The Bride of the Water God Episode 3 Recap

The Bride of the Water God Episode 3 Recap

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) watcher her patient, Bong Yeol, loaded in an ambulance that drives away. She’s uncomfortable with the emotion she let loose with Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk). She asks if he lives at the blow-up castle. He confirms this. She asks if he lives alone. Lord Habaek says he lost his servant, Nam Soo Ri but won’t explain how. So Ah is uncomfortable with his living conditions but she won’t offer to help him personally. Lord Habaek tells her to leave. She starts to leave then he applies guilt because of his support of her moments ago. Then he waves an imperious hand and tells her to go. When she starts to leave she hear thoughts about how ungracious she is. She looks around but no one is there.

Unable to sleep with the odd happenings, she explains to another doctor that she has a patient that can hear flowers, insects, fruits, and water. Her doctor friend, Jo Yeom Mi,  (who is rock climbing) believes that the accusation of ingratitude could be the trigger. Yeom Mi wonders if the patient is feeling guilty that she didn’t help someone in need. Yeom Mi suggests that the patient is a giving person who has suppressed this tendency and feels guilt for not being true to herself.

Soo Ri looks at the phone and asks Lord Habaek to confirm he saw the sea on the device. Lord Habaek confirms it. Soo Ri believes that Lady Moo Ra, a goddess, would not go somewhere casually.  Soo Ri calls her name into the phone. Lord Habaek scoffs. A young boy tells Lord Habaek to give him back his cell phone. The boy can’t believe an adult doesn’t have his own cell phone. He asks the boy where to get one.

At the cell phone store, the choices are overwhelming. They get a pitch from the salesman who provides applications for them to fill out. Of course, without money, it is hopeless.

Soo Ri is just about to leave for his part time job when Lord Habaek’s stomach growls in hunger. Soo Ri gives him rice cakes and scampers to his part time job.  Lord Habaek wants to throw the rice cakes into the river, but can’t. He breaks down and eats rice cakes and drinks water.

Soo Ri offers him a clean shirt.

So Ah wakes from another sleepless night.

Lord Habaek munches food and hides the back when a homeless man stares at him eating.

So Ah finds Lord Habaek by the river. She starts to hear the voices. She begins by apologizing for not being sensitive to his issues. When she stumbles Lord Habaek steadies her. He declares that he can’t get her out of his head. She thinking he’s hitting on her but that is dispelled when he calls her so ignorant he can’t get over it. She starts to leave but knows she can’t. So Ah offers to get him professional help, but he’s not interested. He points out that he’s the only person that implicitly believes and trusts her. He stares into her eyes. So Ah mutters to contact her when he wants professional help. She tells herself she tried as she starts to walk away. Lord Habaek warns that rejecting him will have consequences. She stares at him.

Back at the clinic, So Ah continues to lie that she’s okay. But she can’t stop hearing the plant voices. Nurse Yoo Sang Yoo asks why she’s acting odd lately. He tells her to sleep and get her act together.

Alone in the office she walks to the plants who have gone quiet. She wonders if she’s crazy. She recalls Lord Habaek’s warning. Unnerved she calls her doctor friend who peppers her with questions about Lord Habaek.  So Ah shares the kinds of things that have been happening. She can’t believe what she’s saying and hangs up. Sang Yoo calls to let her know Bong Yeol has a Thursday appointment and Park Sung Chul has requested a meeting. Then he enumerates the bad news; her diamond ring has not been found, the bank increased her loan rate, fixing the wiper has increased her insurance, and the landlord is not demanding a higher security deposit. When Sang Yoo suggest she rub shoulder with rich people at a fund raiser, So Ah storms away.

Soo Ri’s part time job is pedaling guests around the river. He spots a gold covered building and tells Lord Habaek it is real gold.  Lord Habaek chides him for thinking a building was made of gold. Lord Habaek’s stomach growls. He is adamant that soon his powers will return and they’ll have all the gold they want. Lord Habaek thanks Soo Ri for his devotion. He stares at the electronic billboard with the video of Lady Moo Ra. When he tells Soo Ri about the image, another video is playing.

So Ah struggles up the hill to the hotel with the fancy fundraiser. She sits down to adjust her shoes. CEO Hoo Ye spots her and offers her a ride. She declines. He drives away! LOL! At the hotel, she can’t believe her bad luck. She recalls Lord Habaek’s warning. Assistant Min tells him that So Ah probably wanted the ride. Hoo Ye doesn’t believe it, So Ah is straightforward. Ha!

Lord Habaek and Soo Ri go to So Ah’s work but the office is closed. They overhear Sang Yoo say that So Ah is at a fancy hotel.

