My Secret Romance – Episode 13 (Final)

My Thoughts — My Secret Romance — Episode 13 (Final)

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. I just finished the final episode of My Secret Romance.  This show continues was my guilty pleasure, who knows what will take that spot next.

My Thoughts

* Our couple reunited…again.
 Yoo Mi broke up with Jin Wook while he was sleeping. Remember when I said she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch? Bingo! Her reason did not resonate. We were “treated” to another round of sad faces on our leads until they both decided they were going to reunite. There was plenty of filler in this episode. There wasn’t enough screen time of our couple being happy in the final episode.

* Writer Kim faltered in the last 4 episodes. Everything that happened was standard Kdrama fare. Even so, I was glad to see the OCN network put a romantic comedy in their lineup. I hope OCN considers this experiment of this genre a success.

* Their lobby “reunited and it feels so good” kiss wasn’t as good as their beach “full circle moment” kiss in the previous episode. But so what? I got one more “swoop-a-licous” kiss from Sung Hoon.

* This couple’s appeal was primarily driven by Jin Wook. Yoo Mi felt like an interchangeable kdrama leading lady. Jin Wook’s direct and earnest need to have Yoo Mi in his life never wavered even though she did. Jin Wook was appealing. Yoo Mi’s appeal was limited.

* My Secret Romance achieved the minimum of what I hoped it would. I wanted to see if Sung Hoon could carry a leading man role. The answer is yes, he can. In fact, Sung Hoon carried this drama. I’d like to see Sung Hoon star in another better written, better cast, better produced drama. Sung Hoon has presence, fabulous hair, rocks shades better than most, and established he deserves another leading man opportunity.

* Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) got dumped by Yoo Mi…again. That was a full circle moment he could have done without. I enjoyed the mother / son reunion. She patiently waited for him to come to her. This mirrored Jin Wook’s stance with Yoo Min. Sung Hoon’s tears felt genuine as he managed to eat and cry at the same time. WHY she left was never clarified. My money is on Jin Wook’s father as the drive why she left the house and had to leave Jin Wook behind. I respected Jin Wook quitting his father’s company so he could be with the woman he loved. He even reconciled with his father enjoying regular dinners. I had to smile when Jin Wook’s father groused that Jin Wook stole the best people to work at his new company. I also smiled in the epilogue when Yoo Min’s mother had the racy photos, Sung Hoon’s reactions and delivery were fun to watch.

* Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun) dumped Jin Wook…again.
  I was fooled at the end of the previous episode when Yoo Mi stared at Jin Wook’s sleeping face and vowed this man, her first love, would be her last…then she said let’s break up. What? Are you kidding me? I shook my head in patent disgust. She suffered without him in her life. When her mother went on live TV and urged her daughter to pursue the man she loved without worrying about what others thought, Yoo Mi resolved to go get her man. Yoo Mi struggled to overcome the shame of her mother’s career choice until the end. She ended the episode in a cute shorter dress that showed more skin than any other outfit, which signified she was comfortable in her skin without self-censorship.

* Support characters:

 ** Jang Woo Jin (Park Shin Woon) shopped for clothes with kitchen worker Kang Je Ni. I liked that she maintained she’d be hot when she was 20 years older. Bully for her, that’s a goal to have.

** Jung Hyun Tae (Kim Jae Young) invited Joo Hye Ri  to travel with him and date him.
 We knew this would happen and it did. At least Joo Hye Ri asked him to date her first.

** Yoo Min’s mother gave Yoo Mi straight talk on live TV. That was completely in character. I could have done without the second wedding but it provided another full circle moment which Writer Kim focused on in these final episodes.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-6) had me rank episode 13 as farily good as our couple got back together and committed to get married.  My episode ranking chart is below.

If you liked the OST, check out this playlist of of all the OST songs (official and non-official:


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45 comments on “My Secret Romance – Episode 13 (Final)
  1. lia says:

    do you know the title of the song inserted in episode 13 at 05:07?
    who is the singer?

