Suspicious Partner Episode 13 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 13 “Alibi” (part 1) Recap

Anxiously waiting, Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) races to No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) when he arrives home. She hugs him and admits she likes him. Ji Wook considers returning the hug and the sentiment but instead tells her not to like him. He wonders if he’ll regret lying. Bong Hee tells Ji Wook that she doesn’t mind admitting what her heart dictated. She realizes that he won’t provide any details on his reaction. She asks for one more hug. Ji Wook draws her close and Bong Hee hugs him knowing her dream of a relationship with Ji Wook will not occur.

Bong Hee cries alone in her room. Ji Wook lays on his bed and wonders if he’s done the right thing.

The next morning Ji Wook is considerate. Bong Hee tells him not to be kind or she won’t be able to stop liking him. Squaring his shoulders Ji Wook gives her what she wants. He asks if she’ll continue to leave with him. Bong Hee tells him no and exits the room. Ji Wook shakes his head. He’s getting what he wants, or is he?

As the team gathers Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) accuses Bong Hee and Ji Wook of hiding a relationship. He declares he saw them hugging last night. Bong Hee claims Lawyer Byeon needs his eyes checked. Ji Wook concurs. Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) tells Lawyer Byeon that an eye exam would be wise. Lawyer Ji chuckles and Ji Wook shoots him a look.

Bong Hee, Ji Wook, Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon), and Assistant Jang go over details about Hyun Soo. There evidence that he was physically at the Chef’s house.

Yoo Jung tells Ji Hae that Hyun Soo had to pay his rent so he was definitely at the house that day.

Assistant Jang tells them the murder weapon is missing. Ji Wook concludes there isn’t enough evidence to convict or free their client. Bong Hee vows to find the couple at the bar that can provide an alibi for Hyun Soo.

Yoo Jung is sure that Hyun Soo is the murderer because he secretly laughs after imploring her to believe he is innocent. Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) wants to beat Bong Hee in court. District Attorney Jang walks past them, then turns and stares.

Lawyer Ji finds Bong Hee trying to keep a grip on her emotions. He tells her if she wants to cry, it might help get it out of her.

Assistant Jang asks Ji Wook to explain why he was hugging Bong Hee yesterday and things are cold as ice today between them. Bong Hee ignores his questions and instead starts discussing CCTV feed to provide Hyun Soo an alibi.

Ji Wook finds Bong Hee sharing her pain with Lawyer Ji. He pushes Lawyer Ji out of the way. He tells Bong Hee he’s going to visit the murder scene. Bong Hee decides to ignore her personal feelings and concentrate on her professional behavior. As she watches Ji Wook’s retreating back, she tells herself that stop liking Bong Hee. Lawyer Ji confirms she can do it.  She scampers after Ji Wook.

Lawyer Ji recalls watching Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) with longing and notes that you can’t control your feelings.

Ji Wook and Bong Hee find a CCTV that may have additional footage. She’s the one that breaks into the chef’s house and opens the door for Ji Wook. They scrutinize the crime scene. They hid when they hear someone entering the house. Bong Hee doesn’t want to get arrested for breaking and entering. Yoo Jung finds them. Yoo Jung pressures Ji Wook into a private conversation by threatening to arrest only Bong Hee for trespassing.

Yoo Jung gives Ji Wook the bad news that Hyun Soo assaulted another man and could have killed him. She doesn’t understand why he’s defending this kind of man.

Ji Wook meets with Hyun Soo. He asks about Hyun Soo’s almost deadly assault of another man. Hyun Soo wonders what that proves. Ji Wook says it could show a pattern of violence. Hyun Soo freely admits he tried to kill the other man. Hyun Soo explains that he saw a woman he cared for get hurt. He wanted to protect her but he was too young. He vowed when he got older stop others from getting hurt and being helpless like he was. Hyun Soo gets livid and says the man tried to assault a woman and he couldn’t let it slide. Ji Wook tells Hyun Soo to calm down. Ji Wook asks if the assault was about punishing the other man. Hyun Soo admits it and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t have done it. Hyun Soo’s mood abruptly changes. He apologizes for getting upset. Now he claims he was helping but it got out of hand. Hyun Soo reiterates he didn’t kill the chef. Hyun Soo claims he only uses violence when it is justified. Ji Wook stares at his client and wonders about his abrupt mood swings.

Back at the office, Lawyer Byeon asks Ji Wook what’s wrong. He admits clients that are guilty are difficult but the innocent clients are a burden. Lawyer Byeon comments that prosecutors worry about the innocent and guilt, at least he knows Ji Wook’s father did. That makes Ji Wook feel a bit better.

