Suspicious Partner Episode 16 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 16 “Deceitful Truth Game” (part 2) Recap

Hyun Soo meets the forensics guy, Chan Ho. He asks why his footprint and button ended up at the murder scene when he’s usually meticulous about wiping all traces of him away. Chan Ho claims it was an accident. But Hyun Soo doesn’t accept the excuse and grabs him. Hyun Soo warns him if he makes a similar mistake again, he’ll pay.  Hyun Soo says three deaths down, and four to go. After that is done, Chan Ho’s debt will be repaid. Hyun Soo strolls away.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) listens to jazz trying to chill out. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) hears him and knows he likely can’t sleep.

Neither Ji Wook or Bong Hee like the divide between them, though they pretend otherwise. Bong Hee tells Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) all is well between her and Ji Wook. She declares she’s over her unrequited love.  Lawyer Ji remembers a drunk Bong Hee declaring she’ll never be over Ji Wook. Lawyer Ji tells Bong Hee he’ll help her. He spies Ji Wook watching them and they laugh together making Ji Wook jealous. Assistant Jang congratulates Ji Wook on not spraying Lawyer Ji with water. Ha!

Assistant Jang’s report on Hyun Soo to Ji Wook is brief. Ji Wook asks him to dig deeper.

When Bong Hee leaves the house alone, Ji Wook follows her. She meets with Hyun Soo for coffee. Ji Wook enters the coffee shop awkwardly stating this was a coincidence.  Bong Hee politely says goodbye to Hyun Soo. Ji Wook tries to slink off, but she demands to know how he ended up here. Ji Wook admits he followed her. Bong Hee demands to know what Assistant Jang is doing for him. What’s his issue with Hyun Soo?

Hyun Soo walks away from the coffee shop and realizes that Ji Wook has shown too much interest in him. He turns and stares at Ji Wook who returns it in kind. Hyun Soo sports a fake smile for Ji Wook then turns and walks away. The displeasure on his face is clear.

Ji Wook starts to tell Bong Hee about Hyun Soo’s false alibi but they are interrupted when Bong Hee’s mother calls.  Bong Hee has to leave. They agree to discuss it later.

Bong Hee tells her mother her boss is handsome, smart, and has a wonderful aura. Unbeknownst to them, Ji Wook’s mother (the owner of the eatery) is eavesdropped and snickers no man could be that wonderful. Ha! Bong Hee gets teary when she explains her unrequited feelings for her boss.

Ji Wook doesn’t understand why his mother wanted to talk outside her eatery. She claims there are strange women inside. Ha! Ji Wook apologizes for not seeing her often enough. His mother remembers when he was a little boy and she’s soothe his tears away. Ji Wook says he’s too tentative. She doesn’t understand.

Ji Wook tries to figure out the connection between Hyun Soo and the murdered man. Ji Wook recalls seeing Chan Ho in the courtroom.

Ji Wook meets Chan Ho at his office. Ji Wook asks if he knows Hyun Soo. Chan Ho denies it. Ji Wook asked why he came to Hyun Soo’s trail each day. Chan Ho claims he had to testify in another trial and was simply killing time. Ji Wook senses the hesitation and knows Chan Ho is withholding information. Ji Wook gives Chan Ho his business card and urges him to call.

Later Chan Ho stares at Ji Wook’s card.

Ji Wook wonders what Hyun Soo’s motive was for murdering the Chef Yang.

Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) calls Ji Wook and says the missing picture frame from Chef Yang’s house was found during a search of his sister’s home. She asks if he wants to see it. She reminds him he’ll have to see it in person because it is evidence. Ji Wook agrees to come.

Outside Yoo Jung’s office, Ji Wook hesitates a moment to gather himself. He gets to business and asks to see the photograph of the picture frame. Yoo Jung supplies Ji Wook with the bible verse the writing on the picture references. Ji Wook wonders if the murder was an act of revenge. Yoo Jung believes so.

Chan Ho calls Ji Wook but he ignores it while he’s studying the evidence (he doesn’t look at the phone so he doesn’t know who the caller is).

Next Chan Ho calls Bong Hee. He tells her he knows who bought her the shoes. She agrees to meet him. Unbeknownst to Chan Ho, Hyun Soo is listening to his phone call. He shakes his head when the phone call ends.