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    OMO, Yoo Mi did scamper 🏃 off after breaking up with Ji Wook… while he was asleep 😴. Can you truly break up when the other party isn’t even awake⁉. 🐓

    While XXX mom blabbing on 📺 is within her character, I still didn’t like it​; I thought moms got the message when Yoo Mi poured out her heart
    💔 about her embarrassment about mom last episode. I was annoyed about how moms stressed the “one night stand”. Thanks for making it clear to everyone that Yoo Mi started her relationship with a “one night stand”. Frankly, this would not have inspired me go after the man I loved 💗, but would have me looking for a deep dark hole to hide in. Thank goodness my mom would NEVER gossip 😙 about what happened, with the exception of her best friend, who would take any secrets​ to her grave ⚰.

    I’m glad the writer stopped Hyun Tae and Hye Ri at dating and 🚫 falling in love. I’m sticking with Hye Ri not being worthy of our 🍭 Hyun Tae. (You KNOW she deserves Ji Wook’s father).

    I would have been happier without XXX mom’s second wedding 💒 to the same husband, although the red gown seemed appropriate. I find it odd Yoo Mi and Ji Wook looked more like the bride 👰 and groom than those participating in the vows.

    While I was not happy 😡 wasting time with OTP breaking up yet again,I did enjoy them reuniting in the company lobby with a “swoop-a-licous” kiss 💋💏💋. I 💗 the side characters cheering on our OTP‼

    Lest you think I didn’t like the finale, let me assure you I did like it 👍; opportunities were missed that would have enriched the series:
    🔸 Elimination of Yoo Mi’s 🐓-like behavior in the last episode, breaking up the Ji Wook while he was asleep. I would have 💗-ed a victory lap for the finale.
    🔸More about Ji Wook’s relationship with his mom, including the backstory of why she abandoned 🏃 him.
    🔸 Final episode focusing more on our OTP 💗, rather than XXX mom’s wedding.
    🔸 Tone down 💩-y mom; she was too over-the-top. 🎈📍💢 (deflate that EGO) Mom’s best moment was protecting Dong Goo from Ji Wook’s dad.

    Despite my complaining, this drama has been a guilty 💖 pleasure. Sung Hoon (AKA Swoon or Swoop) does NOT disappoint with his acting or the gusto he gives his 💋kissing💋 scenes 😘. Beez was 🔴-on coining Sung Swoon’s kisses as “swoop-a-licous” 💋💏💋.

    I hope I can get caught up with watching 📺 the other series KJT is recapping. I appreciate you, KJT, for taking on 5 ✋ dramas at once. Thank you, thank you, thank you‼ 🙏

    • JT, I agree with your assessments of the strengths and weaknesses of this final episode. It could have been worse, it could have been better.

      Can you truly break up when the other party isn’t even awake⁉
      She didn’t even leave a note saying “We’re done. I’m still afraid.”📝

      I would have been happier without XXX mom’s second wedding 💒 to the same husband, although the red gown seemed appropriate. I find it odd Yoo Mi and Ji Wook looked more like the bride 👰 and groom than those participating in the vows
      Her mother had too much screen time. 📹 Writer Kim was determined to end the series as we began, so back to the resort we went. I concur with the wreath of flowers in her hair and her white lace dress, Yoo Mi looked like a bride. 👰 Sung Hoon looked uber-hot in his tuxedo. That man can wear clothes well!

      this drama has been a guilty 💖 pleasure. Sung Hoon (AKA Swoon or Swoop) does NOT disappoint with his acting or the gusto he gives his 💋kissing💋 scenes 😘. Beez was 🔴-on coining Sung Swoon’s kisses as “swoop-a-licous”
      Agreed all round. Beez nailed the term “swoop-a-licous”. This drama was fluffy fun and gave Sung Hoon the chance to brandish his lips on a semi-willing leading lady. I do hope his next screen partner, gives as good as she gets.💋

      I hope I can get caught up with watching 📺 the other series KJT is recapping. I appreciate you, KJT, for taking on 5 ✋ dramas at once.
      I’ve proven that 5 dramas is over my limit, but it’s been fun to write shorter posts and not produce detailed recaps, this gave me more latitude to expand my “currently watching list”. Thank you JT for watching with me! Bear with me as I catch up too!

