The Bride of the Water God Episode 2 Recap

The Bride of the Water God Episode 2 Recap

The other world…The high priest looks at an image of So Ah and declares that she’s fated to die before Lord Habaek returns to become king.

This world… Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) stands in front of Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) and declares he will bless her so she can waken. He softly kisses her. But this isn’t a simple kiss that twists So Ah to Lord Habaek. Sparks fly for both of them. Lord Habaek recovers first and pushes her away. He declares she is now his servant. He tells her it is an honor to receive a kiss from a god. So Ah is still shaken by the kiss and stares at him blankly. Lord Habaek’s servant, Nam Soo Ri, literally lifts Lord Habaek away from So Ah and carries him away. Once So Ah comes back to earth she is hopping mad. She yells at Lord Habaek. Soo Ri knew the kiss wouldn’t do what Lord Habaek intended because his powers are not functional at this time. Soo Ri schools Lord Habaek that human women don’t like to be grabbed and kissed without warning or consent.

At home, So Ah berates herself for giving into the moment and enjoying the kiss. She imagines Lord Habaek telling her that he is now in her heart. She’s horrified and orders the vision to stop.

Back at blowup float central, Lord Habaek doesn’t understand why So Ah was ungrateful for the gift he gave her. He’s sure she’ll come around. When he remembers how the kiss affected him, he shrugs and tells himself it meant nothing.

We see a cell phone on the river’s bottom.

When So Ah wakes, she has another vision of the kiss. Then she sees how tired she looks. Then she sees how late it is. She can’t believe Yoo Sang Yoo didn’t call her. Then she realizes it’s Sunday.

Lord Habaek and Soo Ri checkout the Sunday activities in the park including skateboarding.  Soo Ri wants Lord Habaek to win a skateboarding contest as they need money.  So Ah arrives at the park and sees the crowd at the skateboarding park. She’s surprised to see Lord Habaek and Soo Ri. Everyone is amazed when Lord Habaek easily nails the tricks (360 spin, ride the rails, etc.). Lord Habaek looks eyes with So Ah. She imagines Lord Habaek telling her that he is now in her heart. She’s horrified and runs away. But Lord Habaek takes after her on the skateboard. She manages to hide amongst a class of Tai Chi.

That was campy!

So Ah sags in relief next to the river. But then she stares at the water and her heart speeds up. She remembers drowning and hoping her father would save her. She stumbles away from the river.

Back at blowup float central, Lord Habaek isn’t happy that he received no prize money because it appeared he was a professional. Soo Ri chides him for not heading his advice to pretend to be a beginner skateboarder.

CEO Hoo Ye needs 5 parcels of land purchased before he can start his next project. His associate reluctantly says the 5K parcel will be difficult to acquire because it belongs to Chairman Shin. His assistant can’t believe Chairman Shin has the crucial piece of land. CEO Hoo Ye smirks that the price will be high.  His assistant gets a call from the driver who has to swap cars to get the wiper repaired. That prompts CEO Hoo Ye to recall So Ah giving his loan officer a piece of her mind yesterday. He recalls Yoo Sang Yoo ripping the wiper off his car. He tells his assistant the repair bill will be more than what So Ah and Sang Yoo can afford.

Sang Yoo isn’t happy to learn the repair bill amount. He tells So Ah the cost is high. She tells him to use their insurance to cover the repair. When he leaves, she hears something but can’t discern what it is or where the sound is emanating from.

Back at blowup float central, Lord Habaek decrees they will visit So Ah at her office. Lord Habaek decides he wants to drive instead of the taxi driver. That doesn’t go over well and the taxi driver kicks them out.

So Ah isn’t happy with Sang Yoo tells her they’ll need to come up with more money to keep the clinic open.

CEO Hoo Ye is informed that Chairman Shin has agreed to meet in 1 hour.  As they wait for a light to turn they notice So Ah dashing across the cross walk. His assistant notes her clinic is nearby. Sweetly when she sees an elderly gentleman crossing at a slow pace, she becomes his shield and matches his pace. Lord Habaek (who has arrived via taxi) notices and CEO Hoo Ye does too. The assistant notes that So Ah looks good in her doctor’s coat. CEO Hoo Ye smiles and agrees.

So Ah is startled when Lord Habaek and Soo Ri appear next to her. Lord Habaek informs her the taxi took half the money she gave them yesterday. He asks why she ran away at the park. He tells Soo Ri he’ll need to train her properly. So Ah sighs that the crazy servant talk is rearing its ugly head again. Lord Habaek informs her she need only provide them a place to live, food to feed Soo Ri (but not Lord Habaek because he doesn’t eat), clothing, and money. Lord Habaek tells her to find the other gods quickly so he can be crowned king. She pulls Soo Ri aside.

