Suspicious Partner Episode 11 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 11 “The Beginning That Hasn’t Begun” (part 1) Recap

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) tends the wounds No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) received in a fight. She watches him sleep and smiles. When he wakes, she’s asleep. Now it’s his turn to look at her with affection. When her head starts to droop, he stabilizes it with his hand. He thinks he’s in the first stage of emotionally attachment. When he tries to reposition her, she wakes to find her face cradled in his hands. Ji Wook warns her not to misinterpret the situation. Bong Hee asks how she should interpret the situation. This fluster Ji Wook, making Bong Hee smile in pleasure. She loves yanking his chain. He quickly reestablishes control by reminding her he’s the boss. She thanks him for everything he has done for her. He only wants her hard work. She promises to give her all. She can’t resist one more yank of his chain and reminds him to lock his bedroom door, as she may not be able to control herself. He hurries into his bedroom after seeing her smile.

Cute, cute, cute!

Everyone gathers in the conference room for the morning meeting. Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa), Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin), Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon), Bong Hee and Ji Wook. Lawyer Byeon can’t resist telling Bong Hee as a known murderer she’ll lose them customers. Lawyer Ji assures Lawyer Byeon he’ll bring in customers to balance that out. But it is the discussion about whose name should be in the company name that break’s Ji Wook’s patience and he yells at them to get to work.

Lawyer Byeon and Lawyer Ji were completely unfazed by Ji Wook’s outburst while Bong Hee and Assistant Jang were startled.

Having noticed Bong Hee coming out of the guest bedroom the previous day, Lawyer Byeon asks if Ji Wook is involved with her. Ji Wook responds that she needed a place to stay, so he offered. He assures Lawyer Byeon there is no romance.

Lawyer Ji asks Bong Hee is she knows about his issue with Ji Wook. Bong Hee confirms this. She openly states she doesn’t like cheaters. Lawyer Ji laughs. Bong Hee asks why Lawyer Ji’s go-to response is to laugh. He admits laughing is better than cringing. Bong Hee admits her dream to be a judge or prosecutor is over, now she wants to help people get the appropriate punishment or forgiveness.

Ji Wook views their conversation from the upstairs deck. Assistant Jang joins him commenting that Lawyer Ji and Bong Hee have any easy way between them. Ji Wook disagrees. With a grin Assistant Jang asks if Ji Wook is jealous. He denies it but Assistant Jang continues to give him a knowing look. Ji Wook sprays water on Lawyer Ji to break up their discussion. Ha!

It’s Bong Hee’s mother’s first day working at Ji Wook’s mother’s eatery. She’s stunned when the owner turns out to be Ji Wook’s mother, her former client when she worked as a masseuse. Ji Wook’s mother gleefully lords her superior position. Bong Hee’s mother wants to quit but tells Ji Wook’s mother her husband does nothing, her daughter is not established in her job, so her paychecks are crucial. That lessens Ji Wook’s mother’s joy. As Bong Hee’s mother readies to take an order she sees a man looking at a news report of the chef’s murder.

The murderer watches the news report. He recalls Bong Hee asking him why the murders were committed. He remembers sitting in the chef’s living room and stating the punishment fits the crime.

Flashback… the woman (his finance?) finds the chef dead. Before she calls the police, she turns off a video playing on the TV. The murderer started the video before he left. She erases Deuteronomy 22:25 from a portrait of the chef. The murderer’s voice intones the bible verse “But if…a man happens to meet a young woman pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die.” The woman ransacks the house muttering this will be a robbery. She realizes her jewelry must be sacrificed.

The police arrest a young man, Jung Hyun Soo, for the chef’s murder. Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) interrogates the man. She tells him a neighbor spotted him leaving the chef’s house (he’s a regular delivery man to the neighborhood). She tells him the DNA evidence puts him at the scene of the crime. She assures him she will convict him for murder and robbery. Hyun Soo knows she doesn’t believe his proclamation of innocence. Yoo Jung agrees. He asks if anyone will believe him.

Good question. The evidence (no doubt planted by the murderer) is daunting. Hyun Soo wonders if the truth can be revealed. Is the chef the rapist? Is that why the murderer killed him? Then who is Hyun Soo and why is he being framed? Was he simply the easiest person to shift suspicion to?

While eating lunch with her mother (who has the benefit of eating for free), Bong Hee complains about work and her mother does the same. Ji Wook’s mother overhears and returns the insult. Bong Hee notes that workplace harassment isn’t ignored anymore. When Ji Wook calls Bong Hee, she cuts the lunch short and looks meaningfully at Ji Wook’s mother that workplace harassment is a crime. Ji Wook’s mother sputters in outrage.

Bong Hee is surprised to learn Hyun Soo has requested she be his lawyer. But then she realizes people assume since she wasn’t convicted, she can produce the same results for them. Lawyer Byeon declares her past could be an excellent marketing strategy for lure new clients.

When Bong Hee returns, Ji Wook is ending a phone call with his mother. He remarks his mother complained about a young woman being rude to her. Bong Hee is sympathetic, noting rudeness is an issue. Ha! Bong Hee asks if Ji Wook will go with her to speak with their newest client, Hyun Soo. Ji Wook declines. Lawyer Ji offers to go. Ji Wook accepts. Ha!

