Lookout – Episode 5

My Thoughts — Lookout — Episode 5 (split episodes 9-10)

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. For certain series, instead of a recap, which is a blow-by-blow of the episode, I’m writing a thought-cap of the episode.  I just finished episode 5 (split episodes 9 and 10) of Lookout.
Each of the Lookout 16 episodes are split into two. Per Han Cinema…MBC’s latest Monday/Tuesday drama “Lookout” is a 32 episode run…It is a part of a new test split that both MBC and SBS are trying.

My Thoughts

* This is getting good!
 The justice team  – former detective now fugitive Jo Soo Ji, hacker, Kong Kyung Soo (Key) and “I see everything courtesy of CCTV” Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi) – were almost exposed but escaped capture. I was tense when Soo Ji and Kyung Soo had the police bearing down on them simultaneously. They avoided capture and I breathed a sigh of relief. Bo Mi stared at a family photo and had a flashback that seemed to indicate her family was murdered but she escape. I want to know more.

* The powerful prosecutor Yoon Seung Ro manipulates with an impassive face. He appears relaxed and almost bored but he’s able to discern intent and break down resolve quickly. Truly his son (Yoon Shi Wan) learned from the father. Their joint/simultaneous/separate take-down will be the highlight of this series.

* Detective Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young) had to determine who was the boss. She couldn’t’ go on being told what to do without knowing who was telling her to do it. I applaud her decision to forgo blind trust and find out who the boss was.  Her team members weren’t excited about her decision but she would not be dissuaded. The confessional scene is the perfect example of what makes this show great. Soo Ji is unknowingly talking to the boss (now we know it is Do Han) believing it is the priest. She declines confession but can’t walk away with requesting prayers for her daughter. It was a touching moment. Soo Ji was touched, Do Han was touched, and I was touched to. Soo Ji statement “I have a committed a crime, but I have done nothing to be ashamed of” perfectly summarized the predicament she’s in. You’d think that the scene needed nothing else but when the priest came into the church (and Soo Ji recognized him though he denied meeting her) Soo Ji knew she hadn’t been speaking with the priest. As her hand poised on the door into the confessional, the anticipation built, would Do Han be there, would the boss be revealed?

* Team Lead Lee Soon Ae (Kim Sun Young) and her team came closer to catching Soo Ji but she got away. What worries me is that her daughter seems to have been noticed by the evil Yoon Shi Wan. That can’t be good.

* Prosecutor Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang) is revealed to be the boss.
 Do Han muttered that this was almost over after speaking with Soo Ji in the confessional. Recall he has his own axe to grind with the Chief Prosecutor who falsely accused and prosecuted his father for espionage. But it can’t be almost over, we are only one-third through the series. He’s weaselly ways and clever mind will be tested as he directs the team through what will undoubtedly be tense moments as they pursue justice together. The confessional provided a needed humanizing moment.

* The justice team trio’s boss was revealed. Do Han is the boss of the justice team. Who is the priest? Who is the priest’s friend? We’ve only seen him once or twice, should I stop asking and concentrate on the priest instead?

* New writer Kim Soo Eun delivered an episode that tightened the net around the the justice team but allowed them to slip through in a satisfying way. I’m a simple person. I want good to triumph over evil. Powerful prosecutor Yoon Seung Ro is an arrogant user of others and his son Yoon Shi Wan enjoys hurting others. Did you catch the look he gave his mother in the car? Good grief, that gave me a chill! I want them taken down. I want each member of the justice team to get the the satisfaction against those that wronged them. I wanted good to settle the score with evil.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as very good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

The fourth song of the OST “Taken” has been released  by Jenyer (featuring DAVII). It has a pop vibe with some rap-ish elements. Check it out:


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7 comments on “Lookout – Episode 5
  1. Beez says:

    I missed this thought-cap and somehow read it out of order just now.

    I haven’t had much to add to these because I’m so much farther ahead and I’m not sure if I’ll be saying something spoilery as I can’t remember which episode stuff happened in (especially with the split eps). 🙂

    • Not having the recap for context can make the thought-cap more difficult to dive into. Double edge sword!⚔️

      • Beez says:

        But I really like the format for shows you don’t have time for the full blow-by-blow. (Better the short cap than no place to talk about it.) It was only a problem because I started watching it so far ahead of you (but then got behind).

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, 🐛👦’s mom saw her son’s smirk during the interrogation – she KNOWS her 🐛👦 is guilty of murdering Soo Ji’s daughter‼

    The actor playing Prosecutor Oh ALWAYS looks so shabby regardless of the role he plays. With a shave 💈 and a haircut (2 bits … sorry, I just couldn’t resist) he might have actually appeared to be a prosecutor.

    Soo Ji made the connection between the priest and boss, but hasn’t been able to determine that Do Han is the boss. How will she take the truth⁉ Do Han has a lot of ‘splaining to do…

    • Beez says:

      I thought the same thing about the actor playing Prosecutor Oh. Usually he plays cuddly roles with that one curly sprig of hair at the forefront of his bald head.

      But I recently saw Ji Chang Wook’s movie Fabricated City and he (Prosecutor Oh) was a prison gang boss. He was so scary. Despite the movie being advertised as JCW playing a video gamer, that movie is NOT for the feint of heart.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Where did you find Fabricated City to watch?

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