So Ah runs into Ji Won and two other acquaintances. She hears the bouquet of flowers start talking. As they walk into the fundraiser together they describe the big money donor who helps entrepreneurs. Of course, it’s Hoo Ye. So Ah starts pounding champagne and complaining about Hoo Ye. He walks up to them. So Ah’s friends are surprised he knows So Ah. He explains their previous encounters.

Embarrassed, So Ah walks away. Hoo Ye follows. So Ah blurts out that she needs money but wouldn’t ask for it. She apologizes claiming she’s a bit tipsy. Shin Ja Ya arrives to fanfare. So Ah cringes and tells Hoo Ye she needs to avoid someone so she’ll be going. But Shin Ja Ya catches her and immediately insults her. Hoo Ye overhears. The flowers repeat Ja Ya’s words distracting So Ah. But Ja Ya continues to push her. Irked So Ah retaliates with her own insult. As So Ah turns to leave, Ja Ya ups the ante and asks if her father ever returned. Ja Ya describes how kind to the homeless So Ah’s father was, but in a derisive way. Ja Ya skewers So Ah when she says So Ah’s father put stranger’s happiness above that of his family. So Ah almost hits Ja Ya but grabs the flowers and flings them to the floor instead. So Ah picks up the flowers and turns to leave. Ja Ya grabs her blouse and rips it. So Ah calls Ja Ya an attention whore. So Ah turns and leaves. Ja Ya starts after her but Hoo Ye stand in front of her. Ja Ya brushes him off and darts around him.

Outside the hotel So Ah walks dejectedly. Ja Ya runs after her but Lord Habaek blocks her and does not allow her to dart around him. So Ah turns and sees this. Lord Habaek tells Ja Ya that he knows an unpleasant woman with the name Shim. Ja Ya tries to push Lord Habaek but he’s like stone. Lord Habaek asks why Ja Ya is harassing his woman. Ja Ya can’t believe what she heard. Lord Habaek declares that So Ah is his woman. Ja Ya strides away when others recognize her. Lord Habaek walks to So Ah. She asks how he got there. She cries and admits she’s hearing things. He sees her torn shirt and puts his jacket around her. He calls a taxi for her. As Hoo Ye drives past, he sees So Ah get into the taxi.

During the taxi ride, So Ah doesn’t say much. She flashes back running in anger, not at her father who left her and her mother, but to turn the pain into strength.  She stops on the bridge. The pain overwhelms her.  She decides to let her father go. When present day So Ah passes the bridge, she imagines herself all those years ago. Lord Habaek sees her pain. So Ah looks away to hide her tears.

I haven’t said anything yet but we are at the mid-way point, so I’ll mention I’m enjoying this episode because the emotion content is richer. So Ah’s internal fortitude is astonishing. I’d be a babbling idiot if I were her. Lord Habaek’s aide as swoon worthy. Even though he’s not doing it to be romantic, because at this point he views So Ah as his servant and under his protection, it is the balm she needs and action I love.

Back at the blow-up castle, Lord Habaek can’t believe it when So Ah tries to leave. He says she treats him like “dine and dash”. Ha!

So Ah buys Lord Habaek a cell phone. Soo Ri promises his part-time job will cover the usage costs.

So Ah tells Lord Habaek he saw an electric sign. Lord Habaek explains that Moo Ra is a goddess. Lord Habaek notices that So Ah’s shoes are bothering her. He places her hand on his arm. The walk along the river. They stop to watch the electronic sign. So Ah muses that if Lord Habaek was a god, he could help her. He counters that he she helps him, he will help her. When he spots Moo Ra, So Ah stares in disbelief. She tells him that Moo Ra is called Hye Ra and is a representative of the country. So Ah doesn’t believe that Lord Habaek knows or will meet someone like Hye Ra. Lord Habaek calmly states that he is Hye Ra’s King. Lord Habaek states if So Ah takes him to where Hye Ra lives, he’ll consider her stint as his servant over.

The next morning So Ah can’t believe she drove Lord Habaek to where Hye Ra is. Lord Habaek tells her she was a dreadful servant but she will be rewarded by Moo Ra. When So Ah puts a hand on him as he exits, she asks if she can come too. Lord Habaek tells her that Moo Ra doesn’t like human women. He slams the door in her face. She moans that this isn’t Moo Ra’s house. She tells herself that Lord Habaek must face reality one day. She watches Lord Habaek stop, turn and smile at her. She starts to drive away but stops herself. She can’t believe she can’t leave him.

Hoo Ye passes by So Ah’s car and he sees her frustration. He knocks on the window startling her.

Inside the hotel, Lord Habaek tells himself the house is a nice one. He walks in the direction he senses Moo Ra will be.

