Suspicious Partner Episode 22 Recap

 Suspicious Partner Episode 22 “In this Finite World” (part 2) Recap

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) is all smiles as he exits the Bong Hee’s bedroom knowing that tomorrow she will tell him her answer to his confession of liking her. Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) watches the grinning Ji Wook exit Bong Hee’s room. He wonders what is going on with these two.

Unable to control himself Lawyer Byeon demands to know if Bong Hee and Ji Wook are dating at the morning meeting of the team. Bong Hee and Ji Wook glance at each other. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) answers no, cutting off Ji Wook’s answer. Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) tells Bong Hee that maybe Lawyer Byeon has softened his stance towards her. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) is pleased to see Lawyer Byeon coming to his senses. Lawyer Byeon warns Bong Hee he will oppose their dating. Bong Hee doesn’t care. Lawyer Byeon is nonplussed. Ji Wook asks why this is Lawyer Byeon’s business. Ji Wook bans Lawyer Byeon from future meetings and declares the meeting is over. Bong Hee seconds his motion. Ha!

It’s been odd to watch Deok Hwa in comedic relief role. I’m so used to seeing him as the father role. Is that his real hair?

Ji Wook is giddy in anticipation the next morning knowing Bong Hee will give him a response to his declaration. They both dress with care.

Hyun Soo and Bong Hee spot each other. She initially balks but recovers and greets him with a friendly smile. Hyun Soo pulls her out of the path of a local delivery moped knocking the papers out of her hands and the earbuds out of his ears. As they gather up the papers Bong Hee hears the song Hyun Soo was listening to. It is THE song she heard the murderer whistling the night of the murder. She stares at Hyun Soo. He hands over the papers. She smiles appearing not to hear the music.

Writer Kwon loves the “murderer amongst us” theme. It makes me uncomfortable to see Bong Hee interact with Hyun Soo and not be fully aware of his evil nature. Hyun Soo and Ji Wook are both practicing the “keep your enemy closer” methodology. Recalling the prediction that two among the firm will soon face death, doesn’t make me feel any better.

Unable to shake the feeling that Hyun Soo may be the murderer, Bong Hee calls the man that put up the banner, the man that saw Hyun Soo and pretended not to know him, the man that told her Chan Ho was the man, not Hyun Soo. She promises not to expose him but she needs the truth if it was Chan Ho or Hyun Soo. The man hangs up on her. The man recalls Hyun Soo threatening his children and telling him to say Chan Ho was the banner man.

Bong Hee shakes her head not wanting to believe Hyun Soo is the murderer. She tells herself to get a grip and stop feeling and start thinking. She considers all she knows. It hits her, if Hyun Soo is the murderer then she asked the man she likes, Ji Wook, to defend a murderer.

Will this be the reason if Bong Hee rejects Ji Wook’s confession?

Hyun Soo stares at Bong Hee while she ponders. He hopes she does not realize he’s the murderer. He’ll have to hurt if she figures this out.

Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) and Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) arrive at the same coffee shop where Ji Wook is waiting to meet Bong Hee. Yoo Jung approaches Ji Wook and asks if she can join him. He says no he’s meeting someone. He spies Bong Hee through the glass. Bong Hee thinks that she’ll use Yoo Jung as her excuse to Ji Wook. She starts to walk away. Ji Wook grabs his flowers and runs after her.

Ji Wook catches Bong Hee as she strides away. He tells her not to misunderstand. She doesn’t like seeing him with Yoo Jung. Ji Wook promises to be more careful in the future. Bong Hee claims to have changed her mind. Argh! She doesn’t have a decision today. He must continue to wait. Ji Wook discerns she’s upset about something. She claims she felt forced to accept his confession. She asks him to respect her choice. Unable to do otherwise, Ji Wook watches Bong Hee walk away. It hurts.

Drats! So close yet so far! Lying to protect drives me crazy! This series is built around this. Now both of our leads have done this. Are they equal in their lies? Bong Hee now lies when she realizes Hyun Soo could indeed be the murderer. Ji Wook previously lied by omission that Hyun Soo could indeed be the murderer. Argh!

