Bride of the Water God Episode 4 Recap

Bride of the Water God Episode 4 Recap

After saving Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) who was pushed from the rooftop by a mystery man, Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) tells a stunned So Ah that he’s a god. She faints. Lord Habaek’s servant, Nam Soo Ri, is thrilled his master’s powers have returned.

They bring So Ah to the blow-up castle and she sleeps. Lord Habaek and Soo Ri are dismayed to learn that his powers have vanished. So Ah dreams of the masked mystery man forcing her from the roof after stating this was her fault that he had to live a shell of a life because of her. He pushes from the rooftop yelling that she must die. As the plunges to the ground she sees Lord Habaek and thinks “please save me.” Like a superhero, Lord Habaek run through the window and swan dives wrapping himself and So Ah in water once he reaches her.  When she remembers Lord Habaek declaring he was a god, she wakes with a start. She can’t believe that Lord Habaek is there and thinks she’s dreaming.  Lord Habaek pinches to prove she’s awake not dreaming.  So Ah hears Soo Ri muttering about Lord Habaek’s power. She runs away.

So Ah tells herself it was a dream. She rejects what happened. She tells herself it was a hallucination. She remembers the words of the mystery man and begins to tremble. She tries to outrun her fear. When Lord Habaek catches up he places her car key in her hands. She so shaky unlocking her car is difficult. She thanks Lord Habaek. She accidently puts the car in reverse. Lord Habaek offers to drive her.

Lord Habaek asks So Ah who the mystery man was. She doesn’t know. Soo Ri tells her the police would never believe what happened. When they arrive at her house, she thanks Soo Ri and Lord Habaek once again. She asks Lord Habaek if he’s really a god. He tries to leave but Soo Ri pushes Lord Habaek inside the gate and next to So Ah. Soo Ri declares now that Lord Habaek is in her home, she must take care of him. When Lord Habaek tries to leave, Soo Ri stops him. Soo Ri steps inside the gate. He asks if So Ah believes that Lord Habaek is the water god. She admits she believes it. Soo Ri chides her for not offering hospitality. Soo Ri warns that if Lord Habaek rejects her bad things will happen. This freaks out So Ah. Lord Habaek tries to keep a straight face. Faced with no choice, she leads them to her humble home. Lord Habaek isn’t impressed by her place. Soo Ri counters it is better than where they were before.

Soo Ri and Lord Habaek see the inside and step back outside. Lord Habaek remembers the high priest telling him that human were interesting. He scoffs. Lord Habaek spots a masked man walking away.

So Ah googles Lord Habaek. She calls her doctor friend, Jo Yeom Mi, but receives an automated text that she’s on vacation. Soo Ri sleeps on the deck. Lord Habaek stares at the night.

The next morning So Ah wakes remembering Lord Habaek telling her with his powers he could grant anything. She heads to the deck. She remembers him saying that he couldn’t grant wishes right now. Soo Ri greets her and she feeds him. Soo Ri shares that Lord Habaek is there to find the water stones. Soo Ri shares that Lord Habaek is 2800 years old and has been missing baths as well as his divine powers.

When So Ah heads back to the deck she finds taking a bath in tub. So Ah tells him her neighbors will complain about his nakedness. She hands him a towel and he wraps himself in it. He’s not happy to learn she knows his powers are not working. He tells her he’ll get his powers back. He declares he’ll help her remember why the plants talk to her. He pulls her close and warns her not to push him. He releases her and warns that if he says so the plants will start talking to her again.  He tells her he just needs temporary help. He reminds her he saved her life. So Ah agrees. She sets some ground rules. She flounces away. Lord Habaek sees the masked man again.

Lady Moo Ra does a photo shoot. After she stares at So Ah’s business card. CEO Shin Hoo Ye (Lim Ju-Hwan) arrives and apologizes for the disturbance yesterday. He spots So Ah’s business card. Moo Ra says So Ah is a good doctor. He makes a lame joke and leaves.

Hoo Ye tells an employee he’ll work the land deals and coordinate with his Uncle Shin. Assistant Min asks if he wishes an appointment set with his Uncle Shin. Hoo Ye agrees and tells another lame joke. Turns out Hoo Ye watches comedies exclusively. Hoo Ye admits that he doesn’t understand humor so he likes to research it. One of the pieces of land on the list is So Ah’s property (which she is trying to sell). Hoo Ye doesn’t understand why he keeps encountering So Ah.

So Ah wonders if she should report what happened to the police. Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo chides her for being late to work. She tells Sang Yoo she was pushed from a rooftop but a water god saved her. Sang Yoo is worried about her. So Ah asks if any of her patients would want to kill her. Sang Yoo provides a litany of people that dislike her, and they are his friends. Flashback to a young So Ah rudely eating the birthday cake before the birthday song was complete. Another flashback showed her taking a boy’s jacket. Another flashback showed her eating all the good food at a gather. Sang Yoo says she was one mean girl. So Ah remember all the mean behaviors stemmed from anger at her father.

