and promises to return.

Lord Habaek stands as a sentinel waiting for So Ah to return. They spot each other as he waits outside the house. So Ah isn’t happy to see him. She asks what sin her ancestors committed. Why is she merely a toy to the gods? She admits maybe her dreams were bigger than she could accomplish but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to roll over at their whim. She says her single wish is to meet with her father to ask why he left her holding a the “servant to the gods” bag without telling her. She’s furious at the position her father has put her in. She declares she can’t die until she gets answers from her father. She turns away from Lord Habaek. He grabs her and declares that she’ll never be in danger again from the gods. She turns and looks at him. Lord Habaek promises to protect her. So Ah wishes she didn’t need Lord Habaek’s protection, but admits she can’t handle the gods without him. She asks him to promise to keep his promise. Lord Habaek vows to keep the promise. So Ah accepts him at his word.  In the most darling yet solemn move ever, Lord Habaek gives her a pinky swear. Who knew a pinky swear could be sexy?

Love, love, love that pinky swear. It wasn’t flippant. It was serious. Terrific way to end a wonderful scene between So Ah and Lord Habaek. I’d trust Lord Habaek. He radiates “you can believe me”.

Lord Habaek recalls the answer of So Ah’s question of what her ancestors did.

2000 years ago… Lord Habaek listens as the father and son (from the earlier boat scene) are sentenced to serve the gods now and all future generations. Only one child will be born to each generation and the spouse will die after the birth. Their lives will be filled with betrayals. Their purpose will be to serve the gods.

What was the betrayal? Did Bi Ryeon do something that framed them?

The next morning So Ah finds Lord Habaek bathing on the deck. She’s not sure if she’ll ever get used to the sight. She wants to return Moo Ra’s car. Lord Habaek the car is theirs now per his instruction to Moo Ra. Lord Habaek tells So Ah the title is in her name but it’s his car. So Ah leaves keys in hand to drive his car.

So Ah loves driving the stylish new car. She pulls into the underground parking lot. Shi Ja Ya is in the same parking lot, parking her car. She’s arguing with Grandpa Shin stating that CEO Shin isn’t a “real” Shin, he’s adopted.  After they hang up, Grandpa Shin learns that one land owner (So Ah) hasn’t signed the contract to sell their land. When Ja Ya learns that the reporter also wants to speak CEO Shin, she pretends to be agreeable. She’s not happy when Assistant Min sweeps near her as he parks his car. She confronts him. He informs her she was in no danger. He informs her CEO Shin is not available. He informs her that CEO Shin will not grant interviews. He informs her he wants his handkerchief back.  He leaves. Thoroughly thwarted Ja Ya is speechless.

Nice scene. I’m not a fan on Ja Ya or Grandpa Shin but now I’m a fan of Assistant Min.

When So Ah arrives at the office, Sang Yoo notes she failed to meet CEO Shin yesterday. Sang Yoo was worried. She heads to her office and immediately calls CEO Shin. He arrives at her office. She’s surprised to see him. She apologizes for missing their appointment yesterday. CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju-Hwan) stills her and says not to worry about it. She realizes she left the contract in Bi Ryeon’s car. CEO Shin is understanding. So Ah promises to contact him soon.

Interesting that CEO Shin’s touch resonated with her. Is she susceptible to any god’s touch?

Lord Habaek stares at two of the three god stones. Moo Ra confessions to Lord Habaek that all of them made an agreement. She blames Bi Ryeon for messing with everyone. Bi Ryeon rolls his eyes. Bi Ryeon clarifies that Moo Ra started the mess 13 years ago when she threw a water grenade at him. He claims he was forced to defend himself. Joo Dong arrived during their struggle and all three of their god stones flung. They found these two but lost the third. Joo Dong went to find the god stone but hasn’t been seen since. Lord Habaek can’t believe that Joo Dong is missing. Moo Ra claims they’ve searched but to no avail. Bi Ryeon claims he took a short break in Rome. Moo Ra dispels that stating Bi Ryeon’s one year abroad turned into 10 years. Lord Habaek can’t believe they’ve been so irresponsible. Bi Ryeon counters that Lord Habaek was irresponsible when he lost the coordinates to the god stones.

Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek she was busy saving rivers. She reminds him that Joo Dong has a one-track mind. She knows Joo Dong wanted to tell Moo Ra and Bi Ryeon something but doesn’t know what it was. Moo Ra refuses to share why she and Bi Ryeon were fighting. Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek they’ll find the god stone. She grouses that having the god stones in this world is a pain. Lord Habaek recalls saying the same thing. Moo Ra hugs Lord Habaek and apologizes. She tells him his fashion sense blows and leaves.

Just after So Ah gets her new phone, Lord Habaek calls and direct her to pick him up. So Ah explains what Lord Habaek must do to be granted a driver’s license. He decides to do it. But when So Ah explains he’ll need an ID, the difficulty of that isn’t clear. So Ah drives Lord Habaek to where they first met. She’s surprised to learn of its importance. She mentions she lost an item there too (the ring from Bi Ryeon). Lord Habaek is looking for the coordinates. So Ah tells him she can help search. But when Lord Habaek explains the difficulty of seeing the coordinates, she steps aside. As she waits, So Ah gazes at the map with island she dreams of living on. When So Ah calls Lord Habaek to get Bi Ryeon’s number, he hangs up on her. So Ah tags Lord Habaek as water ghost in her contacts. She smiles as she videos him searching. Lord Habaek sits next to her and she stops the video. She suggests a selfie. They struggle to take a good one. Darling sequence! She sends them to Lord Habaek’s phone. He smiles as he views the pictures.

Darling sequence of selfies. I liked that they never got a good picture. Just like the pinky swear, a selfie was used in a fresher way.

So Ah asks if he’ll return to the other world when he finds the last god stone. Lord Habaek confirms this. Under her breath she mutters he’ll only protect for until he leaves this world. She asks what will happen if he doesn’t get his powers back. Lord Habaek declares that’s impossible. So Ah shares that elected officials sometimes act like they are Kings, but they aren’t. She says one day she’ll leave this country. Lord Habaek can’t imagine leaving water country forever. He still her he is part of the fabric of water country.

When they return to the car, Soo Ri is there. Lord Habaek wants So Ah to take her to his land. So Ah wants to go to Bi Ryeon’s house. They argue which has higher priority. The elusive Yeom Mi calls So Ah. Thrilled and angry that her friend has finally called, So Ah rails that she’s been left with a robber, scam artist, and water ghost. Yeom Mi hangs up on her and texts her that she wants to introduce her to someone.  Lord Habaek feels umbrage at her description of him. He wants to go to his land. She snaps she’s going to visit her friend.

So Ah introduces Lord Habaek and Soo Ri to Yeom Mi who is surprised Lord Habaek is sticking to So Ah like glue. Yeom Mi explains she met a great guru during her travels. She drags So Ah intro her office to meet him. The man is hidden behind beads. Yeom Mi encourages So Ah to explain her situation. So Ah wants to leave but the man stops her when he notes she’s had bad luck with parents and men. Yeom Mi leaves them to chat. The man tells So Ah that her land is her land, but not her land, but not someone else’s land either. He tells her she won’t sell. So Ah disagrees. He warns her to kick the minor god out of her house. She counters he is a major god. The man leans forward and disagrees. We see it is Joo Geol Rin. Lord Habaek enters and asks who is calling him a minor god.  Joo Geol Rin and Lord Habaek stare at each other. Joo Geol Rin rushes past Lord Habaek and Soo Ri. Everyone chases him. Soo Ri tells So Ah Joo Geol Rin is a minor god. Lord Habaek chases Joo Geol Rin until he’s on a rooftop. Joo Geol Rin jumps from the rooftop. Lord Habaek is surprised to find his outline on the sidewalk. He thought he’d fly.