Lawyer Ji meets Bong Hee per her request. She confides that the fear of being wrongly accused isn’t as bad as the fear that she could put a person she cares for in danger. Lawyer Ji asks if this involves Hyun Soo. Bong Hee is surprised. Lawyer Ji smiles and says he’s got a brain too.

I’m glad she reached out to Lawyer Ji. Grappling with a murderer isn’t a solo thing. Ji Wook has confided in Assistant Jang. Bong Hee has confided in Lawyer Ji.

Lawyer Byeon tells Assistant Jang he’s worried he’s the one of the two that will die, per the prediction, because he’s the oldest member of the team. Assistant Jang sees that Ji Wook is distracted.

Ji Wook tells Assistant Jang that Bong Hee did an about face and he doesn’t know why. He notices it has started to rain.

Bong Hee doesn’t have an umbrella and decides to run into the house. As she opens the car door, Ji Wook is there with an umbrella. He asks if this common courtesy is allowed. They walk towards the house together. They stop. Ji Wook suggests they be honest with each other and share whatever they are holding back from each other. Bong Hee declines the opportunity saying her head is a muddled mess. She asks for time. Ji Wook is once again forced to honor her request. He asks if they should avoid any personal feelings during work hours. Bong Hee agrees. They walk into the house.

Did you notice how rain soaked Ji Wook was? That’s what happens to me when I use an umbrella by myself so I opt for a rain jacket. While I appreciated Ji Wook suggesting totally honesty, the timing wasn’t right for Bong Hee. Honesty…these two need to embrace it…ASAP!

Bong Hee tries to focus on the elements of the murder. She decides to meet with the banner man. She’s surprised to find Hyun Soo outside the house as she exits. She covers her surprise. They fake smiles. Lawyer Ji shows up and leads Bong Hee inside. Hyun Soo declines the opportunity to come inside. He knows things aren’t right.

Bong Hee asks Lawyer Ji is Hyun Soo showed up to test her reaction to him. Bong Hee admits she’s struggling with telling Ji Wook that Hyun Soo may be a murderer. Ji Wook finds them outside talking. He gives them space.

Hyun Soo wonders what is going on.

The trial of So Jung Ha, the man that stopped the crime from happening, is underway. Ji Wook notices So Jung Ha texting and tells him to stop. Ji Wook informs the court that his client has reached a settlement agreement with the café but not the man that So Jung Ha fought with. Ji Wook asks for more time.

Bong Hee and Assistant Jang search the neighborhood the man lives him but to no avail. Back at the office, Assistant Jang, Bong Hee, and Ji Wook watch a new report that the man, Mr. Kim, went back to the café, pulled a knife and got into another fight. Bong Hee notes that So Jung Ha correctly claimed that Mr. Kim intended to use his knife. Assistant Jang wonders if that So Jung Ha is correct that two in the office will die soon. Ji Wook says that’s ridiculous.

Hyun Soo follows a man from the photo of the trio of Chang Ho and his friends.

So Jung Ha thanks Ji Wook for his defense. Ji Wook asks why So Jung Ha was texting during the trial. So Jung Ha admits his long-distance girlfriend has returned to Korea. Ji Wook asks if his visions of the future are real or fake. So Jung Ha says it’s real but intermittent. So Jung Ha confirms his claim that two in the office will die. Ji Wook doesn’t believe him. So Jung Ha shakes his head.

At the street corner, So Jung Ha and Ji Wook bid each other goodbye. While texting and walking So Jung Ha enters the cross walk and is hit by a car. As his body flies into the air, we hear his prediction two people in the office would die. So Jung Ha realizes he was in the office as he made the prediction. Ji Wook turns to see So Jung Ha falling to the ground and rushes to his side.

Texting and walking into the kdrama deathtrap of a cross walk is never good.

At the hospital, So Jung Ha is unconscious. Ji Wook calls someone to help convict So Jung Ha to get the surgery. Ji Wook tells So Jung Ha to get the surgery. So Jung Ha says he may die and won’t get the surgery without seeing his girlfriend. He tells Ji Wook this proves his powers of prediction are correct. So Jung Ha sees a vision of Ji Wook weeping over someone. He tells Ji Wook not to cry too much. He assures Ji Wook everything will be okay. The girlfriend arrives. She weeps as he dies. Ji Wook thinks that losing people we love is difficult and a common experience.

