Suspicious Partner Episode 19 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 19 “Truth versus Secrecy” (part 1) Recap

After telling Bong Hee to bring Hyun Soo to dinner, No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) tells Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) this dinner he’ll test Hyun Soo. During dinner Ji Wook mentions the news report about Chan Ho being the murderer. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) asks if Hyun Soo knows Chan Ho. Hyun Soo denies this. Yoo Jung pointedly states that those acquitted without the real culprit identified are forever assumed to be guilty. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) states she’ll find the real culprit. Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) announces the murder case of District Attorney Jang’s son (and Ji Wook’s ex-boyfriend) has been reopened. She promises to reexamine all the evidence and draw her own conclusions. Yoo Jung says the murderer may be at this table. Hyun Soo and Bong Hee look uncomfortable. Assistant Jang wonders what happened to Chan Ho. Hyun Soo feigns indifference.

Flashback…Hyun Soo encounters Chan Ho after he exits the water. He stares at him menacingly. Chan Ho is afraid.

Ji Wook tells Yoo Jung to check all the CCTV cameras that would have seen Chan Ho leave the park (his last known location). Assistant Jang and Ji Wook communicate with their eyes knowing they have yet to unsettle Hyun Soo. Ji Wook remembers Hyun Soo losing his cool when he discussed a man assaulting a woman. Ji Wook tells Yoo Jung to see if Chan Ho had a history of assaulting women. At least that registers on Hyun Soo’ face.

Lawyer Ji drives Hyun Soo home and apologizes for the boring shop talk. Hyun Soo mentions his new job is delivering packages. Lawyer Ji asks why Hyun Soo requested Bong Hee be his lawyer when he was arrested for murdering Chef Yang. Hyun Soo says that Bong Hee had first had experience being falsely accused. Lawyer Ji says that criminals like to approach her because of that. Both men chuckle but it isn’t sincere.

Driving home, Yoo Jung recalls the awkward moment when she realized Ji Wook and Bong Hee are living in the same house. She was not happy with Ji Wook’s nonchalant attitude.

Ji Wook and Bong Hee clean up the kitchen together. He’s got a goofy grin on his face as the do the dishes together. Bong Hee comments the house is too quiet. Ji Wook stares at her a says he likes the quiet. To break the tension between them, she flicks water at him.

Gosh, they both have nice smiles. Why isn’t she melting under his heated gaze?

Driving home, Lawyer Ji receives a call from Mrs. Park who declares her husband is dead. The camera pulls back revealing Mrs. Park sitting next to her husband who has a knife stuck in his chest. When Lawyer Ji arrives, Mrs. Park is sitting next to her husband dazed. Lawyer Ji stares at the murder scene in shock. The police escort the handcuffed Mrs. Park to the police vehicle. She stares at Lawyer Ji and recalls asking him if lawyers were obligated to keep their clients secrets. Lawyer Ji agreed but with the caveat that a lawyer cannot hide the truth. Mrs. Park claims she didn’t murder her husband but was willing to turn herself in to protect the secret. Lawyer Ji wonders which obligation must he select – keeping the client’s secret or telling the truth?

I’m pleased to see Lawyer Ji have something to do besides pine after Ji Wook and help Bong Hee make him jealous.

Ji Wook asks Bong Hee if she’s worried about Hyun Soo. She admits that if she knew that Ji Wook defended a murderer at her request, it would be awful. Ji Wook clarifies that only Hyun Soo’s alibi is false, they aren’t certain he’s the real murderer. For now, Hyun Soo has the assumption of innocence. Ji Wook lies that he doubled checked Hyun Soo because he’s a perfectionist. Bong Hee doesn’t know if she can believe Ji Wook. Verbally he says she can. Internally he admits he’s lying to her. Argh! Bong Hee urges Ji Wook to share anything that would cause him to lose faith in Hyun Soo’s innocence. She urges him not to keep secrets from her. He agrees. He orders her not to see Hyun Soo and stay within his sights for the next 24 hours. She loves it! He backs it down to 20 hours at her pointed stare.

Ji Wook, you place the relationship with the woman that you care for in jeopardy by choosing to lie to protect her. Lying does not help strengthen a relationship, it weakens it.