Bong Hee calls Ji Wook before she leaves the house. But he doesn’t hear the phone call from Bong Hee. When Ji Wook finishes looking at the evidence he quickly leaves the office. Yoo Jung isn’t pleased with his all business demeanor.

Ji Wook can’t believe his eyes when he reads the text Bong Hee sent him that she’s on her way to meet with Chan Ho at a local park. He rushes to his car and drives to intercept. This time Bong Hee doesn’t answer her phone.

Bong Hee arrives at the park. She leaves her phone in the car.

Chan Ho waits for Bong Hee. She hesitates to enter the dark park.

Chan Ho receives a phone call from Hyun Soo. Intentionally trying to upset him, Hyun Soo says he knows where he is and that he’s watching him. He comes up behind Chan Ho.

Ji Wook arrives at the park and sees Bong Hee in front of her car not moving. Relieved he pulls beside her. His honk startles her. He gets out of his car. He’s not happy that she came to the park by herself. Ji Wook states something could have happened to her. Even more telling, Ji Wook asks Bong Hee how he could cope if something happened to her. He declares she’s a problem. Bong Hee counters that she called him and waited for him. Bong Hee says she listened to her instincts and didn’t meet Chan Ho because she had a bad feeling. She admits she got scared and waited for him. She wipes away a tear and her contact. Frustrated she shreds the contact.

When they get home, Bong Hee bids Ji Wook good night. He stops her from going into her room. Ji Wook apologizes. She stares into his eyes and sees he’s sincere. Ji Wook hugs her! Bong Hee hesitates to hug him back. Ji Wook doesn’t let go and hugs her closer. Bong Hee still hesitates. Ji Wook pushes away. Bong Hee stares at him. Ji Wook kisses Bong Hee! She’s no fool, she responds!

My Thoughts

Our couple is becoming a couple. Ji Wook realized his fear was driving away the one woman that interested him, made him happy, and soothed him like to other. When Bong Hee put herself in danger by agreeing to meet with Chan Ho, Ji Wook knew the danger was more than she knew due to Chan Ho’s connection to Hyun Soo. He rushed to her side and was relieved that she waited for him. When they arrived home, Bong Hee maintained the distance between them. Ji Wook breeched the distance with a yummy hug but Bong Hee couldn’t allow herself to believe. Ji Wook knew he had to go big or go home. He kissed her. There was sizzle. Bong Hee responded. And I thought “finally!” I’ve been parched for this. That kiss was just what I needed.

Hyun Soo’s intuition is good. He sensed Ji Wook’s interest wasn’t benign. He sensed Chan Ho hesitation to be loyal to him. Tell me you don’t fear for that Chan Ho’s will become Hyun Soo’s next victim

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) kept a polite distance from Ji Wook even though it hurt. She told her mother she was in love with her boss but to no avail. Little did she know that while she despaired that Ji Wook didn’t care, Ji Wook was coming to terms with the fact that he did care for her.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) continued in knight in shining armor mode when he followed Bong Hee to the coffee shop where she met Hyun Soo. Ji Wook pretended it was a consequence but Bong Hee wasn’t fooled and neither was Hyun Soo. Ji Wook accurately sensed Chan Ho’s unease about Hyun Soo. His gut told him Chan Ho knew something vital about Hyun Soo as he pressed his business card into Chan Ho’s hand. Every warning bell went off when he read the text from Ji Wook that she was meeting with Chan Ho. He knew the danger. The possibility of losing her was inescapable. He rushed to save her and was relieved to see she hadn’t met with Chan Ho solo. His admission that he couldn’t take it if something happened to Ji Wook was telling. When they got home, Ji Wook knew it was time to take action. He drew Bong Hee into a yummy hug an entreated her to response by pulling her closer. When that didn’t work, a more direct declaration was made as Ji Wook kissed her, with passion. I loved it!


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14 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 16 Recap
  1. jienkim says:

    Reblogged this on jienkim.

  2. imberreader says:

    Our Forensics guy, judging by his reaction, actually did intend to betray Soo Hyun and now is scared senseless. And not without a reason.

