Lookout – Episode 13

My Thoughts — Lookout — Episode 13 (split episodes 25-26)

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. For certain series, instead of a recap, which is a blow-by-blow of the episode, I’m writing a thought-cap of the episode.  I just finished the next episode of Lookout.
Each of the Lookout 16 episodes are split into two. Per Han Cinema…MBC’s latest Monday/Tuesday drama “Lookout” is a 32 episode run…It is a part of a new test split that both MBC and SBS are trying.

Nutshell recap:

Evil Father’s story: Prosecutor Jang Do Han is arrested on the order of evil and powerful prosecutor Yoon Seung to prevent him from testifying at his confirmation hearing. The father is also brought in for questioning. The police allege that the two men switched identities. Do Han agrees to take a DNA test. The police allege that Do Han’s second phone is illegally registered. Team good works together to mitigate the police accusations. Soo Ji fixes the DNA test. Kyung Soo and Bo Mi fixed the phone’s registration. They experience a close call when the police come to their hideout but Bo Mi remains hidden in a secret room. Do Han and Father are released. Do Han apologizes for permanently taking the Father’s identity. Father notes that he hated Do Han’s father and Do Han for too long so it’s okay that he claim the name of the man wrongly accused of killing his mother. Father urges Do Han to do what he must to nail evil Prosecutor Yoon. The confirmation hearing is going Prosecutor’s Yoon’s way as Prosecutor Oh refuses to testify, Detective Nam is dead, and Do Han is under arrest. Prosecutor Yoon is practically giddy under his poker face. But when Do Han walks in to testify, Prosecutor Yoon uses the recess to promise Do Han parole for his wrongfully incarcerated father if he doesn’t testify and he hands over Soo Ji. Do Han ponders his options and calls Soo Ji. He tells her to watch the confirmation hearing live. Prosecutor Yoon isn’t happy that Do Han rejected his offer. Do Han testifies that he saw Prosecutor Yoon’s son Shi Wan take Soo Ji’s daughter to the rooftop. He states he could have prevented the little girl’s murder, but did not.

Evil Son’s story: Yoon Shi Wan lures Team Lead Kim’s daughter to his home. He wants to watch fireworks from the rooftop. As the twosome draw together they smile and enjoy each other’s company. When Shi Wan goes to the rooftop and ensure everything is set to his liking, Team Lead Kim’s daughter peers behind a covered painting. What she sees frightens her and she runs out of the house. Soo Ji is waiting for her as she was considering forcibly entering to retrieve the girl. Team Lead Kim’s daughter tells Soo Ji that Shi Wan killed her daughter. She sobs while shaking from fear. She reunites with her mother who apologizes for not knowing what was really going on with her daughter. Shi Wan’s mother calls her husband and explains that Shi Wan is a monster not the placid pleasing son he portrays. Prosecutor Yoon doesn’t believe his wife. Shi Wan tells his mother that it doesn’t matter what she thinks, he will continue to play the dutiful son and respond to his urges as he see fits. Shi Wan declares no one can protect those they love from him. Shi Wan smiles at his mother and tells her continue to cover up his behavior.

My Thoughts

Prosecutor Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang) will testify against Prosecutor Yoon. It was touch and go, but he escaped the clutches of the police. He declined Prosecutor Yoon’s bribe. He told the world that he witnessed Shi Wan and could have prevented the murder but chose not to. Is his admission enough for Soo Ji? Can Prosecutor Yoon be exposed enough thwart his quest for the most powerful position of Attorney General?

Detective Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) was relieved when Team Leader Kim’s daughter ran from Shi Wan’s home. What does the portrait show? Originally I thought it might be Shi Wan’s fantasy about killing Team Leader Kim’s daughter but instead it was further proof that he murdered Soo Ji’s daughter. The sketch of Shi Wan’s hand on her daughter’s back just before he pushed her was chilling. What else does this portrait reveal? Can Soo Ji forgive Do Han for not saving her daughter? Will she rationalize that Do Han couldn’t have saved her daughter from the monster Shi Wan?

Hacker Kong Kyung Soo (Key) got himself and Do Han out of a jam. Kyung Soo stupidly provided team good’s address on the rental agreement he signed for for himself, his father and brother. That lead the police straight to him. Kyung Soo’s poker face blows. Luckily Bo Mi saved the day when she lured the police away with a false sighting of Soo Ji. Kyung Soo did save Do Han by registering his phone and replacing their phone numbers with local eateries. Kyung Soo sweetly gave Bo Mi makeup and pretty pink cell phone. He scored big with those gifts.