Ji Wook tells Assistant Jang that Hyun Soo must have an issue with battered women. Assistant Jang decides to check into this further. Ji Wook warns him not to underestimate Hyun Soo. Assistant Jang reminds Ji Wook that he’s a skilled investigator. Ji Wook tells Assistant Jang to keep all this between them. Assistant Jang asks if Ji Wook is deliberately not telling Bong Hee. Ji Wook counters that he won’t be able to keep the truth from Bong Hee, but he wants to minimize the shock.

Yoo Jung is the assigned prosecutor for Mrs. Parks. Lawyer Ji tells her that she was an abused wife. Mrs. Parks says she hated her husband.

Later Yoo Jung asks Lawyer Ji if he believed Bong Hee was innocent when he was her lawyer. Lawyer Ji confirms he believed Bong Hee was innocent. He starts to walk away. Yoo Jung asks Lawyer Ji to share a meal with her in the future. Lawyer Ji stares at her and doesn’t answer.

That’s progress for Yoo Jung. Lawyer Ji didn’t say yes but he didn’t say no either.

Lawyer Ji goes over Mrs. Park’s case with Bong Hee, Assistant Jang and Ji Wook. He declares she was a battered wife than pushed her husband. Ji Wook notices there wasn’t an altercation between husband and wife on the night of the murder. Lawyer Ji blithely agrees saying the argument didn’t stem directly from the husband battering Mrs. Park on the night of the murder. Lawyer Ji states that Mrs. Park’s son will testify that she was a battered wife. Lawyer Ji smiles and assures them he’s got this case covered. Ji Wook counters that he and Bong Hee will act as the backup on this case. She agrees. Lawyer Ji tries to decline the offer asking why Ji Wook is offering to help now when he doesn’t need it. Ji Wook counters that Lawyer Ji not wanting him help, makes him want to help him even more. They bicker about it but Ji Wook won’t back down. Bong Hee and Assistant Jang shake their heads at the interchange.

Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) finds Yoo Jung reviewing CCTV footage of Chan Ho’s car. Ji Hae can’t believe that Chan Ho is the murderer, not Hyun Soo. Yoo Jung agrees that she also was sure Hyun Soo was the murderer.

Hyun Soo delivers documents to Ji Wook. Everyone is all smiles. Ji Wook explains their newest murder case is straightforward as their client confessed to the murder.

Lawyer Ji implores Mrs. Park to let him share the truth. She refuses.

Bong Hee finds Ji Wook reviewing Mrs. Park’s case. He claims Lawyer Ji’s desire not to have help on the case is strange. Bong Hee quips she used to think Ji Wook was jerk. Ji Wook smiles. He wonders why Mrs. Park murdered her husband on that day. Bong Hee wonders why Mrs. Park stabbed her husband. Bong Hee notes that Mrs. Park’s son is downstairs. Ji Wook follows Bong Hee down the stair and gets a goofy grin on his face. Assistant Jang mutters it is obvious they are dating. Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) asks who Assistant Jang is talking about. Assistant Jang pretends he said nothing. Lawyer Byeon doesn’t believe him.

Ji Wook watches Lawyer Ji question Mrs. Park’s son. He admits that his father abused his mother as long as he can remember. Lawyer Ji starts to asks a question but retracts it. Ji Wook asks if Mrs. Park’s son was abused too? Lawyer Ji tells Ji Wook to back off, he’s preparing the witness. Ji Wook counters that a witness must be able to answer the unexpected question too. Ji Wook wonders if Mrs. Park’s son felt guilt that he couldn’t protect his mother. Ji Wook recalls Hyun Soo’s claim that not being able to protect someone he cared for, bothered him, and his subsequent declaration that he wouldn’t let others suffer the same fate. Lawyer Ji stops the line of questions and looks pointedly at Ji Wook.

After Lawyer Ji sees Mrs. Park’s son out the door, he turns and demands to know what Ji Wook intended. Ji Wook welcomes the inquiry. He stares at Lawyer Ji and asks what he’s hiding. Lawyer Ji doesn’t like the question. Ji Wook asks if Mrs. Park’s son killed his father. When Lawyer Ji doesn’t deny it Ji Wook realizes he’s guess is correct.