Soo Ri and Lord Habaek (in a darling green track suit) inspect the food offering in the refrigerator.  Lord Habaek isn’t happy with Soo Ri’s donation bin clothing.

When So Ah isn’t interested in leaving the offer Sang Yoo nags at her. She leaves her building and imagines a man walking towards her has a gone. She cowers. He asks what is wrong and strides away. So Ah tells herself to get a trip. She sees Lord Habaek and Soo Ri exit a taxi. She walks away but Lord Habaek calls after her. Sang Yoo exits the office and realizes he’s seen Lord Habaek before. When Lord Habaek pulls So Ah’s wrist, Sang Yoo stop her.

So Ah takes Lord Habaek shopping with sometimes humorous results. She goes to the corner clothing guy and to find a less expense suit.

Dressed in a new suit, So Ah suggests Lord Habaek might be hungry. He denies it but his stomach grumbles. She takes him to an eatery and puts food in his both. He’s not happy but decides to share her food anyhow. Lord Habaek doesn’t understand why So Ah has trust issues. So Ah counters that once he’s been betrayed by someone he trusts, he’ll understand. Lord Habaek asks why she threw herself into the river. Unnerved that he knows about that So Ah pretends not to understand. Lord Habaek asks if she did it because someone broke her trust. Lord Habaek spies a man watching them.

Lord Habaek warns her not to fall in love with him. So Ah assures him that won’t be a problem.

She grouses to herself that she’ll never fall for him. Sang Yoo calls her with the new that a rich resort wants to buy her land. So Ah wonders if she should bump the land price. The resort calls and So Ah is happy to speak with them. She decides to play hardball and tells the caller she’ll need to speak with the boss. She hangs up. Sang Yoo can’t believe it. So Ah waits and sure enough Hoo Ye calls her. She smiles, pleased her ploy worked.

Soo Ri and Hoo Ye return to the resort to find Moo Ra. She spots them and demands to know why they’ve come. She’s overhead that Lord Habaek has lost her powers. Lord Habaek assures her it is a temporary situation. Soo Ri babbles and Moo Ra isn’t happy to learn they’ve encountered Joo Geol Rin, who previously challenged Lord Habaek. Moo Ra is surprised that So Ah is his servant. Lord Habaek asks where Bi Ryeon and Joo Dong are. He tells her he’ll want her god stone.

Hoo Ye meets So Ah to discuss her land. Hoo Ye coolly tells him he’ll have to pay her five times the asking price.

Moo Ra declares there are three god stones and the other two may not want to hand over the god stone either. Moo Ra stares at Lord Habaek and claims she can’t back a king who is powerless. She mocks that Lord Habaek can’t find Bi Ryeon and Joo Dong.

Hoo Ye counters he was going to offer seven times (not five) the asking price. Ha! Rule number one of negotiations, listen to the offer first, then counter offer. So Ah can’t believe she won’t get the deal Hoo Ye planned to give her. She tells him she won’t sell. She leaves.

Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek he has no right to be King. That doesn’t make him happy. He demands to know what he must do to get her god stone. Moo Ra wants all the negative comments about her on the internet wipes.

So Ah berates herself for not getting seven times the asking price. Lord Habaek and Soo Ri spot her. She claims she came to see a friend. So Ah asks if Moo Ra will house them now. Lord Habaek asks what a negative comment is.

Bi Ryeon laughs when Moo Ra tells him she asked for removal of negative comments.  He chides her for asking for anything in return of the god stone.

When So Ah learns what Moo Ra asked for, she calls her a sulky school girl. Ha!

Hoo Ye finds So Ah and asks to continue their negotiation. So Ah quickly leaves with him. Lord Habaek and Hoo Ye stare at each other.

Hoo Ye gives So Ah the contract for seven times the land value. He learns that Chairman Shin is available. He bids So Ah good day.

So Ah listens to his granddaughter Ja Ya whine at him for money. She flounces out and runs into Hoo Ye and Assistant Min. She whines to the world. She runs into Hoo Ye and Assistant Min again in the elevator. Hoo Ye gives her his handkerchief so she can clean her faces. She flings it to the ground.

So Ah is thrilled about the contract. Her dreams of buying the island will finally come true. She and Sang Yoo share a drink after work. Sang Yoo doesn’t understand why she wants to leave Korea. She claims Korea doesn’t like people like her. So Ah suggests they enjoy some karaoke.

Lord Habaek (this time in a peach track suit) and Soo Ri read the negative comments about Moo Ra. Soo Ri decides to report the negative comments.