So Ah tells Soo Ri that he can’t be led by the nose like this. Lord Habaek says Soo Ri is hungry and he needs water. So Ah snaps they should go home. Lord Habaek assumes she means her home. So Ah corrects him. Soo Ri asks for her help. So Ah tells Soo Ri to go to a homeless shelter. She recalls walking into a group is children eating when she was a child. Group home? She says she cannot help individuals. Lord Habaek counters that she helped elderly gentleman cross the road. So Ah says helping him and helping them are entirely different matters. She declares she’ll call the police if they bother her again. Lord Habaek states he’ll forsake her if she walks away. So Ah is happy to hear it. She walks away. Soo Ri tells Lord Habaek that she hasn’t awakened like they hoped.

Sang Yoo calls her to tell her she needs to return to the clinic. She must sign the paperwork to refer one of their patients. She thinks she hears Lord Habaek but he’s not there.

Soo Ri tells Lord Habaek that confronting So Ah got them nowhere. He sighs that they’ll need to go to the where he buried gold during his last visit 55 years ago. Lord Habaek isn’t happy to be hearing about this option now. Soo Ri explains the gold’s location is where the banished gods gather. But when they arrive the field is now covered with tall buildings.

A man is startled when he recognizes Soo Ri and Lord Habaek. Enjoying the snack, Soo Ri tells Lord Habaek that they’ll need to move while they wait for his powers to return.  As they walk Lord Habaek orders the man to show himself. The man from the eatery pops up from behind a bush. He introduces himself as Joo Geol Rin. Neither Lord Habaek nor Soo Ri recognize him at first. The man surprises Lord Habaek when he jumps on him and kisses him. Lord Habaek pushes him to the ground outraged. Geol Rin laughs they Lord Habaek must have lost his powers. Geol Rin tells Lord Habaek he is in trouble now. Geol Rin runs away. Soo Ri remember him. He tells Lord Habaek that Geol Rin left this other world because of Lord Habaek and Moo Ri.

So Ah calls and arranges to meet someone.

CEO Hoo Ye and his assistant are walking in a parking garage when a woman stops just in front of them. She demands to know why he is there. CEO Hoo Ye ignores her and walk to the exiting elderly man, Chairman Shin, who smiles that his nephew is there to see him. The woman turns out to be a granddaughter. Chairman Shin ignores her pleas for a company and orders CEO Hoo Ye to follow him.

A man exits the elevator as Chairman Shin enters. He informs Chairman Shin that the fifth floor is moving out as directed. In the elevator Chairman Shin grumbles that he spent money to send his granddaughter to medical school. He mutters if she were his daughter he’d disown her.  CEO Hoo Ye tells Chairman Shin he’ll need his help to build his new resort. CEO Hoo Ye offers him double for his land. Chairman Shin laughs.

So Ah meets the man from the elevator who isn’t sympathetic about her request to stay in the building. He tells her Chairman Shin will never approve. So Ah offers to speak to Chairman Shin directly.

CEO Hoo Ye tells Chairman Shin that he’ll sell his land for 6 times its worth. Chairman Shin is a cagey negotiator. They are interrupted when So Ah enters. She and CEO Hoo Ye are surprised to see each other. She tells Chairman Shin that the increase in the security deposit is a hardship. Chairman Shin counters she should pay her rent so he doesn’t suffer. So Ah says she’ll return and discuss it another time.

So Ah is embarrassed that CEO Hoo Ye saw her chastised by Chairman Shin. She hears Lord Habaek voice that she is his servant and must accept this or suffer the consequences. She wonders if this a result of that threat. She shakes her head. She hears someone say they want water. She looks around but no one is there. Then she hears that it is the plant asking for water. When she turns to the elevator, CEO Hoo Ye is there. He warns her she’ll have better luck begging for money from the bank. She tells him to stay out of her business. He cites the crosswalk as an example that she inserts herself in other people’s business. She can’t believe that two men have mentioned that so her. CEO Hoo Ye mentions the wipers but she cuts him off and says her insurance will reimburse him. CEO Hoo Ye says he decided reimbursement isn’t necessary. He asks if that was another example of being in her business. So Ah is forced to agree. CEO Hoo Ye smiles and tells her to reimburse him for the wiper. He gets on the elevator with a smile.

Sang Yoo calls to tell her a patient, Bong Yeol, left.  So Ah says she doesn’t have the energy to deal with it.

On the subway, Lord Habaek stares longingly at the corn dog a young boy is eating. Soo Ri hears Lord Habaek’s stomach grumble in hunger.  Lord Habaek denies it.  Soo Ri recalls Lord Habaek fighting with Geol Rin who ran away when Moo Ra threatened to kill him. Lord Habaek spots a woman watching a video of CEO Hoo Ye’s resort with a woman that might be Moo Ra on her phone. When she exits the subway, Lord Habaek follows. Soo Ri notices too late that Lord Habaek is on the platform. The doors close as both men stare at each other in horror.