“I see everything courtesy of CCTV” Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi) averted the police from finding the secret room.  While she was pleased with the gifts Kyung Soo gifts, she felt survivor guilt and wondered if she’d ever be able to live in the light not the shadows. Kyung Soo told her once Prosecutor Yoon was convicted they could step into the light and live normal lives together. The wistful look on Bo Mi’s face makes me hope that comes true for our young couple.

Prosecutor Kim Eun Joong (Kim Tae Hoon) found his father had Detective Nam’s cell phone. He urged his father to be honorable but searching his father’s office provided he no longer has blind faith in his father. The recordings Detective Nam made on this cell phone are explosive and could seal Prosecutor Yoon’s fate. Will Prosecutor Kim find them? Will he get them to the confirmation hearing in a timely manner?

Team Lead Lee Soon Ae (Kim Sun Young) learned of her daughter’s dangerous friendship with Shi Wan. Thank goodness Soo Ji told Team Lead Lee about her daughter’s relationship with Shi Wan. Thank goodness Team Lead daughter’s peaked under the covered painting to see whatever she saw. I was tense the entire time she was at Shi Wan’s house. I assumed he would push her from the rooftop just like he did Soo Ji’s daughter. Shi Wan’s confrontation with his mother was chilling. He is EVIL. Now Team Lead Kim knows she was blind to the hard life her daughter had been living that made her easy pickings for evil Shi Wan to manipulate. Shi Wan isn’t done with her daughter yet. What will he do?

New writer Kim Soo Eun gave us hope that maybe Prosecutor Yoon’s evil manipulative abuse of power would be revealed. Watching Prosecutor swear he wouldn’t lie made me gag. Do Han’s testimony isn’t sufficient but Detective Nam’s recordings would change the game. Will the recordings stay in Team Good’s hands or will Team Evil snatch them away?

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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6 comments on “Lookout – Episode 13
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    The episode seemed to be a harbinger ⚠ of more bad 💩 to come. Bo Mi, Do Han and the priest were nearly 🚔 busted, Se Won barely escaped 🐛👦’s clutches and witnesses against corrupt Yoon were cut back to one. We KNOW Yoon is not going to go quietly. What else is in store for the Justice Team⁉

    I was stunned 💢 when Do Han testified 🎙 he could have stopped Yoon Na’s death ⚰. Did he really sacrifice Yoon Na to capture evil prosecutor Yoon⁉. Human life is not to be sacrificed, especially the life of a child‼. In my book how a man 👨 treats children 🚸 and Senior citizens 👴👵 reveals part of his character; Do Han FAILED 0⃣%. Will Do Han’s testimony 🎙 alone be enough⁉

    I thought the special investigation team had custody of Nam’s 📱; how did prosecutor Kim’s dad get it⁉. Prosecutor Kim gave his dad’s chance to come clean; DENIED. I hope Prosecutor Kim willuse the 📱 to prevent Yoon’s nomination and then convict Yoon on corruption charges.

    It was a relief to see Se Won snap out of her 🌿😻”catnipped-cracked out” over Shi Wan‼. Shi Wan described the covered drawing 🖼 as a picture within a picture; I’m curious and hope we get to see it soon.


    • It was a relief to see Se Won snap out of her 🌿😻”catnipped-cracked out” over Shi Wan‼. Shi Wan described the covered drawing 🖼 as a picture within a picture; I’m curious and hope we get to see it soon
      Love your 🌿😻”catnipped-cracked out” phrase. Getting Shi Wan is the story I’m focused on. The young actor makes him so angelic but the monster lies beneath. I want him dead to rights.


  2. Beez says:

    Thank ye ever so kindly, you guys.

    Now that Jane Tilly mentioned Det. Nam’s cell phone, I knew there was something bothering me about that phone being handed over from the prison to Mr. “Righteous” Retired Prosecutor. JT is right that the police had that phone because I remember them saying how long it would take to crack the log-in pass code. What gives?


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Soon Are said a copy of the cell 📱 phone was erased at the police 👮 station. It seems crazy to release the original cell 📱 phone in an ongoing investigation, especially if there was trouble cracking the code. Seems to me either the writer is not familiar with police 👮 procedures or Korean 🇰🇷 police 👮 procedures are not the same as in the U.S.


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