Suspicious Partner Episode 29 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 29 “Grace Period” (Part 1) Recap

In the morning, No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) kisses a sleeping Bong Hee. He spots the picture of her father on her nightstand. He stares at his face. He flashes back to the fire and the man he spotted as he cried for his fallen father. He can’t believe it. When Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) wakes, she smiles and hugs him. He forces a smile and hugs her back. But Ji Wook is reeling inside.

Ji Wook broods in the shower. He recalls Bong Hee telling him she had two fathers and one day she’d share her story. He recalls Bong Hee saying her father died in a fire.

I love a broody shower scene! The back lighting in this show bugs me.

As Ji Wook cooks, he’s distracted.

As Bong Hee dresses, she smiles knowing she’s closer to Ji Wook than ever.

When she finds Ji Wook cooking in the kitchen they are sweetly hesitant with each other. Bong Hee can’t believe how much food he’s cooking.

Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon), Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) and Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) join Bong Hee and Ji Wook for breakfast. The food is not to Ji Wook’s usual standards. He’s oblivious.

Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) speaks again to the man, Lee Joon Ae, that set a fire 2 years ago and confessed yesterday but she let go on orders from District Attorney Jang. She tells Joon Ae that she can’t ignore his confession. She’ll have to because he’s recanting it. She follows him down the hall trying to change his mind. Lawyer Ji sees her following the man.

Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) and Lawyer Ji run into each other in the hallway. She’s hoping he’ll ask her out on a date. Instead he asks about the man Yoo Jung was following. Ji Hae explains the man is an arsonist.

Ji Wook asks Assistant Jang to look into his parent’s death. His interested in the culprit. Assistant Jang promises to get right on it. Ji Wook tells Assistant Jang to take it slow.

To distract himself, Ji Wook goes on a cleaning frenzy.

Ji Wook even offers to help Lawyer Ji with the fire case, to get his mind off of Bong Hee’s father. Bong Hee offers to help too. They review the case. Lawyer Ji explains that Seon Il was convicted because he had previously threatened the victim who had killed his daughter while driving drunk.

Ji Hae reminds Yoo Jung that looking into the fire case was forbidden by District Attorney Jang. Ji Hae warns Yoo Jung if she disobeys what happened to Ji Wook could happen to her.

Ji Wook can’t get Bong Hee’s father out of his mind. He feigns sleep when Bong Hee approaches. She gently traces his face and murmurs she can’t believe her good fortune to be dating Bong Hee.

Assistant Jang is grim faced when he returns from investigating Ji Wook’s parent’s case. He hands Ji Wook the envelope containing the results.

Upstairs Ji Wook reads the results. It confirms that Bong Hee’s father was arrested for the fire that killed his parents. He sees the District Attorney Jang was the prosecutor for the case. He cries knowing this impacts him. Assistant Jang finds him red eyed. Assistant Jang admits he knows that Bong Hee’s father was the culprit that set the fire. Ji Wook claims that this won’t affect his feelings for Bong Hee. He says that Bong Hee has nothing to do with the fire. He smiles and trying to convince himself.

The team enjoys lunch. Ji Wook stares at Bong Hee as he comes downstairs. He smiles as he watches her interact.

Later that night he dozes and dreams that Bong Hee’s father is going to attack him. That dream morphs into Bong Hee bringing Ji Wook an extra pillow. She notices heavy breathing. He assures her all is well. He wonders if she came with the pillow to get close to him. She chides him for that thought. They both chuckle.

As they snuggle, Bong Hee asks why Ji Wook became a prosecutor. He explains his father was a prosecutor. He admits he wanted to be like his father. Bong Hee explains she became a lawyer to help people like her father. She notes that she too was wrongly accused. Ji Wook hugs her and apologizes but doesn’t explain what for.

The next morning Bong Hee wakes alone. Ji Wook runs on a treadmill. He can’t get the images of his father out of his head. When he returns home, Bong Hee offers a healthy drink. Ji Wook manages a couple of sips. When Bong Hee goes to kiss him, he pulls away. He claims he doesn’t want to kiss her while he’s sweaty and heads upstairs. She wonders what is going on with him.

Yoo Jung is surprised to learn that Ji Hae now lives in the building she lives in. She tells Ji Hae that moving into her building is overkill. They snipe at each other.