Bong Hee, Assistant Jang, and Lawyer Ji drink together. Bong Hee admits liking Lawyer Ji would be much easier. He agrees. But then they admit there is nothing romantic between them. Ji Wook isn’t impressed when he arrives to find his co-workers drunk. He shakes his head knowing he’ll have to deal with a drunk Bong Hee…again.

Ji Wook piggybacks Bong Hee into the house and deposits her on the bed. He makes sure she’s comfortable. He watches her sleep. He sits on the bed next to her. He goes to brush a stray lock of her hair and she turns away from him. her. He stares at her longingly.

My Thoughts

Hyun Soo’s propensity to laugh is odd. His mood swings are noticeable too. Ji Wook can’t believe he’s completely innocent especially after he admitted to administering justice to a man that he believed deserved it. Didn’t we just hear the murderer justify his actions in a similar way?

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) pulled away from Bong Hee’s declaration of affection. His reasoning is murky. His actions are tiresome. He wants her, that much is obvious. But something holds him back. I’m not thrilled when Ji Wook is moody.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) boldly declared she liked Ji Wook. That turns out to be a declaration she regretted. She tries to overcome her feelings but that turns out to be easier said than done. I missed the bright and happy Bong Hee this episode.

The graphics team is creative in the placement of the episode’s title.

The fourth song of the OST has been released. Check out CHEEZE singing “How About You”. I like the graphic for the album.


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15 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 13 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I don’t have anything to add but want to post so I can see you guys comments.

    I ❤ the actress playing Bong hee.

    I 😍 JCW!

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    What is up with the irritating, nervous laughter continued to emminate from suspected murderer Hyun Soo and Lawyer Eun Hyuk⁉

    Bong Hee put her ♥ on the ➖ confessing to Ji Wook only to be rejected 💔. I 💗 Bong Hee for living authentically, despite the rejection 💔. Ji Wook is torturing himself by not 🚫 being authentic; inquiring minds to know what is holding him back‼. Is it as simple as Yoo Jung’s betrayal⁉ is the more to Ji Wook’s backstory⁉

    • inquiring minds to know what is holding him back‼. Is it as simple as Yoo Jung’s betrayal⁉ is the more to Ji Wook’s backstory⁉
      That’s THE question. Why is he hesitating to grab what he wants and she freely offers?

    • imberreader says:

      I am a bit (a lot of, apparently) of Main Character apologist, so maybe that affects my opinion. And by that, I mean I over-analyze and go into unnecessary reasonings to defend the choices main characters make, while probably the writer hasn’t even thought of it. But that’s how I am and though I am an apologist, it doesn’t mean I think what the main characters do is RIGHT, I just try to understand their psychological reasons for doing things as they do.

      Why am I ranting about it not? Because of Ji Wook. Ktjamusing, you posed a very good question “That’s THE question. Why is he hesitating to grab what he wants and she freely offers?”

      First of all, I think he isn’t “superstitious, but a littlestitious”. The words the monk told him when he was a kid seems to have some effect on him still and who can blame him, when from meeting in the subway, their meetings seem rather ill-fated indeed? So, I think that’s a part of it why he tries to distance himself from feelings he has for her.

      At the start, he convinces he pities her for the similar cheated-on fate, then only cares for her as an employee, then sort of friend… And that’s another boulder in a way. The last time he had a good female friend and fell for her, it ended DISASTROUSLY. Lawyer Ji’s friendship with Bong Hee probably only reminds this further. There’s just the human wish not to get burned again.

      Next, there’s a scene at their first drunken night where he tells Bong Hee it’s not their fault, they didn’t do anything wrong and aren’t boring, it’s the cheater’s fault… But, let’s be honest, that’s not something you grow to believe easily, especially when you’re a man like Ji Wook. We’re told he has had no interactions with fairer sex outside work ever since his break-up and I think it is not only because he’s rather big dork when it comes to emotions (he’s really a big goofy nerd in his first relationship and even in his denial with Bong Hee), but also because he is hyper-aware of it and his faults (though he may not word it so exactly), and finds himself to be inadeqaute partner. He is clearly shown to know that he is “unlikable” and he accepts it, because it works with his line of job and that’s where he is pouring himself into, as friendship and relationship has clearly failed him before. (Even though he still remains a loyal puppy who rather desperately wants acceptance.)

