Suspicious Partner Episode 23 Recap

 Suspicious Partner Episode 23 “48 Hours Later” (part 1) Recap

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) sees his future-predicting client, So Jung Ha, get hit by a car in a deathtrap crosswalk. At the hospital, So Jung Ha tells Ji Wook this proves his powers of prediction are correct. So Jung Ha sees a vision of Ji Wook weeping over someone. He tells Ji Wook not to cry too much. He assures Ji Wook everything will be okay.

Ji Wook calls Bong Hee and asks to meet her. As he rushes to her Ji Wook thinks that losing people we love is difficult and a common experience. He thinks that life is cruel and finite. They must not waste a moment. He spies Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun), runs to her, and hugs her fiercely. He asks her to accept his feelings and return them. He apologizes for not waiting as promised. He asks her to like him back. She cries. Not knowing what that means, he pulls her into another hug and lets her sob.

I don’t know about you, but letting someone cry unfettered is a gift and difficult to do.

At home, Bong Hee wonders what to do. She asks Ji Wook what prompted him to confess again and request her concurrence. Ji Wook states he felt time speeding past and he couldn’t wait any longer. Ji Wook asks what is wrong. Bong Hee recalls hearing Hyun Soo listening to THE song the murderer whistled. She claims she’s tired which lead her to cry. Ji Wook stares into her eyes. He asks if the problem is Hyun Soo. He asks what she’s figured out.

These two are equal offenders of the “lie to protect” methodology.

Hyun Soo follows one of the guys in Chan Ho’s picture of a trio of friends He observes which apartment he enters. He mutters it’s been a long time.

Bong Hee asks what Ji Wook knows about Hyun Soo. Ji Wook says that Hyun Soo could be the murderer. Bong Hee is stunned. Ji Wook hastens to say this is speculation, he does not have proof. Ji Wook says his gut instinct says his speculation is correct. Bong Hee gets angry that he hid this from her. She reminds him they promised each other there would be no secrets between them. Ji Wook apologizes. Bong Hee snaps he should take back his confession. Ji Wook refuses. He knows Bong Hee is feeling guilty that they defended the murderer based on her recommendation. Bong Hee confirms this. Ji Wook reminds her that Hyun Soo played on her kindness to manipulate her. Ji Wook vows that Hyun Soo will not get away with murder. Ji Wook asks her handle this as a team rather than separate. Bong Hee doesn’t have an immediate response and her eyes fill with tears.

I lived to see the day! Ji Wook was honest! Bong Hee was angry! Ji Wook was clear – join me to catch Hyun Soo!

A man chases his girlfriend. She falls. He yells that she can’t break up with him and they must die together. He pulls a knife. Just as his about to plunge it into her a passerby sees them and scream. The man runs away.

The girlfriend, Yeon Woo, calls Bong Hee. Ji Wook and Bong Hee rush to the police station where Yeon Woo explains what happened. The police officer explains the knife wasn’t on the boyfriend when they brought him in. He states they can only hold the boyfriend for 48 hours. Bong Hee implores the police to find evidence. Inside his cell the boyfriend vows to kill. Yikes!

Ji Wook and Bong Hee drop Yeon Woo off at her house. Driving home, Bong Hee explains Yeon Woo was a friend from her school days. Bong Hee says this is upsetting. Ji Wook holds her hand and won’t let her pull her hand away. Bong Hee recalls his statement that time is passing by. She allows him to keep holding her hand.

In her room Bong Hee thinks about what Ji Wook said earlier. She stares at the hand Ji Wook securely held.

The next morning Bong Hee startles Ji Wook as he exits the bathroom. She declares she is going to live life selfishly. Ji Wook doesn’t understand. Bong Hee scampers away while declaring today is the first day of their dating. Ji Wook is pleased, no thrilled. He coos that he has a girlfriend.

Bong Hee rushes into her room thrilled she finally admitted what she wanted. She’s all smiles.

I lived to see the day! Ji Wook and Bong Hee are now dating!

At the team meeting, Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) immediately notices the warm vibe between Bong Hee and Ji Wook. Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) and Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) agree they had a hard time sleeping because of So Jung Ha’s prediction. Ji Wook starts to tell them about So Jung Ha, but stops. Instead he implores them not to dwell on the prediction. Bong Hee and Lawyer Byeon enjoy sniping at each other.

Ji Wook, another lie by omission, have you learned anything or it is like breathing to you?

Ji Wook takes Bong Hee aside and reminds her that his parents’ friend raised when after they died. Bong Hee confirms he told her this but never identified who his second parents where. Ji Wook admits Lawyer Byeon is his adoptive father. Bong Hee takes the “it is better to laugh than cry” approach as she walks away knowing Lawyer Byeon will condone their dating.

Cute production on the Bong Hee’s flashback of moments with Lawyer Byeon!

When Bong Hee smiles at Lawyer Byeon, he mutters to stop it and walks away. Bong Hee tells herself she’ll never win him over.

