Suspicious Partner Episode 37 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 37  Recap

Hyun Soo tells Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) the other victim is Jang Hee Joon. District Attorney Jang watches Hyun Soo admit to “accidentally” killing his because Bong Hee saw him disposing of a body. Cruelly Hyun Soo stares at the one-way window and says Jang Hee Joon died crying for his father. He laughs.

When Hyun Soo exits the interrogation room, a man escorts Hyun Soo to District Attorney Jang’s car. Hyun Soo gets in and laughs knowing he’s next to the father of a man he killed.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) returns home and strides to his room. He retrieves the prosecutor’s robe from his closet. He recalls the phone call reinstating him as prosecutor. He smiles knowing now he has the power to take Hyun Soo down. He’s surprised when Yoo Jung calls and informs him that Hyun Soo confessed to the victim’s in the rooftop tank and Jang Hee Joon. Ji Wook asks if District Attorney Jang was observing the interrogation. She confirms this. Immediately Ji Wook is suspicious of what might happen next. He tells Yoo Jung to learn where Hyun Soo and District Attorney Jang right away.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) returns to work only to have Ji Wook scamper down the stairs intent on leaving. She asks if anything is wrong. Ji Wook claims he has to check on something at the Prosecutor’s office.  Before he goes she shares that District Attorney Jang apologized to her. She comments it was strange. Ji Wook confirms that is strange. Bong Hee wants to go with Ji Wook. He agrees.

Yoo Jung learns that District Attorney Jang ordered Hyun Soo brought to him 30 minutes ago. Yoo Jung sees the footage of District Attorney Jang’s car exiting the parking garage.

When the car stops, District Attorney Jang tells Hyun Soo to exit.

After Yoo Jung calls him, Ji Wook tells Bong Hee that District Attorney Jang took Hyun Soo from police custody. They wonder if District Attorney Jang is after revenge. They wonder where District Attorney Jang took Hyun Soo.  Bong Hee wonders where she’d take Hyun Soo.  She suggests that District Attorney Jang might return to where Hyun Soo killed Jang Hee Joon.

Yoo Jung calls with expected location.

District Attorney Jang hits Hyun Soo again and again in the apartment where his son was killed. Hyun Soo declares that his son was innocent but District Attorney Jang is not. Hyun Soo says that Park So Young died because of him. He says that he turned into a murderer because District Attorney Jang let the murderers free that killed Park So Young.

Flashback…Hyun Soo watches the news reports of Jang Hee Joon’s death. He realizes he killed the son of the man he blames for Park So Young’s death.

Hyun Soo tells District Attorney Jang that killing his son was an “eye for an eye”. District Attorney Jang pulls a knife and tries to stab Hyun Soo but Hyun Soo stops the knife. They stand there locked and Hyun Soo says he’ll prompt District Attorney Jang’s memory. He says that 13 years ago, Park So Young was hurt by a group of men. District Attorney Jang was the prosecutor. Hyun Soo hisses that District Attorney Jang let the men go and buried the crime. Tears in his eyes, Hyun Soo says that District Attorney Jang catered to the boy’s parents wishes not justice for Park So Young. Hyun Soo demands to know if District Attorney Jang remembers. They struggle over the knife.

Did District Attorney Jang ever prosecute anyone ethically?

Bong Hee and Ji Wook race up the stair to her old apartment. They find District Attorney Jang sitting on the floor dazed. They don’t realize it but Hyun Soo goes down the stairs they just came up. Ji Wook tells Bong Hee to stay with District Attorney Jang. He goes to find Hyun Soo.

Ji Wook chases Hyun Soo down the stairs. They gasp for breath in the parking lot. Hyun Soo demands to know why Ji Wook is on his tail. He didn’t kill Ji Wook or Assistant Jang. Ji Wook declares that he unwittingly freed a murderer, Hyun Soo, and that has to be rectified. Ji Wook declares he will catch Hyun Soo no matter what. Hyun Soo says he can outrun him. Ji Wook counters that he has the handcuffs. They fight. Hyun Soo cruelly attacks Ji Wook’s stab wound area. Bong Hee runs into the fray and fells Hyun Soo with a single flying kick. Awesome! Hyun Soo rolls on the ground. Ji Wook staggers to his feet surprised to find Hyun Soo on the ground. He can’t believe that Bong Hee managed to subdue Hyun Soo.

