The Bride of the Water God Episode 1 Recap

The Bride of the Water God Episode 1 Recap

A new show…I know next to nothing about it…let do this…

A father and son walk to the beach at sunset. The father tells the son that humans in live this world, and gods live in the other world. The gods live in the water country, sky country, and earth country. Gods are sent to this world to make sure the environment is cared for. The kings of the three countries were destined from birth. The water king has the bonus position to become emperor of the gods. He must bring 3 stones together to become the next emperor. The catch is the stones reside with the guardian gods in this world. The boy asks if the water king must come to this world. The father confirms this. The boy wonders why the stones are in this world.

That lays the mythology down succinctly. Water god is coming our way.

2018…A woman in red tosses a flower from a bridge into the river. Now she’ is in the river sinking down.

One year ago…Over a bowl of red water the high priest declares there will be a new emperor after 3200 years of waiting.

A painter slathers paint on an outdoor canvas. He’s painting Lord Habaek. Detail must be difficult with those ginormous brushes. The high priest’s request to see him is relayed. Lord Habaek murmurs he prefers to be left alone. When he hears the water has gone red, he leaves. Lord Habaek learns the locations of the guardian gods. The high priest puts the map on Lord Habaek’s hand and it turns into water and is absorbed. I didn’t catch the name for god of water country, Lord Bi Ryeon is god of sky country, and Joo Dong is god of earth country. The high priest says the emperor must be crowned by the time the red water flows 7 times. Lord Habaek says he’ll accomplish the task quickly. The high priest suggests that he look around and have fun while he is gathering the stones. Lord Habaek declares when he becomes king he’ll eliminate the old rituals. Lord Habaek doesn’t like that the stones are in the human world. The high priest suggests that Lord Habaek discern why that is during his mission. Lord Habaek could care less. The high priest tells Lord Habaek should he need help, call upon the servant of the gods through a metal disc he gives him. Lord Habaek could care less. The high priest says the servant is a woman. Lord Habaek could care less and strides away. The high priest tells him to keep the disc with him at all times.

Lord Habaek doesn’t believe Lord Bi Ryeon, god of sky country, will hand over the stone. He’s taking his servant, Nam Soo Ri, who claims to know everything about this world. Lord Habaek orders clothing and a gift for Moo Ra. His servant wonders how pretty the servant will be.

A man explains his visions to his female doctor. She manages not to laugh but he recognizes she doesn’t believe his fantastic story. He flips out. She tries to calm him, Ma Bong Yeol. An orderly enters, calms Bong Yeol down and leads him away.

Later the orderly tells the female doctor that the bank is ready for foreclose because she can’t meet the payment schedule.

Later the orderly gives the female doctor, Yoon So Ah, a titled to land which she rips up declaring it a worthless pile of gravel that no one would want. She declares once her debts are paid, she’s leaving Korea. She remembers she once got a diamond ring from a rich man.

So Ah digs up the diamond ring. She hopes the ring will help her pay off her debts. She stashes the ring in her pink jacket in the bag next to her. So Ah dreams of living on a tropical island. She sees two strange shooting stars and wishes for money. What So Ah gets is water in the face and knocked to the ground. Lord Habaek cradles her head. He’s naked! Terminator-like time travel buck naked, I like it! Lord Habaek puts on the pink jacket. He wakes her leaving 3 stripes on her head. When she wakes she struggles to her feet. She sees the bag is empty. So Ah screams that she was robbed.

Lord Habaek hears her, and says he’ll get her next time. Lord Habaek wonders where Nam Soo Ri went. He appears wearing Lord Habaek’s travel clothing. Lord Habaek demands that Soo Ri hand over his clothing. Now Soo Ri is wearing the pink jacket! LOL, it looked better on Lord Habaek! Lord Habaek realizes he doesn’t have the locations of the guardian gods. Lord Habaek tries to discern the locations but can’t. He feels that something has seeped from his body. That must be the water that hit So Ah when Lord Habaek appeared. Lord Habaek doesn’t seem to have any powers much to his irritation. He tells Soo Ri to take him to the gate of the water country. Soo Ri says Lord Habaek can’t return until his mission is complete. Soo Ri recommends they call the servant with the disc. Lord Habaek searches his pockets but doesn’t find the disc. Soo Ri is worried about the situation. He tells Lord Habaek he’s got to find clothes other than this jacket. He tells Lord Habaek to sit and wait.  Lord Habaek agrees. Soo Ri dashes off.