      So, it all sums up to “well, I don’t think I have the courage to pursue this thing that is most likely to fall apart like a house of cards.” Which might seem silly, for someone who is encouraging Bong Hee to follow her dream, but pretty much all of us are better at giving advice than following it. I think, it is and is not just Yoo Jung’s betrayal, at the same time. This event was a sort of catalyst to elevate the issues Ji Wook already had with relationships and himself.

      • imberreader says:

        I posted it while I was still in middle of ep 12 and now that I’m done with it, what Yoo Jung told him at her apartment definitely does not help the situation. It is once again ‘you’re not a truly satisfying partner in the sense your job takes such priority, I felt like I was loving by myself’.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I see a difference in the way Ji Wook sees our leading ladies, Bong Hee and Yoo Jung. Ji Wook had been friends with Yoo Jung and Eun Hyuk for years. When Yoo Jung confessed her feelings to Ji Wook, he didn’t seemed all that enthusiastic to start a relationship with her. It seemed to me like a ‘sure, why not give it a whirl’ type response. Meanwhile Eun Hyuk had strong feelings for Yoo Jung. We have not seen evidence of Ji Wook being a very 💛​ ardent boyfriend. Are we missing some backstory or was Ji Wook’s lack of ardor Yoo Jung’s 🐈-alyst for cheating⁉ Don’t get me wrong, there is NO valid reason for cheating in my 📖‼ Ji Wook was drawn to Bong Hee from the day they met, at least by the time 🕐 they were drunk 🍾 and spent the night at his 🏠, whether or not they “slept together”.

        From what the writer has divulged so far, Ji Wook seemed to be committed to Yoo Jung, but I’m not sure he ever desired Yoo Jung as much as he desires 😍 Bong Hee. Which begs the question:
        “Why is he hesitating to grab what he wants and she freely offers?”

        Unfortunately, it seems the axiom “time heals all wounds”🤕 has not been true for Ji Wook. Neither has the more humorous axiom “time wounds all heels” been true for Yoo Jung 👠 or Eun Hyuk 👞.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I take it back that time hasn’t wounded all heels. I see Eun Hyuk 👞 being contrite for betraying Ji Wook; he recognized he cannot undo ⏪ what has been done, but is repentant and like forgiveness 🙏. Yoo Jung 👠 seems to be contrite about the loss of Ji Wook. I cannot get over Yoo Jung’s shameless ➖😳 remarks to Ji Hae in an earlier episode that she would pretend the betrayal never happened as she pursued reuniting with Ji Wook. Oh honey 🍯, Ji Wook is not that stupid‼

  3. imberreader says:

    From what we saw, Ji Wook is very inexperienced in love and actually pretty big dork. He has a bit of stutter as soon as his emotions are discussed, even in present day, and very oblivious to a lot of things in emotional-realm. We see him being shy, but happy when Yoo Jung kisses his cheek and ask for another, partake in the heart drawing with enthusiasm and end up ignoring Eun Hyuk more than Yoo Jung does because he’s wrapped up in being with her (Yoo Jung asks Eun Hyuk to come along to eat, instead of Ji Wook.) I think it’s possible it’s Ji Wook’s first relationship, as he’s been focusing so hard on his studies. Which would explain why Yoo Jung felt she didn’t have ‘enough love’ from him. ALSO, they are most likely people with different love languages and this leads to such a misunderstanding. He is the type who shows through actions, such as taking care of the partner (I’ll not be over the fact how he was depressed, but went to take care about Bong Hee and make her food + recalled every time she enjoyed he had done something for her), she probably needs words and ardent love confessions. They were not truly compatible that way, at least not without communicating about it.

    He was definitely committed to her, but I think he had quite a bit of feelings for her. Of course, his loyalty to friends played a super big role into it, but imo, it wasn’t just that.

    I think Ji Wook has plenty of insecurities about himself as a person, not only ‘I failed promise to my father’ wise, but also as a partner, friend, person. Of course he sees Bong Hee differently than Yoo Jung and their friendship status is different, but when you’re unsure and in doubt, all kind of little things matter and ache, just in my opinion.

    I really don’t like Yoo Jung’s insistence, too, and even her wish to rope Eun Hyuk back into her net, she’s someone who doesn’t really know what she wants, I think.

    Still, to each their own opinion, definitely. He makes a mistake, out of fear, and regrets it. It feels very human and fitting him.

  4. imberreader says:

    So, now I’m getting to watch this episode, though I’ve obviously commented earlier.