As they eat, So Ah asks what can be done to break the curse of Joo Geol Rin. Soo Ri explains the curse will be broken when they return to the other world. So Ah feels a twinge of sadness that Lord Habaek and will leave. She asks how the curse on her family can be broken. Lord Habaek explains her family made a promise to be servants because of a sin they committed. So Ah demands to know what the sin was. Lord Habaek explains a woman was attacked and thrown into the water. She was granted sanctuary in the water world. But when her father got ill, they returned her to this world. But the woman fell for a king her world and married him. This was a betrayal to all the gods. So Ah asks if the woman’s name was Shin Chung. Lord Habaek leaves the eatery. Soo Ri and So Ah follow.

When So Ah gets in the car she recommends that Lord Habaek use the correct names the next time he tells the story. So Ah wants to meet with Bi Ryeon to retrieve the contract. Lord Habaek hands the torn-up contract to her. Flashback to Soo Ri finding the contract in Bi Ryeon’s car and Bi Ryeon identifying that it belonged to So Ah. She can’t believe he torn it up. He can’t believe she tried to sell the god’s land. He demands she take him there. She yells that the land is hers. So Ah is upset that her ticket to money is being snatched away. Lord Habaek says she can sell something else.  So Ah barks that she has nothing else to sell. She exits the car.

Lord Habaek follow and stops So Ah. She admits when he vowed to protect her, she was happy, she believed him. She thought living with him would be helpful. Upset she chokes out that she knew one day he’d leave her, but for a little while she relished not being alone and being happy. Tears stream down her face. She admits she was happy today. We can see that Lord Habaek is trying to keep a reign on his emotions. So Ah knows that Lord Habaek is meant for more than this world. She calls herself small and insignificant. She walks away from him. Lord Habaek stares after her breathing hard.

Excellent moment. The connection between them is there. Lord Habaek is drawn to her. He tries to deny it.

So Ah stares at the torn contract. She gets out her phone.

Hoo Ye is trimming bushes when So Ah calls. She asks to meet him at his home.

So Ah walks into the cross walk (aka kdrama deathtrap). A truck comes barreling at her. Lord Habaek calls her name. He can’t get to her in time. So Ah appears to be hit. Lord Habaek yells her name.

My Thoughts

We learned back story but don’t know what it really means yet. There are many questions:

* The father and son had to promise to be servants to the gods for generations to come. This was the same father and son that Bi Ryeon messed with. Is there a connection?

* Lord Habaek talked about a woman that left the water world to care for her sick father but failed to return because she fell in love with a King. Who is the woman? Why did So Ah ask if the woman’s name was Shin Chung?

* Why did Joo Geol Rin appear to So Ah with Lord Habaek so near?

* Why does Yeom Mi’s in a TARDIS-like (reference Dr. Who) cube within an empty floor of an office building? Does she have powers?

* Where is the third god stone?

* Is Hoo Ye the god of earth Joo Dong?

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) makes seriousness sexy. Let me be blunt, Lord Habaek is appealing. I LOVED the pinky swear, I LOVED the selfie sequence, I LOVED his struggle to keep his growing feelings in check when So Ah shared her happiness at his presence and the inevitable pain of losing him. I respect that Lord Habaek isn’t acting on his feelings. He’s protecting So Ah by not becoming involved with her (or at least romantically involved). How long can he hold out?

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) had moments of happiness and pain. So Ah doesn’t catch a break in this world. Yet she soldiers on. But the weight of it wore her down. She confessed to being afraid of her increasing dependence of Lord Habaek and his eventual departure. So Ah did what she had to do. She called Hoo Ye to set a meeting where I assume she won’t sell him her land. The land that would have freed her from debt, allowed her to live on the island and achieve her dreams. Se Kyung is striking as she implores with her eyes and voice. She can’t be dead. Could So Ah been transported to the other world? Did another god save her?