Lord Habaek tells himself this loss of powers is only temporary. He reminds himself the same thing happened when he visited sky country.

So Ah walks the same road Lord Habaek walk and complains to the other person in the phone conversation that her diamond ring was stolen.

Lord Habaek closes his eye and repeats “I am Habaek.” So Ah walk to the opposite side of the fountain that Lord Habaek is standing in front of. The fountains shoot water like geysers. Lord Habaek stares at them with haughty pride. So Ah is surprised. The park ranger comes and turns the fountains off. Lord Habaek recognizes So Ah. He walks toward her. She wonders who he is. Lord Habaek calls to her. He asks for her name and address. He says Soo Ri will compensate her. So Ah reminds herself mental illness can strike anyone. She tells Lord Habaek to go home to his family. She turns to leave. He orders her not to go. She sighs. He asks what she needs. So Ah says money. Lord Habaek doesn’t know what that is. She turns to leave. He grabs her and demands her name and address. The orderly sees them struggling and hurries to them. He breaks the hold Lord Habaek has on So Ah. The orderly asks why she has stripes on her forehead. She tells him it’s time to leave. Lord Habaek declares “I am the god of water, and soon to be king of water country, and emperor of the gods. I am Habaek”. That’s quite list! So Ah and the orderly look at Lord Habaek like he is crazy. They turn and walk away. The orderly puts the clinic’s business card in Lord Habaek’s hand and tells him to stop by.

So Ah goes to the police station to report her stolen ring but gets no satisfaction. The orderly tells So Ah the story sounded crazy – buried ring, 2 shooting stars, man falls from sky and steals her ring. She strides away irked beyond belief at her busted evening.

Soo Ri finds Lord Habaek waiting by the fountain. He found them a place to sleep. Lord Habaek reports his powers came back. He points to the fountains and says he turned it on with his power. Thrilled Soo Ri asks Lord Habaek to back stones into gold. It doesn’t work.

Soo Ri leads Lord Habaek to a clear blow up tent near the water. LOL! He shows Soo Ri the business card the orderly gave him. Soo Ri isn’t happy that he spoke to humans. Soo Ri reads the card. Lord Habaek can’t read. Ha! Soo Ri sits on a pink floaty and promises to watch over Lord Habaek while he sleeps.

I’m midway through the episode. I’m pleased with the humor and the unflappable arrogance of Lord Habaek.

So Ah returns home drained from the day’s events. She lays on the couch and mutters she could have paid off the loan with the diamond ring. She remembers meeting the strange man at the park.

The next day, CEO Hoo Ye and his managers walk the resort to ensure all his ready for important clients.

The orderly watches a news report about gravitation pulls as he cleans the floors at the clinic. He tells a space-time continuum occurred yesterday due to gravitational pulls. He wonders if her diamond ring disappeared during it. She smirks at him.

In her office So Ah puts on her backup jacket. The orderly tells her to go to the bank.

At the bank the interest rate goes from 4% to 7% much to So Ah’s dismay. She waits and waits and waits. CEO Hoo Ye arrives and all the bank employees jump to their feet. So Ah watches her loan officer leave her to meet with CEO Hoo Ye. So Ah follows them and interrupts their meeting. She demands the loan officer give her a decision on extending her loan, she’s waited all morning. CEO Hoo Ye tells the loan officer to service the customer. CEO Hoo Ye tells the bank president they’ll meet another time. Angry, the loan officer demands that So Ah apologize to CEO Hoo Ye. He doesn’t want an apology. Instead he tells So Ah he’ll get her a loan. She wants to know why he’d do that. He claims it is his innate kindness. He chides the loan officer and leaves.

