Suspicious Partner Episode 28 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 28 “The Memory of that Day” (Part 2) Recap

Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) interrogates a man that set a fire 2 years ago, who is now confessing out of guilt. The wrong man is in prison. District Attorney Jang doesn’t care about releasing the wrongly convicted man. He cares about the public perception that the prosecutor’s office makes mistakes and cannot be trusted.

A wrongly convicted man, Seon Il, asks Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) to represent him as he appeal the conviction. Lawyer Ji counters he couldn’t save him before, why believe the outcome will be different this time? Seon Il begs Lawyer Ji to help him. He has no one else.

Lawyer Ji briefs the case to No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook), Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin), and Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun). The purported motive was revenge as the murder victim killed Seon Il’s daughter while driving drunk. Ji Wook refuses the case citing suspicions about Seon Il’s innocence and avoiding fire cases. Recall Ji Wook’s father died in a fire when he was young. Assistant Jang suggests he and Bong Hee help Lawyer Ji. Bong Hee admits he father died in a fire so she’s uncomfortable with the case too. That admission surprises everyone.

District Attorney Jang remembers telling a young boy (Ji Wook?) that a man in the photo (Bong Hee’s father?) killed his parents.

Bong Hee wakes Ji Wook and tells him today they are going on a date. The perks him up. He stares at a necklace he plans to give her. He’s not thrilled with the amusement game room, but gets into the spirit though losing every game to Bong Hee rankles.

As Ji Wook waits outside a pharmacy where Ji Wook picks up Assistant Jang’s medicine, he encounters his second mother, who is pleased to see him. Ji Wook declines her office to get a meal together admitting he is on a date. As Ji Wook starts to exit the pharmacy she spies her mother’s nosy boss and is horrified to hear Ji Wook call her mother. She ducks back into the store. Ji Wook decides to introduce her to his mother. He goes to the pharmacy door and sees Bong Hee. He doesn’t understand why she won’t come outside. He wrestles the door open (cute moment) Bong Hee runs away from Ji Wook and his mother, confusing both of them.

When Bong Hee stops running, she realizes she’s in trouble because Ji Wook’s mother already dislikes her.

Bong Hee’s mother brings pizza and sides to the office. She’s thrilled to see Lawyer Ji. She’s thrilled when Ji Wook arrives. Ji Wook respectfully introduces himself. Ji Wook’s mother is surprised when she arrives. Bong Hee’s mother is surprised too. Horrified Ji Wook’s mother demands to know if he’s dating that woman’s daughter. Bong Hee’s mother tells her to leave their children’s dating choice to their children. The two women verbally spar. Ji Wook walks into a nightmare when she arrives. Ji Wook’s mother is not happy when she recognizes her. Bong Hee tries to leave. Ji Wook stops her and declares they are dating. His mother is horrified, her mother is thrilled. Lawyer Ji and Assistant Jang feign surprise at the news. Ji Wook tells Bong Hee to smile. They both stand there with fake smiles on their face.

Well done scene. The comedic timing was perfect!

District Attorney Jang recalls the fire case. He recalls the man (who he convicted) imploring him that he was working and couldn’t have started the fire. But a young District Attorney Jang doesn’t listen and ignores the man’s pleas. District Attorney Jang mutter that he never told anyone about this case.

As suspected the wrongly convicted man was Bong Hee’s father. Bong Hee tells her father’s photo that both of Ji Wook’s parents don’t like her.

Ji Wook wonders how to give Bong Hee the necklace. She startles him when she packs up her laundry. He tells her they will do it together.

Ji Wook tells her not to worry about his parent’s reactions to her. Bong Hee asks when he’s going to give her the items. Miffed that she knows, he can only smile when he gives her the necklace. She likes it. She rests her head on his shoulder. They are darling as they smile and hold hands.

Cute, cute, cute!

Assistant Jang visits Hyun Soo in his room. He hopes Hyun Soo never wakes. After he leaves, Hyun Soo’s eyes flutter.

