Lookout – Episode 14

My Thoughts — Lookout — Episode 14 (split episodes 27-28)

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. For certain series, instead of a recap, which is a blow-by-blow of the episode, I’m writing a thought-cap of the episode.  I just finished the next episode of Lookout.
Each of the Lookout 16 episodes are split into two. Per Han Cinema…MBC’s latest Monday/Tuesday drama “Lookout” is a 32 episode run…It is a part of a test split that both MBC and SBS are trying.

Nutshell recap:

Evil Father’s story: Prosecutor Jang Do Han testifies against evil and powerful prosecutor Yoon Seung at his confirmation hearing. He states that Prosecutor Yoon ordered a murderer released and Kyung Soo’s mother killed. He admits he watched Prosecutor Yoon’s son, Yoo Shi Wan, take Soo Ji’s daughter to the rooftop and her ultimate death. Unfortunately, Do Han has no evidence and his word is insufficient. Prosecutor Kim asks his father why he has Detective Nam’s phone and the pass code. He lies to his son that he intended to return it to Detective Nam’s family after their grief subsided. When Prosecutor Yoon calls Prosecutor Kim’s father to confirm he has Detective Nam’s phone, he does so. Things are dire as the hearing is set to close, but turns when Detective Nam walks in to testify against Prosecutor Yoon. Detective Nam details all he did under orders from Prosecutor Yoon. But Prosecutor Yoon counters Detective Nam acted alone. When Detective Nam cites the cell phone recordings as proof, we learn the cell phone the police was given had no recordings. Once again it appeared that Prosecutor Yoon will go unpunished. But Prosecutor Kim took Detective Nam’s cell phone and gave it to Father who gave it to Soo Ji. She races to the hearing to deliver the phone but realizes she’ll be too late. She asks Kyung Soo to hack the phone and broadcasts the recording. The confirmation hearing erupts when the recordings that clearly prove that Detective Nam acted on Prosecutor Yoon’s orders are played. The jig is up. Prosecutor Yoon is taken into custody. He admits he did it all to protect the trust in the prosecutor’s office.

Evil Son’s story: Yoon Shi Wan is pleased that Team Lead Kim’s daughter saw his painting and knows he killed Soo Ji’s daughter. He texts her to unnerve her. Team Lead Kim’s daughter is scared and tries to tell her mother about the text but gets interrupted when her mother receives an urgent phone call and must leave. Shi Wan cries crocodile tears of remorse to Team Lead Kim’s daughter and swears he’ll turn himself in to the police and apologize to Soo Ji. Shi Wan tricks Team Lead Kim’s daughter into believing he is considering suicide on a rooftop. She rushes to find him. But instead she finds herself trapped and locked on the rooftop. Shi Wan grins as he descends the stairs. It’s time to play with Soo Ji, the bane of his existence.

My Thoughts

New writer Kim Soo Eun an episode that was so tense it was difficult to watch. My bloodlust boiled watching smug Shi Wan manipulate Team Lead Kim’s daughter. This sets up the showdown in the final two episodes. First, Prosecutor Yoon was finally exposed. Detective Nam’s recordings changed the game. Thank goodness. I was on pins and needles about Detective Nam’s phone and thought the Prosecutor Kim had blindly believed his lying father. I was on pins and needs when Soo Ji raced to the hearing with the phone. I was yelling “broadcast the recording and make a copy”! She had Kyung Soo broadcast the recordings and this cooked Prosecutor Yoon’s goose. I was surprised that he claimed protecting trust in the Prosecutor’s office was the driver. That ridiculous statement is also being touted on Suspicious Partners. It galls me to listen to Prosecutor Yoon justify murder to maintain public trust in Prosecutors.

Second, evil Shi Wan deserves one thing…death. Why? Because he doesn’t see people as people, they are pawns, playthings, etc. I don’t care that he’s young. He is evil incarnate. He bothers me and gets under my skin.

Prosecutor Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang) found his testimony was insufficient against Prosecutor Yoon. It was frustrating knowing all the unethical things that Do Han did on Prosecutor’s orders could not be proven. It was a classic “he said / she said” situation. I was surprised and relieved when Detective Nam arrived at the confirmation hearing. Do Han’s smug smile and Prosecutor Yoon’s worried face made that moment perfect. But even that wasn’t enough. Prosecutor Kim saved the day when he realized his supposedly ethical father was under Prosecutor Yoon’s control and took the cell phone and delivered it to Father who put it in Soo Ji’s hands.

Detective Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) can’t forgive Do Han for not saving her daughter. Could Do Han saved her daughter based on a belief he did not act upon? I’m not sure. But Do Han’s willingness to let father and son continue to propagate evil and watch it happen makes him an accomplice. Why should she forgive Do Han? Should Do Han be forgiven for his inaction and acquiescence to follow Prosecutor Yoon’s orders? Didn’t he put his own script of revenge before others?