    Tragic Puppy In Love Eyes: Activated. And (mutual) pining level is set to the max. Meanwhile, Eun Hyuk doesn’t believe your 98% claims, Bong Hee. At all. Neither do we. So, here we go with (successful) meddling… (I can understand why Eun Hyuk does this – he wishes for both Bong Hee’s and Ji Wook’s happiness and knows Ji Wook well enough to not trust that there’s nothing going on saying.)

    The bit with the ‘instinctively-goes-for-the-hose’ had me laughing! Wanting to drown the weeds again, Ji Wook? The expressions are golden. Mr. Jang, why you not let him do that, though? Are you stepping off your position as the captain of their ship? Or just hoping Ji Wook goes about admitting his relationship as his age would demand?

    Mr. Byun…. Those colors suit you!!

    Your stalking sucks, Ji Wook. Bong Hee will get angry at you again, won’t she… This seems like a start of case ‘love makes one stupid’, which isn’t quite my favorite trope. But I hope I’m wrong!

    Ji Wook, you have the *perfect chance* to spill the beans, but you won’t, will you. Sure, she would be angry and try to refute your theory, but it’d save so much trouble!!

    Well, I guess he did try. Bad phone call timing. “Come on” indeed.

    /proceeds to drown in cheese from Bong Hee’s lines
    Gurl, you’re so done.

    I am now hoping for reverse scene where Ji Wook is praising Bong Hee to his mom

    ‘She’s so beautiful’

    ‘Her smile’s like a sun’

    ‘She brightens the whole room with her presence’

    ‘She is horrible at singing and being rational, though, but it makes her so cute’

    And when there’s family meeting, ‘YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT HIM/HER?!’ double mom explosion.

    But I really, again, appreciate Bong Hee and her mom’s friendship. Same with Ji Wook and his mom’s relationship. More of these things in kdramas, please!!

    Amused laugh at the mom bit ‘no one like that exists, except for my son’. Well, you ain’t wrong!

    Ji Wook, those scary women are your future wife and mother-in-law!! 😉 Also, please smile more often!! His admission about cowardice (my sub used that term) was painful, but so good he can talk with his mom like that.

    Also, I just realized Yoo Jung is now in his old prosecutor’s office. Ouch.

    Wow, that “what an inconvenience” expression on Soo Hyun’s face. /shudder

    Every man in kdramas is such a good driver, they never crash when driving at insane speed… Unless it’s super plot device, of course.

    Also, Bong Hee, WHO leaves their phone in this situation in their car?!?! Or sits down BY the car, unaware of surroundings, instead of staying in the car, if they’re waiting for someone?

    But, meanwhile, I am pre-mourning Chan Ho/Forensics guy. RIP our one decent lead.

    Ji Wook, your rant doesn’t help much, but damn do I feel you. Also your teary eyes are killing me. But I do love her response to this, she told him outright, what could I do? And I did wait for you. Just hug it out, DAMMIT!! You both need it!

    Wait, what’s with the cut to the house?? Did they meet the probably already shanked Chan Ho, or just leave?? I need some serious explanations here, Writer!!

    But but anyway, he DOES see her point. And apologizes. Yess. Lovely parallel to the job-offer scene… WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING. Ahh. DOWN TO THE AFRAID TO RECIPROCATE THE HUG BIT. /frothes at mouth

    And the way he went for the kiss!!! ‘I am so exhausted from this charade…. Here are my true feelings pouring out.’ /dies It was also beautifully shot, gentle but with passion and no fish eye from Bong Hee!!

    “Our couple is becoming a couple. Ji Wook realized his fear was driving away the one woman that interested him, made him happy, and soothed him like to other.” How wonderfully, perfectly put!! I agree for 1000%!

    P.S. I had a bit of time to think about Suspicious Partner in these days and I came to conclusion we’ve seen our characters mostly through three lenses: Love, Betrayal/Pain and Murder. The exceptions are our two main leads that we get to know a little more through their relationships with their mothers.

    By that I mean – we know Ji Wook lost his father, aspired to be like him, can’t sleep due to the trauma and was deeply wounded by betrayal of his only (!) two friends – even worse, they betrayed him with each other.

