My Sassy Girl – Episode 9

My Thoughts — My Sassy Girl — Episode 9

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. For shows that I’m not writing detailed watch-n-blog recaps, I’m writing a “thought-cap.” I just finished the next episode of My Sassy Girl.  

Nutshell Summary: Princess Hye impresses the Crown Prince of the Qing empire. He is ready to marry the Princess. Poor Kyun Woo must act as the interpreter for the Crown Prince’s visit. When the Crown Prince murmurs kindness Kyun Woo must echo his words. The Princess is sad knowing she’ll have to leave her home to ensure her brother’s place as heir apparent. The episode ends with the Crown Prince telling Princess Hye that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Kyun Woo can’t bear to translate the words he wants to speak for himself. Evil Minister Jung Ki Joon got a rude surprise when his spoiled daughter declared she wanted to marry Kyun Woo.

My Thoughts


Longing for a relationship that could never be and sadness about the Princess’s likely marriage was the focus.  Princess Hye was sad knowing she’s have to leave her brother, who was equally upset. Kyun Woo was sad knowing the woman he’s come to care about will never be his. The Princess sadly remember moments of fun with Kyun Woo, knowing they’ll never have moments like that again.

Kyun Woo (Joo Won) had to watch the Crown Prince fall for the Princess. Kyun Woo’s sadness, irritation, resignation, and frustration were all evident. He can’t believe his initial loathing for the Princess has blossomed into something he cannot express. He can’t believe he has to watch another man woo the woman he wants. This episode “three is a crowd” was a correct statement. He can’t believe the evil Minister Jung’s daughter willfully misunderstands his “not gonna happen” response about a relationship with her. He caught the Crown Prince’s statement that he was invited to come, so he knows evil Minister Jung forced this to happen. What can he do? He knows that the Princess is doing this for her brother. What can he say to stop her? Didn’t you love the archery moment when both men vied for the Princess?

Princess Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo) wants to refuse the Crown Prince but can’t for her brother’s sake. At least the Crown Prince doesn’t appear anything other than a nice guy. She’s stuck, unable to tell her brother that she’s doing this all for his future. She cleverly planted a fake letter from Master Min that the Queen, under orders from Minister Jung, secured and brought to Minister Jung. Her flashbacks of times with Kyun Woo were poignant. Both Yeon Seo and Joo Won brought the term “star crossed lovers” to mind. And they haven’t been a couple yet!

New writer Yoon Hyo Je delivered an episode that forced our couple apart while they were physically together. Kyung Woo is in a difficult spot, but the Princess is caught between a rock and a hard space.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good. My episode ranking chart is below.

The third song of the OST has been released. Check out “Because I Love You” by Gummy.

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2 comments on “My Sassy Girl – Episode 9
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I felt so bad for Crown 👑 Prince Won Ja at the loss of his sister. That young actor did such an exceptional job this episode. The only royal family member who isn’t crushed at the though of Princess 👸 Hye Myung going to Qing was the evil 👿 stepmommy Queen. You know that if the evil stepmommy 😈 Queen gave birth to an heir she wouldn’t even bat an eyelash 👁 at murdering Won Ja in a play for power.

    I cheered 📣 when evil 👿 Minister Jung denied his petulant daughter’s demand to marry Kyun Woo. 🚫DENIED🚫

    The flashbacks 📸 throughout the episode helped Princess 👸 Hye Myung and Kyun Woo realize how much they like 💗 each other, this was particularly evident to Kyun Woo. I think Kyun Woo 🎊surprised🎉 himself how much he likes Hye Myung. I liked the Qing Prince and his efforts to get to know and please Princess 👸 Hye Myung, but the Prince is not Kyun Woo.

    I 💗-ed the archery 🏹🎯 rivalry for Princess 👸 Hye Myung. Poor Kyun Woo looked so sad 🙁 as he restrained himself from presenting his prize to Princess 👸 Hye Myung. I was laughing my butt 🍑 off when Kyun Woo was juxtapositioning the present instance of eating chicken 🐔 feet with Princess 👸 Hye Myung as compared to the rather unladylike past experience with spitting and burping. It made me wonder how long Princess 👸 Hye Myung could keep up her ladylike façade before she would snap‼

    Kyun Woo reached his breaking point ⚠ when he denied the Qing Prince’s translation request. While I’m glad ☺ he stood 🆙 for himself, I’m worried how much it will cost him. We’ll have to wait for the next episode to find out‼


    • I agree with everything you’ve said.

      Prince Wonja is darling. He’s so earnest that he grabs your heart.

      I 💗-ed the archery 🏹🎯 rivalry for Princess 👸 Hye Myung. Poor Kyun Woo looked so sad 🙁 as he restrained himself from presenting his prize to Princess 👸 Hye Myung
      Kyun Woo’s relationship with the Princess was a given and now it’s snatched away by another man, a bitter pill.

      Kyun Woo reached his breaking point ⚠ when he denied the Qing Prince’s translation request. While I’m glad ☺ he stood 🆙 for himself, I’m worried how much it will cost him.
      So true. How could Kyun Woo utter the words from another man that he wanted to say to the Princess to express his own feelings?


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