Outside, the orderly sees CEO Hoo Ye’s driver remove the business card and complains that it isn’t to be used for flick stuff off a car. CEO Hoo Ye walks up and asks what the problem is. So Ah walks up next to the orderly. That gets CEO Hoo Ye’s attention. So Ah tries to pull him away. He hangs onto the windshield wiper and break it off. Duh! CEO Hoo Ye gets in the car and drives away.

Lord Habaek surveys the humans in the park. Soo Ri reports he can’t find the locations of the guardian gods. Lord Habaek quips that Soo Ri seemed to sleep well though he was supposed to stand guard. Soo Ri complains that he’s hungry. Lord Habaek apologizes for not being able to care for him, but he doesn’t mean it. Lord Habaek start walking and says they need to find the servant of the gods. He’ll offer her the chance to complete the mission.

Back at the office, So Ah decides she must visit the real estate agent about her land. Her GPS flickers as she drives.

Soo Ri and Lord Habaek get out of a truck they bummed a ride from. The driver explains how to get to where they want to go. It makes no sense to Lord Habaek. Soo Ri assures Lord Habaek he can get them there.

So Ah meets with the real estate agent. She willing to lower her asking price. He counters that no one will want to buy her worthless land.

Soo Ri and Lord Habaek arrive at the gate of the gods. Lord Habaek is unimpressed with the location and state of the site. Lord Habaek believes he’ll be able to charm the servant of the gods. If not, he’ll use it. Soo Ri tells Lord Habaek he can’t use it. He says they’ll be able to wipe her memory when they return so there is no need to use it. He believes the burden it would place on a human would be overwhelming. Lord Habaek isn’t happy to be schooled by his servant.

So Ah arrives. She asks why they are there. Lord Habaek and Soo Ri turn towards her. He smiles. She remembers him. She identifies herself as the land owner. She asks if they want to buy it. Lord Habaek says doesn’t need to buy his own land. Lord Habaek approaches So Ah and gently touches her face. He’s pleased to meet his servant.  She smacks his hand away. She mutters she needs to speak with Yeom Mi. She gets into her car. Lord Habaek can’t believe his touch didn’t get him what he wanted. She calls Yeom Mi and asks to see her tonight. She runs into Soo Ri. She leaps out of her car. Soo Ri says he’s okay. Lord Habaek says he’s not okay. Soo Ri says he’s not okay. Ha!

Soo Ri drives the two men but the GPS goes nuts leading them to a mountain dirt road. So Ah yells at the GPS.  Soo Ri offers to drive but So Ah declines. She runs out of gas!! Her cell phone has no service!! Lord Habaek orders Soo Ri to get her what she needs. Soo Ri can’t get her gas or a cell phone. So Ah shakes her head and tells them to follow her. Lord Habaek tells her to rest. Lord Habaek orders Soo Ri to find help. So Ah gives Soo Ri gas money and a gas can. He shuffles away dejected.

So Ah and Lord Habaek stare at each other. She sits in the car. He stands outside. She can’t believe how unlucky she was today. Lord Habaek watches So Ah sleep. When she wakes Lord Habaek is still outside guarding the car. She steps out of the car and offers him the chance to rest inside.  Not understanding that “excuse me” wasn’t the name she called him, Lord Habaek declares “I am the god of water, and soon to be king of water country, and emperor of the gods. I am your owner, Habaek”. So Ah reminds herself that he’s nuts. She asks why he’s a water god. He asks why she believes she’s human. She asks what is a water god. Lord Habaek explains the gods of the water country, sky country, and earth country are nature. So Ah does not understand. Lord Habaek gets in the car and rests. So Ah mutters that he seems normal. She asks if he has family. He says he doesn’t have the same family structure as humans. He corrects her that Soo Ri is his servant, not friend.  Lord Habaek says she’s his servant. He asks why humans need money. So Ah says money means happiness. Lord Habaek says he can give her that, eventually. Lord Habaek says if money mean happiness, she really needs happiness. So Ah gets out and says they should find Soo Ri.

