Suspicious Partner Episode 21 Recap

 Suspicious Partner Episode 21 “In this Finite World” (part 1) Recap

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) jogs in the morning trying to sluff off the dreams of the previous evening. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) sees him and tries to join him. Ji Wook tells him to get lost. Lawyer Ji knows the anniversary of his parent’s death is coming soon. Even though he is tired, he refuses to let his friend be alone and runs with Ji Wook.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) writes a date in her calendar she titled “meeting dad”.

Bong Hee is all smiles when Ji Wook and Lawyer Ji return from their run. She jokes having 1 man leave and 2 returns is every woman’s fantasy. Ha! They have breakfast together.

Ji Wook tells Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) their investigation on Hyun Soo, the murderer that got off courtesy of Ji Wook, should be paused. Ji Wook relates that Hyun Soo knows what they were doing. He doesn’t want to stir up Hyun Soo right now. Though reticent, Assistant Jang agrees to stop investigating Hyun Soo. But he stares at the photograph of Chan Ho and his two other friends.

Hyun Soo stares at the same photograph. He almost marks out Chan Ho but stops. He considers his next move.

Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa), his wife whose Ji Wook considers his second mother and Ji Wook pay their respects at the memorial marker for Ji Wook’s parents. She says if it hadn’t had been for him, Ji Wook would have grown up with his parents.

At the same time, Bong Hee and her mother visit her father’s memorial marker. Bong Hee’s mother tells him that Bong Hee is now a lawyer that defends the falsely accused, just like he was.

Lawyer Byeon thinks he sees Bong Hee leaving but tells himself he’s wrong.

A man comes into a café with intent on his face. Another man recognizes him and warns him not to do it. The men fight.

So Jung Ha, the man that stopped the crime from happening, meets with Ji Wook and Bong Hee. Ji Wook gets irritated with So Jung Ha, who admits to the charges. Bong Hee reminds Ji Wook he’s not a prosecutor interrogating So Jung Ha. Sheepishly Ji Wook dials it down. So Jung Ha tells them he can see the future. He tells Bong Hee pizza is in her future. Just then Lawyer Byeon comes into the conference room with a stack of pizzas. Ha!

As the team sits down to pizza they debate what happened with So Jung Ha. Lawyer Byeon orders Ji Wook and Bong Hee to take So Jung Ha as a client, reminding them the business is the priority.

Assistant Jang learns from the police that the other man in scuffle had a knife just like So Jung Ha said. He tells Ji Wook and Bong Hee, shocked that So Jung Ha knew about the knife without seeing it. Ji Wook doesn’t believe in So Jung Ha’s ability. Assistant Jang reminds him that Ji Wook believed what a monk told him when he was a young child, that a woman would mess up his life. Ji Wook silences Assistant Jang. Before Bong Hee can asks for clarification, So Jung Ha arrives. He foresees a cup being broken. Lawyer Byeon trips and breaks his cup. The smile is wiped off his face when he foresees that two people in the room may die soon. Later looking for Ji Wook, Lawyer Ji tells Bong Hee he’s out but gives her a hint where.

Bong Hee finds Ji Wook reading a book under a tree. She recalls Lawyer Ji telling her that years ago Ji Wook was to picnic with his parents but they were killed. Lawyer Ji says every year Ji Wook honors that picnic with his parents. Having shared a similar gate, Bong Hee knows this is a lonely time. With that in mind, she joins him. Ji Wook is happy to see her. He provides work to do much to her chagrin. Bong Hee wistfully watches a father teaching his son to ride a bike. She shares one memory she has of her father was the promise to teach her to ride a bike, a promise he couldn’t keep. Ji Wook declares today is the day she’ll learn.

Ji Wook pushes Bong Hee around on this bike. She stops when she recognizes the man that grabbed her but on the subway (she erroneously accused Ji Wook of this in the first episode of the series). She yells at him. He freezes, hops on his bike, and tries to escape. But Bong Hee charts an intercept course. He tries to run but she stops him using a nifty off the tree spin move. She grabs the memory card from his hands (he was taking pictures of women at the park). She can’t believe he hasn’t changed his ways. The man hangs his head in shame. He notes her life has been hard too. He states her former apartment complex has had multiple murders. He mentions the rooftop. He confides he’s moved because of this. Ji Wook stares at the man having overheard his claims.