Lawyer Ji recalls Yoo Jung following the man down the hallway. He knows he’s seen the man before but can’t recall the details. Bong Hee says something that trigger his memory. Lawyer Ji is triumphant as he declares the arsonist’s name is Lee Joon Ae.

My Thoughts

Bong Hee’s father floods Ji Wook’s brain. He can’t shake loose from the memories of the fire, the image of Bong Hee’s father as the man that approached him, and Bong Hee’s father invades his dreams. All this adds up to Ji Wook stepping back from Bong Hee right after they’ve become intimate for the first time. She doesn’t understand the full extent of his withdrawal but she knows something is different between them. I’m glad that this is being explored. It was a time bomb waiting to implode their relationship. Can they survive? How long will Ji Wook keep the truth from Bong Hee?

Lawyer Ji recalls the arsonist’s name. He was surprised when Ji Wook changed his mind and offered to help in his fire case.

Bong Hee enjoyed the afterglow but then she sensed something was different with Ji Wook. She doesn’t have a clue why Ji Wook is acting differently and is currently making excuses for him. How long until Bong Hee finds out?

Ji Wook is locked onto Bong Hee’s father and can’t shake his thoughts away. He wants to believe that he can separate Bong Hee from her father’s actions but it is easier said than done. Is Ji Wook falling back into the trap of withholding from Bong Hee? Is he justified to do so?



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12 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 29 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Here is my deep observation this episode: since this show doesn’t require a lot of action like JCW’s previous roles, he’s taking a break from heavy workouts as my observant eyes noticed that MY love handles (the muscles that he sometimes has on his shoulders and that I imagine holding onto in a vice grip) are gone. Great cause for weeping. This is why I appreciate Song Seung Heon so much. A lot of actors, (JCW, Sung Swoony) only work out for their rules that demand it. But SSH is thinking of my needs all year round!

    • This is why I appreciate Song Seung Heon so much. A lot of actors, (JCW, Sung Swoony) only work out for their rules that demand it. But SSH is thinking of my needs all year round!
      If you can believe it, I’ve never seen anything that is listed in Song Seung Heon’s drama list. What is your favorite kdrama that he has been in?

      • Beez says:

        hmmmm. It’s between East of Eden and When a Man Loves (my very first Kdrama). Then it’s My Princess which is a rom-com but is really Kim Tae Hee’s show and he’s just along for the pretty. He’s the “trophy” in the arm costar. lol And I love that because usually it’s all about the guy.

        When I first started watching Kdrama, he was at his peak and he was everywhere. Similar to how JCW has been asked to be the country’s representative and honorary ambassador for various tourism things so SSH appeared on posters for S. Korea and I’d be excited while looking at say, a documentary on Rain, and as the camera pans across Seoul’s busy streets, giant posters of SSH,an actor I actually recognized. Also, I’d be reading articles or recaps on Dramabeans and they’d reference a lot of classics and I wanted to know what they were talking about. Scenes from Autumn in My Heart and Summer Scent were always referenced and SSH starred in both. So since I was his fan, watching everything he had been in kind of caught me up with a lot of the classics. And it’s funny because they consider him a bad actor but I fan-girl defend him that it’s just Marilyn Monroe/Elizabeth Taylor syndrome. He’s so pretty that nobody gives him credit for his acting 😁

        My proof of that statement:!AvE2-hpAQD16pWH3a605IQmny8VY!AvE2-hpAQD16jmBlFOOWZMPN-9uD

        And then I found out he’s best friends with So Ji sub and good friends with Kwon Sang woo. I watched their older dramas, threw in My Name is Kim Sam soon and voila, pretty much caught up and understood the stuff DB would be talking about. But most of those shows were melos but I enjoyed watching Kim Sam soon Soo much, I realized the rom-coms are for me.