They walk the road. She tells him she’s his guardian for the time being. Once again, Lord Habaek doesn’t understand that “excuse me” is not the name she is calling him and declares “I am the god of water, and soon to be king of water country, and emperor of the gods. I am your owner, Habaek”. So Ah tells him her name is Yoon So Ah, not servant. She requests he address her as Doctor Yoon or So Ah. He stares. She spots a wild boar (that reminds me of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) and grabs his hand. They run. The boar follows. Lord Habaek stares at her as they run, he shifts her hand from his wrist to his hand and takes the lead running. She spots her car. She drops her car keys. She orders them into the trunk. They get in. She shuts the trunk. The boar rams the car. They lay there and listen. When they open the trunk, the boar charges again and again. She throws herself again Lord Habaek and screams. Reflexively his arms go around her. Love it! They hear a gunshot. Soo Ri arrives and opens the trunk. They get out. He tells them he ran into a hunter. So Ah asks where the boar is. Soo Ri says the hunter is chasing it. So Ah stares at Lord Habaek. He returns the stare.

Lord Habaek drives home. So Ah asks why he said he couldn’t drive. Lord Habaek says he couldn’t but now he can. He says it is fun. So Ah is shocked an unlicensed person is driving. She demands to drive. He retorts he is blessing her by giving her a chance to rest. She doesn’t accept this. Soo Ri says Lord Habaek has abilities. She tells him to stop. He does.

So Ah gets out of the car. Lord Habaek asks if this is where she lives. She takes the keys from his hand. She starts to walk away. Lord Habaek tells her that long ago, a god made a promise to her ancestor. She is his servant even if she didn’t make the promise. So Ah can’t believe he’s still harping and calling her servant. Lord Habaek order her to help him and take him to her house. So Ah spins around and says the hospital is where he needs to be. He warns her refusing isn’t wise. She doesn’t care. She’s tired. She asks him to leave. She turns and walks away. Lord Habaek tells Soo Ri he’ll have to use it to waken her.  He warns Lord Habaek not to do it.

Lord Habaek strides to So Ah and orders her to stop. She turns watching him stride to her. He stops in front of her and declares he will bless her so she can waken. He softly kisses her.

My Thoughts

Excellent first episode. The mythology was laid out clearly and followed. I look forward to meeting the gods of the water country, sky country, and earth country. This episode had a nice balance of humor and substantial story. One question – if Lord Habaek does not have his powers, why would it matter if he kissed her to attempt waken her? It won’t work right? I’m watching this because I got a request to recap and I was curious. I enjoyed Nam Joo Hyuk in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I enjoyed Goblin which was a mythology based series. Writer Jung is basing the series on Writer Yoon’s manga. The production values were solid.

Lord Habaek (Nam Joo Hyuk) was imperious, arrogant, and strangely charming. If you had told me that Joo Hyuk would have rocked a woman’s pink jacket, I wouldn’t have believed you. But he did. I loved the litany of identifying titles Lord Habaek barked to So Ah when he mistakenly thought she was calling him “excuse me”. I loved the way he drew out the word money, like she did the first time she said it to him. I liked the way he expected others to do his bidding. I loved the clear plastic castle shelter he used the first night. I loved the way Lord Habaek reflexively held So Ah close to him when the boar attacked. I loved Joo Hyuk in this lead role. I’m betting this show is going to work.

Yoon So Ah (Shin Se Kyung) was poster child for “had a bad day”; two days in a row. Good grief, her loan is due, she has limited clients, her business will likely collapse, and no wants to buy her land. Little does she know that land is sacred to the gods of the other world. Little does she know that Lord Habaek is what he claims to be. Little does she know that she is his servant. So Ah held her own against all the forces that would have crushed a weak woman. She persevered. I think Se Kyung will work in this role.


