Suspicious Partner Episode 31 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 31 “Remembering Memories” (Part 1) Recap

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) and Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) walk hand in hand. But the pall of her father overshadows them both. Ji Wook wonders what Bong Hee will do.  Bong Hee can’t pretend anymore. She disengages their hands. She tells him they should break up. He asks when she found out. Recently is her response. She asks Bong Hee when he found out. Recently is his response. Bong Hee demands to know why he withheld this from her.  Ji Wook claims it doesn’t matter what kind of person her father was. Bong Hee counters that it matters to her. He counters that it changes nothing. Bong Hee is miserable knowing this causes him pain. Bong Hee knows her father didn’t do what Ji Wook believes but knows she can’t prove it. Ji Wook implores her to look beyond this. But Bong Hee doesn’t want to solve this problem, she wants her freedom. Ji Wook won’t let her go, he can’t, he cares for her. Bong Hee shakes her head and says he’ll stand alone because she’s leaving. She turns and walks away. She cries each step she takes away from Ji Wook.

Once again Bong Hee is right in chastising Ji Wook for withholding. Will he ever learn?

Bong Hee tells herself she did the right thing. She doubts then quickly reconfirms her choice. She wonders where to go.

Ji Wook arrives home and stares at Bong Hee’s door. He enters her room. Everything that reflects the woman he loves is there. He shuts the door and walks away.

Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) is surprised to find an Bong Hee on her doorstep. Bong Hee muscles her way in and asks to stay there for a short period. Ji Hae is nonplussed. Bong Hee explains her mother lives in a 1 bedroom apartment and she can’t return. Ji Hae does understand that. Bong Hee seizes that and declares sleeping on the couch will work. Ji Hae can’t believe it. She asks why Bong Hee picked someone she loathes and who loathes her in return. Bong Hee replies leeching off our someone she dislikes is easier. Ji Hae asks if this is revenge. Bong Hee agrees and reminds Ji Hae she owes her. Ji Hae relents. Bong Hee sags with relief. She murmurs that she hurt his heart badly and wonders if it was the right thing to do. Ji Hae sees her pain and doesn’t comment.

Excellent way to tie Ji Hae into the story. She has a peripheral player so far.

As Bong Hee tries to sleep on the couch, she remembers wonderful moments with Ji Wook. She cries.

As Ji Wook wanders through his empty home, he misses Bong Hee.

The next morning Bong Hee sees a text from Ji Wook delaying the morning meeting until 10:30am. She moans to Ji Hae that she can’t go to work. Briskly, Ji Hae tells her no one else will hire her, so she must suck it up and go to work. Ji Hae leaves for work.

When she arrives at work, she finds Ji Wook alone. She offers her resignation letter. He counters she signed a two-year contract. He tells her to separate work and personal matters. She protests. He states he hasn’t sorted out what he thinks about their relationship yet. He asks if she dislikes her job. She doesn’t. Then do it, and don’t quit is his response. She reminds him that he’ll always be reminded about her father, no matter what he claims. Ji Wook counters that is his problem, not hers. He offers her a break to think it over. She agrees. He dismisses her. Ji Wook slumps over his desk then tears up the resignation letter.

Ji Wook meets with District Attorney Jang about the arson case he prosecuted. Ji Wook says he needs details that don’t exist except with him. He asks why his parents died. District Attorney Jang claims it was a revenge murder. Ji Wook doesn’t understand why the accused wanted revenge for a minor infraction. District Attorney Jang barks that Bong Hee’s father complained constantly then turned up dead at his parent’s home. Ji Wook asks how District Attorney Jang what evidence pointed to Bong Hee’s father as the culprit. District Attorney Jang counters that Ji Wook himself gave him the evidence. Flashback to then Prosecutor Jang showing a young Ji Wook Bong Hee’s father’s photo and telling him this was the man that killed his parents. District Attorney Jang states Ji Wook identified Bong Hee’s father as his parent’s killer. Ji Wook is surprised. District Attorney Jang looks at him in grim satisfaction.

Ji Wook walks down the hallway flooded with the memory of the man that he saw at the fire. Was it Bong Hee’s father?

When Ji Hae returns home, she finds Bong Hee and her belonging waiting for her. She can’t sleep and watches the video of Ji Wook and herself. She smiles and watches it again, and again. She cries.

At morning meeting, Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon), Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) and Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) can’t help but notice that Ji Wook is distracted. Lawyer Byeon asks if Ji Wook broke up with Bong Hee. Ji Wook stares at her empty chair.

At the next morning meeting, the lawyers discuss the no change status of Hyun Soo and can’t help but notice that Ji Wook is distracted. Lawyer Byeon asks if Ji Wook will get back together with Bong Hee. He calls him pathetic and leaves the room. The meeting is adjourned.

Bong Hee continues to languish on the couch. Ji Hae chides her to wake. She realizes she’s got a fever. She takes her to the hospital.

Lawyer Ji and Ji Wook arrive at the hospital. Ji Hae informs them that Bong Hee has a high fever. Ji Wook dashes to her side.


Ji Wook views the sick and sleeping Bong Hee.  She stirs. Ji Wook stares into her eyes. He says her name. She smiles and says she hopes this isn’t a dream. Ji Wook says it isn’t a dream. She gently touches his face. She pulls him to her and they kiss.

My Thoughts

Breakups equal misery. Ji Wook was miserable without Bong Hee. Likewise, Bong Hee was miserable without Ji Wook. The thermometer didn’t accurately reflect her temperature but all that was driven by her broken heart. When Ji Wook heard that she was ill, there was only one response. Dash to her side.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) moved in with Ji Hae after breaking up with Ji Wook. She was right, Ji Hae owed her for sleeping with her boyfriend, being mean, etc. Grudgingly Ji Hae acquiesced. Ji Wook’s broken heart made her ill but it could also be the springboard to their reunion.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) was stunned to learn he identified Bong Hee’s father as the arsonist. He couldn’t believe it. He didn’t remember it. The flashbacks clearly showed District Attorney Jang coaching a young Ji Wook to identify Bong Hee’s father. Why? Who is the real culprit?

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8 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 31 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I would prefer to never see Ji Hae’s wench-like face again. The irony of which is I’ve been watching several older dramas and I keep seeing actresses that I think are her. On closer look, it’s not, but why her? Her face irks me and I’m seeing it everywhere. I thought that’s only supposed to happen (according to Kdrama laws & physics) when you’re infatuated with someone.


    • Her face irks me and I’m seeing it everywhere.
      The actress specializes in irksome selfish women.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Has Ji Wook learned his lesson 🗒 about lying to protect only ends 🆙 hurting 😔 worse by heaping lies on top of the pain⁉

      At least Ji Hae got to pay a tiny bit of penance🛐 for her cheating. LOL to Beez’s “Ji Hae’s wench-like face” comments. Every character I have this actress 🎭 play has been the same type character.


      • Has Ji Wook learned his lesson 🗒 about lying to protect only ends 🆙 hurting 😔 worse by heaping lies on top of the pain⁉
        That’s rhetorical right?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I suppose it is rhetorical; I have some hope 🙏 Ji Wook learned from his mistake. Will it take a third mistake to be the charm⁉📿


      • Beez says:

        “Every character I have this actress 🎭 play has been the same type character.” Jane

        The casting directors must recognize a wench when they see one. haha! But really, I guess it could mean she’s a very good actress. I should remember all the actors that I hated with a passion, then shocked that I loved them so much in the next role, then hated them again. For example, the actor that played Park Min Young’s loveable dad in Healer but then played Man chi in The Merchant and I wanted to kill him. lol


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