Ji Wook stops to speak with someone, so Bong Hee enters the building alone. She runs into Yoo Jung. The two women approach each other. Yoo Jung cuts to the chase asking if Bong Hee is dating Ji Wook. Bong Hee counters she has no reason to answer that question. Yoo Jung declares she has a right to know. Bong Hee doesn’t agree. Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) comes upon the women and decides to eavesdrop. Yoo Jung is irked that she initially liked Bong Hee who agrees she felt the same. Yoo Jung asks again if Bong Hee is dating Ji Wook. Bong Hee lies that she is but it is obvious she’s not telling the truth. Ji Wook interrupts, pulls Bong Hee to him, and declares they are dating. Awkwardly he changes his hand position to be more like a boyfriend. Bong Hee looks tight as a drum. Yoo Jung, who intuited Bong Hee’s words were a lie, appears shaken as they stride away from her.

When Bong Hee and Ji Wook take a breather, he admits he couldn’t let her become a liar to Yoo Jung. Bong Hee has an inkling that it’s more than that and she smiles in pleasure.

Bong Hee asks Hyun Soo why he requested she be his lawyer. She says she can’t get him off, just because she was acquitted. Hyun Soo gives a sad chuckle, knowing his lawyer doubts him too. With earnest eyes, Hyun Soo admits he though Bong Hee might be the only person that would believe him. Ji Wook recalls Bong Hee saying similar words when she was the accused. Hyun Soo says he’s a delivery man, that has delivered many packages to that house. But now he’s in this room, told there is evidence to convict him of murder, and he doesn’t understand how it happened. Hyun Soo admits to being lonely and scared. He needs someone to believe him. Bong Hee recalls saying similar words when she was the accused.

Wow, the actor that plays Hyun Soo, Dong Ha, nailed that scene. I felt his fear and desperate need for someone to believe him. If I were a lawyer, I’d help him. I looked up Dong Ha and he was in Beautiful Mind, a stellar 2016 drama, but I don’t recall him.

Yoo Jung wonders if Bong Hee is a murderer. Ji Hae believes she is. She vows to prove it one day. Yoo Jung thanks her for sharing her perspective.

Hyun Soo describes his day. He needs an alibi. But he’s nervous and Ji Wook picks up on that.

My Thoughts

All it took was a murder suspect that I felt empathy for. Suspicious Partner’s murder plotline hasn’t grabbed me because there was no reason why the murderer was killing. That changed today. The murderer cited a bible verse that approved murder for a particular situation. He must have known what the chef did and felt justified to administer the punishment. To that bit of insight that I’ve been starved for, add framed suspect Hyun Soo, whose eyes pleaded for someone to believe his innocence. I felt his fear that no one would believe him. I want to help Hyun Soo. I authorize my emissaries, Bong Hee and Ji Wook, to provide his defense.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is faced with a client that was framed just like she was. She knew what he was feeling. Does she believe him? Bong Hee is a dreadful liar as Yoo Jung (who looked terrific in that royal blue suit) quickly discerned. Even though she wants Ji Wook to like her as she likes him, she was adorably awkward when they walked down the hallway together as a couple would.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) is faced with a client that was framed just like Bong Hee was. Ji Wook is knight in shining armor. He knew what Hyun Soo was feeling. Will he believe him? I’m enjoying Ji Wook falling into like with Bong Hee. She adds a needed zest to his life.



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4 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 11 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    This episode was rife with 😆 laughs 😅‼.
    🔹Ji Wook spraying his nemesis 🚿 Eun Hyuk. Was Ji Wook jealous⁉
    🔹The awkwardness of Bong Hee and Ji Wook pretending to be a couple 💑 was palpable.
    🔹Ji Wook’s mother sputtered outrage when Bong Hee indirectly called her out for workplace harrassment.

  2. imberreader says:

    The beginning made me melt, his puppy eyes!! Plus, their lovely banter. I feel like they will be banter couple even when they’re together and I love those!! But, Ji Wook, you’re at least on level 3 to level 10 of your emotion for her, haha. The start was also lovely parallel of how she adjusted him after he nodded off when taking care of her ankle.

    Also, for some reason, I love when he becomes Rage Emoji. And the balcony scene was just brilliant.

    As was the pizzeria one!! I loved how Bong Hee stood up for her mom, even if she was like “oh crap” when exiting the eatery. Just felt very her, and very right. But I laughed when she was like ‘gosh, how rude of that young woman to treat elders that way’. Just… It’s gonna be SUCH a big bang when they all meet, haha.

    Also Mr. Not jealous agreed so quickly after Lawyer Ji volunteered… I cannot.

    The sound/music editing on this drama is also lovely. It adds to the funny moments really well. I loved how Ji Wook took the initiative with the faking this time and thought it was really dorky, it got the point across. Bong Hee’s face and posture when she’s ushered away is a comedy on next level, to be honest. I love that he notices that!! And is so concerned, too. Boooii you have it bad.

    I feel like the suspect’s choice of ‘you’re my only hope’ might not be coincidental…. (since I’ve spoiled myself a little on this aspect, ahem.) But maybe it is. Either way, he really pulls off this scene so well, like heck.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Will Bong Hee have a twinge of regret 😯 or rue the day she antagonized Ji Wook’s mom, once she realizes who the harrasser’s son is⁉. She may not, as she was standing 🆙 for her own mom.

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