        I am watching Sandglass right now because DB always says that to really understand S. Korean culture, that this show is everything. It is the highest rated show ever. It is based around the events that Healer’s back story of the adults touched upon. Very violent times of college freedom fighters opposing their own government in the ’80’s. Which blows my mind because S. Korea is so democratic (American) appearing to me that I thought they’d had these freedoms dating back to the Korean war and arrogantly assumed it was due to our country’s influence. But not at all. S. Korea’s citizens (starting with the college students) risked their lives and took to the streets. I’m not really enjoying the show but taking it in as an enlightening history lesson. Check out this music video that JCW and Park Bo Young are in and it gives you an idea what Sandglass is all about. (Not that they’re in Sandglass. They would’ve been kids when Sandglass aired I the 90’s).

        FYI The uniform JCW is wearing is not military but it’s a high school uniform.

        Anyway, sorry for the lonnnng ramble but SSH represents not only my bias but my own history with Kdrama.

        • I love hearing everyone’s fall in love with Kdrama backstory. I’m excited because I have seen My Princess which I enjoyed so I’ve got one SSH drama under my belt. You characterized My Princess correctly. For a trophy man SSH was appealing and had good chemistry with the real princess of kdramas Kim Tae Hee. Their end of series airplane kiss (if I’m recalling that correctly) was good.

      • Beez says:

        Oh yeah, kjt. I forgot to mention, the actor that you like from Radiant Office is in the video too. 😉

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I hadn’t really noticed JCW’s physique 💪 wasn’t as toned as in K2 until Beez pointed it out. As for Song Seung Heon, I’m sure Beez has seen more than me. I’ve seen Saimdang, My Princess and Timeslip Dr. Jin. I thought he was good in all of these, but didn’t have much screen time nor did his his character seem very relevant in the modern day segments. ✳SPOILER ALERT✳ Poor Seung Heon, his character didn’t do so well with romance 💞💋 in the past or present. ✳SPOILER OVER✳. I’m also curious about Beez’s opinion…spill girl

    Contrary to his words, Ji Wook is letting thoughts 💭 about Bong Hee’s dad impact his 👩‍❤‍👨 relationship with Bong Hee. Ji Wook’s reaction is normal, given the circumstances, however I’m convinced Bong Hee’s dad was framed 🖼, most likely by DA ‘Convict ⚖ Regardless of Guilt’ Jang. Dang it, just when Ji Wook and Bong Hee’s 👩‍❤‍👨 relationship was getting 💞 good.

    We heard 👂 nothing about the murderer this episode, despite the tease of him waking 🏩🛌 up last episode.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      My comments about Song Seung Heon we referring to Saimdang. His modern day role was not very satisfying to me.

    • I have not missed the smirking smile of Hyun Soo.

    • Beez says:

      @JT – you know how you love Faith? I love “When a Man Loves”. (Although I concede Faith is a much better drama in all ways) but you know what they say – you never forget your first love so I can’t really be objective about it. But since it looks like my last post is awaiting approval because of links… and since you asked…!AvE2-hpAQD160hEGc7rrsPyaxGHn

      I think you know what I’m thinking 😉

    • Beez says:

      Oh, JT – I just realized you meant my thoughts regarding that mess called Saim…DANG. First, it’s so unfair to the viewers who have invested so much time into watching a relatively long drama to cut two episodes that,
      (while I doubt it) might have shed some light on the total illogical mess that was going on.

      My biggest problem right off the bat was -why, when everyone else was reincarnated, the actor who played young SSH appeared in the current timeline along with SSH? Basically it’s his young and older self in the same timeline but as a LOGIC MISTAKE, not a Marty McFly time travel device. I would have preferred a time travel trope cause at least that would have had logic to it!

      I knew from that, that it was not going to be a good production. Then to, my main reason for watching was SSH and, as you pointed out, he got very little screen time.

      The premise was great and based on a real historical character. The fact that they had begun to weave the story around a real life famous Italian painting that had the mystery of a Joseon man in it seemed compelling. But alas… we, the viewers, got screwed, as usual. AND I DIDN’T EVEN GET AN SSH SHIRTLESS OR SHOWER SCENE OUT OF THE SHOW! 😭

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Yup, the present day portion of Saim…DANG was a logical mess, which was nuts🌰🐿 as they did NOT have the constraints of following historical events. I also thought it was odd to have two incarnations of Lee Gyum in present day. Of course we must take umbrage with SBS for their scorn of the viewer by omitting any Song Seung Heon “SHIRTLESS OR SHOWER SCENEs” 😭.

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