After the police take the man away, Ji Wook scolds Bong Hee for her bike skills. She admits she taught herself after her father died. Ha!

Bong Hee can’t get the man out of her. She remembers him describing seeing something the night her ex-boyfriend was killed. Ji Wook remembers thinking that if Ji Wook saw something the night her ex-boyfriend was killed, she could have been targeted for that. They agree to check it out.

They arrive at Bong Hee’s old neighborhood. Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) and Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) arrive at the same time. Recall they are reinvestigating the murder of District Attorney Jang’s son (Bong Hee’s ex-boyfriend and Ji Hae’s ex-boyfriend for that matter). Ji Wook and Yoo Jung watch Bong Hee and Ji Hae bicker. Ji Wook comments life isn’t dull with Bong Hee around. Yoo Jung wonders if he’s interested to make her jealous. Ji Wook tells her to think whatever she likes. They both go in different directions.

On the rooftop, Ji Wook smells the rotting body. He sees fluid. The police are called and the body is taken away. Bong Hee tells Ji Wook if she was targeted and her ex-boyfriend was killed because she witnessed something, she’d feel terribly wronged. Ji Wook takes her hand in support.

Hyun Soo views the scene from his bike. He tells himself everything will be okay because he left no trace.

When they return home, Bong Hee heads into her room, leaving Ji Wook wanting to connect but able to. He can’t stay away. He apologizes for not finding the body when he was her prosecutor. Bong Hee chides that the line between personal and professional is too blurred now. She declares she will tell him her answer to his confession of liking her…tomorrow. Ji Wook is thrilled. Bong Hee is all smiles. As Ji Wook leaves the room he tells her he approves of her techniques. She retorts she learned it from him. He grins as he exits the room.

My Thoughts

The rooftop body disposal is revealed. Ji Wook and Bong Hee find the silo with the body(s). Are these the baseline murder victims that Hyun Soo killed? Will this help or hurt the reinvestigation into District Attorney Jang’s son’s murder. I did find the man that can see things before they happen interesting. Will they have him meet Hyun Soo?

Lawyer Ji knew it was the anniversary of the death of Ji Wook’s parents. I don’t like that Lawyer Ji betrayed Ji Wook with Yoo Jung. I do like that he is sincerely sorry and doggedly works to stay in Ji Wook’s life.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) agreed to accept or reject Ji Wook tomorrow. I like that this twosome seems more comfortable with each other. They are more in sync. They share more than they know.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) sweetly hopes that Bong Hee will accept his feelings. Ji Wook is darling. Bong Hee is an idiot if she rejects him. Has he made mistakes? Yes. Will his lies about Hyun Soo come back to bite him? Yes. Can they be overcome? Yes. I’m ready for our couple to become a couple.



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15 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 21 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I can’t seem to catch up and stay current on this show.

    “… (Bong Hee’s ex-boyfriend and Ji Hae’s ex-boyfriend for that matter).” kjt

    The Skank was never Prosecutor Son Scum’s girlfriend. He acknowledged Bong hee as his girlfriend which is why he sent The Skank on without him in order to try to smooth things over with Bong hee. He didn’t care if The Skank saw him place Bong hee first and was fine with that because he and The Skank knew who his girlfriend was. The Skank was just skankin’ it up with The Scum.

    I have a horrible suspicion that Bong hee’s dad will be the man Ji Wook’s mom #2 is referring to as the cause of Ji Wook’s parent’s death because the death anniversary is the same day.

    • The Skank was never Prosecutor Son Scum’s girlfriend. He acknowledged Bong hee as his girlfriend which is why he sent The Skank on without him in order to try to smooth things over with Bong hee.
      After Bong Hee and Prosecutor Son broke up, they were girlfriend and boyfriend until his murder.

      I have a horrible suspicion that Bong hee’s dad will be the man Ji Wook’s mom #2 is referring to as the cause of Ji Wook’s parent’s death because the death anniversary is the same day

      • Beez says:

        “After Bong Hee and Prosecutor Son broke up, they were girlfriend and boyfriend until his murder.”