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57 comments on “The Bride of the Water God Episode 1 Recap
  1. swati says:

    Thanks… I am grateful that u will be escaping this show. So glad to have a place to obsess over the show…

    Will read the recap and comment on the show after seeing the episode.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Sooo glad you’re recapping this series a fan of the manga recommended this one to me. I like these actors and look forward to seeing how they work together.

    Habaek is an interesting character; I also wondered if the Awakening 💋 would work since his powers seem to be on the fritz ✨💥. Habaek had “unflappable arrogance” didn’t seem to be a total narcissist; he protected So Ah. I would certainly risk being “awakened” 💋 by Habaek.

    I wondered if someone sabotaged Habaek’s journey to earth 🌏 to keep him from becoming the emporer. I’m looking forward to this series.

    • Glad you will be watching this one. Strong first episode. I liked that his kiss was soft. Good question on the potential for sabotage.

    • Swati Panday says:

      I also felt that someone must have interfered as its just not possible for so many things to go wrong with a god at the same time. :).

      Hopefully we’ll get more info in future episodes.

  3. studiomarie says:

    Few men can look great in long hair or a skirt. He does both. It doesn’t hurt that Lord Habaek is so sexy. I loved him in Scaret Heart. Seems he can do comedy too. Thanks for the recap.

  4. Kay says:

    Lovely recap 🙂 This is one I have been really looking forward to because of pretty much everything…the mythology, the writer, the cast, the humor. It looks like it will be a fun one 🙂

    • Thx Kay! The first episode was a strong one.

      You know I read your “what to watch” monthly recaps. I’ve got Criminal Minds on the horizon because of Lee Joon Gi. I’m really not much into the police dramas but I must say 2017 police dramas (Voice, Tunnel) have worked for me so I’ve got my fingers crossed.

      • Kay says:

        Same. Police dramas are not my genre of choice, but I agree, 2017 has already given us a couple of good ones. And Criminal Minds is a MUST watch for Lee Joon Gi alone. I really hope it does him justice 🙂

      • Swati Panday says:

        When is this one coming on air??

      • Beez says:

        Is there a blog I’m missing for Kdramas? Spill with a link please?

        • I was referencing Kay’s monthly kdrama lists, which I use to track what I might want to blog next.

          • Beez says:

            Yes, that’s what I thought. Can I get a link? Or is it somethig private?

            • Kay has a blog chock full of information on current and upcoming dramas as well as review. Here is the link to July dramas to watch:
              July dramas

              • Beez says:

                Thanks, kjta. After I dropped my phone in liquid, I lost all of my links to blogs and tons of other stuff I’d collected so Kay’s blog is a new one that I’m adding to my new list. (That’s backing up to a cloud this tine.)

                  • Beez says:

                    Yeah. The app has always done an auto backup but the back up was stored in the phone as well. I’d been using the app long before any “cloud” storage existed. I had constantly updated the app and didn’t notice it had a changed to cloud storage backup option that you had to sign up for somewhere along the way so I never used it. But meanwhile it was backing up but to the phone, no longer to the sym card. I felt confident that it was backing up every night. In fact, in the past, I would get a new phone and the info would automatically fill-in in my new phone from my dym card. Not this time, however. 😦

                    • You story makes me want to verify my own phone’s backup.

                    • Beez says:

                      The part that hurts the most is, that was most of my accumulated trivia and notes about Korean culture such as homilies, slangs, meaning of old sayings that are thrown in as they’re speaking. 😦

      • Jane Tilly says:

        KJT are you going to recap Criminal Minds?

        • Yes I am. Lee Joon Gi is on my must watch list. What’s with all these police dramas “my men” are drawn to this year?

          • Beez says:

            I didn’t plan to but I just binged Jun ki in Two Weeks. I’m on the last episode.

            • I haven’t seen Two Weeks. Thumbs up or down?

              • Beez says:

                Hmmmmm. Probably for you, thumbs up.

                I’m not a big Lee Jun ki fan as he is entirely too pretty for my tastes and nair an ab or bicep in sight.

