Suspicious Partner Episode 17 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 17 “Bong Hee’s Golden Age” (part 1) Recap

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) rushes to the park after receiving a text that Bong Hee would be meeting Chan Ho. Ji Wook reflects that his life has been littered with endings that he’s withdrawn and been unable to start over. He realizes he’s run away from Bong Hee. He doesn’t when and where it began but he has feelings for Bong Hee. When he arrives at the park, he’s relieved that she waited for him to arrive.

When they get home, Ji Wook apologizes. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) stares into his eyes and sees he’s sincere. Ji Wook hugs her. Bong Hee hesitates to hug him back. Ji Wook doesn’t let go and hugs her closer. Bong Hee still hesitates. Ji Wook pushes away. Bong Hee stares at him. Ji Wook kisses Bong Hee! She’s no fool, she responds. Ji Wook thinks this relationship has officially begun. He kisses her with passion. She’s into it too. When they pull apart, she says nothing and goes to her room, in shock over what just happened. Ji Wook sighs.

Wow! The second kiss was just as good, if not better, than the first!

Chan Ho drives with Hyun Soo in the back seat welding a knife. Chan Ho suddenly stops the car. The men fight. Chan Ho declares he won’t do this anymore. Chan Ho jumps from the bridge into the river. That surprises Hyun Soo. He looks over the bridge and doesn’t see anything but ripples. He tells himself four have disappear and three remain.

Ji Wook and Bong Hee share a beer. Ji Wook tries to tell Bong Hee the kiss mattered but she cuts him off. She won’t let him talk and states she’s working to stop liking him just like he requested. She declares she’s over him. She tells him she won’t be shaken by a kiss. She states life is good and she doesn’t want unbalance things again. Ji Wook feels regret that his rejection of her affections has led to this. She heads to her room.

Argh! I hate it when only one person talks in a conversation. Clinging to her need not to get hurt again, Bong Hee refused to believe that Ji Wook might be serious and rejected the kiss and what it could mean. Ji Wook felt stuck, admit the kiss was real on his part would upset Bong Hee, which he did not want to do. In my mind, Ji Wook did the heavy lifting of the kiss. Now he needed to be equally decisive with words to follow the action of the kiss. Bummer. Can Bong Hee shake off that kiss and sell herself it was a mistake?

Chan Ho exits the river exhausted but alive.

Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) stops a cart from running into a woman with his car. He’s dismayed when the breathalyzer shows him over the limit to drive.

Ji Wook ignores the call from Lawyer Byeon.

The next morning Ji Wook runs trying to shake himself back into life.

Bong Hee tries not to think about the kiss. It’s not easy.

When Ji Wook returns from his run, they stare but say nothing. After cleaning up, Ji Wook tells Bong Hee it is his turn to talk. He apologizes for being scared after he realized his feelings. He was afraid he would be insufficient for her. He won’t ask her to change her mind. But this time, he has to speak his mind. He asks for her approval to like her. He tells her he won’t disturb her. He tells her to let him know when and if she returns his feelings. He promises he’ll wait for her. She’s gob smacked.

Well said Ji Wook! Atta boy! I’d be blabbering my acceptance of his feelings straight away!

Ji Wook and Bong Hee can’t keep their eyes off each other at work. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) and Assistant Jang notice. Lawyer Byeon announces that he saved a woman last night but got arrested for drinking and driving. He listens to every inquiring but he has no proof his intent was to call a driver before saving the woman. Everyone teases Lawyer Byeon. Ji Wook says to accept the punishment. Lawyer Byeon wants to go to court. They all agree, the court would make an example of him. Lawyer Byeon calls them all traitors. The meeting is adjourned.

Ji Wook asks Assistant Jang to find out where Hyun Soo was last night. He has a bad feeling about the previous evening. Ji Wook recalls he and Bong Hee receiving identical texts from Chan Ho apologizing for not meeting as agreed. Ji Wook tells Assistant Jang Chan Ho’s phone was turned off when he called immediately after receiving the text. Ji Wook tells Assistant Jang that Hyun Soo is a liar. He hopes Hyun Soo will be the good guy that Bong Hee believes him to be. When Lawyer Ji sits down to chat with Bong Hee, Ji Wook gets irked.