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as terrific.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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4 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 6 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I 💗-ed it when So Ah slapped 👋 Bi 🌧 Ryeon’s face; he had it coming for mistreating her. Seems our So Ah had had her fill of being a pawn in the power play between gods. Since Bi 🌧 Ryeon destroyed So Ah’s phone 📱, she is without her contacts—most of us know how awful that is… I am glad she took her time ⏳ returning home, Habaek should have to think about the reprecussions 💢 of his actions. So Ah’s absent father seems to have the lineage for the servitude curse. I also wondered in Bi 🌧 Ryeon framed So Ah’s ancestors for betrayal; Bi 🌧 Ryeon seems to thrive on chaos.

    I find it interesting that despite having godly power, Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon are irresponsible and whiney (Moo 🐮 Ra). They were too concerned with fighting each other to protect the god stones. The location of the fight 👊💢 seemed to be the gate ⛩, which is on So Ah’s property. Did Joo Dong, who supposedly went after the missing stone(s), get distracted 🐿 or was it an evil 😈 plan to possess the god stones?

    The instant I heard the guru’s 👳 voice, I KNEW that distinctive voice belonged to Joo Geol Rin. What happened to him at the end of the chase. 🏃🏃, it looked like soot 🌑 outline of him was all that remained. Is Joo Geol Rin still alive? KJT asked if Yeom Mi had powers. My gut feeling is no, but there is something unique about So Ah’s friend so I will not rule 📏 out Yeom Mi having powers at this point in time.

    I am not sure exactly what is it, but Hoo Ye looked attractive in his farmer 🚜 togs. The writer seems to be pointing out Hoo Ye as connected to the earth 🌏; are these clues 🕵 to reveal Hoo Ye as Joo Dong, or the writer ✍ misleading us into thinking Hoo Ye is Joo Dong. Since Habaek told So Ah she could not sell the land 🏞, what is her purpose of going to see Hoo Ye at his home 🏡❓ Will So Ah defy Habaek’s “no sale” order? Is Hoo Ye’s motivation purchasing the land 🏞 really for developing a resort or does Hoo Ye have an ulterior motive regarding the godly realm? Is Grandpa Shin involved in the godly realm?

    The scene with So Ah and Habaek taking selfies 📷 was adorable. So Ah cannot seem to catch a break; it is because of the curse? The outpouring of So Ah’s heart 💓 touched Habaek; it seems she was acknowledging she was insignificant and that he would not miss her leaving. It was clear to me that So Ah is significant to Habaek.

    So Ah was upset as she looked at the torn up contract as she crossed the street in a crosswalk ❌🚶. Is So Ah not aware that 🇰🇷 ❌🚶+ distraction = injury 🤕 or death 💀? When you add the variable of a “truck 🚚 of doom”, it is almost certain death 💀. Color 🖍 me 🎉surprised🎊 Habaek’s powers did not return to enable him to save So Ah with another spectacular water rescue. What happened to her? KJT asked if another god saved her, I am sure one did. The question is who rescued her? My money 💰 is on Hoo Ye, I think he is supposed to be a demigod and he could probably tell she was upset while he was talking to her.


    • I 💗-ed it when So Ah slapped 👋 Bi 🌧 Ryeon’s face; he had it coming for mistreating her
      That slap surprised and pleased me too.

      was it an evil 😈 plan to possess the god stones?
      Good question. If it was evil, then possessing one would thwart Lord Habaek.

      but there is something unique about So Ah’s friend so I will not rule 📏 out Yeom Mi having powers
      Right, she’s so unique it made me wonder about powers. It seems like everyone that So Ah knows has a hidden component.

      does Hoo Ye have an ulterior motive regarding the godly realm? Is Grandpa Shin involved in the godly realm?
      Hoo Ye could a secret agenda. I hope Grandpa Shin is merely the annoying support character I don’t see much of (and that’s my preference).

      It was clear to me that So Ah is significant to Habaek
      You see it, I see it, she can’t see it.

      Color 🖍 me 🎉surprised🎊 Habaek’s powers did not return to enable him to save So Ah
      That surprised me too. I’d gotten spoiled by his rescue moments.


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