Flashback…Mrs. Park returns from the grocery store and finds her husband on the floor unconscious. She realizes the situation is grave. She assumes her son and husband fought. She almost calls for help when she realizes that her son’s life will be ruined by a murder charge. She wipes down the scene as best she can. She decides to admit to the murder.

Lawyer Ji tells Ji Wook he must now keep the secret. Ji Wook reminds Lawyer Ji that a lawyer cannot conceal the truth or lie. Lawyer Ji counters that his client’s secret is the priority. Ji Wook counters that locking up the wrong person isn’t the solution. Lawyer Ji counters that he’s trying to convince his client to tell the truth. Ji Wook reminds Lawyer Ji that the trial is imminent. Lawyer Ji declares he will stand by his client’s side even if she won’t admit the truth. Ji Wook can’t believe the Lawyer Ji feels that her sacrifice is the correct choice. Lawyer Ji retorts that his client’s wishes are what he must abide by. Ji Wook stares at Lawyer Ji and asks if he can really live with letting the real murderer go unpunished. The two men stare at each other.

My Thoughts

Lies never create solutions only problems. Ji Wook lies directly to Bong Hee when he claimed Hyun Soo’s alibi was the only things of concern. I shook my head. Dude, Bong Hee is watching you, assessing you, deciding if she can risk her heart with you…and you lie…again? Argh! In a parallel story, Lawyer Ji’s client lies claiming to have killed her husband to protect her son, the true culprit. This points Lawyer Ji between a rock and a hard place. The lawyer’s ethics require him to keep his client’s confidence yet he cannot lie to the court. Now Ji Wook knows the secret. What happens next?

Lawyer Ji finally had something of interest to do. Previous to this point he’s pined after Ji Wook, supported Bong Hee’s crush on Ji Wook, or pined after Yoo Jung. His client lied to protect her son. Lawyer Ji decided he must follow his clients wishes instead of informing the authorities who the true culprit is. Mrs. Park’s son killing his abusive father could be justified if it was an act of self-defense. Is it morally justifiable if he used deadly force to prevent more abuse from his father?

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) asks Ji Wook to be honest about Hyun Soo. He lies. She won’t be happy when she finds out. It can only be a stumbling block to Bong Hee’s trust in Ji Wook. The dish washing scene was cute. The way Ji Wook leaned into Bong Hee would have had me pulling towards him not playfully away as Bong Hee did. She’s irked me with her decision not to melt into Ji Wook’s arms, but his lie today, guaranteed future problems. I can only sigh at what is to come between them.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) lies about his suspicions that Hyun Soo is the murderer. Ji Wook made a mistake by lying. He will pay for this choice. I shake my head. He’s still the cutest as he openly shows his affection for Bong Hee. Finally, will Lawyer Ji’s situation help lessen the no man’s land between these two former friends?



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6 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 19 Recap
  1. imberreader says:

    Eun Hyuk isn’t very smooth at sounding out our murderer… Those questions are a little too direct, sheesh. I wonder why Ji Wook doesn’t suspect he has eavesdropped/heard the truth… Though they do bump into him on their way down so he may just know it already.

    Could they like…. stop giving us a hope Chan Ho could survive the whole ordeal? This is really wrecking, to know his attempt didn’t accomplish anything at all. Dammit. I know he’s an accomplice, but he could do so much to help our heroes if he could survive. Also, Hyun Soo is sooo creepy in that scene.

    Eun Hyuk continues to dance a little too close to the edge for my comfort. Please don’t let him suspect you, Eun Hyuk! Though knowing how kdramas go, I wouldn’t be surprised if he dies/is very hurt at Hyun Soo’s hand for that extra despair in our couple’s lives. But I hope not!!

    Awwwwkwarrrrdd….. This doesn’t help the he-may-have-helped-her-with-the-case image the Young Prosecutor wants to impose on Yoo Jung.

    But back to our cuties. The way his face warms up as soon as she insists she will help him. My heart. And I love how he rests on the sink and listens to her attentively. Of course, the smoulder is ON and through the roof. I agree, how can she resist? Ahaha. But seriously, they’re such a couple already, sharing chores and just everything!! Easing from that mutual liking phase into relationship, even if she’s not admitting it.