That was a singularly fabulous moment! Bong Hee’s martial arts skills saved the day and took down Hyun Soo! How satisfying for Bong Hee. How satisfying for anyone watching this series.

The police cart Hyun Soo away. Yoo Jung arrests District Attorney Jang. Bong Hee and Ji Wook offer her encouragement going forward. Hyun Soo glares at Ji Wook as the police caravan drives away.

Bong Hee notes the poetic justice of the case ending where it all began.

Bong Hee tells Ji Wook she was too harsh in her reaction to his false testimony that District Attorney Jang brain washed him to give. Bong Hee knows District Attorney Jang is the real culprit but she blamed Ji Wook. She apologizes. Ji Wook demurs that her father was the hero saving him and trying to save his parents. Bong Hee declares it was no one’s fault. She recounts her impact on Ji Wook’s life which makes him smile. Bong Hee suggests they consider it even. She suggests they begin again. Ji Wook likes that. They both smile.

That’s a good idea. Let bygones be bygones and begin again.

Ji Wook stands outside his old office, which is his new office, and smiles. When he goes in Yoo Jung, her boss, and a co-worker are there to greet him. Ji Wook murmurs this wasn’t the welcoming faces he wanted to see. The men grouse about Ji Wook’s rudeness. Yoo Jung asks who he wanted to see. Ji Wook can’t decide.

District Attorney Jang and Hyun Soo sit in separate cells.

Ji Wook interrogates Hyun Soo. He can’t help but sport a smile that this day has come. Ji Wook tells Hyun Soo he is know his prosecutor. Hyun Soo isn’t thrilled. Ji Wook feels the opposite. Hyun Soo refuses to speak and wants a lawyer. Hyun Soo denies his confession to Yoo Jung. Ji Wook plays the video of the confession. Hyun Soo declares since getting hit by the car his memory comes and goes. Ji Wook gets angry and leans over Hyun Soo and tells him he’s patient and will convict him. Hyun Soo smiles and smirks.

Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) and discuss her relationship with Ji Wook. Lawyer Ji counsels her to follow her heart. Lawyer Ji admits there is one woman that he keeps falling in love with (as he thinks of Yoo Jung).

Bong Hee spots Ji Wook walking the hallway and admits to herself she keeps falling in love with Ji Wook. When he sees her, she shares she’s there for a client’s interrogation. She tells Ji Wook attorney client privilege won’t allow her to discuss the case. Ji Wook smiles and declares she’s a real lawyer. As she walks away, Ji Wook suggest they catch Hyun Soo together. It doesn’t matter that he’s the prosecutor and she’s the lawyer, together they can put Hyun Soo away. Bong Hee agrees.

Doesn’t Ji Chang Wook took terrific in those glasses?

At the morning meeting, Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) isn’t happy to hear Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) is returning to the prosecutor’s office too. Yoo Jung states they should be discussing convicting Hyun Soo. Ji Wook notes Hyun Soo has recanted his confession.  Ji Wook refuses to use the fabricated evidence. Ji Wook suggest digging deeper into Hyun Soo’s past.

When Yoo Jung and Lawyer Ji brush hands over the tea pot, time stands still. They stare at each other. Yoo Jung quickly leaves. Lawyer Ji stares at his hand.  Yoo Jung stares at her hand.

Bong Hee enjoys watching Ji Wook work. AJ reports the police officer in charge of the Park So Young case has been found.

Bong Hee and AJ interview the police officer asking if he remembers Park So Young. The officer remembers catching her assailants but the prosecutor refused to indict. They learn that District Attorney Jang was the prosecutor.

Bong Hee interviews District Attorney Jang in prison. She begins with a request for a real apology, not the throw away “sorry” he gave in the hallway. She says he deserves to be in prison for what he did to her father, her and Ji Wook. She asks why he freed the men who assaulted Park So Young.

My Thoughts

Hyun Soo annoyed me by recanting his confession. I have a hard time believing a recorded confession that was so specific could be recanted or negated by Hyun Soo’s claim of a fuzzy memory. I’m all for the team digging into Hyun Soo’s past, something they should have long before now.

Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) felt the pull to Yoo Jung. She felt it too. What will be the catalyst to get them to risk moving away from the friend zone?