As Lord Habaek stands and pants watching the subway pull out of the station, Bong Yeol sees the water vapor come off him and stares. Sang Yoo calls So Ah that Bong Yeol has been spotted from his Instagram account.

Back at blowup float central, Bong Yeol offers Lord Habaek an array of food. Lord Habaek tries to resist the food but Bong Yeol presses it into his hand. Bong Yeol takes a picture of them and uploads it. Lord Habaek struggles not to eat the food ignoring Bong Yeol’s babble.

So Ah arrives at the subway station. Sang Yoo sends her the photo Bong Yeol just uploaded.  She orders him to call the police about Bong Yeol. She sits on the bench and contemplates yet another horrible day. When she looks at the photo she recognizes Lord Habaek.

As Bong Yeol explains his theories, Lord Habaek tells him it ridiculous bunk. So Ah spots both men. She tries to hide behind a newspaper so they don’t recognize her. Bong Yeol gets angry at Lord Habaek. Drawing himself to his full height, Lord Habaek towers over Bong Yeol and declares “I am the god of water, and soon to be king of water country, and emperor of the gods. I am Habaek”. Bong Yeol freaks out. So Ah calls to him. He doesn’t want to listen to her. Lord Habaek can only concentrate on if he should eat the food. Bong Yeol strides to the river. Fear paralyzes So Ah from following. She asks Lord Habaek to save Bong Yeol. Lord Habaek tells her she’s the servant. So Ah calls to Bong Yeol again. He yells that she doesn’t care about him. She starts to hyperventilate as she stares at the water. Lord Habaek notices that.

14 years ago…So Ah stands at the bridge over the river and calls her father but he doesn’t pick up. She’s holding the flip phone we saw at the bottom of the river earlier in this episode. She sobs. Distraught she declares he’ll regret it. She throws the phone into the river. She stands on the bridge and jumps in. She sinks into the water. She hopes someone will save her. She calls for her father. She manages to pull herself out of the river.

Present day…
So Ah clutches her heart. Lord Habaek watches her. Bong Yeol yells at her. He jumps into the river. So Ah tries to call 911. Bong Yeol calls for someone to save him. She struggles to her feet but she can’t help him. Bong Yeol goes under. She sobs. She runs toward the water. Lord Habaek stops her. He tells her to think before she acts. He hands her the food. He wants So Ah and Bong Yeol to get away from him. They are too noisy. Lord Habaek dives into the river. So Ah begs him to come back. She sobs. Lord Habaek tells her to be quiet. He directs her attention to a prone Bong Yeol on the river bank. He wakes. She apologizes. Bong Yeol shrugs her off. Lord Habaek tells her to take Bong Yeol away. Lord Habaek sees his food on the ground. He brushes off the dirt. He yells at So Ah that the food was for Soo Ri. So Ah strides to him and hugs him. Lord Habaek stands stunned. She thanks him. He stares at her.  Lord Habaek hears the high priest intone “It’s fate”.

My Thoughts

Good second episode. The story is layered and we are only starting to see the links between the various characters. This plot is more intricate than most. What stood out to me? So Ah is slowly awakening, Lord Habaek is drawn to her and having human hunger, and CEO Hoo Ye is interested in So Ah.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) wanted So Ah to serve him but she saw him as another crazy person in her life. The best part of Joo Hyuk’s portray is his absolute seriousness as he delivers droll line after line. He is the straight man to the comedic moments that pepper each episode. Lord Habaek’s arrogance doesn’t help much in this world, but it is who he is. When Lord Habaek felt hunger, he couldn’t and wouldn’t accept it or give into it. He clutched that chicken leg like his life depended on it. He didn’t know what to do with So Ah’s hug. This time he stood there stunned.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) was once again poster child for “had a bad day”. Her security deposit got increased and the cranky Chairman Shin refused to lower it, she was embarrassed when CEO Hoo Ye saw her interrupt their meeting and get yelled at, reflexively she pulled away from him afterword only to find out that he was willing to drop the wiper repair bill, then Lord Habaek kept telling her she was his servant and need only provide food, shelter and money. Why she doesn’t fall to the ground screaming is beyond me. Ah, but she did. But that was from the trauma of an aborted suicide by drowning attempt. Isn’t it interesting that the servant of the water god is terrified of water?

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

Check out “The Reason Why” by Yang Da Il, the first song of the OST.


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13 comments on “The Bride of the Water God Episode 2 Recap
  1. studiomarie says:

    I am enjoying this more than I thought I would. It’s a cross between Shopping King Louie and Goblin. I love the banter between him and his servant. I like him because he may appear arrogant and unfeeling but he’s not. He is a god and as such he is not really interested in humans. But I have a feeling that is about to change.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    When Joo Geol Rin spoke I recognized voice; he was in Merchant of Gaekju, playing Jang Hyuk’s jovial, but reason challenged buddy . Demigod Geol Rin is a candidate for sabotaging Lord Habaek; I strongly suspect the list of saboteur candidates will be growing, possibly exponentially.