        Were they? I didn’t remember that. Well she certainly didn’t seem all that broken up over his death. Skankarilla that she is.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I recall Hee Joon and “Skankarilla” did seem to be going together publically after Bong Hee broke 💔🆙 with the cheater.

        Hee Joon and “Skankarilla” were dating 👫 up until his untimely death ⚰. I recall “Skankarilla” being rather upset 🗣 about Hee Joon’s murder 🗡 and losing control accusing Bong Hee of being the murderer 🗡✊.

        • Beez says:

          Thanks for the reminder you guys. ‘Cause I don’t care enough about Le Skanks to go back and rewatch then skankin’ it up.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Yup, I concur with Beez “I have a horrible suspicion that Bong hee’s dad will be the man Ji Wook’s mom #2 is referring to as the cause of Ji Wook’s parent’s death because the death anniversary is the same day.”. I hope Bong Hee’s dad really is not the cause, but wouldn’t be 🎊 surprised🎉 if Bong Hee’s dad was blamed.

    In an earlier episode I thought I saw Hyun Soo dump a body bag in the rooftop water tank the night 🌃 of Hee Joon’s murder, which Hyun Soo thought Bong Hee witnessed. I figured I was wrong, since there was nothing seemed to be reported 🚓; I had not considered the apartment building 🏢 would have been unoccupied.

    I wondered if my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho was one of the bodies. Then again, I don’t think Hyun Soo can afford to have his fall guy’s body discovered as a murder victim. If my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho turned up as a murder victim the police 👮 might doubt he was the chef’s murderer.

    • Beez says:

      @jT – that’s true. I hadn’t thought about that. I just assumed the fresh body would be Forensics Guy. But you’re right. That would put their suspicion back on Murderer Guy. I’m assuming there were two bodies, one old & one new because one of the stretchers was almost flat as of it was just bones and the other looked like a body.

      You know, that picture of Forensics Guy with his friends? I never got the connection our defense lawyers made of deciding one of them must have bought the shoes for Bong hee. Everybody has pictures all over the world with lots of people. How can they just assume “two guys, possibly friends, in a picture with Forensics Guy so one must be his accomplice”. Did I miss something that links them to the crime?

    • Jane Tilly says:

      We saw two bodybags hauled away, it would be logical that one was from the night 🌃 of Hee Joon’s murder 🗡 we have no idea 💡 about when the other one was dumped. Could it be the other guy in the picture (that had not been ❌-ed out) that Hyun Soo was stalking 🔭 at the airport 🛩⁉

      Why is Hyun Soo targeting 🔘 my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho’s friends when my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho was his accomplice⁉

    • I wondered if my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho was one of the bodies.
      Good question. Where is your sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho’s body?

      • Beez says:

        I’m holding out against hope that the fact that Murderer Guy could not scratch out Chan ho’s picture might mean he couldn’t bring himself to kill him. I know it’s a very slim chance but…

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think I’m holding out 🛐 like Beez that my sweet 🍭-faced Chan-faced Chan Ho might be alive somewhere… does the murderous Hyun Soo have a glimmer ✨ of humanity⁉

        • Beez says:

          Actually, if he only murdered rapists, I’d have no problem with him. That sounds pretty bad but… there it is.

    • imberreader says:

      I’ve not watched this episode, but of course, I spoiled myself. What genuinely surprised me was that The Pervert, the one from metro, is still alive. When we met him 2nd time, when he came to Ji Wook as prosecutor to confess his crimes, he said he had witnessed something horrible and was afraid he’d die, so he’d prefer jail. It didn’t seem like he got put in jail and I thought he was the body Hyun Soo thought Bong Hee see saw him dumping. But since he appeared in this episode…. Why did Hyun Soo go around murdering only one of the possible witnesses? Not both? I am curious about that.

      • Beez says:

        @imberremember – I’m guessing Murderer Hyu Soo didn’t see Pervert Guy. He couldn’t have seen who was looking at him very well or he would’ve waited to kill Bong hee instead of Useless Cheater. (Sorry, I have a really hard time remembering the Korean names.)

      • imberreader says:

        It was kind of implied he saw the Pervert Guy, but I’d have to rewatch the episode to know for sure. (And of course, it’s okay, I have hard time remembering them, too, especially if they’re rarely mentioned.)

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