  3. Rachelle says:

    Okay so I just finished watching Episode 13 slash final episode, it’s good… but you know what’s not? Its number of episodes. Like seriously? Okay I’m sorry. It’s just that I was clueless,what happened to the 14th 15th and 16th? No wonder it felt like a finale. I was dumbfounded when ‘Thank you for watching My Secret Romance’ appeared on screen

    • Rachelle, I was equally surprised when I noticed the odd total number of episodes last week. It was a successful series for OCN and DramaFever who co-produced it. See this article for details.

      • Beez says:

        @kjt – that’s impressive. And it says a lot about Sung Hoon’s drawing power because there is no way that My Secret Romance compares to Strong Woman Bok Dong Soo (or anything else by way of writing or production quality).

        So now we all know Sung Hoon can carry a show. I knew this already because I’d watched Five Children where he and Shin Hye sun stole the show. If you’re curious but don’t want to watch all 54 episodes, checkout Five Children on Viki and watched the clips. Most of them feature Sung Hoon.

        If you really want to see him work his magic, here is the first of 4 segments that feature only his couple moments from Five Children. If you see other actors it’s because you need the context of what they’re saying about this couple to understand the upcoming scenes. Keep in mind that if you fastforward, it causes scenes to skip and it causes the audio timing to get off.

        To see parts 2-4, search for “Sangmin Yeontae” on Facebook.

      • Beez says:

        Open the link I just posted using your internet browser. If you try to open it in Facebook, it doesn’t take you to the correct page.

  4. Beez says:

    Haha! This is why I need drama recaps! If you noticed, I didn’t respond to something in the ‘musings on Episode 12 because I had already seen Episode 13 and I was pissed at what I thought was endless clips of backflashes… BUT, after reading kjt’s mini-cap, (thought cap?), I realize I must’ve fallen asleep during one of the many backflashes and woke up to see, what I thought was, the couple’s wedding. I’ll go back and watch it with paper clips holding my eyes open this time. lol

  5. Beez says:

    I’m very disappointed in this show. Mainly because, knowing that it was pre-produced and that DramaFever was involved, gave me higher expectations. If anybody should know what makes a good Kdrama…

    They missed the opportunity to expound on the subject they introduced – Yoo mi’s mother’s past occupation and her longing to return and be in the public eye would be a good reason (for a change in Kdramas) for Chaebeoul in-laws to object. Ji Wook’s father’s only objection to Yoo mi appears to be that she’s not Hye ri. They even failed to show us the dad’s intent if Dong hoo had been his grandchild. Would he have tried to get custody and block Yoo mi from their lives or would he have, begrudingly, accepted her?

    Dumb show. Why is Ji Wook crying in his sleep? If he’s aware enough that he knows she’s leaving, he’d wake up and stop her.

    Ji Wook’s mom is full of it. She says “I waited for you”. He was a kid. Adults need to go see kids who, you know, don’t have driver’s licenses or cars. Unless they showed us that she was completely blocked from the residence, why didn’t she make arrangements to visit or to have him visit her? She could’ve had one of the chauffeurs/ drivers bring him. And if dad did block her, why is Ji Wook having cordial meals with this man?

    Thinks-She’s-Still-Erotic Mom goes on tv and tells the world that it was a one night stand just in case they misunderstood and thought it was a real relationship. And don’t even get me started on that squinchy little weak hand-heart she flashes on the air for Yoo mi.

    More bad writing. Unless someone can tell me how “I can’t come anymore. My heart is aching” equates with making fun or teasing the father. I don’t get it.

    I thought I read where Jane Tilly said GoodGuy Friend did not end up with Stankface Hye ri? I just watched and she managed to wring an agreement to date and horned in on his trip. (I just re-read JT’s post and she said they stopped short of falling in love. But even dating is too much for me. She basically has moved in with the guy probably. She’s moving to another country with him.

    I do like that Ji Wook addressed something I never understand in Korean culture and that is, he asked Yoo mi to stop calling him “Chairman Cha”. So often characters continue to call their fiance/lovers “shi” [Mr.] or “sunbae” (Senior). I do try to keep my mind open that it’s another culture but that one seems so strange to me once they move to intimacy.