    Why did So Ah try to kill herself in the first place by drowning in the Han River 🏞? Did she save herself or did her dad her or an unknown person (possibly Lord Habaek) save her? So Ah was clearly traumatized from the aborted suicide. I also found it ironic that the servant (or bride) of the water god is petrified of water 💧💦. It is curious that both Lord Habaek and Hoo Ye found it noteworthy that So Ah’s walked with the grandpa 👴 in the ❌🚶crosswalk; as Kdrama viewers we KNOW getting safely across a Korean 🇰🇷❌🚶 crosswalk is SIGNIFICANT.

    Lord Habaek is quite the character, while he does have an inflated 🎈 ego, but he showed compassion for So Ah, so I don’t think he should be classified as a narcissist. I loved the tenderness of Habaek’s awakening 💋 kiss and he seemed to be affected by the kiss as much as So Ah was. Lord Habaek seated in his clear blowup castle, as if it were his throne throne cracks me up!

    I was rolling on the floor laughing when So Ah heard the plant 🌿 ask for water 💦. Was So Ah awakened by Habaek’s kiss 💋 or did she simply letting her psyche run amok? Meanwhile Lord Habaek was busy having his own awakening … of hunger for food 🍗 and possibly So Ah. While Lord Habaek was ogling food, he also seemed to be disgusted with it or maybe it was him being disgusted with his own hunger.

    I was not 🚫😊 happy the Water Country priest stated So Ah was “fated” to not live long. I hope this is a drama when “fate” can be overcome.

    • Why did So Ah try to kill herself in the first place by drowning in the Han River 🏞? Did she save herself or did her dad her or an unknown person (possibly Lord Habaek) save her?
      Those are two good questions.

      Lord Habaek is quite the character, while he does have an inflated 🎈 ego, but he showed compassion for So Ah, so I don’t think he should be classified as a narcissist.
      When I read your comment I thought of Hyun Bin’s character Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden. He was arrogant (even more so than Lord Habaek), yet he was appealing.

      Was So Ah awakened by Habaek’s kiss 💋 or did she simply letting her psyche run amok? Meanwhile Lord Habaek was busy having his own awakening … of hunger for food 🍗 and possibly So Ah.
      Good question about So Ah. Good insight that Lord Habaek is having his own awakening.

      I was not 🚫😊 happy the Water Country priest stated So Ah was “fated” to not live long.
      The first episode scene where So Ah jumps into the river in 2018 just like she did 15 years prior leads me to hope that because she survived the first leap (don’t know how), she’ll survive the second one too.

    • Swati Panday says:

      hopefully this one is a happy ending. I m still not over the Scarlet Heart Ryeo ending 😦 Wang So yaa… 😥

      Please be a happy ending… in the manga they do end up together so that has me hopeful 🙂

  3. Swati Panday says:

    Is it me or is the Water God a good guy deep down but rough on the edges… Because he did rise to the occasion when need arises. May be some time on Earth will wise him up.. After all time on earth made Thor a humble, caring n responsible guy 😛
    Also the water god is good with a skate… Seems like he was enjoying himself.

    Also does anyone else feel that he cares for his servant n means the stuff he says but then covers up with smug remarks…

    It feels as if So Ah is aware of her family’s promise at some level because she instinctively replies then realizes her mistake n corrects. So Ah’s both jump into the water n her trauma of water makes me curious about the story arc.

    Waiting for the Goddess Moo Ra and the other God of Sky to come into picture.

    • water god is good with a skate… Seems like he was enjoying himself.
      That scene was campy fun!

      So Ah’s both jump into the water n her trauma of water makes me curious about the story arc.
      You and me both. Her story should be interesting too.

  4. Beez says:

    I’m playing catch up but just wanted to weigh in to say that – both of them kissed with their eyes open! lol There’s only one actor whom I like to see kiss with his eyes open and that’s Ji Chang Wook. And then his eyes aren’t wide open. I can’t figure out if he’s in such bliss that they’ve rolled to the back of his head or because he can’t stop looking at the woman he’s kissing. *sigh* *shakes and clears head*

    But I did think it eas very swoony when Nam Joo Hyuk stroked Shin Se kyun’s face. (That might’ve been the previous episode.)

    So far, so cute.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I have been finding Joo Hyuk very swoon-worthy as Habaek.

      It’s finally my turn to say 빨리, 빨리 Beez‼

    • So far, so cute
      Glad you are watching this one. I’m loving it so far. Good observation about the open eyes while kissing. That’s one reason why I love your feedback, you notice these things.

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