My Sassy Girl – Episode 5

My Thoughts — My Sassy Girl — Episode 5

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. For shows that I’m not writing detailed watch-n-blog recaps, I’m writing a “thought-cap.” I just finished the next episode of My Sassy Girl.  

My Thoughts

* Our leads are drawing me into this show more and more.  
 This show perplexes me. It has all the ingredients for a show that I would like. But it has yet to fully engage me. However, little by little, episode by episode, our two leads make me want to watch to see what happens next. I am wondering if the only characters I will ever feel connected to are our leads and the crown prince. In this cast of characters these are the only three I care for.

Quick side notes:
Da Yeon continues to search for the woman that has captured Kyun Woo’s interest. His friends were more than willing to chat her up. While that irks me, loyalty to Kyun Woo should be first and foremost, they have no reason to suppose that Da Yeon’s questioning could lead to actions that would distress their friend. Again I ask the obvious why isn’t Princess Hye Myung’s identity known among the upper ranks? As much as the princess slips out of the palace, you’d think the ordinary person would recognize her. I did enjoy all the references to modern items – the book titles (Shades of Gray, Boys Over Flowers, etc), stay 9 nights and get the 10th night free, etc. Who is the guy that always runs into Kyun Woo? He seems to know much and his comments make Kyun Woo think.

* Kyun Woo (Joo Won) believed the Princess went to meet her lover and accepted that. How cool is that? He wasn’t disapproving. He accepted that she may indeed have a lover, as the slander press aka early tabloids printed. Even so, he couldn’t let it go. He was worried that her choice to slip over the palace walls would lead her into bigger trouble than the isolation she was currently in. When he swept her into the protective coverage of his umbrella as the evil henchman hunted her, I was pleased. Kyun Woo isn’t romantically interested in the Princess yet. But he is intrigued and engaged. That’s the beginning we need. I know these two will continue to bicker and have the physical comedy between them, but it is meaningless without an emotional connection. He is starting to form one to her. Is she starting to form one for him?

* Princess Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo) longs for her mother.
As suspected the precious jade ring was a momento of her mother. The man who gave the ring to her before leaving confessed her mother was alive and that he’d return with her mother in tow. Considering how her mother was ruthlessly expelled from the palace and the Princess’s life, of course she desires her mother’s return more than anything else. Of course she’d risk her father’s wrath by scaling the palace walls to meet the man that knows her mother whereabouts. Of course the princess’s and king’s arch enemy knew this and manufactured the note to lure her to meet with his assassin. But loyal guard Kang Joon Young  (Lee Jung Shin) intervened and sent her scurrying back to the palace while he fought for her. When wounded, the assassin took off after the princess, allowing Kyun Woo to be part two of the “save the princess” mission that both men were on (though unaware of each other).  Princess Hye isn’t romantically interested in anyone. She wants her mother to return. That’s her focus. What will shift her focus to love?

* New writer Yoon Hyo Je gave substantive story this episode. Evil Jung Ki Joon put it best, a desperate heart can be easily manipulated. He knew the princess was desperate to meet the man on the run. A simple note, an assassin and the princess’s desperation did the rest. But Ki Joon didn’t know that two men were willing to fight for the princess. He has opposition. Thank goodness. I can’t stand it when evil goes unopposed or good’s ability to thwart evil is minimal. Balance between good and evil is important. I haven’t said anything about the fight scenes in this series. I love a good fight. In this series the sword fighting is highly stylized so much that it has little grit or appeal. The fights are pretty but do not grab me. The fight between the assassin and Joon Young had the most at stake though the fight only lasted a millisecond before Joon Young was injured.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-10) had me rank this episode as fairly good.  My episode ranking chart is below.

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2 comments on “My Sassy Girl – Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I enjoyed this episode, it seems the story and characters are gradually becoming more compelling. Color 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Hye Myung’s mother might still be alive‼

    In addition to the Princess 👸, Kyun Woo and crown 👑 Prince, I find myself liking Officer Kang. Officer Kang is a vigilant Knight in shining armor who, along with Kyun Woo, have to rescue the Princess 👸 several times…do I smell 👃 the makings of a ❤🔺


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