    In wanting to not hate this show, I tried to look up the manga it’s based on. Because as we discussed before, I can look past a lot of stuff if I keep in mind that “it’s a manga”. BUT IT’S NOT A MANGA! Or at least I couldn’t find one with a matching title.

    So I’m glad I got to look at Sung Hoon, but that’s about it for this drama.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Ji Wook being abandoned by his mom was the elephant 🐘 in the room that did not get addressed, especially since it was the source of his insomnia💤. I was scratching my head when Ji Wook’s mom said “I waited for you”; I concur with Beez…why should a mom have expectations of a young child⁉ I thought they would have given us a plausible backstory to drum 🍗 up some sympathy. Nope, they left it up for us to assume – you know where that leads us to 🍑…

      Beez you had me cracking up with “Thinks-She’s-Still-Erotic Mom”. Our OTP both had 💩-y moms and Ji Wook’s dad was no prize 🏆, while Yoo Mi’s dad was non-existent. 👻

      I didn’t like Hye Ri and I didn’t want our 🍭 Hyun Tae to be punished by being saddled 🚫🏇 with her. I could see that the writer was intent on pairing the up, so I decided to try pretend 🎭 to be placated with them not falling in love 💕 with each other.

      Yoo Mi was likeable when she wasn’t running 🏃 away. Once they started to get to know one another, I cheered 📣 them on. There was much I liked most of the side characters (exclude the parental units) and Sung Hoon swooping in for those PDA 😘🤗 opportunities. Well, let’s face it, Sung Swoon and his swoop-a-licous” 💋💏💋 kisses were the draw.

  6. Beez says:

    @JT – You and I had pretty much the same thoughts on this series (although I think I’m being harder on it).

    If I had to choose out of the two moms,I think I’d choose Yoo mi’s mom. At least she wasn’t somewhere living out her life in peace without me.


    Plus, for some reason JT’s last post didn’t come thru my email. If I hadn’t actually re- entered the blog to check that the link I posted works, I would’ve never seen her latest post.:(

    • Jane Tilly says:

      PDA = Public Display of Affection

      Ji Wook’s mom seemed like a nicer person, who sincerely missed her son, than Yoo Mi’s mom. I’m going to chalk 🆙 Ji Wook’s mom abandonment of her son to poor writing 📝 for not explaining how Ji Wook’s 💩-y dad vigorously pushed her out of her son’s life. Yep, the ‘nasty chaebol dad exterminated any traces of lower status baby momma from the child’s life’ scenerio is what I chose to believe. Hey, we’ve all seen it MANY times ⏰.

      I have no clue 🕵 how the notifications work; I am notorious for not checking email.

      • Beez says:

        Thanks JT. I don’t know why “PDA” wasn’t clicking in my head.

        Your post that was missing from my email showed up today. Weird.

  7. Izzy says:

    I love the list of music! Thank you so much – I have downloaded quite a few of them now. But, I’m still hunting for the instrumental track used in this episode…does anyone know what it is? I can’t find it for the life of me and it’s driving me crazy! It’s playing while Cha Jin Wook is with his mother discussing Lee Yoo Mi…

    Also, I love reading everyone’s thoughts on the episode and the series 🙂

    • I don’t where additional instrumental tracks could be found. Sorry about that. I’m not sure if a OST encompassing all the instrumental tracks is slated to be released or what is out there is all there will be.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. Joy Koh says:

    Do you know the classical music played at the end of ep7 as Yoo Mi is meeting Jin Wook for dinner, it’s also in ep8, 12, 13 – where Jin Wook is walking towards Yoo Mi during their own private ceremony?

  9. Beez says:

    Guess what!? Sung Swoon- I mean, Sung Hoon has another show out. It’s called Idol Master.

    It’s going to be a hard watch for me because it’s all about girl Kpop groups (with a LOT of members) and I’m having a hard time keeping up with who is who. I’m not a fan of the girl groups (nor the boy big groups either) except for a few that have caught my ear (like Red Velvet has a couple of girls giving Beyonce a run for the money).