Bong Hee tells Lawyer Ji that love is about timing. She wonders what to do. She declares she won’t change her mind. Ji Wook interrupts to tell Bong Hee he’s going to visit Chan Ho. She declines to go. Ji Wook strides away. Lawyer Ji tells her if she likes Ji Wook she should join him. She scampers after Ji Wook.

Good advice!

Bong Hee can’t get Ji Wook’s actions and declaration out her head. She gets agitated.

When they arrive, she declares she’s not going to like him back. Ji Wook understands. She declares it was awful when it was unrequited. Ji Wook understands. She declares she’ll get him back for this. Ji Wook asks what he wants him to do. He gives her a perky grin. Ha! She declares he may have to wait forever. Ji Wook understands. Bong Hee strides away.

Cute watching Ji Wook demur to Bong Hee. Now her fear is guiding her actions. Just the state Ji Wook was in before he clarified his feelings for her.

He reminds her that he’s the boss. She grouses and agrees. Ji Wook is surprised to learn that Chan Ho went on vacation. His boss says that Chan Ho surprised him yesterday when he requested to use his vacation days.

They go to Chan Ho’s apartment but he’s not there. They wonder how to get into Chan Ho’s apartment when the landlord asks if they are the newlyweds that scheduled to see the apartment. They confirm they are the newlyweds.

Inside Chan Ho’s apartment they learn it has been for lease only a short time. They ask the landlord to allow them to look at the apartment alone so they can come to consensus. They smile while the landlord coos that they need privacy and then leaves.

They search his apartment. Ji Wook wonders if Chan Ho is permanently missing. Bong Hee finds a photo of Bong Hee with two other friends.

My Thoughts

Now the tables have turned and Bong Hee is afraid to admit her feelings. Ji Wook took the bold step of kissing her and showing her his feelings in actions. When she shut him down with her nervous chatter, I could practically see her putting her fingers in her ears and declaring that she couldn’t hear whatever Ji Wook wanted to say. He gave her the evening to think about it. The next morning Ji Wook regrouped then took the bold step of verbalizing his feelings and assuring her he’d patiently wait for her response. Instead of pouncing on him, Bong Hee backed away afraid to open herself up to potential hurt.

Hyun Soo said 3 down 4 to go. Does that mean he’s killed 3 and 4 more to kill? His scuffle with Chan Ho got physical. He seemed surprised when Chan Ho jumped from the brigde. But he quickly went into coverup mode texting Bong Hee and Ji Wook from Chan Ho’s phone. But Chan Ho isn’t dead. He crawled out of the river.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) let fear stop her from responding in kind to Ji Wook’s declaration of affection. She like him. But he hurt her heart when he rejected her declaration earlier. Now she’s done the same to him.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) declared his affection for Bong Hee by action and word. Ji Wook practically made me swoon with the follow-up passionate kiss. Ji Chang Wook knows how to kiss for the camera. I’m betting the producer director has to provide little direction to him. I was concerned that Ji Wook would shut down after Bong Hee wouldn’t let him talk as pulled away from him. But he regrouped and told her that he liked her. Why she didn’t melt then and there is beyond me. Her fantasy came true. I was proud that Ji Wook was straightforward and charming when he told her he’d wait. Why she didn’t melt then and there is beyond me.

The sixth song of the OST “Breathing All Day” by BUMKEY has been released:


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20 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 17 Recap
  1. imberreader says:

    I. Well.
    What a beautiful narration. I love the actor’s voice and how he calmly, but deeply tells what is going on in Ji Wook’s heart.

    The kiss… It doesn’t ask for comments, but I’ll give them!! Because it’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. He is so gentle with her and she responds ever so softly…. He looks at her and goes in for another kiss, like he has finally got the taste of something he has longed for so long. Her hand lands on his shoulder, the kiss is tender… And loving. Ahhh. And the way he stares in her eyes after. I have melted.

    The aftermath isn’t as sweet, however, but just as emotionally truthful.

    Our Forensics Guy does what my mom always says people driving their possible murderers should do – crash/stop car and try to make it out alive by surprise moment. Looks like he didn’t succeed, though. I feel bad for him somehow. But gosh, how ‘what an inconvenience’ expression on our murderer, as if he had a gum stuck to his shoe. Though for the second the Forensics Guy was going to jump, he looked distraught and not for just ‘I won’t get to murder you’ reason.

    Awkward meeting at doors – how long did Ji Wook stand there, trying to decide when to knock?

