Bride of the Water God Episode 5 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 5 Recap

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) drives Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) and his servant, Nam Soo Ri to a picnic spot. Lord Habaek notices the same man that spied on their shopping has followed them and parked. He watches the man loosen a bolt, put water on the engine and loosen the lug nuts on So Ah’s tires. He realizes the man is trying to hurt So Ah. He notices a CCTV.

Lord Habaek watches her dream and apologizes. So Ah wakes and asks what he’s sorry about. He changes the subject. He calls to Soo Ri that it’s time to leave. When they arrive at the car, Lord Habaek takes So Ah’s keys and gets behind the wheel. Irked, So Ah is forced to ride in the back seat. As the car drives away, the man watches them.

Lord Habaek drives aggressively freaking out So Ah and Soo Ri. The brakes fall just as he knew they would. But when he tries to tap into his powers to stop the speeding car, nothing happens. Lord Habaek detours into a tunnel under construction. He sees the exit it blocked. He opens the sun roof and tells So Ah to follow him up as he goes on top of the roof. Needless to say, So Ah hesitates. Lord Habaek urges her to trust him. She does and it terrified when he tells her they must jump from the car. Lord Habaek swoops her up in his arms. He looks into her eyes and tells her that she belongs to him. Swoon! The water globe surrounds them. He holds her close. Swoon! They land on the ground. He stares into her eyes and asks if she’s okay. Swoon!

That was a yummy moment. Lord Habaek is drawn to So Ah. She in turn feels his pull. But they aren’t ready to admit it yet. He proports that she’s his servant, that’s why he cares. She doesn’t understand why she’s drawn to a man that claims to be god, a man she believes more and more. The cinematography was excellent too.

Soo Ri rushes to Lord Habaek thrilled that his powers have returned. He places a rock in Lord Habaek’s hand to test his powers. Lord Habaek drops the rock and declares his powers are gone. Soo Ri is bummed. Lord Habaek assures him his powers will return, he knows it. Lord Habaek tells So Ah that a man tampered with her car. She doesn’t believe him. He suggests the CCTV footage be reviewed.

The CCTV footage reveals the culprit, Park Sang Chul. While the police question him, Lord Habaek and So Ah look on from the 1-way window. The police officer states Sang Chul rear ended her. So Ah stares and recalls. She also remembers Sang Chul being negative to her on the street.  She recalls Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo repeatedly telling her that Sang Chul called her. The police officer that interrogated Sang Chul joins them. Sang Chul is claiming the rear end accident wrecked his life (points, fine, etc.). The officer can’t believe that Sang Chul claims So Ah is at fault. But wait there’s more, Sang Chul admitted to pushing So Ah from a rooftop!  Sang Chul declares So Ah isn’t human because she survived. Sang Chul declares Lord Habaek isn’t human either. The officers chuckle at the ludicrous statement.

As they walk home, Lord Habaek says all is well now that the culprit has been caught. He reminds her she hasn’t thanked him for saving her life…twice.

To that end, So Ah creates a partition and Lord Habaek soaks in the tub on the deck. Soo Ri recalls Lord Habaek spending all day in a bath in the other world. Lord Habaek tells So Ah he wants to try a bubble bath and he needs a new cell phone as his broke when he rescued her. Food and clothes are also added to her to-do list.

So Ah stands in the grocery store and can’t believe she’s shopping for Lord Habaek. She’s pleased to find discounted meat doesn’t look as fresh as the full price meat.

Flashback to Lord Habaek telling Soo Ri that the man that is stalking So Ah might be the ticket to getting his powers back when So Ah begs him to save her. Soo Ri chides Lord Habaek for using the situation to his advantage. Lord Habaek coolly informs Soo Ri he apologized to So Ah in advance. Recall Lord Habaek apologized to So Ah when she woke from her dream.

So Ah slaves over a hot stove. Turns out she’s not a good cook. She serves ramen to Lord Habaek who isn’t impressed.

So Ah shows Lord Habaek a cooking show with a male chef. She gushes over the male chef. Lord Habaek gets the hint and heads into the kitchen. He expertly wipes up a delicious multi course meal.  The relish the meal as they dine on the deck. Gallantly Lord Habaek cuts her meat. He offers a slice of apple and states it represents his apology. When So Ah asks what he’s apologizing for, Lord Habaek asks her a question she finds funny. She laughs. Soo Ri laughs. So Ah stares not comprehending what is funny. So Ah and Soo Ri get a case of the giggles.

Lovely scene on the deck. The camaraderie between the three of them is building. Soo Ri is growing on me. Can I say the cooking in the kitchen was part food porn, part chef porn? Joo Hyuk looked hot cooking and the food looked yummy too!