    Anyway, Sung Swoony is looking delectable as ever but I’m cringing at the storyline because so far it seems a lot like My Loveable Girl (and even Sexy Oppa Rain couldn’t save that mess) only worse because it looks like he’s trying to replace a dead girl with her twin sister.

    But who am I fooling? Y’all know I’m gonna watch cause I watched all zillion episodes of New Gisaeng just to see him. I appreciate that so far he’s giving the character a different vibe from My Secret Romance and Noble, even though it’s the same character profile; i.e., as DramaFever puts it “Sung Hoon playing a stone cold businessman”. lol

    Oh btw, it’s already been worth it to see McSwoony with 5 o’clock shadow. I need this man in a saeguk, like, two weeks ago!

    • I googled and found this article. I concur it has the My Loveable Girl vibe though Rain was worth watching. Granted Rain is one of “my men” and must be watched.

      Oh btw, it’s already been worth it to see McSwoony with 5 o’clock shadow. I need this man in a saeguk, like, two weeks ago!
      LOL! His chiseled face would totally work in a saeguk!

      • Beez says:

        @kjt Thanks for the link to the article. Interesting That it’s playing out as a game/ reality show. I had assumed the “twin” was the main character, along with one other girl because the first couple of episodes seem to have focused on them. But maybe they’ll change focus to reach girl every episode or two.

        • You’ll have to tell me how it ends up and if it was worth your viewing time.

          • Beez says:

            @kjt -Ha! I’m interpreting that as “I’m not touching that with a ten for pole!”

            I’m on episode 3 but fell asleep on it and I must admit I’ve been hitting the 10 seconds fast fwd button to get to episode 3.

            I’m taking a break from it and watching Kim Seul gi in Queen of the Ring. It’s got a really cute premise that reminds me a little bit of Shallow Hal (love that movie) only I hope Kim Seul gi’s character doesn’t end up with the main actor (his character is written as Mr. Perfection to annoy me.) Depending on where you watch it there are 3 hour long eps or 6 half hour eps. Very cute so far. Here’s the premise: She’s considered ugly but her mom gives her a ring that will make her appear gorgeous to a man if she can get him to put it on her finger. Seul gi is dubious but then mom says “haven’t you wondered how I got your father?” Then she pulls out the family photo album and all the way back are generations of “ugly” women with very handsome men. Cute.

            • I’m interpreting that as “I’m not touching that with a ten for pole!”
              More like I don’t dig giggly girl bands even for Sung Hoon.

              Queen of the Ring. It’s got a really cute premise that reminds me a little bit of Shallow Hal (love that movie)
              I liked Shallow Hal. The premise does sound fun. Is it humorous or serious?

              • Beez says:

                Very humorous. I think it is trying to make a point about how messed up S.K. is when it comes to looks. S.K. is so stepped in this messed up thinking that the mini drama doesn’t really survive it’s own point but, it’s a step in the right direction and is totally light and cutesy. And it’s Kim Seul gi.

                • That sounds promising indeed. In Lookout the role isn’t humorous for Kim Seul Gi (though there are flashes) so I wondered if she was trying to pick more dramatic roles along the lines of Ko Gyung Pyo’s role in Chicago Typewriter, which had more drama than humor.

                  • Beez says:

                    I want to see her in bigger roles. I loved hearing her sing in Oh My Ghostess. Multi talented. And so funny. I just watched a clip of her on Happy Together saying how in Oh My Ghostess, many times she and Park Bo Young had to shoot the exact same scenes back to back so they could intersplice them. She said she was eating a mint and stretching for her kiss scene with Cho Jung Seok but the directed yelled “cut” after CJS and PMY’s kissing scene and then told her they didn’t need her to do one. lol

                    • Cho Jung Seok but the directed yelled “cut” after CJS and PMY’s kissing scene and then told her they didn’t need her to do one. lol
                      Good one. I like that she’s being perceived as pretty in Lookout. Sometimes the “funny girl” isn’t considered pretty which I find irksome.