    He totally is realizing the power of his puppy-in-love eyes, too. And her smile is only empowering them. I love it. His laughter is 10/10, too. When did we hear Ji Wook HAPPILY laughing last time? It’s been too long. Might have been first time. Ahh.

    … Welp, that was a mood shift alright. Something definitely feels odd about all this. Was it spur of the moment thing or there’s more than meets the eye?

    Oh man, there really is. Is she trying to protect someone? This episode presents us with another moral dilemma. And with a character who already has been hit by the worst side of these. Hmm.

    The tea makes a comeback! I like when things like these aren’t dropped out of narrative, it makes it a lot more continuous and gives (sometimes false) sense of consistency. But what’s more, they turned it into totally fluffy/cute moment between our OTP – he drinks it because SHE got it for him. Man. Wait, did the stock last 2 and half years since their last meeting or he bought more? And this is like admission he has felt for her since the start. Ha!

    But analyzing the scene more, I just love how he just soaks up her presence and being able to look at her. The lonely puppy doesn’t have to touch walls anymore and he’s just happy and basking in the fact she’s around. Like, you can see he gets all warm and fluffy being around his crush, and at the same time he still stays considerate of her… Other than the goshdarn lies!! I know he is trying to put her at ease right now, but this WILL come back with vengeance. I just know it will.

    At least he didn’t say “I’m sincere” when she asked him… That’d be such a – to his confession.

    And then Ji Wook gets professional jealousy mode on, haha. I love how she mirrors his lean on wrist, amused by it all like “dude, you have it bad, har har.” She gets right onto teasing him and I’m back to my point of easing their way into relationship, feeling each other out on boundaries and the like. #hearteyes

    Mr. Bang, let Ji Wook know you know your worth, that’s right! I do like Ji Wook wants/plans to tell if Hyun Soo is guilty, but… Postponing the confession of worry is no good either. You can try to hint it now instead “no, don’t worry, it’s just the alibi lies”, if you want to ease her into this truth.

    I liked that Eun Hyun admitted he trusted Bong Hee and defended her because he believes she’s innocent. As always, he’s being a good friend, yas. Yoo Jung’s suggestion gets silent rejection, probably because he doesn’t have the strength to do so vocally.

    It seems odd, that if she wasn’t assaulted, she’d push him now when she has endured it for years. So more + for the admission she didn’t do it.

    The bickering between Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk was a delightful insight in their younger years when they were close friends, cause I bet they butted heads together anyway. The music was wonderful addition. And, of course, Assistant Jang with his four children… Best squad-dad!!

    (Bong Hee’s smile when she ducks and avoids Mr Byun… I am so happy to see her happy, even in situation like this. Siblings indeed.)

    Hyun Soo BEING the killer really won’t help the narrative of Bong Hee being innocent, until he’s proven to be that killer, too. This made me think again how much this drama is about case-to-case basis. How one standard view can’t be applied to all people in similar situations, etc. I feel like it could be one of the messages of this kdrama.

    Ji Wook, you’re again not being very smooth at dropping odd hints at So Joon. Everyone feels something’s up.

    Aw, Bong Hee, you’re right Eun Hyun is always weird, but you don’t have to put it quite like that… But Ji Wook got a nice clapback for that compliment, ha! He doesn’t seem bothered in the slightest, though.

    Again with the casual touches right in middle of work-related conversations. Oh Ji Wook. Aww, the way he bounds down the stairs after her, beaming. Such a puppy. No wonder Mr Jang’s all ‘they’re totally like a couple’. And he’s right.

    Oh man, something’s definitely up with the son. Is he the guilty one? Eun Hyuk seems to have a reason to think so… Hm. Well, I guess it would make some sense. And the way the son can’t answer any of these questions…

    Eun Hyuk is very bad liar when facing Ji Wook (and in general). And the actor’s just amazing, like the rest of them. And here comes the truth… Mother protecting her son.

    Ji Wook is asking the real questions, though, how will Eun Hyuk handle the consequences if this happens?