Hoo Ye doesn’t think So Ah is sick or came to see him. So Ah snaps she wouldn’t come to see him. Calmly Lord Habaek accepts that they have no relationship. He asks why she’s sitting in her car in front of his hotel. So Ah struggles to ask if Hye Ra is at the hotel. Hoo Ye asks if she’s referring to the hotel’s spokeswoman.

Moo Ra is getting makeup applied for a shoot. She senses then sees Lord Habaek. He smiles and tells her it’s been too long. She doesn’t react.

So Ah can’t believe that Hye Ra is really at the hotel. She dashes away and into the hotel.

Lord Habaek can’t believe it when body guards won’t let him approach Moo Ra. She ignores his pleas. Lord Habaek can dispatch the body guards but is stuck when the bodyguards grab him in mass. So Ah arrives and stares. Assistant Min arrives. So Ah pleads with the bodyguard to let Lord Habaek go. Moo Ra turns her attention to So Ah. When a bodyguard pushes So Ah to the ground, Lord Habaek is furious. He warns the man not to touch his servant. He helps So Ah up.

Lord Habaek’s hands on So Ah seems to irritate Moo Ra and she walks towards Lord Habaek and So Ah. She stares at Lord Habaek’s hand on So Ah’s wrist. She slaps him. So Ah yells at Moo Ra for slapping Lord Habaek. Moo Ra asks who she is. So Ah positions herself between Moo Ra and Lord Habaek and declares that she is his guardian. HR assures So Ah that he deserved the slap. So Ah scoffs that Hye Ra is not a real goddess. She tells HR to take care of her mental health. She slaps a business card in HR’s hand and promises a celebrity discount. Ha! So Ah pulls Lord Habaek away.

She orders Lord Habaek into her car. Lord Habaek tells her that she interrupted. He declares that Moo Ra is a flower that will never age. Lord Habaek says they live in different worlds. She offers to have him meets a god. She calls Yeon Mi.

Assistant Min reports the disturbance has been taken care of. Hoo Ye asks if it was So Ah’s patient. The assistant confirms this and indicates he thinks the patient is the same man they saw at the hotel last night. Hoo Ye smiles at So Ah’s devotion to her patients.

Moo Ra orders quiet. Everyone leaves the set. She calls a Lord Bi Ryeon. He’s able ready to sky jump from a building. She yells that there’s no time for that, Lord Habaek is there. That gets his attention. He murmurs that the red water finally came. Lord Bi Ryeon says that Lord Habaek will find him. Moo Ra smirks that Lord Habaek lost the coordinates. That surprises him. Moo Ra says she kicked Lord Habaek out. She reminds him they both are accomplishes to the god stone. She hangs up. Moo Ra looks at So Ah’s business card. She seethes that Lord Habaek found a woman as soon as he arrived in this world.

Lord Bi Ryeon smiles and cheekily tells us the intrigue and suspense begins now, Lord Habaek has come.

Soo Ri, Lord Habaek, and So Ah stare at a tall building. Soo Ri doesn’t believe they’ll find a woman that knows a god in the building. Lord Habaek doesn’t believe it either. Soo Ri takes Lord Habaek aside wonder if another god is at play. He doesn’t understand why “my Moo Ra” was cold. Lord Habaek stares at him. So Ah calls to Lord Habaek to follow her.

As they exit the elevator they approach a glass structure on the empty floor. So Ah introduces Jo Yeom Mi. Lord Habaek and Yeom Mi stare at each other. Yeom Mi pulls So Ah aside and asks if he’s the man that pricked her conscience. So Ah doesn’t answer but instead says that Lord Habaek wants to meet a god. She asks Yeom Mi to help him. Yeom Mi whispers that Lord Habaek is a real god. That surprises So Ah.

Lord Habaek doesn’t understand how Yeom Mi doesn’t know the gods he knows. Lord Habaek declares “I am the god of water, and soon to be king of water country, and emperor of the gods. I am Habaek”.

While So Ah waits she gets a text from Sang Yoo. She tells him to schedule the patient for tomorrow. So Ah considers and realizes that Lord Habaek is from a different world. She tells herself to stop watching over Lord Habaek. She recalls their kiss. Yeom Mi calls her as she exits the building. She left? Where is Lord Habaek? She tells her to send Lord Habaek to a specialist she knows. She hangs up. So Ah can’t believe it.

So Ah finds Lord Habaek staring out the window. He asks if she’s messing with him. He asks if she believes him. He tells her to go. He releases her. So Ah turns and stops. Angrily she declares that she tried her best but his story was unbelievable. Lord Habaek tells her that she can believe him, if she chooses to. She remembers her father leaving them. She runs away. She runs into the stairwell. She wonders what’s important about the truth. A man grabs her and pulls her into the elevator.

