Lookout – Episode 16 (Final)

My Thoughts — Lookout — Episode 16 (Final) (split episodes 31-32)

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. For certain series, instead of a recap, which is a blow-by-blow of the episode, I’m writing a thought-cap of the episode.  I just finished the final episode of Lookout. 

Each of the Lookout 16 episodes are split into two. Per Han Cinema…MBC’s latest Monday/Tuesday drama “Lookout” is a 32 episode run…It is a part of a test split that both MBC and SBS are trying.

Nutshell recap:

Evil Father’s story: Evil prosecutor Yoon Seung is in jail. He showed his first emotion of the series (besides anger) when he had tears in his eyes when his visiting wife admitted she considered aborting their son Shi Wan so he wouldn’t grow up to be a monster like his father.

Evil Son’s story: Yoon Shi Wan is dismayed to learn that Team Lead Kim didn’t kill Soo Ji. He orders Prosecutor Jang Do Han to recant his testimony against his father before falling to his death. Soo Ji opts to go off the edge instead but Do Han grabs her arm as she dangles and manages to pull her to safety. Shi Wan is thrilled when the bomb goes off and everyone assumes Team Lead Kim’s daughter is dead. But it falls apart when Team Lead Kim’s daughter is rescued by Kyung Soo. Furious Shi Wan charges Soo Ji to push her off the edge to fall to her death like he did to her young daughter. Do Han pushes Soo Ji out of the way. He grabs Shi Wan and they both tumble from the multi-story to the ground. They both survive but are in critical condition. Soo Ji visits Do Han and makes her peace with him and his actions that both hurt and helped her.

One year later…Do Han has died. We assume Shi Wan is dead too. Soo Ji, Kyung Soo, and Bo Mi work together to give Prosecutor Kim needed evidence to convict criminals. They don’t know that a police detective is watching and photographing their activities. The police detective offers the information to a powerful attorney.

My Thoughts

New writer Kim Soo Eun ended this series with Do Han’s death and it was the right choice. Do Han actions were self-centered as he sought revenge against Evil Prosecutor Yoon and the collateral damage he caused couldn’t be swept under the rug. Dying to save Soo Ji, the woman he wronged but grew to respect, was fitting.

I found the 1 year later coda okay but didn’t like the Detective figuring out what our intrepid trio was doing. I don’t know if they are trying to set the stage for a second season. If not, it didn’t enhance the wrap-up of the series.

Prosecutor Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang) was backed into a corner by Shi Wan. I liked the concept that Shi Wan viewed the climatic encounter as a game and Team Lead Kim was his avator. Virtual reality morphed into reality when Shi Wan stepped into the scene. He was livid when he learned that Team Lead Kim’s daughter didn’t die. He lost it and decided to push Soo Ji off the roof. But Do Han grabbed him and they both went over the edge. Do Han died a noble death.

Detective Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) was made peace with Do Han. I don’t think he could have saved her daughter, but the fact is he didn’t try, and Soo Ji couldn’t forgive him. But as Do Han lay dying in his hospital bed, Soo Ji couldn’t ignore Do Han’s dogged determination to defeat evil Prosecutor Yoon. Soo Ji cared more about defeating Shi Wan and she knew Do Han gave that to her. My favorite moment was when she went to the church 1 year later and shared memories with Father about Do Han. That honored the Do Han.

Hacker Kong Kyung Soo (Key) saved Team Lead Kim’s daughter. There were logical gaps and execution issues, but in the end Team Lead Kim’s daughter was saved by Kyun Soo.

“I see everything courtesy of CCTV” Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi) got her happy ending with Kyun Soo. They could be normal people. Knowing that she and Kyun Soo are committed to forging life together makes me smile.

Prosecutor Kim Eun Joong (Kim Tae Hoon) missed Do Han. That was my favorite moment of the episode for Prosecutor Kim. He missed the annoying and overly friendly Do Han. Friends aren’t always cookie cutter and Do Han broke the mold. I’m good with the team helping Prosecutor Kim convict criminals.