Later on the deck So Ah worries that Sang Chul’s actions were a cry for help that she didn’t see. She wants to live her life only thinking about what she wants. Lord Habaek informs her that’s not the type of life fate has ordained for her. He advises her to follow her heart unless she wants to suffer as she has been. So Ah touches his shirt and thanks him for saving her and distracting her. They stare into each other’s eyes.

I’m digging their intensity. Not romance, but intensity.

CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju-Hwan) takes a break from studying books of jokes. He looks at all his awards for business and muses if he could grasp comedy, life would be perfect. He recalls So Ah telling him they didn’t know each other well enough to joke with each other. Assistant Min calls and asks if he’s working late studying comedy. He suggests that dating might help and offers to fix him up. Hoo Ye asks him to get to point. An adjusted meeting and retrieval of the handkerchief from Shi Ja Ya are discussed.

As Ja Ya gets an ego boost from a chat room, Hoo Ye texts and asks for the return of his handkerchief. She gets miffed and gets a tirade response. But she accidently responds in the chat room, not directly to Hoo Ye. The rumors start flying that she likes Hoo Ye but he rejected her. She is horrified. Her manager calls her and complains about her actions.

Furious she goes to Hoo Ye and demands that he make everything right. She strides away. Assistant Min explains that Ja Ya is upset about rumors about “their relationship”. Ja Ya gets more irked with her managers calls and tells her not to argue publicly with her power CEO cousin. Ja Ya snaps that Hoo Ye isn’t her cousin. She takes his handkerchief and throws it on the ground.

Bi Ryeon finds Lady Moo Ra swimming in her pool. She’s not happy with the visit. Bi Ryeon says maybe it’s time they find the guy the high priest foretold. Moo Ra scoffs that Bi Ryeon shouldn’t believe in silly things like that. Bi Ryeon explains his strategy is to tell Lord Habaek that he’ll hand over his stone when Moo Ra hands over her. He advises her to say the same. She’s unimpressed with his plan. She hands him So Ah’s business card. Moo Ra says Lord Habaek is utilizing his servant So Ah. Moo Ra shares she doesn’t think So Ah knows Lord Habaek is a god.

So Ah isn’t happy to find herself in Lord Habaek’s room when she wakes. Lord Habaek coolly reminds her that she got drunk last night and crawled to his room to sleep it off. She’s further embarrassed when Soo Ri sees her leaving Lord Habaek’s room and asks if they slept together. She denies and dashes away.

Bi Ryeon calls Soo Ri surprising him and Lord Habaek. Bi Ryeon instructs Soo Ri to have Lord Habaek meet him. Lord Habaek realizes that Moo Ra found Bi Ryeon. Soo Ri worries about meeting with Bi Ryeon without Lord Habaek’s power intact, it could put So Ah in danger. So Ah overhears. She’s not happy when she realizes the car accident was a mechanism to get Lord Habaek’s powers back. She gives Lord Habaek a piece of her mind and storms away. Soo Ri goes after her. He explains Lord Habaek was sure he could save So Ah and get his powers back. So Ah doesn’t like being used. Lord Habaek tells Soo Ri it’s time to go. Soo Ri tells So Ah the sooner he and Lord Habaek return to the other world, the better for her and them. Soo Ri follows Lord Habaek out of the house.

So Ah decides to join Lord Habaek and Soo Ri to meet the god. She claims she’s going to get payment for all the money’s she’s spent for care and feeding.

When they arrive at Bi Ryeon’s building, they look at the modern high-rise building. So Ah spins a tale of once being pursued by the wealthy man who she rejected. The flashback reveals he left the country without telling her. When Bi Ryeon opens the door, So Ah stares in shock. He smiles. She faints. Inside Bi Ryeon murmurs his understanding why he was drawn to So Ah. He stares at Lord Habaek and states the god stones don’t disappear even though he has no powers. When So Ah stirs she sees Bi Ryeon and faints again. Lord Habaek tells Bi Ryeon to give him the stone. Bi Ryeon refuses. He does offer to reconsider if Moo Ra gives him her stone. When So Ah stirs she sees Bi Ryeon and faints again.

Bi Ryeon mocks Lord Habaek for his human hunger. Lord Habaek replies those pains make him stronger and able to be a better king. Lord Habaek stands to leave. Bi Ryeon tells Lord Habaek to leave So Ah with him. When Bi Ryeon goes to touch her, Lord Habaek intervenes with a steely stare.  Love it!