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) took down Hyun Soo with an awesome kick. What a fabulous moment that was. Too bad they can’t show that video at Hyun Soo’s trial to prove he was trying to escape police custody (again). I’m glad she told Ji Wook that she was ready to begin again.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) restarted his prosecutor career. Can he continue to be a lawyer on the side or must he be a prosecutor and only a prosecutor? I liked Ji Wook’s more aggressive stance with Hyun Soo. The gloves are off, he’s clear about his intention to convict Hyun Soo and wipe the slate clean that he got Hyun Soo off.


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6 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 37 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I do understand Bong hee. Even though she knows that she can’t fault Ji Wook, can she deal with every time she looks at Ji Wook, knowing that, inadvertently, he was still the tool used as the source of her family’s griefs and struggles. And remember, S. Korea is not a country that forgets the way western counties do. Children are branded for what their parents do and Bong hee’s family would’ve suffered YEARS of that. I’m watching another drama right now where a daughter is an amazingly brilliant attorney but if her parent’s past crime (which isn’t even murder) comes to light, she won’t be able to become a judge as she’d planned.

    So,okay, maybe Bong hee can overcome because of her great love for Ji Wook, but what about her mom?

    How will Bong Hee’s mom process the situation? Her brain may rationalize that it wasn’t Ji Wook’s fault, but every time she looks at him she’ll be reminded. That kind of thing can keep a person from moving forward with their life. Whereas of Ji Wook were not her son-in-law, she’d have times where she can forget for a little while the injustice done to her husband. But now, whenever she visits her daughter, it’s there. *sigh*


    • You make a good point that the culture embraces “the sins of the father will be visited upon the children”. I reject that and am glad Bong Hee realized that Ji Wook was manipulated and a pawn used by Prosecutor Jang. I would hope that her mother (who seems level headed) would come to the same realization in time.


      • Beez says:

        @kjt It’s not that I don’t think Bong hee’s mom can’t rationalize it, it’s just I’m that similar type of personality that S. Korea’s culture seems to be in the sense that, I can move on from trauma if I can remove reminders. But I cannot look at a person or thing everyday that reminds me of that trauma.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Hmm, what 🤔 happened to DA Jang’s philosophy that the sanctity of the Prosecutor’s Office needs to be protected 🛡 at all costs, including indicting innocents (think: Bong Hee being accused of his son’s 🗡 murder)? If foolish DA Jang would have searched for the real killer instead of spending time trying to frame 🖼 Bong Hee, he could have gotten justice ⚖. Hopefully Hyun Soo will pay 💸 for his crimes.

    While I am tempted 😯 to condone Hyun Soo’s vigilante justice of murdering sexual predators, the collateral damage of other murders is simply not 🚫 acceptable. DA Jang was an idiot to bring Hyun Soo’s weapon 🗡 of choice, a knife, to get his “eye 👁 for an eye 👁” revenge; Hyun Soo quickly disarmed 🚫💪 the DA. I was 🎊surprised🎉 that Hyun Soo didn’t kill 🗡 DA Jang once he got the knife. I ❤ Bong Hee taking down Hyun Soo with a flying kick 💢 – it could be the most SATISFYING scene in the entire drama!

    I hated 🚫❤ seeing the smirk 😏 on Hyun Soo’s face as he denied his earlier video 📹 confession. I concur with KJT that is hard to believe a clear and specific video 📹 recorded confession could be recanted. I was glad Ji Wook got the fabricated 🗡 evidence eliminated. I look forward to hearing 👂 about Park So Young’s backstory and why Hyun Soo considers his murders to be “justice” ⚖.

    I’m glad to see our OTP start over with a clean slate. I see 👁👁 Beez point of Bong Hee’s mom possibly having problems with forgiving Ji Wook’s contribution to sullying her husband’s name. Here’s hoping 🙏 Bong Hee’s mom can be forgiving for the sake of her daughter’s 😊🙃 happiness. I think it is likely as our OTP’s moms have already been working on becoming on better terms with each other for the sake of their children.


    • If foolish DA Jang would have searched for the real killer instead of spending time trying to frame 🖼 Bong Hee, he could have gotten justice ⚖.
      Seems like framing is his standard methodology.

      I ❤ Bong Hee taking down Hyun Soo with a flying kick 💢 – it could be the most SATISFYING scene in the entire drama!
      I loved it too. It was a top moment for Bong Hee!🥊

      I’m glad to see our OTP start over with a clean slate.
      They needed to toss the baggage of the past overboard if they hoped to sail through life.⛵


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