Team Lead Lee Soon Ae (Kim Sun Young) couldn’t kill Soo Ji to save her daughter. This pleased me. She couldn’t violate her personal ethics to save her daughter. Being willing to violate personal ethics was a major theme of this series. It was good to see the Team Lead Kim couldn’t cross that line. Her remorse at what she did to Soo Ji felt raw and genuine. She was a bright spot of the final episode.

Was my wishlist granted for the final episode?

* My loathing for Shi Wan knows no bounds. He must die. – Granted. His mother reported where Team Lead Kim’s daughter was being held. His mother speared her husband when she confessed to considering aborting Shi Wan so he wouldn’t be a monster like his father. But Shi Wan’s mother was an accomplice by protecting her son when she knew he was doing evil things.
* Team Good – Soo Ji, Do Han, Kyung Soo, Bo Mi, Team Lead Kim (and her daughter), Prosecutor Kim – lives. Granted except for Do Han. Do Han made choices in his quest for vengeance that could not be condoned. The injuries inflicted on people other than his intended target was unacceptable. Do Han’s death was necessary.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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20 comments on “Lookout – Episode 16 (Final)
  1. I agree with your review. But I am just so heartbroken right now. 😭 how am I supposed move on after this amazing show and the death of that beautiful, sexy, smart man?


    • Jane Tilly says:

      @shadowoftheoperaghost, you will have to wait until Kim Young Kwang’s (Do Han) next drama. I have seen 👁👁 him in several dramas and believe he did an EXCELLENT job of portraying Do Han. His portrayal of Do Han was the most handsome, smexy, gregarious and flawed character I have seen 👁👁 him play. I ❤-ed his hair style with the lock of hair falling in his face. I look 👁👁 forward to his next drama.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beez says:

        He impressed me in this but I HATED his pompadour the MOST! But I guess it went with his pompous identity. I almost said “secret identity” but I love that his stepbrother confirmed that part of that was the real him. 🙂


      • Me too!!! I have already seen many of his dramas and was planning on marathoning the ones I hadn’t seen. But now I’m 😭 I may have to wait a bit.


        • shadowoftheoperaghost, Do Han was a compelling force in this series. I don’t mind flawed heroes but Do Han crossed the line. His height was used to great advantage. When he bowed to Prosecutor Yoon, it was deep. When he stood next to Soo Ji, he towered over her. One relationship that I didn’t expound on was Do Han and his step-brother the priest. Those two knew each other’s flaws and I found their scenes humanizing for Do Han. The only other series that I’ve seen Kim Young Kwang was Pinocchio where he had a good role, a series worth watching.
          Here’s a video that captures Do Han well:

          Liked by 1 person

          • Beez says:

            I found him really sexy in tree web series Starry Night. 10-15 minute episodes so I watched while on my recumbant bike.


            • I was reading other recommendations for his dramas an ran across this from triplem:
              If you are…in need of a KYK fix with a nice story line and oppa not dying, i recommend:
              1. Plus Nine Boys (an absolute gem of a drama, slice of life)
              2. Gogh, the Starry Night (sweet and easy watch. Give me a boss like him any day)
              3. Sweet Stranger and Me (unusual plot, story line a little weak in the middle but ends well. And he really demonstrated a good range here in his acting.)


              • Beez says:

                Thanks for the list, kjt. I’ll be checking him out cause I love to see actors who can give emotion through their face. He did such a good job with those smiles of pain-contempt-joy in his final scenes with Prosecutor Yoon. And I’m being repetitive, but his face as he went over the ledge…*the feels*


      • Jane Tilly says:

        That video was AWESOME, it really caught the expressiveness of Do Han’s (AKA Kwan Woo’s) face.

        I appreciate the recommendations for his dramas. Sweet Stranger was the only one I had seen on your list – it was quirky, but sweet 🍭.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 that the evil 😈 spawn actually went to the location where Soon Ae was instructed to go to shoot 🔫 Soo Ji—I thought the evil 😈 spawn would keep his distance to lessen the implication of his guilt. The evil 😈 spawn’s desire for bloodlust and thrills were not satiated with a distance. On the recap for last episode I wondered if Soon Ae and Soo Ji had devised a plan on the way 🚙 to the location. I decided they did not; Soo Ji’s pain 😧 and Soon Ae’s anguish 😧 over her actions and the threat to her 👧 child .