Soo Ri can’t believe Bi Ryeon’s bold refusal of Lord Habaek’s request. It appears without power, Lord Habaek cannot order Bi Ryeon to return the god stones. He’s between a rock and a hard place.

Lord Habaek has to piggy back Soo Ri out. In the elevator Soo Ri worries that neither Moo Ra or Bi Ryeon will return the god stones.

Assistant Min tells Hoo Ye if So Ah has signed his offer for her land. Hoo Ye doesn’t have the contract and isn’t surprised considering the land has been in her family for generations. He muses that So Ah has a soft hard which is why she asks tough to cover that fact. He believes this is why what she wants never happens because she’s living a façade. He shares that analyzing other’s feelings is his specialty. He plans to talk to So Ah soon.

When So Ah wakes she’s in her bed. She thinks over the events of the day and decides it must be dream.

Lord Habaek dispels that when he tells her Bi Ryeon said the diamond ring wasn’t an engagement ring, but a friendship ring. Ha! So Ah flashes back to hearing that Bi Ryeon gave 20 people that same ring in friendship. Lord Habaek repeats it was friendship not love. Ha! So Ah can’t believe this is happening to her.

So Ah can’t believe that Bi Ryeon is a god. Lord Habaek retorts that he comes from the goddess of love and enjoys chaos. So Ah simply can’t believe she’s had two gods in her life. Lord Habaek tells Soo Ri that So Ah has “lost it”. Ha! Soo Ri wonders if talking to Moo Ra or finding Joo Dong should be their next action.

Moo Ra keeps her meeting with Lord Habaek short. She refuses to hand over the stone. She does offer to reconsider if Bi Ryeon gives him her stone. She flees. She’s not happy to find Bi Ryeon in her car. She even further dismayed when he reminds her that she once used him to make Lord Habaek jealous.

So Ah tries to get a grip that Bi Ryeon is back in her life. Her nurse tells her Hoo Ye phone multiple times. So Ah calls Hoo Ye and apologizes for not reviewing the contract yet. He suggests they meet. She agrees.

Lord Habaek decides he need advice from So Ah on the mental states of Bi Ryeon and Moo Ra.

So Ah is startled when Bi Ryeon appears outside her office. He wants to catch up, especially now that he knows she’s the servant. So Ah tries to brush him off but he won’t listen. He forcibly puts her in his car and locks the doors. Lord Habaek and Soo Ri arrive just as he rounds the driver’s door. He smiles, waves, and gets into the car. Lord Habaek realizes something is wrong and takes off after Bi Ryeon. He floors it leaving Lord Habaek running after him. Bi Ryeon goes under the overpass Hoo Ye is walking over. Lord Habaek can’t catch up and stops gasping for breath. Hoo Ye looks at Lord Habaek and then proceed to where he assumes So Ah will be waiting for him.

Interesting that Bi Ryeon kidnapped So Ah. Lord Habaek sensed she was in danger. But this time, his powers didn’t return. It must have everything to do with if her life is in imminent danger. Lord Habaek and Hoo Ye are two ships that pass in the night. When will they realize who each other is?

Bi Ryeon drives faster (at a hyper speed) than So Ah can take. She’s not happy. He loves it. She tries to call someone. He tosses her phone out the window.

Hoo Ye waits in vain for So Ah. He calls but gets no answer.

When Bi Ryeon finally stops the car, he flies to the top of a bridge and taunts So Ah for her shabby life. When he jumps down he ask her to drink a red fluid that will make Lord Habaek forget about the god stones temporarily. He claims he has other things to attend to. He offers to compensate her handsomely including a new diamond friendship ring. So Ah can’t help but be drawn to his offer to make her rich. She takes the vial. Bi Ryeon smiles. Then she drops the vial and smashes it with her foot. She tells Bi Ryeon to handle his own problems. Bi Ryeon’s smile vanishes. He states as servant she must serve all the gods not only Lord Habaek. He says without Lord Habaek’s powers she be better to align herself with him. So Ah retorts that Lord Habaek’s powers are intermittent proving he is a god. That surprises Bi Ryeon.

Moo Ra is driving at the same hyper speed with Lord Habaek and Soo Ri in her car. She realizes that Lord Habaek may be adamant to catch up with Bi Ryeon because he cares for So Ah. Lord Habaek doesn’t refute her claim.