So Ah and Sang Yoo enjoy karaoke. She tends to like the aggressive songs while he gravitates to the ballads.

Lord Habaek teaches himself to read and reports the negative comments after Soo Ri falls asleep.

So Ah is pleased to find Lord Habaek waiting for her as she walks home. He admits he’s been wondering how to get his powers back. She tells him it’s time to go home. She offers chicken. Lord Habaek claim he doesn’t want it but his stomach grumbles at the mention of food. So Ah taunts him that he needs to accept his need for food at this point. She tells him she met a real god today that will help her.  Lord Habaek recalls Hoo Ye. He warns that not all good-looking men are gods. So Ah counters real gods make dreams come true. Lord Habaek fumes that he is a real god. He writes her name on the wall outside her house and his name as well. He strides inside.  So Ah corrects the spelling of his name and smiles.

Soo Ri is thrilled with the chicken offering. Lord Habaek resists but So Ah gets him to eat a chicken leg. She teases that he’s learning how to be a king in this world. She asks if he figured out what a bodyguard does. Soo Ri proudly informs her that Lord Habaek googled it after he learned to read.

Cut to Lord Habaek and Soo Ri getting mobbed by screaming girls on their first bodyguard assignment for Moo Ra.  She’s less than impressed as she surges through the crowd without their help.

At the clinic, a patient points out So Ah’s faults without addressing any of her issues. She gets insulted and leaves.

Moo Ra tells Lord Habaek again that she can’t trust and back a king who is powerless. She fires Lord Habaek and Soo Ri. Lord Habaek can’t believe it. Frustrated Moo Ra calls Bi Ryeon and tells him to take over the interactions with Lord Habaek.

Frustrated Lord Habaek calls So Ah and ask to borrow her car so he can drive away his stress.  So Ah puts herself in the driver’s seat instead. She ignores Lord Habaek offer to drive. She takes them to a beach and they walk together. They take selfies. When Lord Habaek offers auto repair advice, So Ah is impressed at his ability to read and understand anything the first time. So Ah asks where her mother is, where Joo Mong’s mother is. She asks where his wife is. Lord Habaek says his not married. So Ah doesn’t believe him.

They lay companionably side by side on the picnic blanket. So Ah wishes Lord Habaek had his powers. So Ah wishes she could go into the ocean. She dreams of the ocean soothing her. She dreams of swimming with Lord Habaek. When wonders why she can’t swim without his help. They smile underwater and swim. Lord Habaek watches her dream and apologizes. So Ah wakes and asks what he’s sorry about.

My Thoughts

Lord Habaek’s power reinstatement wasn’t permanent. Much to everyone’s chagrin, his powers left him soon after saving So Ah. It was good to see So Ah offer her home to Soo Ri and Lord Habaek. I loved it when Lord Habaek wrote his name and her name on the wall outside her house. It was even sweeter when So Ah corrected the spelling of his name. Lord Habaek doesn’t realize that Moo Ra is working against him in cahoots with Bi Ryeon. I’m ready to learn more about what they’ve done with the god stones and why. What is Hoo Ye’s connection to Lord Habaek? He must be more than he seems. I do enjoy his communication cluelessness. Lord Habaek and So Ah ended the episode relaxing together. Their growing ease with each other speaks of building trust and more. I like it.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) doesn’t yet realize the other gods are working against him. So Ah’s warning that betrayal will make one leery of giving trust easily will undoubtedly be a lesson Lord Habaek must learn. Was her father the one that betrayed So Ah and made her unable to trust? Lord Habaek is smart but doesn’t yet sense that Moo Ra is lying and avoiding giving him the god stones. I enjoyed that Lord Habaek is a quick study on anything he attempts e.g. driving, reading, etc. While Lord Habaek is a god, he’s also clueless about this world and the other gods. And who is the man in the mask that Lord Habaek keeps seeing? Is he the same man that tried to kill So Ah?

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) relented and offered Lord Habaek and Soo Ri shelter at her home. So Ah believed her problems would be solved with the money for the land Hoo Ye wants to buy for the resort. Little does she know that ground is sacred. Will Lord Habaek find out before she sells the land or after? So Ah and Lord Habaek have a rapport. Lord Habaek wisely warned to not to fall for him because it would only end in pain for her. Of course, So Ah must fall for Lord Habaek, that’s one of the reasons we are watching. What does So Ah’s dream of swimming with Lord Habaek mean? He implied that he saved her when she jumped from the bridge years earlier but that didn’t seem to resonate with her. What does resonate is the subtle connection between these two that gets stronger the more time they spend together.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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11 comments on “Bride of the Water God Episode 4 Recap
  1. This episode was pretty boring. I wish we could see more of the fantasy stuff. Episode 3 was actually funny and awesome.