                Someone had mentioned that Two Weeks is a good drama for guys. I had planned to just watch the first couple of episodes and then skip to the end to see what happens but it was interesting enough that I couldn’t do that. Also, it has actor Ryu Soo-Young who’s filling out a pair of jeans and blue jean shirt that…

                Oh. Sorry. Ahem. So I’m not a big fan of chases in general (and especially hate car chase scenes), and this is a “chase” show (although not a car chase throughout). You just know after episode one this will be week after week of near misses and capture and escapes – just not my thing but it is done well. You’ll probably like it, I think. It’s romantic in a heroic way, but it’s not a romance. And that’s probably also why it’s not my type of thing.

                • Lee Jun ki fan as he is entirely too pretty for my tastes and nair an ab or bicep in sight
                  He is slender.

                  Ryu Soo-Young who’s filling out a pair of jeans and blue jean shirt
                  Glad you got sufficient eye candy.

                  Appreciate your thoughts!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I am a Lee Joon Ki fan, although I wish he was muscular in his arms and chest, his acting skills won me over. Two Weeks is not his best work. Besides Scarlet Heart, I would HIGHLY recommend “Time Between Dog and Wolf” and “Iljimae”. Despite my Joon Ki bias I was ready to stop watching “Two Weeks” as his character seemed extremely reprehensible. Around episode 3-4 we find out he wasn’t so bad and then I grew to like him.

        Ryu Soo-Young was the 👁🍭 in Two Weeks. I read recently that Ryu Soo-Young married the actress who played the baby mama in Two Weeks.

        • I would HIGHLY recommend “Time Between Dog and Wolf” and “Iljimae”
          That’s on my to-watch list 📇. It is difficult to watch past gems when watching current ones.

          • Beez says:

            Those are on my waychlist but I especially want to see Gunman of Joseon. It got a better review on Dramabeans which made me want to see it first… when there’s ever time.

            I watched episode 1 of Circle and it is exhilarating and breathtaking!I should’ve listened when everyone said it was so good.

        • Beez says:

          @Jane Tilly – Wow. I googled it after you mentioned it – they dated for quite a while before tying the knot!

          I first saw Ryu Soo-Young in Bright Girl’s Success (where Jang Hyuk was the main character) and I liked his look – he had something different. But I saw him being interviewed recently and he was calling Jang Hyuk “hyung”. So I googled their ages and was surprised to find he’s younger than JH. Are you watching him in Father Is Strange?

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Beez I’m not watching Father is Strange, I’ve always been hesitant to watch a long series (anything over 30 episodes in my book), especially when all the episodes has not aired. It looks like the ratings have been excellent.

        Here’s the big question: is “Father is Strange” worthy of our precious Kdrama watching time?

        • Beez says:

          Well, if you put it that way… I highly value making recomendations so I don’t recommend just anything. If you ever decide to watch a long drama – I HIGHLY recommend Five Children (Sung hoon).

          Father is Strange is good in that slice-of-life way (which Five Children has as well).

          With FIS,it’s laid back just entertaining enough to be a time filler. You have your usual in-law problems but it’s interesting to see what happens when the new daughter-in-law, who is a high-powered attorney (newly married to Ryu Soo-Young’s character) bucks the societal system and refuses to go along with the (unreasonable by our standards) demands of her obnoxious mother-in-law. I like Lee Joon of MBlack but, imo, they’re not doing enough with his finance which was what the synopsis was about.

          I would not recommend it if watching it would mean you will never get a chance to watch Five Children, which is a drama that I can’t say enough good things about. If you want to see Sung Hoon in a full relationship – unlike how we usually see the formula of – pursuit, happy for one episode, conflict-separation, back together for final episode full of fillers.

          Five Enough had that same formula but you actually get to see the couple navigate their relationship pre-conflict and after conflict in a build up, not just one episode of happiness. And on tip of that it’s funny. And all of the surrounding characters have real good stories too. Things and people you don’t see in Kdramas.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Circle is on my list, maybe I need to move it up on priority❗

        I was planning on “Ruler: Master of the Mask” next.