    But what about Bong Hee? What about her father that does nothing, but apparently leech of Bong Hee’s mother? Why did she choose to pursue career in Law so passionately? Is it connected to that little tid-bit in episode 3 where Ji Wook seemed to recognize her faintly, as if they had met in childhood, perhaps. Did his passion inspire Bong Hee, if they have met?

    Which makes me wonder – did Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung pick their careers because they went with the flow and along with Ji Wook’s dream? I think he influenced them somewhat, even if they don’t realize it – like made them see what they personally love about their jobs. Interestingly enough, Eun Hyuk ended up positioning himself as opposition to Ji Wook – Lawyer to Prosecutor, while Yoo Jung sided with Ji Wook. Now, the situation’s switched and the two men are teamed up against Prosecutor Yoo Jung. Literally so in the last case.

    Is there more to Yoo Jung’s past, maybe something that makes her insecure and constantly craving attention of the two men she grew up with as the only ones to see ‘her’, not just cool and beautiful image? Maybe her family life wasn’t good? I wish to know!!

    I mean, all these characters aren’t just three-times-on-a-screen personalities, they matter quite a bit beyond man-pain (or should) and I think there’s a chance and time to expand on them, a lot of kdramas does so naturally.

    I’d also like to know more about characters like Mr. Jang – does he have family? Most likely not, but who knows.

    I believe we will learn more of our villain(s) when time deems it right, but yeah.

    • imberreader says:

      It was brought to my attention that in one of the epilogues, it is shown she chose career in Law as she reported a flasher, but the police didn’t do anything as the man was a judge. That sounds perfectly Bong Hee to me. Now it makes sense that she said she originally dreamed to be Prosecutor or Judge herself, but ended up being too kindhearted for it (besides the fact of her bad reputation).

    • Wow, that’s a steam of thought about the episode!

      I had a bit of time to think about Suspicious Partner in these days and I came to conclusion we’ve seen our characters mostly through three lenses: Love, Betrayal/Pain and Murder.
      Your point is well taken.

      we know Ji Wook lost his father, aspired to be like him, can’t sleep due to the trauma and was deeply wounded by betrayal of his only (!) two friends
      Certainly that covers Ji Woo’s Betrayal/Pain. The other part of suffering Betrayal/Pain is not wanting to dip your toe in the pond again. Self preservation kicks in.

      Behind our leads, I’m more drawn to Lawyer Ji even though he betrayed Ji Wook. He has refused to give up on his friend, even in the face of Ji Wook’s coldness. That has to be respected. He could have slunk away but he didn’t.

      Assistant Jang is terrific comedic relief and a man that knows Ji Wook’s intentions, even if Ji Wook denies them.

      • imberreader says:

        Ahaha, yes, I definitely did and do a bit of overthinking…

        I agree I am interested in Lawyer Ji as well, he is shaping up to be a great and compassionate friend not only to Ji Wook, but Bong Hee. He is also good at his job and sincerely tries his best. His persistence is respectable, since he gets hurt and burned, again and again. Yes, he made a mistake, an awful one, but how many of us can say we’ve never made one? Perhaps of not this kind, but still. I think all (most) of us hurt a dear friend once in our life.

        And yes, Assistant Jang adds so much to each scene he is. His acting is on point for his role!

    • Beez says:

      Thanks for the chuckle, imbrrreader -“…gentle but with passion and no fish eye from Bong Hee!!”

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Ji Wook ‘instinctively-goes-for-the-hose’ had me laughing too 😆‼

    Hyun Soo apparently never trusted 🍭-faced Chan Ho and cloned his 📱. It is unfortunate Ji Wook didn’t answer Chan Ho’s call, so Bong Hee got called next. I 💗 Bong Soo for listening 👂 to her instincts and pausing to meet 🍭-faced Chan Ho. I’m also glad Ji Wook got her outta the park 🏞. I am very worried for 🍭-faced Chan Ho’s safety. While I know 🍭-faced Chan Ho is a murderer, I get the feeling he is not the ❄ cold-blooded killer that Hyun Soo is.

    • I 💗 Bong Soo for listening 👂 to her instincts and pausing to meet 🍭-faced Chan Ho.
      That was a relief. Ji Wook is her knight in shining armor but I’m glad he didn’t have to fight Hyun Soo. That confrontation will undoubtedly come down the road.

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