Suspicious Partner Episode 33 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 33 “Reconnaissance” (Part 1) Recap

As No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) walks away he remembers Prosecutor Jang giving him the picture of Bong Hee’s father and declaring he was the culprit. Ji Wook shakes his head trying to clear his mind. He once again remembers declaring he didn’t know who the culprit was.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) visits Hyun Soo in the hospital. She stares at the sleeping man. When Assistant Jang calls she reports there is no change with Hyun Soo. Holy smokes! Bong Hee is startled when she turns and finds Hyun Soo standing in front of her! They stare at each other. When Hyun Soo takes a step towards Bong Hee she says his name. He looks at her and asks if she knows him.

Is he faking this? Finally, at the 33rd episode the promo for the show “amnesiac killer” comes true.

The bat signal that Hyun Soo has woken is sent. Ji Wook heads to the hospital. Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) heads to the hospital.

As Yoo Jung and the police lead Hyun Soo, he passes Ji Wook but doesn’t acknowledge him. Ji Wook wonders what is going on.

Bong Hee tells Ji Wook that Hyun Soo seemed strange. She explains he is undergoing medical testing. Yoo Jung tells them that the texting will take a while and they won’t be able to see Hyun Soo today. They leave.

Ji Wook offers Bong Hee a ride but she opts to take a bus instead. He has a flashback and calls to Bong Hee but decides not to share it with her.

Ji Wook is not an open book kind of guy.

Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon), Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) and Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) discuss Hyun Soo’s waking. Lawyer Byeon asks the child, Kim Jae Hong, why he is at the office. When Ji Wook enters the room Jae Hong rushes to Ji Wook and hugs him.

When Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) comes home she finds a distracted Bong Hee who can only offer a pittance for living expenses and an under seasoned stew.

Ji Wook recalls the day’s events and holds his head.

Lawyer Byeon finds Ji Wook’s prosecutor application and asks if he’s going to reapply. Though irked, Ji Wook shares that freeing Hyun Soo has taken a toll. His helplessness would be averted if he were a prosecutor. Lawyer Byeon reminds Ji Wook that Ji Wook had no life when he was a prosecutor. He admits he fears that Ji Wook might end of up like his father but he gives his blessing anyhow. Ji Wook knows reinstatement is in District Attorney Jang’s hands.

Ji Wook asks Assistant Jang to help investigate his parent’s death. Assistant Jang gets a kick out of Ji Wook needing him.

When Ji Wook arrives at the hospital Yoo Jung tells him that there isn’t physical evidence of amnesia. Ji Wook states the obvious, either Hyun Soo has amnesia or he is faking it. Ji Wook asks Yoo Jung to allow him to speak one-one-one with Hyun Soo. She grants him 5 minutes alone with Hyun Soo.

Hyun Soo asks Ji Wook who he is. Ji Wook says he’s always had a good memory. Hyun Soo says he doesn’t remember anything. It is frustrating not to remember. He’s surrounded by police. He doesn’t know who he is. Ji Wook chuckles that Hyun Soo is still himself. Ji Wook explains he was Hyun Soo’s lawyer. Hyun Soo asks a bunch of question. Just as Ji Wook make a move, Yoo Jung interrupts.

Ji Wook tells Yoo Jung that if Ji Wook has lost his memory, the essence of the man is still the same.

Bong Hee finds Kim Jae Hong at the office. She chides him for missing his exercise class. Assistant Jang and Lawyer Byeon take up for the little tyke and says he can hang out. Lawyer Byeon muses the Ji Wook was a serious child too. When Ji Wook arrives, Kim Jae Hong greets Ji Wook with a hug. Ji Wook asks to speak with Bong Hee.

Ji Wook asks Bong Hee to return to work. She agrees to think about it. He tells her to come to the staff meeting now. She agrees.

At the staff meeting, Lawyer Byeon demands to know if Hyun Soo really has amnesia. Lawyer Byeon believes Hyun Soo is faking it. Bong Hee admits that Hyun Soo’s act is convincing. Lawyer Byeon pokes Bong Hee about her grades. Ji Wook tells them to stop. Lawyer Byeon mentions an old case that might be a valuable reference. Ji Wook smiles that things are back to normal.

While Yoo Jung wants a warrant, and agrees to take responsibility for Hyun Soo’s memory coming back she is denied.

Lawyer Ji finds her studying reference materials on amnesia while she eats. She says eating alone is normal. Lawyer Ji tells her to eat comfortably and he’ll study the case. She smiles. He smiles.

Ji Wook urges Bong Hee not to overwork and head home. He offers to drive her. He assures her he was going that way anyhow.

My Thoughts

Hyun Soo becomes the amnesia patient all the promotion materials for the show touted. I had wondered if the storyline had gone in a different direction and the amnesia wouldn’t appear. But it has and supposedly Hyun Soo has is. There is only one question – is Hyun Soo faking amnesia?

Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) and Yoo Jung shared a sweet moment. Frankly, it is nice to see them have something to smile about.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) returned to work on Ji Wook’s order. They are understandably awkward with each other. The feelings are still there.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) tries to sort out if Hyun Soo is lying and his conflicting memories. He didn’t make much progress on either front. He considered sharing the memories with Bong Hee but decided against it. Typical. I was surprised that he is reapply to become a prosecutor. What happens to his law firm if that occurs?


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7 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 33 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was relieved Ji Wook warmed 🌡🆙 to Jae Hong; in my book how a man 👨 treats children 🚸 and Senior citizens 👴👵 reveals part of his character; Ji Wook passed the test 💯%‼

    I don’t think Hyun Soo is faking 🤕 amnesia…for now; no smirkiness 😏 for Hyun Soo,even when he was by himself. It is not to say he won’t try to fake once he regains his memory. I concur with KJT “Finally, at the 33rd episode the promo for the show “amnesiac killer” comes true.”

    I’m glad to see 👁👁 Ji Wook is coming to realize he was brainwashed by DA Jang. Ji Wook needs to resolve the Daddy issues so our OTP can move forward with their 💕💞 relationship.


    • in my book how a man 👨 treats children 🚸 and Senior citizens 👴👵 reveals part of his character; Ji Wook passed the test 💯%‼

      I don’t think Hyun Soo is faking 🤕 amnesia…for now; no smirkiness
      I agree this is genuine…for now. I did not miss this character at all when he was in a coma.


  2. Beez says:

    “Ji Wook tells Yoo Jung that if Ji Wook has lost his memory, the essence of the man is still the same.” kjtamuser

    My subs didn’t say this (or I missed it) but I find that concept verrrrry interesting. I have issues with people who say if a person doesn’t remember a crime that it’s unjust to punish them.


    • To be fair that was my interpretation of the scene. I’m not as exacting with my recaps because the plot isn’t dense enough. That being said, I agree that losing your memory AFTER you commit crimes in no way absolves you of the crime.


  3. Beez says:

    Just as an aside, I am aware that S. Korea only has a limited amount of surnames and it’s not uncommon for people to be in the same workplace and circles auth the same last names. BUT, we don’t need that particular nod to realism. Why do we have to have Prosecutor Jang and Assistant Jang in the same show with the same last name? I Also realize this is probably a non -issue for S.K. viewers but when I’m learning characters on a new show,this makes me want to pop the writer a good one.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur about amensia not 🚫 absolving one of their crimes and that a person’s personality being the same; a tiger 🐅 doesn’t change his stripes 🐯. That’s why I didn’t understand why Chung in “Legend of the Blue Sea” erased the killer’s memory.

      The captions on Dramafever have the law office assistant’s name a Bang, not Jang.


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