    Bong Hee, wow, that wasn’t a line I was expecting! Obviously, neither was Ji Wook. It meant a lot to both of you and you know it. Even if you kissed drunk, that’s not the same as fully conscious one like this!! But, well, I guess that’s the excuse/denial response you came up with…. Ouch. Not that Ji Wook doesn’t deserve it a little by shooting you down like that and then swooping back in so suddenly.

    Here is answer to his question: will he regret pushing her away? But you can see this is hurting them both. Their poor hearts. Our poor hearts.

    OH WAIT!!! He’s alive!! So that’s why he decided to risk it all. Must be an excellent swimmer. Phew. I am somehow quite relieved. I wonder if he will redeem his actions, just a little, and bring our heroes closer to the truth?

    Mr. Byun is drunk… Why do I think his thoughts of fame and good deed won’t end quite as he thinks? Hmm. Wondering how this will come into play for the bigger picture, though. Other than helping to title this day as “Ji Wook misses all the important calls.”

    Bong Hee, did you sleep any?! You’re in the same shirt as last night, not to mention looking like hell.

    Awkwardness and sad-ish puppy eyes. But somehow, he still looks happier now that he has made an attempt? Or maybe he has made his mind up about something?

    Oh wow, here we go!!! He looks sincere and I have no idea how much courage it takes to say all that. You’re not a coward, you just took time to gather courage!! And it hurts me to hear Ji Wook say what I thought could be true – that he thought he wasn’t good enough/right for relationship (with Bong Hee).

    The bit with the nervous drinking had me clutching my heart because it felt really real and genuine. And I really, really love how he says he respects her choice and that he won’t try to really actively pursue her/force her to change her mind (I wonder how much that’ll be true, though I doubt he’ll be aggressive pursuer in the way we could dislike). Though, he never gave her that choice when she confessed… So, at least he’s letting her stick with her new resolution.

    I just love, love how patient he seems and just, happy, to get this off his chest!! Like a person who has come to terms with it and embraced how much he cares for her. Because, in my opinion, the way he is willing to wait for her and keep his distance is a sign of depth of his feelings on itself! And then his attention to her not breathing, awww. He remembered that bit from few days ago so well.

    And it’s finished by another cute invasion of her personal space AND cutest hide-behind-counter, I’m breathless moment I could ever imagine. Omg. I think this is one of the gentlest, sincerest confessions of feelings I’ve ever seen in kdrama and any kind of tv content. I am squealing so much!!!!

    The awkwardness continues, however, and they both look physically so tired. Not much sleep was had last night, that’s for sure! I love how they just don’t hear a thing that’s going on. I cringed at cheater case mention and thought it’d be thrown at Eun Hyuk immediately ‘as he has experience in the field’ or something, but Ji Wook just missed it entirely.

    And then Mr. Byun just want attention and no one wants to give him any!! I laughed. And then it all backfires on him so hard!! Now who is Mr. Lack of Evidence!! I love how the squad teams up to tear Mr. Byun down, though not in super mean way.

    I felt a rock roll of my kdrama viewer chest when they resolved the late night park situation. I did hope they wouldn’t just brush over that, that’d be a plothole too big, but it was relief to see it actually come true. Ji Wook’s intuition/hunch is again on point about inspecting what the murderer did that night.

    Mr. Jang is still our captain, that sly grin at mention of Bong Hee!!

    It also sounds like Eun Hyuk called Bong Hee ‘Bong Bong’ which has me laughing. It’s cute, but unfortunately I associate it with nickname a boyfriend gave girlfriend in another kdrama so I’m like ‘nope, name’s reserved’. I could see him calling her like that, he’s friendly-casual.

    And the balcony jealousy makes a blinding comeback.

    I love that Eun Hyuk calls it counseling session – for her, for him? Works for both, I think. He’s the one she can turn to and talk honestly about feelings and she really needs a friend like that right now.

    I find it interesting how love is timing is brought up again, too, quite like in the other drama I just mentioned. But there’s truth in that, after all, so no wonder. And true, Eun Hyuk fell in his hole all because of love-timing, in a sense. Well, it was first slippery rock, at least. Eun Hyuk is also not even 1% convinced about ‘I will not be swayed’ line. Nor are we. Just look at that eye dash when she knows Ji Wook is near.

