Lookout – Episode 9

My Thoughts — Lookout — Episode 9 (split episodes 17-18)

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. For certain series, instead of a recap, which is a blow-by-blow of the episode, I’m writing a thought-cap of the episode.  I just finished the next episode of Lookout.
Each of the Lookout 16 episodes are split into two. Per Han Cinema…MBC’s latest Monday/Tuesday drama “Lookout” is a 32 episode run…It is a part of a new test split that both MBC and SBS are trying.

Nutshell recap:
Do Han is no longer under the radar. He visits his father (falsely convicted of being a North Korean spy) to determine if Detective Nam, henchman to evil Seung Ro, interrogated and forced him to confess to a crime he did not commit. His father’s mind is gone. After the visit he meets with the priest. We learn that Do Han is NOT Do Han but rather Kwan Woo. The two step-brothers switched identities in their pursuit of vengeance. Unbeknownst to them Prosecutor Kim observes their conversation. The justice trio suspects Do Han of being their boss. Kyung Soo learns his mother was to be a witness at a retrial for a North Korea spy. Her hit-and-run accident was undoubtedly no accident. She secretly coordinated with Kwan Woo. Soo Ji searches Do Han’s apartment and find the stationary the leader uses to send them messages. Do Han has a hidden CCTV and learns Soo Ji searched his apartment and found the stationary. We learn the special prosecutor is working for the Councilwoman gunning to stop Prosecutor Yoon’s ascent. Now the justice trio knows Do Han is Kwan Woo AND he is the leader. Pretty cool that the notepaper is part of a sketch done by the priest. Putting all the notes from the leader together reveal the sketch. Kyung Soo searches the priest’s room and finds the phone used to communicate with Do Han. He sends Do Han a text to meet. The trap is set. The priest and Do Han meet, both surprised to learn the other didn’t coordinate the meeting. Soo Ji reveals herself informs the men she knows who they are and what their goal is. She calls Team Lead Lee to turn herself into the police.

My Thoughts

Do Han isn’t Do Han! I was surprised to learn the priest is actually Do Han and Do Han is Kwan Woo. These two share a past and a mission for retribution against evil and powerful prosecutor Yoon Seung Ro. Prosecutor Kim strongly suspects Do Han of being the informant against Prosecutor Yoon.  The justice trio figures it out…Do Han is their leader. Soo Ji and Kyung Soo want to expose him but Bo Mi points out he’s just like them…he wants justice.

The justice team – boss Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang), former detective now fugitive Jo Soo Ji, hacker Kong Kyung Soo (Key) and “I see everything courtesy of CCTV” Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi) – trio realized their leader was Do Han.

Kyun Soo’s backstory is revealed. His mother was to be a witness to against powerful prosecutor Yoon Seung Ro and to refute Do Han’s father’s false confession. The person she secretly coordinated her testimony with was Kwan Woo. Is she really dead?

Bo Mi feels empathy for Do Han’s pursuit of vengeance.  She’s more forgiving that Do Han used each of them to achieve his goal to bring down Prosecutor Yoon. Pragmatically she declares “He is like us”.

Detective Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) confronted Do Han. Soo Ji put the pieces of the puzzle together to identify who the boss is. She used her brains. But then she calls Team Lead Lee to turn herself in. That move appears knee-jerk and ill advised. Shouldn’t she work with Do Han to achieve her goal to bring down powerful prosecutor Yoon Seung Ro and his equally evil son to justice?

Prosecutor Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang) is exposed as the leader. Everyone was suspicious of Do Han this episode. Soo Ji, Kyun Soo, Bo Mi, Detective Nam and Prosecutor Kim all knew Do Han’s smile hid the truth of his actions. I’m thrilled to see Prosecutor Kim figure it out. Can he help the case? The system has failed to bring justice. How can anyone believe justice is still possible?

Team Lead Lee Soon Ae (Kim Sun Young) continued to emotionally support Soo Ji while she worked to capture Soo Ji. Prosecutor Kim strongly suspects her of being in contact with Soo Ji. But what unnerves me is watching her daughter fall under the spell of evil son Yoon Shi Wan. I hate to admit it but Shi Wan’s methodical luring is working and he appears to be genuine. Of course he isn’t. That kid is creepy!