    Welp, this was quite a ride of an episode. I definitely agree with KJT it is so good to see Eun Hyuk beyond a pining/supporting friend. This is what I was talking about few episodes back – more of the other characters beyond the Murder, Betrayal and Love lenses!!

    Not sure if this is best way to show him, but it is interesting to see him at odds with Ji Wook AND Yoo Jung over his case, not something else.

    • Hyun Soo is sooo creepy in that scene
      Hyun Soo’s smiles are as creepy as his menacing stares!

      Of course, the smolder is ON and through the roof…they’re such a couple already, sharing chores and just everything!! Easing from that mutual liking phase into relationship, even if she’s not admitting it.
      I love the phrase “the smolder is ON” 👍 You are absolutely right. They do behave like a couple, hence they are a couple.

      you can see he gets all warm and fluffy being around his crush, and at the same time he still stays considerate of her… Other than the goshdarn lies!! I know he is trying to put her at ease right now, but this WILL come back with vengeance. I just know it will.
      Gotta agree. He is so sweet around her…sigh.

      And, of course, Assistant Jang with his four children… Best squad-dad!!
      Another good one! 👍

      Eun Hyuk is very bad liar when facing Ji Wook (and in general).
      So true, her poker face is nonexistent.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree with KJT about Ji Wook’s lies regarding Hyun Soo. “Ji Wook, you place the relationship with the woman that you care for in jeopardy by choosing to lie to protect her. Lying does not help strengthen a relationship, it weakens it.” Ji Wook your lies have moved from omission 🤐 to commission 😃😮😲, that doesn’t bode well in a relationship. Rip the band-aid off 🤕 Ji Wook, get the truth out in the open 🏞.

    After the lies Ji Wook has told Bong Hee to protect her, I find it curious 🕵 that Ji Wook is so fervently after Eun Hyuk to get to the truth in his “self defense” case rather than protect client privilege. Pot 🍲 meet the kettle 🍳 (you get the idea).

    Thanks imberreader for reminding me Eun Hyuk overheard 👂 “Papa” Jang and Ji Wook discuss their suspicions about Hyun Soo. I had forgotten Eun Hyuk was privy to Ji Wook’s suspicions of Hyun Soo lying about more than his alibi (like the possibility of Hyun Soo being the 🗡 murderer), which makes Eun Hyuk’s nervous (and FAKE) laughter 😆🙄, a possible tell, which may put Eun Hyuk on Hyun Soo’s radar 📡. You don’t want to be on Hyun Soo’s radar 📡, just ask my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho.

    Last episode I thought our sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho possibly escaped Hyun Soo’s clutches, but now I’m worried my sweet 🍭-faced boy may be yet another victim 😞😦. I know my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho has done some bad deeds, but especially now that he is on Hyun Soo’s radar 📡, I feel sorry for my sweet 🍭-faced boy. 😔😢😥

    • imberreader says:

      Absolutely agreed, it’s time to fix all this lie-mess, Ji Wook! You’re undermining everything you’re building with her, with these lies. That’s, like, his only flaw. Why someone so perfect must have a flaw so big, though. #allergic to lies

      I think he’s all about the truth because that’s court and that’s personal relationship, especially without all-out evidence for his suspicion. But that’s not good enough excuse, Ji Wook!

      And Eun Hyuk not only over heard Papa Jang and Ji Wook, he also heard Bong Hee’s and Ji Wook’s conversation. He’s definitely being obvious with his questions and makes me worried for him. Though it would be the ultimate ‘I’m making up for messing up for your life by saving it at cost of mine’, I don’t really want to see it happen in this kdrama.

      I am sad for Chan Ho as well, it was really mean to give us such a false hope with that hint of escape… Sigh.

    • I find it curious 🕵 that Ji Wook is so fervently after Eun Hyuk to get to the truth in his “self defense” case rather than protect client privilege. Pot 🍲 meet the kettle 🍳
      Absolutely. “Do as I say not as I do”.

      I know my sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho has done some bad deeds, but especially now that he is on Hyun Soo’s radar 📡, I feel sorry for my sweet 🍭-faced boy.
      I wish I could assuage your concern, but no.

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