Lawyer Ji spots a drunk Yoo Jung and Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won). Yoo Jung dashes to a bathroom. Lawyer Ji steadies Ji Hae as she teeters. He warns her not to overdo drinking. He offers his business card. She wonders what the encounter was about and doesn’t mention it to Yoo Jung when she returns.

When Ji Wook and Bong Hee return from the laundromat, they kiss and say good night. They start for their rooms but stop. They spin and come together for another kiss. The passion flares. They spin into Bong Hee’s room full of hungry need to each other.

That was a good passionate encounter! Ji Chang Wook can kiss!

In the morning, Ji Wook kisses a sleeping Bong Hee. He spots the picture of her father on her nightstand. He stares at his face. He flashes back to the fire and the man he spotted as he cried for his fallen father. He can’t believe it. When Bong Hee wakes, she smiles and hugs him. He forces a smile and hugs her too. But Ji Wook is reeling inside. Ji Wook believes Bong Hee’s father killed his father!

My Thoughts

Passion flares for our couple. That was a well-done scene. Our couple connected physically. It was heated but tastefully done. I was glad the mothers met. I was glad that Ji Wook saw Bong Hee’s father’s photo. We know he was wrongfully convicted by District Attorney Jang. Card are on the table now.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) was a better gamer than Ji Wook. Her horror when she realized who his mother was. Darling scene when she tried to avoid exiting the pharmacy. But when she arrived back at work, the nightmare was reality. Her mother and his mother were arguing. Ji Wook and Bong Hee stood gamely side-by-side and smiled after he declared they were dating.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) took it to the next level with Bong Hee. Their encounter highlighted that Ji Chang Wook is an excellent kisser. Thankfully Ji Hyun gave as good as she got. It takes two to make a scene work, and they both seemed to fall under passion’s spell. Poor Ji Wook learned his mother and her mother don’t like each other. But that was nothing compared to the shock of seeing Bong Hee’s father was the man District Attorney Jang told him had killed his father. What will Ji Wook do?

The ninth song of the OST, the theme song, “Silly Song” by Yoo Ha Jung has been released:



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2 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 28 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I am thoroughly disgusted 😒😛😞😟😤 with DA Jang. Let’s keep an innocent man locked 🚔 up to avoid “the public perception that the prosecutor’s office makes mistakes and cannot be trusted”. Clearly they cannot be trusted. In the flashback 📸 of DA Jang brainwashing young Ji Wook into incriminating Bong Hee’s dad further sickened 😞🤒 me.

    I ❤-ed the moment when Bong Hee realized who Ji Wook’s mother was and barricaded herself in the pharmacy and then ran away, that is until Ji Wook’s mom and Bong Hee’s mom both showed up at the law office. Oh Bong Hee, you cannot hide yourself forever from your boyfriend’s mom; the charade 🎭 is over. I love the way Lawyers Ji and Bang feigned 🎊surprise🎉! LOL! Nothing quite like your boyfriend’s parents disliking 🚫❤ you; except for maybe your boyfriend thinking your dad’s murdered his biological parents (it was the next day before Ji Wook recognized Bong Hee’s dad). Ji Wook may have seen Bong Hee’s dad in the fire 🔥, but I makes we wonder what DA Jang is hiding; it is his own corruption or whose?

    I wonder how much murderer Hyun Soo heard in his unconscious state. Will he have amnesia as he becomes fully conscious?

    I love the apropos way KJT described Bong Hee and Ji Wook’s romantic 💞💋💗 encounter as passion flaring that was “heated but tastefully done”. It was very nicely done. 💋


    • am thoroughly disgusted 😒😛😞😟😤 with DA Jang. Let’s keep an innocent man locked 🚔 up to avoid “the public perception that the prosecutor’s office makes mistakes and cannot be trusted”.
      I echo your sentiments. He’s willing to commit a crime to frame a man. HE should be prosecuted for that. His anger issues bother me.

      I ❤-ed the moment when Bong Hee realized who Ji Wook’s mother was and barricaded herself in the pharmacy and then ran away
      The door wrestle between our couple was simply darling!

      It was very nicely done. 💋
      I appreciate when a kdrama shows passion is a normal progression of expressing affection.


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