* New writer Kim Soo Eun effectively tightened the net around Do Han. The puzzle pieces came together to expose Do Han for who he really was. Do Han’s 10 year plan for justice is flawed. Team good must revector and come together to defeat team evil who seems to have every advantage. They say “All Roads Lead to Rome”. In Lookout, “All Roads Lead to Evil and Powerful Prosecutor Yoon Seung Ro”.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.



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11 comments on “Lookout – Episode 9
  1. Beez says:

    I had a momentary lapse where I thought Worm Face might actually be innocent but by having such a father, perhaps all the smirking and yelling about “you’re the only one who’s not fooled” is just him lashing out anywhere he can under the rule of his tyrant father. But then I came to my senses.

    I don’t like loose writing – why would meticulous Dohan use specialty paper with a hand-painted background drawn by his hidden Priest-Stepbrother?

    And why wouldn’t the Priest have a passcode on his hidden cell phone?

    And how did they find this obscure attorney that Cutie Hacker’s mom was communicating with? Did I miss that? And did I miss who the attorney is?

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m so on the same page 📃 as KJT “what unnerves me is watching her [Soon Ae’s] daughter fall under the spell of evil son Yoon Shi Wan.” I fear 😨 for Soon Ae’s daughter, who is naively falling 🍃 for 🐛👦’s innocent 👼 act. Will she be his next victim⁉. I ❤ Soon Ae for doing her job, but standing by Soo Ji. I also like that Bo Mi has an inkling of Do Han’s perspective for using Team ⚖ Justice. I hope 🙏 the writer can reasonably understand his despicable actions.

    Beez has a point ☝ about loose writing ✍. The vengeful stepbrothers have been very meticulous about their clandestine plans for retribution; why wouldn’t the hidden cell 📱 have a passcode or multiple layers of protection available to The most basic mobile devices, especially since the priest 📿 is under the scrutiny 🔬 of Team ⚖ Justice⁉. The hand 🖌 designed specialty paper might be easier to track down ⏬, than standard paper; however there may be a significance to the design 🦋 . I ❤ Prosecutor Kim for figuring out Do Han’s 🆔 and starting to grasp Do Han’s purpose; I want these two prosecutors to become allies in their fight 👊💢 against the corrupt Chief Prosecutor‼

    I’m also confused about 2⃣ things:
    🔹 the obscure attorney. Who is he and how can he assist Team ⚖ Justice⁉
    🔹 Who’s side is the Councilwoman on⁉. It looked like she was after the corrupt Chief Prosecutor, but seemed to 🌊-r with the corrupt official’s threat. What did she mean when she said she hoped 🙏 the corrupt Chief Prosecutor would “enjoy” the present 🎁, when referring to the evidence coming from Prosecutor Kim. Is the Councilwoman going to nail 🔨 the corrupt Chief Prosecutor to the wall or curry 👋 his favor⁉

    While we are on the subject of the Councilwoman, what is up with her gray 👵 hair and youthful face⁉. Has the dyeing hair 👵 gray trend made it to Korea 🇰🇷⁉. Are they trying to simply make her look older⁉

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Let me clarify my statement “I hope 🙏 the writer can reasonably understand his despicable actions”. I meant to say I hope 🙏 the writer can explain Do Han’s despicable actions to the viewers’ satisfaction; I’m having a hard time trying to justify those actions‼. I think 💭 having Bo Mi starting to understand is leading us that direction, but I’m not there…yet.

    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly – Oh yeah. Right! I forgot to mention Obscure Attorney. How did they figure out who he was? I assume Hacker Boy found him but at the same time,the whole emails saved in a folder that made them nearly untraceable seemed like nonsense to me but since I don’t have any hacking skills so I just decided to go with it all…

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Beez, are you being a spoiler with 4⃣1⃣1⃣ about the 20th episode⁉. I’ll respond with the next recap.

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