Lord Habaek stares out the window.

Soo Ri plays with the phone. He wonders what is happening upstairs. He sees someone on the roof. He calls Lord Habaek. He tells Lord Habaek that So Ah is fighting with a man on the roof. The man pushes So Ah over the edge. Lord Habaek sees her fall. He drops the phone. He runs through the window. He follows So Ah down. He grabs So Ah and wraps her in water. He lands on ground with So Ah safe in his arms. We hear the high priest intone “It’s fate. He saved this child’s life.” Lord Habaek tells a stunned So Ah that he’s a god.  LOVE IT!

My Thoughts

Great third episode. This series’ story is rich and dialog is verbose. All the words matter, all the details matter. This isn’t a fluff show. I loved the reveal that Moo Ra isn’t good. I loved the reveal that Lord Bi Ryeon is aligned with Moo Ra and that they messed with the stones. Recall Lord Habaek must bring 3 stones together to become the next emperor. I loved that Lord Habaek saved So Ah repeatedly (and as a child). I loved that So Ah put herself in front of Moo Ra. I loved Hoo Ye’s quirky way of communicating, the man has limited emotional intelligence.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) proved he was a god when he saved So Ah. Joo Hyuk embodies Lord Habaek with stoic assurance of his station in life, but there’s something else that So Ah taps into, Joo Hyuk’s eyes let us know that Lord Habaek feels her pull. I’m a fan of Joo Hyuk’s portrayal of Lord Habaek. I’m a fan of Lord Habaek.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) was once again poster child for “had a bad day”. Her encounter with Ja Ya was uncomfortable. Ja Ya was a witch to her. Her encounter with Moo Ra proved she cares for Lord Habaek, not personally yet, but there is a tie between them. Watching So Ah struggling to reconcile her intellect with her emotional response to Lord Habaek has been fascinating. Wouldn’t you struggle if plants started talking to you and a man declared he was a god and you were his servant? So Ah’s internal fortitude is impressive.

The second song of the OST “Glass Bridge” by Savina & Drone is lovely:


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3 comments on “The Bride of the Water God Episode 3 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    HA! So Ah has nature (her guilt) calling her since she was kissed 💋 by Habaek, hmm nature calls me in a different way‼ 😅 LOL‼

    Hoo Ye has a desire to be chivalrous ⚔ towards So Ah, but since he lives in Literal-ville, he is oblivious to reading 📖 between the lines. Kudos to his driver 🚘 for giving Mr Low EQ a heads up. I like Hoo Ye, he will clearly be part of a love 💗 triangle 🔺. Habaek didn’t need any clues to literally step in to protect his woman. He has repeatedly been chivalrous ⚔ towards So Ah. I concur with KJT indicating Joo Hyuk is doing a fantastic job portraying Habaek and revealing the pull 🙏 So Ah has on him.

    It was interesting to meet the rest of the main cast 👫. Unlike the magnanimous Habaek, we discovered Moo 🐮 Ra and Bi 🌧 Ryeon are ignominious and are likely sabotuers; they are messing with the god stones.

    With her psychological 🎓 education So Ah simply did NOT believe Habaek’s claim to godhood. So Ah walked away with guilt as soon as Habaek gave up on her. Was the would-be assassin sent by Moo 🐮 Ra⁉ As So Ah was hurling to her death 💀, it was awesome to see Habaek get his groove ☮💕👨 and powers back. Habaek’s water-assisted 🌊 rescue was visually stunning (대복)‼. I tend to think So Ah now believes Habaek is the water God.

    I’m digging this drama‼

  2. Swati Panday says:

    Well i have to say Lord Habaek is my new Favorite. He is owning this role. I wasn’t sure if Nam Joo Hyuk will be good in the arrogant and self centered role but he is killing it with his acting 🙂

    Moo Ra doesn’t seem like villainous type but rather like a brat. So may be she has lost the stone or gave it away cos the whole stone thing seemed very fishy. She is more bothered about Habaek and the Girl he was saving. Honey u really have bigger problems here.

    So Ah and Habaek are drawn to each other and are protective or each other which showed clearly during the ruffle with Moo-Ra’s guards. For now its more like they are nice and compassionate people but i think this connection will develop in on coming episodes.

    Habaek Buddy ur faith in Moo-Ra is amazing or dumb but i feel bad for the day u actually realize that ur trust is misplaced.

    I feel the CEO is not just a regular rich guy. There has to be more to him right?

    Who is the villain or antagonist in this series?? So Far i found no one villainous 😥
    Is the gathering of the stone the only conflict here??

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