    Awkward drive… Made worse by loud exclamation!! Poor Bong Hee. And Ji Wook who is going through the ‘what did I do to make the girl mad, I didn’t do anything (in last half an hour-hour)’ problem.

    Aww, he gets more and more like scolded puppy as she pours her feelings out. (And I can’t blame her, it really was unfair and it is a messed up situation.) Now he can’t even answer her, haha! And is just quietly nodding with face ‘must weather this must weather this my bby is v mad must weather this qq’

    “I hate you even more that you’re doing what I said you to do.”
    Ahahahah. That is so feminine somehow. I love that he actually asks what to do, our honest puppy with pretty minimal experience with girls. (I’m still camp Yoo Jung has been his only relationship.)

    Somehow, this argument is so cute!! “You will have to wait longer than 7 minutes this time!! You may die while you wait!!” “okay *getting a little hopeful the discussion and storm’s over* “I mean it!” “I know (woops, gotta be still careful).” Her pout after is so cute, like “how can I stay mad at him for much longer? dammit *very determined to stay mad though*”

    They’re already arguing like a couple, tee hee.

    And that chin tap! That’s again not what bosses do, especially when reminding about work environment. Can’t keep hands to yourself anymore, can you, Ji Wook. (He loved to casual touch Bong Hee before too, though.)

    I wonder if our Forensics Guy took his days off right after Ji Wook visited him or dropped by at work this morning. The latter’s rather dangerous…

    I love his smile when he suggests Bong Hee must get inside… And then comes the older lady who says they look like newlyweds, hahaha! I mean, she isn’t wrong, they’re even quite color coordinated. That synced ‘yes’ too!

    The suspicion that Forensics Guy purposely revealed the murderer is getting stronger… And our heroes finally have evidence that the two are related somehow!! Yay!! Or who was those 2 in photo? I am suddenly not sure.

    (Also that arm around shoulder and how she jumps away from it!! Fake dating while struggling with revealed trope right there.)

    Note: The murderer said 3 have disappeared, 4 to go before Forensics Guy jumped off the bridge (an episode or 2 back). My subs said he said 4 have disappear, 3 to go afterward. Which seems even odder, to be honest. Is this like a revenge on a ‘number’ of people for something they had, each victim representing someone?

    Also, if anyone’s interested, here’s intense 4 minute video of the kiss BTS!

    • Appreciate the running comments. One caught my fancy
      I find it interesting how love is timing is brought up again, too, quite like in the other drama I just mentioned. But there’s truth in that, after all, so no wonder. And true, Eun Hyuk fell in his hole all because of love-timing, in a sense. Well, it was first slippery rock, at least. Eun Hyuk is also not even 1% convinced about ‘I will not be swayed’ line. Nor are we. Just look at that eye dash when she knows Ji Wook is near
      That is a good point on love timing. I can accept that she doesn’t want to trust too quickly. However she confessed to her mother she like him. This line – I want him but want to protect myself from getting hurt – is a tricky one for a writer to navigate. I don’t like the choice the writer is having Bong Hee make, it just doesn’t seem like her based on what we’ve seen. She always battles through challenges. Here she’s creating her own roadblock. That doesn’t compute.

  2. Beez says:

    Quoting kjt…twice -“Why she didn’t melt then and there is beyond me.”

    You said the same thing twice and I concurred SEVERAL times throughout the episode. But I’m glad Bong hee is made of sterner stuff that we are!

    Let him feel the pain, Bong hee!

  3. Beez says:

    Quoting imberrember
    “Bong Hee, did you sleep any?! You’re in the same shirt as last night, not to mention looking like hell.”

    I was just thinking that abut that shirt because it also looks like another shirt she has. At first I thought the show is finally showing us a poor “Candy” for real because she wears the same shirt often. (You know how most of the heroines have an endless supply of beautiful coats & jackets even though their closets are 2 feet wide. But I was also pretty surprised when, in an earlier episode, Bong hee told a friend she’s so broke she’s even “run out of pads”. Show’s going with realism. lol

  4. Beez says:

    DannnnnnnnnngEE! that kiss in the video imberremember posted went on for a long time! And all I could think about (besides what MY reaction would be to JCW) was kjt was right abut him doing all the work. It was as if he was trying to pull a response out of her and she’s never kissed anyone before in her life. Although maybe that was the actress being true to Bong hee resisting but…

    Anyway, I would’ve been done at the head/neck nuzzle during the hug which was seen more of in the show, not the bts video. So that kiss… mop me up from the puddle I’ve become on the floor.