Hacker Kong Kyung Soo (Key) broadcast the game changing recordings just in the nick of team. I never appreciated his skills more than I did in that moment.

“I see everything courtesy of CCTV” Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi) supported Kyung Soo and Soo Ji as they reeled with the revelations from the confirmation hearing.  While Kyung Soo received proof that Detective Nam was his mother’s killer, Soo Ji was rocked with Do Han’s confession about knowing Shi Wan’s intent and doing nothing.

Prosecutor Kim Eun Joong (Kim Tae Hoon) didn’t believe his father’s lies about why he had Detective Nam’s cell phone and what he intended to do with it. I worried that Prosecutor Kim did believe his father’s lies. I worried that Prosecutor Kim wouldn’t put the cell phone in the right hands. But it worked out. Thank goodness.

Team Lead Lee Soon Ae (Kim Sun Young) unknowingly walked away from her daughter in her hour of need. We learned what Team Lead Lee’s daughter saw when she uncovered Shin Wan’s drawing. It showed Shi Wan on the rooftop watching Soo Ji’s daughter fall. Frankly that was a bit disappointing because the picture was so big yet only the rooftop scene mattered. Team Lead Lee’s daughter was scared but her confession to her mother was cut short. She had to fend for herself with Shi Wan. Of course she was no match for him. Now she’s his captive and the bait he’ll use to lure Soo Ji. Will he try and push Soo Ji off the roof just like he did her daughter? I’m betting watching the last two episodes will be difficult as my loathing for Shi Wan knows no bounds.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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3 comments on “Lookout – Episode 14
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Just when it looked like Do Han’s efforts had all been in vain, OMO Nam walked 🚶 in the door 🚪 to testify 🎙 about Yoon’s corruption. It was awesome to have recorded 📱 conversations as evidence. I 💗 Do Han’s GOTCHA grin 😁 flashed to Yoon.

    I’m a bit puzzled by the writer’s ✍ choice to have Soo Ji understand Do Han’s choice to allow Yoon Na to die ⚰ in his revenge quest, although she cannot forgive him. While Do Han’s dad was innocent, sacrificing Yoon Na is not the same. Do Han’s dad was not a child 🚸 and he is NOT DEAD‼

    Is continuly amazed at Yoon’s cajones 🎱🎱; he was busted by his own voice and yet attempts to persuade the prosecutor to bury his dirty deeds for the sake of the Prosecutor’s Office; what a joke‼. Yoon was the fool 🃏 who tarnished the prosecutor’s office‼. Don’t kid yourself Yoon, you motivation was 💪 POWER not 🚫⚖ justice‼

    As for Yoon’s spawn, 🐛👦, I didn’t believe his crocodile tears 💧🐊 for 1⃣ second. I was concerned when Se Won ran out to a rooftop garden with 🐛👦 on her heels. Knowing how scared 😱 Se Won was last episode when she saw 🐛👦’s drawing I can hardly believe she ran to stop him from committing suicide. I despise that 🐛👦 counts on the good will and nature of others to take advantage of them. GRRR 😾



    • It was awesome to have recorded 📱 conversations as evidence. I 💗 Do Han’s GOTCHA grin 😁 flashed to Yoon.
      The recording provided tangible proof of Prosecutor Yoon’s evil deed. Without Detective Nam’s CYA recordings, Prosecutor Yoon would have gotten off.

      ’m a bit puzzled by the writer’s ✍ choice to have Soo Ji understand Do Han’s choice to allow Yoon Na to die ⚰ in his revenge quest
      Do Han’s choice can’t be condoned or forgiven. The collateral damage of his personal revenge is unacceptable. Do Han is seriously flawed.

      he was busted by his own voice and yet attempts to persuade the prosecutor to bury his dirty deeds for the sake of the Prosecutor’s Office; what a joke‼. Yoon was the fool 🃏 who tarnished the prosecutor’s office‼. Don’t kid yourself Yoon, you motivation was 💪 POWER not 🚫⚖ justice‼
      Perfectly put. The same faulty flawed self-justifying logic was used in Suspicious Partners and it didn’t hold up there either.

      I’m hoping the last 2 episodes provide this. I will be tense watching these episodes until Shi Wan is permanently stopped.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I just made a comment on Suspicious Partner about the parallel of the Prosecutor’s Office sacrificing innocent people to cover mistakes and corruption to maintain the reputation/sanctity of the Prosecutor’s Office, between these two series.

        Justice Jane will be the ⌚🐶 to get Shi Wan being permanently stopped; I’m even okay if this means the evil spawn (🐛👦) quits breathing.


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