        Beez you should check out Bride of the Water God,. I thought you started it. I diggin’ it too❗

        • Beez says:

          @Jane Tilly – I am watching Bride, it’s enjoyable enough. I’m just not finding it special.

          I’ve watched two episodes of Circle. I find I’m not in a rush to binge it. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want it to be over too soon or because it literally leaves me breathless afterwards. I find myself going “calm down. Get your breath. It’s just a show”. Maybe I’m holding my breath without realizing it while it’s on so maybe that accounts for the breathlessness. But so far,it’s that good.

            • Beez says:

              When/if you get around to watching it, you’ll see.

              It’s everything I wanted Fabricated City to be. Although, I’ll watch that again once I can see a clearer copy with much better subs and maybe I’ll appreciate it more.

              • I’m going to have to check Circle out.

                • Beez says:

                  You won’t regret it! Be sure to let me know what you think.

                  I’m watching 1 episode a day which is unusual for me. I think that while it does have an ongoing story arc, and the cliff hangers are compelling, it’s more of a full story sort of way rather than the usual Kdrama type of “I gotta know what happens in the very next scene”. You can tell that Circle has a much bigger story it’s telling so you’re not going to have all the answers right now even if you watch the next episode right then. So each episode is satisfying in and of itself as you ruminate over what just happened and the possibilities of what’s going to happen.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I started “Circle” last night. Holy cow 🐄 it is thrilling and intriguing‼. I’m bingeing, I just finished episode 5.

        • Beez says:

          @JT *in my sloooow ominous Stepford Wives’ voice* Welcome to the Circle”.

        • Beez says:

          Bu the way, is anyone watching Reunited?

          I can’t understand why none of the big 3 have it (Viki, DramaFever, or Netflix) and I haven’t wanted to watch it on the “usual suspects” streaming sites because must of them are super buggy now a days.

          I swear they MUST all be operated by the same company cause how else do you explain ALL of them stopped allowing downloads at the same time, all of them got buggy at the same time, all of them switched how they stream at the same time, etc.

          • I haven’t heard of Reunited.

            Ditto on the other websites all having issues making it appear they are multiple faces of a single website. Annoying when the backups to Viki and DramaFever isn’t behaving well when you need it.

            • Beez says:

              First of all it’s starring the same child-actor-turned-recent-hottie that’s in Circle. (He played young Warrior Baek Dong soo and he’s all growed up now.) *I need JaneTilly to give me an emoji of two greedy palms being rubbed together*

              Anyway, it also has some sci-fi going on in that he dies (or something) but he returns and everyone else has grown older (mid 30’s) including his first love. As long as I can’t get Reunited just yet,I’ll finish Cir le first because I don’t want to confuse myself (any further) by watching the same actor in two roles involving the same genre.

        • I have to laugh because I almost watched as well but I as to tired. You guys have me intrigued to say the least.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        WOW,I’m part of the Circle ⭕, I hope that doesn’t mean I have to be chipped‼. KJT 🙋 come into the Circle ⭕…

        Yeo Jin Goo has grown up nicely into a handsome smexy young man. I think the first time I saw him he played the younger version of Lee Joon Ki in “Iljimae”. I would like to see “Reunited”, but not excited to use dramacool.

        Beez, without having separate left and right hands, here is the best I can come up with for greedy hands:

        ((🙏)) 💭💰

        /(/🙏\)\ 💭💋

        I hope you find a combo you like

        • Beez says:

          I choose /(/\)\ – for the rob the cradle hotties.

          Oh darn it! My phone can’t handle copying it.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Cougar‼. ✳RAWR✳

        /(/🙏\)\ 💭💋

  5. Swati Panday says:

    Finally I saw the episode.

    Habaek’s Slo-mo Walk is my new favorite thing. Dude nailed it 🙂

    I was curious about this show for the mytho… I liked Habaek a lot. Didn’t think Baek Ah ya can play arrogant so well 🙂

    Felt nice for the first episode but too many questions.. Lets see how the show answers it.

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