    When evil 😈 spawn’s mom KNEW of her son’s capacity for bloodlust; I could hardly believe she didn’t keep an eagle 👁‍🗨 eye on him, especially after overhearing what Do Han said to the 👧 spawn at the police 👮 station.

    I think it took at least 20 ⏰ minutes to go through the final 3 minutes of the bomb count ⏳⌛ down ticking away. On my comments I had a ✳🆖 ALERT✳ indicating the padlock 🔒 and hasp were missing from the door 🚪 where Se Won was sequestered – HA! I had the observation 👁👁 skills to notice the missing 🔒 lock, but it wasn’t an 🆖 after all, I was let astray by the sound of pounding on the door 🚪 when Se Won was shown in a collapsed state. ✳SCREAMING✳ As Kyung Soo tried to stir a collapsed Se Won: “DRAG HER OUT!” Kudos 👏 to Kyung Soo’s persistence for rescuing Se Won‼

    Meanwhile as the bomb 💣 went 💥 off, back at the deserted 🏢 building, I was stunned 💢 Soo Ji, Soon Ae or Do Han did NOT tackle the Evil 😈 Spawn 💩; instead they let him gloat! ✳SEETHING & GROWLING✳ While I didn’t want to see Do Han die ⚰, I was pleased that he sacrificed himself to save Soo Ji. I concur with KJT, that Do Han most likely could NOT 🚫 have saved Soo Ji’s daughter, Yoon Na. I feel since the writer ✍ already made Do Han reprehensible with “allowing Yoon Na to die”, Do Han’s noble death was the best possible redemption the ✍ writer could do with the plot.

    KJT got her death 💀🍀 wish for the evil 😈 spawn. I was pleased that the evil 😈 spawn instigated his own death, that is was not caused by any members of Team ⚖ Justice. If evil 😈 spawn’s mom was considering aborting him due to her fear the child would be evil 😈, like his father, why 🤔 would she not leave 🏃 the corrupt prosecutor and raise the 👶 child on her own, away from his evil 👿 influence? It feels like Evil 😈 Spawn’s mother is lashing out at her husband after the fact. She KNEW what was going on to some degree and NEVER addressed any of the issues. These selfish parents had culpability for their son’s evil 😈 deeds.

    I was surprised to see Soo Ji freely roaming the hospital 🏥 hallways, but glad she was able to absolve Soon Ae for her actions and get some closure with Do Han before he passed ⚰ away. I was glad the year later epilogue showed Soo Ji had come to peace ☮ with Do Han … it was a nice interaction with the Priest 📿. I pitied Do Han’s stepbrother, as the Priest 📿 was stuck with Do Han’s real name and taking care of the man who murdered his mother, Do Han’s father.

    I found it amusing that the OTP 👩‍❤‍👨 were the supporting characters Bo Mi and Kyung Soo … they were a cute 💕 couple and I’m glad to see the are together and using their skills. I was totally sucked into Prosecutor Kim interacting with Do Han, which turn out to be his daydream 💭. Part of me hoped Do Han survived!

    KJT thank 🙏 you once again for for your awesome recaps and forum to discuss our Kdrama biases. 😊😺🙃


  3. Beez says:

    “I wondered if Soon Ae and Soo Ji had devised a plan on the way 🚙 to the location. I decided they did not” Jane Tilly

    I thought she would tell Soo ji as well but figured she didn’t know if her car was bugged. I guess uncuffing her was the best chance she could give her under the circumstances when she thought someone else was waiting to kill Soo ji.

    And JT, I so agree about the whole countdown clock thing. It was spoiling what would’ve been otherwise great suspense. The moment I saw it had one second left and I already counted down that one second (“one Mississippi”) and there was no way Hacker Boy could get Sewon out in time… then add to it that was about the second or third time we were led to believe we had a real countdown… It could’ve been awesome. The show did give us good stuff this episode so I’m not letting that ruin the whole ending for me.