    The start of it broke my heart, it was so well acted. I have grown to love Bong Hee’s honesty so much, she admits she doesn’t regret liking him and makes a request, where most other heroines would explode and cry, and run away immediately. And we can see him kind of numbly regretting already and just gosh darn, it’s so well acted.

    The scenes in the room are also so… REAL damnit. They made me tear up and a kdrama hasn’t done that in a while, heck. Especially not with romance drama aspect. One is weeping her heart out about feelings she has to bury, the other is crumbling apart in silence about what he denied himself. And I just… Get them both so much, holycrap.

    The morning after is so awkward. #cringe But it makes sense. We see him being a goober and unsure what to do again, and unsure how to deal with a girl that likes him. He’s literally being “How do I act if not like this to you?? #cannotcompute”

    His cooking… Imma cry. He is stress cooker, his love language really is ‘I go all out on caretaking’ and it’s also his coping mechanism.

    Mr. Jang is suffering so much for this ship… When they both denied and said Mr. Byn has to have eyes checked, the suffering was so clear.

    Also when he asks Ji Wook what Mr. Byun saw and what’s with the cold air, Ji Wook looks down to the side and blinks so sadly it’s kinda funny.

    Eun Hyuk is a good friend to Bong Hee. I appreciate it. They both need a good friend.

    At least our couple managed to get past all other things and work together as a team unbiased for the case, and do so well.

    Bong Hee, if you have trauma, you shouldn’t talk when someone can catch you. Loved the three-way grab, though!!

    Our villain’s acting, though!!!!!!!! Wow. 10/10. I was blown away. Just epic. No more comments.

    The drunk scene… Bong Hee used wink. It’s super effective! Ji Wook’s resistance has fallen for 100% percent. Also, that kinda bittersweet scene where Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee are discussing how awesome it’d be if they could have feelings for one-another. Really, life would get much more simple, wouldn’t it… Also, Bong Hee’s giggle is contagious.

    Another small heartbreak about the longing Ji Wook stare…The end just deserves to be giffed with huge #DENIED all across it. Poor bby, tho you had it coming.

    • Beez says:

      “…bittersweet scene…Eun Hyuk and Bong Hee are discussing how awesome it’d be if they could have feelings for one-another. Really, life would get much more simple, wouldn’t it” imberreader

      It WAS a nice scene but, “life would be simple” for a while but remember, Eun Hyuk is a cheater…

      He might be sweet, but if he “couldn’t help himself” to the point where he betrayed a man it’s obvious he loves since childhood, poor Bong hee would end up hurt the next time he “can’t help it” and is ruled by his emotions or lust”. *can’t stand cheaters*

      • imberreader says:

        I do remember Eun Hyuk is a cheater, most definitely. But he also cheated with someone he had been in love with for years. So, essentially, if he was together with someone he loved, the chances of cheating are pretty low. You don’t have to fulfill a fantasy/hope to be with one you love by cheating IF you are together with the person you love. Oh, I am not saying what he did was good, but I don’t think he’d be the type to exactly repeat the mistake. If he and Yoo Jung end up sleeping together again, then it’s because
        a) Yoo Jung wants to get both men in her net again and restore what she has lost in their trio balance (and she’s always been bossy)
        b) Eun Hyuk still loves her, which goes back to the point of strong, lasting emotions driving him to this point
        c) They’re both single right now, so it’s not exactly crime, other than against his own stalled recovery process and it would do him no good, and I wish him healthier relationship than this

        Essentially, I think if Eun Hyuk could find a way to move on and perhaps physically move away from territory Ji Wook and Yoo Jung inhabits, he could find love and would never, ever cheat because he already has drunk from that bitter result cup for years and he also would not have the reason to. Some people learn from their mistakes. It does not make their mistake non-existent, certainly, but it changes their actions in the future.

        • Beez says:

          @imberreader SOME people learn but the majority of people who cheat, ftp so because there’s something lacking in their character. Hence the old saying that “once a cheater…”

      • imberreader says:

        I’d like to think both Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung wouldn’t repeat this mistake, but I am not so sure about her. She still places the blame on others more than herself, while Eun Hyuk does see what he did was utterly wrong and tries to make amends for it. I don’t really like the storytelling of this kind, where Yoo Jung is that irredeemable, non-apologetic b***h though, I hope they change that up a little. Either way, I think it’d be just lack of reason to cheat in wholesome relationship for Eun Hyuk. As Bong Hee keeps questioning, what are the reasons to murder? And to cheat? Nothing may EXCUSE it or make it RIGHT to do, but there’s usually motivation.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur with Beez “True dat.”

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