                    • Beez says:

                      @kjt Now that is so true.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Thanks for the 4⃣1⃣1⃣ I will have to ✅ this out.

  10. Beez says:

    I just saw something so disturbing on my Facebook feed but I don’t know how to share the video clip here. It was a clip of Sung Hoon on a show called “I Live Alone” episode 212. I don’t know if I’m disillusioned or love him even more now. lol I’m going to see if Dramacool has the show but it just goes to show what we all know but when you actually see for yourself that these guys are just guys, just like your boyfriends, husbands, sons – it certainly isn’t romantic. lol

  11. Beez says:

    I can’t understand some of the things his agency books him for. I watched IdolMaster which was soooo borrrring and he definitely doesn’t fit this role of a loser cartoonist. I’ve watched part of the first episode of season 1 but it didn’t hold my interested.

    • I would have thought the leading man role in My Secret romance would have opened doors to more lead opportunities.

      • Beez says:

        He does have a movie that’s just been released. It’s called either Come Back to Busan or Brothers (I think). I’ve learned my lesson though about rushing to see the movies on the dramacool etc.sites. The subs are always so bad that I have to watch it again when Amazon or Netflix gets it.

        • The summary intrigues me. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know when you find it on a legit site, I’d appreciate it.

          • Beez says:

            I will. Btw, Ji Chang Wook’s Fabricated City is available to rent for about $3-4 on Amazon. I’m going to watch it again because I liked it in segments. It’s like this first part is cool about video gamers in virtual reality (normal tech we currently have) . The next part becomes a serious prison movie with pants being ripped from the back and, while it’s not shown or graphic, you know what happened next. The next part is a caper film with his fellow gamers showing up in real life to help JCW. Then the villain’s section seemed sci-fi. I’m hoping seeing professional subtitles (fingers crossed for that) will make me feel this all fits together.

  12. Beez says:

    FYI – Sung Hoon has a romantic cameo in a new show called Jugglers. He’s in the first 10 minutes or so of episode 1. I watched his scenes even though I’m not going to watch the entire show.

    He’s naturally funny. I love the way he talks in a very animated way with lots of inflection.

  13. simplymee says:

    Sung Hoon carried this show and I continued to watch it only for him and his relationship with the Secretary. When I saw the preview for 10, I knew I lost hope for this drama as it became predictable (reminded me why I stopped watching kdrama for a while). Yoo Mi’s character seems static and eventually got annoying; she became a typical kdrama lead, who starts out with a lot of energy and then it dies. Sometimes I wasn’t even convince that she feels the same about JW. I at least like Hye Ri because she was honest about her feelings and made it known. Even after her crying incident while filming live hit, she came back to work and interview HT. At least HR doesn’t just run away compare to YM. Hye Ri wasn’t over the top pushy or a complete villain; I actually like her more than YM. YM is a nutritionist and yet we barely saw that side of her besides her making meals for JW. Would’ve like to see more of her interactions with her coworkers, didn’t feel like she actually work there. Although I like the half-brother, I almost felt like he was unnecessary and didn’t add much to the show compared to other child actors/actresses (I know he’s still young). His character, just like JW’s mom, feels like fillers and had no real depth. Why does HT have more of a relationship with the half-brother than YM is also beyond me. I am reading the recaps to decide if I want to finish watching the last 3 episodes and it’s an obvious no.

    • Sung Hoon carried this show
      Yes he did. The romance did have some sweet moments.

    • Beez says:

      @Simplymee – I totally agree Sung hoon was the only reason to watch this. However I do recommend you finish it because I’m guessing based on what you said about the half brother’s role that you haven’t gotten to the best episodes yet that involve Sung Hoon and him. Those are the best scenes of the entire show but I can’t remember which numbered episodes they were. Anyway prepare to have your ovaries explode (or in my case, being older, having them reactivate!) lololol

      Another alternative might be going to YouTube and searching “Sung hoon kid bubbles”. I haven’t tried it but I’m sure somebody would’ve posted it on there. Also know that there were two separate cuts of the scene. One in the show and an alternative scene that played after the credits of whichever episode that scene appeared in.

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