So Ah tells Bi Ryeon to take her home. He tells her he’ll need to confirm that Lord Habaek’s powers are intermittent. When Moo Ra, Lord Habaek and Soo Ri arrive, Bi Ryeon is all smiles. When Lord Habaek tells So Ah to come to him, she tires but with a wave of his hand Bi Ryeon pushes her backwards. The bridge under her starts to crack. Lord Habaek yells at him to stop. Moo Ra demands to know why Bi Ryeon is doing this. Bi Ryeon tells Lord Habaek if he demonstrates his powers, he’ll consider giving him the stone. Moo Ra is surprised by the intermittent powers claim.

Grinning Bi Ryeon snaps his fingers to amp the danger up for So Ah. Lord Habaek watches helpless without his powers. Soo Ri yells that it is against the rules to bully humans. Bi Ryeon counters that servants are exempt from this. Moo Ra tells Bi Ryeon to stop. Bi Ryeon counters that So Ah told him that if she’s in danger Lord Habaek’s powers return. He tells Lord Habaek the choice to save her is his. Lord Habaek stares, sneers, and declares the Bi Ryeon must have lost the god stones. That stops Bi Ryeon in his tracks. He stops using his powers on So Ah. Lord Habaek demands to know why he lost the god stones. Everyone stares at each other.

My Thoughts

Bi Ryeon reveals himself to be working against Lord Habaek. Smirking evil characters are standard in kdramas and Bi Ryeon was irking me. I was pleased when Lord Habaek realized the god stones were missing. That knocked the smug smirk off Bi Ryeon’s face. Does Lord Habaek realize that Moo Ra is in cahoots with Bi Ryeon?

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) had some swoonable moments. He may claim that he’s protecting So Ah but that’s only half the story. He’s also drawn to her and starting to care for her, something Moo Ra easily spotted as she drove them to meet Bi Ryeon. I enjoy a slow build of a relationship. I don’t need instant love or like. Lord Habaek won’t admit to more than cursory concern for his servant. He’s lying to himself. But is he also lying to protect So Ah from heartbreak? He did warn her not to fall for him.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) is surround by gods and it’s more than she could take. So Ah couldn’t believe it when Bi Ryeon turned about to be the diamond ring giving man from her past. My hats off to writer Jung and Writer Yoon for that clever tie between these characters. I was proud of So Ah for rejecting the vial of red fluid and Bi Ryeon’s offer of riches. So Ah has a power in this story even though she’s just “the servant”. I found Hoo Ye’s assessment that So Ah is living a façade very astute.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.


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6 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 5 Recap
  1. studiomarie says:

    The special effects are awesome. Things are starting to make more sense. I am grateful for your recaps. They make watching the dramas fun. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Another spectacular ✨ Habaek rescue, however since Habaek knew the car 🚗 was sabotaged the danger was unnecessary; although served the purpose of confirming that Habaek’s hypothesis that his powers ⚡ only worked when So Ah was in mortal peril. I was worried about Soo Ri’s safety; I had forgotten he was a demigod with his own limited powers.

    The culprit insanely tried to kill So Ah because his driving 🚘 record was blemished … for rear-ending 🚗🚙 So Ah⁉ I got news 📰 for you buddy, the accident was your fault AND attempted murder is not going expung your driving record, but will lead to more serious criminal 🚔 charges.

    LOL 😝 on KJT’s comparison about Lord Habaek cooking was food and chef porn 😱‼. 😋

    So Ah understandibly was mistaken about her relationship with Bi 🌧 Ryeon. Hey, wouldn’t most women think they were engaged after receiving a diamond 💍 ring from the guy they liked❓. Despite So Ah’s misgivings about Habaek and her need/desire for money 💰, I 💗 So Ah for turning down Bi 🌧 Ryeon’s betrayal proposal promptly crushing the vial. 👟

    Hmm ✳NODDING MY HEAD✳ Habaek deduced Bi 🌧 Ryeon and Moo 🐮 Ra lost the godstones they were charged ⚡ with protecting 🛡. Maybe now they can come together to help Habaek’s quest.

    • I was worried about Soo Ri’s safety; I had forgotten he was a demigod with his own limited powers.
      Me too.

      I 💗 So Ah for turning down Bi 🌧 Ryeon’s betrayal proposal promptly crushing the vial. 👟
      I dig ethical people!

      Hmm ✳NODDING MY HEAD✳ Habaek deduced Bi 🌧 Ryeon and Moo 🐮 Ra lost the godstones they were charged ⚡ with protecting
      Brains, beauty, chivalrous, intense, what more can you ask for from a leading man? The crucial question…Do you find Lord Habeak swoonable?

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Even in his arrogance, I find Lord Habaek quite swoonable 💗💋💗

        • Awesome! I am not alone. There have been minimal characters that I have attached the term “swoonable” to. Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s Wang So is the original and set the standard for others to be 📏 measured by.

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