    • I’ll agree this episode was a bit more low key. It is difficult to keep the volume amped. But like you I’m looking forward to all the gods mixing it up here on earth. I wonder if we’ll get to see them interact in the other world too.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Despite Habaek’s spectacular 💢🌊 rescue of So Ah, from plunging off the roof courtesy of an unknown assailant, So Ah was still skeptical ❔ about Habaek’s claim to godhood. Habaek was understandably frustrated 😣 with So Ah and having his powers fluctuate. At first I thought So Ah’s attacker was sent by Moo 🐮 Ra, but based on what the assailant said to her, I wondered if he was a former patient. While I believe the masked 🎭 stalker 🔭 is the same person who tried to throw her off the rooftop, I want to know who he is and what is his beef 🐄 with So Ah?

    I love Soo Ri’s pluck to coerce So Ah into taking Habaek and himself into her home, with the threat of bad things happening. Habaek’s “darling” green track suit reminded me of the track suits worn in “Rooftop Prince” and by Kim Soo Hyun in “Secretly, Greatly”. So Ah certainly got Habaek some fashionable off-brand clothes – I think Nam Joo Hyuk looks fine in ANYTHING or … ✳having naughty thoughts✳

    Hoo Ye truly has low EQ, noted by KJT as “communication cluelessness”, as his joke about the land deal fell flat for So Ah. Over the moon 🌜, So Ah thinks that once she sells the land her troubles will be over; I suspect sale of the land is going to be an issue with Habaek. Am I right that Habaek claims ownership of the property or does he simply need the “gate” ⛩ located on the land to finish his quest⁉

    Like KJT, I ❤-ed Habaek writing his and So Ah’s names on the wall outside So Ah’s house. They seemed to get along well on the ‘relieve the stress’ drive 🚘 and frolic. Did they actually swim 🏊 in the ocean or Habaek did give her a dream to help her overcome her fear of water?

    I concur that So Ah relating betrayal as the catalyst for not trusting others may be a harbinger for Habaek’s portending betrayal by Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon.

    • While I believe the masked 🎭 stalker 🔭 is the same person who tried to throw her off the rooftop, I want to know who he is and what is his beef 🐄 with So Ah?
      I wonder if he’s been sent to eliminate So Ah to weaken Habaek effectiveness on earth. Or maybe her father had an enemy. The patient angle seems “been there done that”.

      Habaek’s “darling” green track suit reminded me of the track suits worn in “Rooftop Prince” and by Kim Soo Hyun in “Secretly, Greatly”.
      I also thought Rooftop Prince. Secret Garden came to mind as well (though Habaek did not sport the sparkles (though I’m sure he’d pull it off)).

      Am I right that Habaek claims ownership of the property or does he simply need the “gate” ⛩ located on the land to finish his quest⁉
      As the chosen servant So Ah should not sell the sacred land which is the gate.

      Did they actually swim 🏊 in the ocean or Habaek did give her a dream to help her overcome her fear of water?
      I took it to be a dream.

      I concur that So Ah relating betrayal as the catalyst for not trusting others may be a harbinger for Habaek’s portending betrayal by Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon
      I already feel sorry for Habaek learning Moo Ra is working against him. I’m betting he suspects Bi Ryeon as capable of betrayal.

  3. I have come into this drama 4 episodes late but I love it to the point I am already doing silly things like watching it raw when I can barely understand the dialogue. Is Hoo Ye a god ?I quite like his personality he is sure to make the show interesting

    • I’m loving this show too! Work as been a bear so I’m behind recapping this week’s episodes, I’ll get there.

      • I can relate as I have not really blogged much this year just because of work and keeping track of all the latest Dramas especially Sageuks which are my favourite genre has been challenging to say the least.

        • What have your favorite dramas been this year?

          • Rebel: Thief who stole the people was quite good. I liked the fact that it did not focus on one personality but more on the power of the people to change their own destiny. Bride of the Water god is also becoming a favourite however I still have a long list to catch up on. The Man Who lives to Die looks promising so far.

            • it did not focus on one personality but more on the power of the people
              That does sound like the perspective was interesting. Ditto on Water God. I will never be able to watch my list. It’s not a bad problem to have.

  4. Beez says:

    “…Kim Soo Hyun in “Secretly, Greatly”. quote Jane Tilly

    That was him??! I watched that when I was pretty new to Korean movies/tv.

    “Rebel: Thief who stole the people was quite good.” quote Redbutterflys

    I wanted to watch this but because it was said it’s a different take on the legendary Korean [Robin Hood type] story, I thought I’d wait until I’ve seen some of the more classic versions did I’m familiar with the actual story, them I can appreciate this better.

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