Ji Wook calls Bong Hee and asks to meet her. He rushes to her side. He thinks that life is cruel and finite. They must not waste a moment. He hugs her fiercely. He asks her to accept his feelings and return them. He apologizes for not waiting as promised. He asks her to like him back.

My Thoughts

Loss and our finite time on this planet was a theme of this episode. Ji Wook couldn’t keep his promise to give Bong Hee more time to consider his declaration. If So Jung Ha’s prediction is true, Ji Wook knows one more person in the office will die. The odds are one in five (20%) for those that work in the office. Considering that copious tears that So Jung Ha saw Ji Wook shed, it could be anyone in the office as Ji Wook has a personal and professional relationship with everyone.

Lawyer Ji listened to Bong Hee’s predicament about protecting Ji Wook and cut to the chase that Hyun Soo is the murderer. Lawyer Ji is a friend to Bong Hee. I’m glad he was there for her. Is he the one Hyun Soo will kill next? Is he the second person in the office to die?

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) rejected Ji Wook after she realized Hyun Soo was the murderer. I’ve been vocal about disliking the “lie to protect” mantra that Ji Wook employed. Now Bong Hee follows suit. I sigh, I shake my head, and recognize Writer Kwon’s penchant for this is an absolute.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) was rejected. Ji Wook stoically accepted her decision with good grace. But when Song Jung Ha died in front of him, he could wait no longer. He rushed to Bong Hee’s side and implored her to accept his feelings. The question is, will he share what happened and why he is adamant they have to live for the now?

The 7th song of the OST is sweet. Check out “I’ve Got a Feeling” by Ki Hyun of Monsta X.


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11 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 22 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Considering Deok Hwa always plays the villain, I find him very likeable in this role as mentor. And no way that’s his real hair. and I think they exaggerated his wig for this role as it seems bigger! I’m sure it’s fake because he joked about his wig might come off in an episode of Running Man and had all the hosts in stitches.

  2. Beez says:

    JCW holding an umbrella for a woman – made me think about The K2.

    “Texting and walking into the kdrama deathtrap of a cross walk is never good.” kjt
    For reelz. lol

    I actually understand Bong hee’s reasoning of how regretful she is that she made a person with Ji Wook’s self-righteous prosecutor mentality help free a murdererer – I understand that better than Ji Wook’s shellfish that Bong hee will be so torn up over being mistaken and losing her naivete belief that someone else could be innocent the way that she was.

    • JCW holding an umbrella for a woman – made me think about The K2.
      I did not make that connection. And that scene is one of my favorites in The K2!

      I actually understand Bong hee’s reasoning of how regretful she is that she made a person with Ji Wook’s self-righteous prosecutor mentality help free a murdererer– I understand that better than Ji Wook’s shellfish that Bong hee will be so torn up over being mistaken and losing her naivete belief that someone else could be innocent the way that she was
      Good explanation

      • Beez says:

        Maybe you didn’t register the umbrella connection because it is a totally different feel. In The K2,I felt he brought the umbrella in an act of “let me show you what being humane and considerate is and also that I’m more competent in being aware at all times of my employers’ needs compared to these bozos you’ve got working for you who only want to pick up their paycheck.” And in SP it’s more a cheerful, I’m here because there is no place else in the world I’d rather be than here, keeping you from being wet, making you happy and just being in your presence so please like me back!”

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Deok Hwa’s wig 👴 is very oversized and obvious. I swear (#⃣*⃣⚠) it looks bigger than it did in earlier 🐛 🐦 in the series.

    “Texting and walking into the kdrama deathtrap of a cross walk is never good.” kjt
    “For reelz. lol” Beez. Crosswalks ❌🚶 alone in Kdrama are a scary proposition, adding texting 📱👈 is practically committing suicide‼

    Ji Wook’s lies about Hyun Soo are coming back to nibble 🐿 on him, in the form of Bong Hee holding back her feelings; I fear 😨 there will be more severe reprecussions in the future…So Jung Ha’s prediction…anyone⁉

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