    • imberreader says:

      Well, she responded a littleeeee biit, and put her hand on his shoulder which is a lot better than most First Kisses TM from kdramas. It looks, to me, a little as if she’s kinda savoring/treating it as kinda unreal experience, just taking it in and only slightly inviting him back in. But yes, definitely gotta have some will to not end up a molten heap after a kiss/emotional situation like that…

      • Thanks for posting that behind the scenes kiss video imberreader. Ji Hyun (Bong Hee) did respond during the second kiss at the different angle. Interesting to see the two views, regular and upclose. It was the closer video angle that shows the expertise Ji Chang Wook has in on-screen kisses. He cradles her face, he pauses and seems to savor…he can kiss! My internal resolve would melt away and I would be putty in his hands.

    • It is a good kiss. I’m a sucker for the two part kiss. First the gentle exploration, then amp up the passion. Warm her up, then fire her up!🔥💋

      • imberreader says:

        You’re welcome! Am trying to share all the extra bits of info/insight I find with you guys. ❤ Love reading your perspective. And yes, the two part kiss and his gentle attentiveness. djfldjdf I'm just melting at all of it. One of my favorite first kisses in kdramas, for sure.

        • Good point that for a first kiss, it had heat, which is not typical as most kdramas initially sport “sweet” kisses.

          • Beez says:

            I feel the winds a changin’ on the Kdrama landscape.

            It seems we’re getting steamier kisses across the board (unless the actress is newly married). I’m all aboard on that one but, as unrealistic as this is, I think I’m going to miss some of the innocence (29 year old virgins, never had a boyfriend, guys who aren’t sleeping around). I think we’re watching the change in S.K broadcasting just as it’s occurring.

            • It seems we’re getting steamier kisses across the board …I’m going to miss some of the innocence (29 year old virgins, never had a boyfriend, guys who aren’t sleeping around). I think we’re watching the change in S.K broadcasting just as it’s occurring.
              What I see is acknowledgment that passion is a natural extension of liking and loving. I can’t see the sweet appeal of the innocent characters going away. It is a cornerstone of the idealist world that S.K broadcasting has made buckets of money with.💰💰

      • imberreader says:

        I genuinely hope we get a bit of both world, because the innocent ones were also very sweet and with their charm, and perhaps attracted me a bit to the kdramas. Though I cannot say no to kisses like we witnessed in this kdrama either.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I like a mix of sweet kisses 🍭💋 and more passionate kisses 🔥💋. But I say nay 🚫 to lamppost kisses 🛋💋, you know when the girl stands as still and unresponsive as a lamppost. Just the slightest response can go a long way.

  5. Jane Tilly says:

    I think sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho got wrapped 🆙 with with psychotic Hyun Soo possibly to avenge his friend’s death 💀. I’m glad sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho wants out and hope he survives long enough to take ⏬ the murder Mastermind, Hyun Soo. I agree with imberremember that that 🌃 evenings’ theme was “Ji Wook misses all the important calls.”. Sweet 🍭-faced Chan Ho 📵, Bong Hee 📵 and Lawyer 👴 Byun 📵 were all DENIED a pick-up. Although, Ji Wook ran to Bong Hee’s rescue.

    OMO, that 2⃣-part 💋‼ KJT was ⚫-on about being a sucker​ 🍭 for a two-part “Warm her up, then fire her up!🔥💋” Like Beez said “DannnnnnnnnngEE! that kiss in the video imberremember posted went on for a long time!” 💕💞
    “Why she didn’t melt then and there is beyond me.” I most definitely would have been melting ❄💧💦🌊 with that series of 💋😘💋‼. (sorry Beez, this was the best I could find for melting… couldn’t find any puddles) RESISTANCE​ IS FUTILE ‼💋‼

    • Beez says:

      Trust a Trekkie! Resistance IS futile! lol

      And I’m all of those – snow flake about to evaporate out of existence washed away by the waves of feels!

    • II most definitely would have been melting ❄💧💦🌊 with that series of 💋😘💋‼. (sorry Beez, this was the best I could find for melting… couldn’t find any puddles)
      Good attempt on the melting!

      My resistance would be MINIMAL!

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