Assistant Jang stares at Chan Ho’s picture of a trio of friends. He gets a call that excites him. He motions to Ji Wook that a private conversation is needed. Assistant Jang explains he continued the effort to find who were in the men in Chan Ho’s picture of a trio of friends. Ji Wook reminds him that he cancelled this task. Assistant Jang smiles and asks if Ji Wook wants to know the news or not. Ji Wook mutters he won’t be rude and listen. Assistant Jang counters that manners aren’t needed and stands up to leave. Ha! Ji Wook implores him to sit and share the news. The man on the right of Chan Ho was a year older and in a different high school class. Assistant Jang plans to meet with Kim Min Goo ASAP. Their conversation is interrupted when Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) calls Ji Wook about the identify of one of the bodies retrieved from the roof’s water tank. The man’s name was Kim Min Goo. Ji Wook isn’t surprised.

Ji Wook tells the team that Kim Min Goo went missing in the same time frame the Chef was killed. They agree the murders are connected. Bong Hee admits she heard THE song on Hyun Soo phone. They agree they don’t have evidence. Assistant Jang takes they should find the person in the picture on the left side of Chan Ho. Bong Hee worries that something may have already happened to him. Ji Wook surprises the team when he states the investigation must cease. The authorities must take over. No one in this room should put themselves at risk. Lawyer Ji decides to bring Yoo Jung up to speed. Assistant Jang and Lawyer Ji step away from the table. Ji Wook asks Bong Hee if she is okay. She smiles and claims she is.

Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) and Yoo Jung walk down the hall and run into Lawyer Ji. He asks to speak with Yoo Jung. She notes this is a welcome switch. Lawyer Ji can’t help but remember and smile at his last encounter with Ji Hae when Bong Hee had grabbed her hair during a girl fight.

Yoo Jung agrees with Lawyer Ji’s opinion that Hyun Soo isn’t as innocent as he claims. Lawyer Ji asks Yoo Jung investigate Hyun Soo. Yoo Jung isn’t happy when she assumes that Lawyer Ji is doing this for Bong Hee. She snaps that he swapped her for another woman. The last thing she wants to do is help Bong Hee. Lawyer Ji offers to ask another prosecutor. Yoo Jung grouses she’ll do it. She asks him to remember he and Ji Wook are her only friends. Lawyer Ji thanks her for her help. Lawyer Ji warns Yoo Jung not to personally investigate Hyun Soo because he’s dangerous. He orders her to use burly investigators. Yoo Jung counters that she has experience and can take care of herself. Lawyer Ji agrees but reminds her to be careful.

My Thoughts

Our couple agrees to date. Ji Wook implored Bong Hee to accept his declaration. She did. They are dating. We lived to see the day.

Ji Wook admits he believes Hyun Soo is the murderer. Actually, both of them lie by omission. Bong Hee gets angry at Ji Wook’s lies of omission. Ji Wook apologizes. We lived to see the day. I hope the “lie to protect” is over. I’m betting it will rear its head again.

Lawyer Ji asked Yoo Jung to investigate Hyun Soo. Lawyer Ji warned her to take care. Yoo Jung can’t be the one Hyun Soo will kill next she doesn’t work in the office. I’m worried Lawyer Ji is the second person in the office to die.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) accepted Ji Wook feelings. We lived to see the day.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) was thrilled when Bong Hee accepted his feelings. We lived to see the day.



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4 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 23 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Truer words were NEVER spoken “These two are equal offenders of the “lie to protect” methodology.” At last the truth about Hyun Soo potentially being the murderer of the chef, Hee Joon and the water tank victims, including my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho’s friend.

    Now Ji Wook is hiding the truth about Jung Ha’s death:
    [(🇰🇷❌🚶) × (📱👈)] + 🚚 = 💀⚰
    I think Ji Wook is trying to keep the members of his firm from wigging out, as Jung Ha’s death validates his prediction of “2 people in this room MIGHT die soon”. The key word was MIGHT, it was not an ||

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    That was supposed to be an |absolute|. I think and hope 🙏 whoever it is only has a brush🖌 with death💀. It could be anyone in the office, except Ji Wook. I think Lawyer Jang is the least likely, unless he continues to investigate Hyun Soo despite Ji Wook’s plea for ‘hands ✋✋ off’.

    Was it me or Ji Wook that was more overjoyed 🙃 Bong Hee agreed to date Ji Wook⁉. Now Bong Hee needs to build a more pleasant relationship with Lawyer Byun and Madam Hong who, Bong Hee doesn’t realize, already dislikes 🚫❤ her and her mother.

    On a side note, I ❤-ed Eun Hyuk “scoffing” at Ji Hye, who deserves some humiliation‼

  3. Beez says:

    I think Lawyer Byeon likes Lack of Evidence, a LOT already. I love the teasing that goes on between them.

    Even when he said “admit you two are dating…SO I CAN OPPOSE IT!” LOL

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