    Instead, what almost ruined it for me was the starting scene change up at the beginning of the episode. I can’t stand that type of switch. I’m okay when an episode has a cliff hanger and comes back with additional scenes that were not shown in the prior episode AS LONG AS THEY FIT HOW that scene was originally shot/shown. Det. Team Leader was standing at least 5-6 feet from Soo ji when she shot her in the previous episode. But we came back to Soo ji shooting herself UP CLOSE as they wrestled with the weapon. I consider that a cheat. Other than that, these two women slayed that scene.


  4. Beez says:

    Prosecutor Kim Eun Joong is taking a partial page out of Do han’s book that you can’t go only by the book.

    Btw, what did Bo mi do [that the cops knew about] that could get her locked up?

    “Being willing to violate personal ethics was a major theme of this series.” kjt
    You hit it. Plus everything you said about Det. Team Leader too. Her scream of frustration when she couldn’t kill her friend despite everything in her soul telling her she has to…

    kjt says Shi win died? I missed it. I heard them say he was critical. Tell me and I’ll go back and watch for that!

    “But Shi Wan’s mother was an accomplice by protecting her son when she knew he was doing evil things.” kjt

    I totally agree but think the show did a good job in this episode of TRYING to let us see that she, too, is just a mom in parallel to Soo ji and Det. Team Leader… except, it was too little (for Yoo na), almost too late (for Sewon).

    “Do Han’s death was necessary.” kjt *nodding in complete agreement” although I know they wanted to let Sio ji get closure with him, I would be fine with her never being able to fully forgive him over Yoo na. And I would’ve preferred he died instantly on the scene so that my last image of him would be his going down with the look of acceptance, satisfaction, and completion in this last act he had on his face.

    Oh! What did you guys think of Soo ji deleting the file on WormFace? Or maybe that’s what kjt meant – WormFace is dead so the recording didn’t matter as it’s no longer needed to convict him?


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Bo Mi was wanted for harboring a fugitive (Soo Ji). I don’t know if the police 👮 could prove her harboring.

      As for Shi Wan’s death, it was not seen or heard, but implied. I’m going with the flow of the evil 😈 spawn being dead, because I cannot imagine him being free after becoming an adult.adul (juvenile punishment).

      I was initially appalled 😲 Soo Ji deleted the video, as evil 😈 spawn was alive in the hospital 🏥. I wanted a full complement of ammo to go up against him. If he survived, they had enough evidence against him to put him away. Ultimately, I was okay with deleting the file as Soo Ji was trying to protect 🛡 Soon Ae from incriminating herself capitulating to evil 😈 spawn’s demands and illegally using her 🔫 gun. Soo Ji was generous to a fault, even to those who have wronged her.


    • Shi win died? I missed it. I heard them say he was critical.
      His death was implied not explicit. The correlation is straight forward – Do Han died from the fall and Shi Wan did too. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

      but think the show did a good job in this episode of TRYING to let us see that she, too, is just a mom in parallel to Soo ji and Det. Team Leader
      I agree that Writer Kim tried to give Mom a backbone by reporting Shi Wan and skewing her husband when she visited him. I can’t give her a pass. She knew what he was. She knew what he did.

      And I would’ve preferred he died instantly on the scene so that my last image of him would be his going down with the look of acceptance, satisfaction, and completion in this last act he had on his face.
      I see you point. However, they needed to have him live so Soo Ji could have that last moment with him.

      What did you guys think of Soo ji deleting the file on WormFace?
      Like JT said below, I didn’t like it initially but understood with Shi Wan identified without a doubt as the sadist guy he was, the video wasn’t needed and would cause issues for Team Lead Lee.


  5. Lee Soo nah says:

    Honestly, I watched it only because of key! Also, I loved the lead actress who is a BOFS alum. But the series was such a disappointment! Instead of Guardians, they should have been named “a bunch of idiots” other than key’s char every char is unnecessary idiotic and excessively impulsive. They could have made really good drama with the very same concept by getting right into the details and saving the twists for the right time. It was such a bizarre making. I feel bad for the actors. Seriously, all the actors have done a great job although the drama sucked. The director should take responsibility for our Key’s acting career jinja!!🙄


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