My Sassy Girl – Episode 7

My Thoughts — My Sassy Girl — Episode 7

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. For shows that I’m not writing detailed watch-n-blog recaps, I’m writing a “thought-cap.” I just finished the next episode of My Sassy Girl.  

Nutshell Summary: Master Min is in the clutches of evil Jung Ki Joon and his scar-faced henchman. Kyun Woo and Princess Hye search for Master Min by showing a picture of the scar-faced henchman. With the help of mystery man Choon Poong they find Master Min. Unfortunately scar-face has killed him rather than risk Master Min telling the Princess where her mother was. Upset that her last lifeline to her mother is gone, Princess Hye stops bearing this burden alone and explains the situation to Kyun Woos. Kyun Woo comforts her and vows to help her find her mother. They find a note from Master Min identifying evil Jung Ki Joon as the man that framed the Queen so the King would expel her. Meanwhile evil Jung Ki Joon is working to expel the Princess by marrying her to a far away husband. When the Princess and Kyun Woo return to the palace, the ministers are imploring the King to depose the Princess. The episode ends with evil Jung Ki Joon meeting with the King to force him to marry off his daughter.

My Thoughts

I liked this episode!  Goodness, I’ve waited to enjoy an episode in this series. Questions this episode raised again: Is the Queen really alive? Who is mystery man Choon Poong? Once evil Jung Ki Joon expels the Princess does he expect that he will break King’s spirit? Is his end goal to be the power behind a puppet King?

It bums me out that I don’t enjoy Kyun Woo’s mother or sister. I do like his father even though he can’t figure out evil Jung Ki Joon’s game.

A man offering his hand is a sweet tangible indication of his regard. Kyun Woo offered his hand to the Princess multiple times this episode (coming down the wall, helping her up to return to the palace, etc.) The gentle support that gesture gave the Princess was lovely to see. Master Min wasn’t wrong when he told that Officer Kang that the Princess puts on a happy face but is sad underneath.

Kyun Woo (Joo Won) agreed to help the Princess find her mother. I loved his quiet but firm (when warranted) support and guidance to the Princess. It’s obvious that he cares though I don’t see romance at this point. I’m a sucker for a man that quietly aides. Kyun Woo isn’t showy but he supports the Princess more than anyone else. Joo Won’s size helps in this role. He shields and guides the Princess cutting a swath down the street.

Princess Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo) lost her last link to her mother. That’s a bitter pill. She waited 3 years for Master Min to return with news of her mother or her mother in tow. But that didn’t happen. They saw each other and then scar-face took Master Min away. I’m a bit irked that Kyun Woo stopped her from approaching Master Min. She was understandably upset when Master Min’s body was found. Did anyone else find it odd that Kyun Woo had the Princess go down the stairs first? Now the Princess has ministers calling for her to be deposed and evil Jung Ki Joon ready to force the King to marry her off.

New writer Yoon Hyo Je delivered a balanced episode. The silly was minimal as the drama took center stage.

Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

The second song of the OST, “Permeate” by SE O of Jelly Cookie has been released. Check it out:

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4 comments on “My Sassy Girl – Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was so sad 😞 Master Min was captured, tortured and murdered 🗡. You could see Min’s death had a huge impact 💢 on his good friend Officer Kang. At least Min left a letter with an update on Princess 👸 Hye Myungs mother, the deposed Queen 👑.

    When will Kyun Woo’s foolish 😋 mother and sister wise up to the fact that Da Yeon cannot be trusted⁉. I hope they have enough intelligence to recognize Da Yeon’s hand ✋ in ratting 🐁 out Kyun Woo when the 💩 hits the fan. I can’t wait until Da Yeon is caught and punished for her scheming 😈 deeds.

    I ❤-ed seeing Kyun Woo treat Hye Myung with gentle kindness. The warmth ♨ between them start to come to a simmer. Yeah, romance 💞 is on the way…


    • You could see Min’s death had a huge impact 💢 on his good friend Officer Kang. At least Min left a letter with an update on Princess 👸 Hye Myungs mother, the deposed Queen 👑.
      I appreciated the tie-in between Officer Kang and Master Min. I concur that we know the Queen was alive but is she still?

      I ❤-ed seeing Kyun Woo treat Hye Myung with gentle kindness. The warmth ♨ between them start to come to a simmer. Yeah, romance 💞 is on the way
      gentle kindness is a good description. Kyun Woo’s support was a welcome balm for the Princess. She needs someone in her corner that isn’t just loyal but hopefully also strategic.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      We shall see how long the King 👑 permits Kyun Woo to be supportive of Princess 👸 Hye Myung. I think the King’s patience is about worn out.


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