My Secret Romance – Episode 12

My Thoughts — My Secret Romance — Episode 12

At the end of my recaps I have a “My Thoughts” section where I summarize my opinions. I just finished episode 12 of My Secret Romance.  This show continues to be my guilty pleasure, but only for 1 more episode, the finale is next.

My Thoughts

* Our couple reunited.  
Jin Wook and Yoo Min circled each other without seeing each other at the beach. Finally they reconnected when Yoo Min chased the coin that Jin Wook stopped the coin with his foot. There were no clunky explanations, our couple got down to brass tacks and reunited. This couple has a refreshing direct manner of communicating. They don’t play games. Yes, they have miscommunicated, but they have overcome. Their love is so new, they doubted it and regretted it almost immediately. The end of this episode left no doubt, our couple intends to weather the future together.

* Writer Kim has time management issues. The first half was wasted with the near miss encounters. I wish Writer Kim had been a bit more creative. Everything that happened was standard Kdrama fare.

* The production felt shoestring. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me the budget for this series would equal the budget for 1 episode of Descendants of the Sun. For the most part, the production team has been creative – cartoon intro to recap the previous episode, texting with video so we see and hear the character saying the text, epilogues to pad the fact that the episodes are short with a deeper look at a scene (or at least provide a point of view from a character that wasn’t presented in the episode), etc. But today’s episode had a less expensive feel e.g. the steering wheel camera and tons of flashback filler material.This doesn’t matter in the scheme of the entire series, but today I noticed the budget production where I haven’t been distracted before.

* They shared a lovely kiss.
 My hats off to the producer director, their reuniting kiss was excellent. The setting was a full circle moment. On the beach, in the car, they stared into each other’s eyes. He framed her face with his hands. He went in for the kiss. She might have moved her lips (this actress is not a gusto kisser). He pulled apart, then re-angled for the next kiss. He moves his lips (Sung Hoon is a gusto kisser. I liked to see him matched with equal passion in his next role) and claims the woman he loves.

* What’s my wishlist for the final episode? Jin Wook reunites with his mother and learns why she left. Jin Wook and Yoo Mi are rock solid at the end.

* Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) followed heart to discern which beach Yoo Min went to. Was he so focused on finding Yoo Min, that it never crossed his mind his mother’s cafe is there? Considering he takes her flowers every year, he knows exactly where his mother’s cafe is. Jin Wook shared the pain of his mother leaving when he was young. He is belief that his mother had her reasons for leaving, was adult. The subsequent bored without the ocean theory wasn’t as strong.

The best thing about Jin Wook is his direct and earnest need to have Yoo Min in his life. She was the one that got away. This series has been about him getting her back. He faltered, lost her for 2 episodes, but today he made it right. I loved it when he admitted his fear that she’d disappear from his life.

* Lee Yoo Mi (Song Ji Eun) had a direct on-point confrontation with her mother. This was a terrific moment for Yoo Mi. She told her mother clearly that her career and behavior had been a burden for her. When her mother blustered she did not relent. Best moment for this character. She stood up for herself. She grew and was ready throw away the self imposed chains of decorum and isolation. Bravo Yoo Mi!

The second best moment of this episode for Yoo Mi was when she stared at Jin Wook’s sleeping face and vowed this man, her first love, would be her last. Then we got the flashback that confirmed she kissed him while he slept in the hospital. Then she kissed again while he slept. Another lovely full circle moment. Yoo Mi isn’t meek, she’s reticent, and watching her blossom this episode was satisfying.

* Support characters:

 ** Jang Woo Jin (Park Shin Woon) hugged the kitchen worker Kang Je Ni. That was awkward.

** Jung Hyun Tae (Kim Jae Young) hit Jin Wook. I liked his direct stance when he told Jin Wook not to hurt Yoo Mi again.

** Yoo Min’s mother got straight talk from her daughter. I was proud of Yoo Mi’s candor. I’m not sure her mother really got it, but it did affect her.

* Ranking the episodes (on a scale from 1-6) had me rank episode 12 as good as our couple got back together.  My episode ranking chart is below.


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11 comments on “My Secret Romance – Episode 12
  1. Beez says:

    The only message Yoo Mi’s stank mom got out of that was “how dare she talk to me like that”, in my opinion.

    @kjt – if this weren’t pre- produced, I’d swear the production was reading your blog when they had Ji Wook go in for a gentler kiss. 😙😚


    • LOL on the kiss. Watching the kiss it is clear Song Ji Eun is reticent to engage. There’s only so much Sung Hoon can do in that situation. Kinda like kissing Park Shin Hye before Lee Jong Suk persuaded her to make their kisses mutual in Pinocchio (much to my shock and delight).


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I think XXX mom listened​ 👂 to what Yoo Mi said. Yoo Mi’s words had an impact on XXX mom. I’m not sure she felt the gravity 🚀 of Yoo Mi’s feelings due to XXX mom’s actions and lack of decorum. I also think Beez’s “how dare she talk to me like that” was running through XXX mom’s head. 😤

      I 💗 that Yoo Mi met and had a pleasant interaction with Jin Wook’s mom, even though neither were aware of their connection 🔗. Jin Wook’s lack of action last episode was redeemed this episode in his 🏃 search for Yoo Mi. Use of the 500 won coin to bring our OTP together was a nice touch. 🙋

      As KJT mentioned, being back on the beach 🏖 in the convertible was a full circle 💫 for our OTP… including a Swoon-a-licious kiss 💋‼. Yoo Mi watched over a sleeping Jin Wook instead of scampering away.


      • Beez says:

        Please remind me – we saw Ji Wook interact with his mom before, right? I can’t remember — do we know how she could leave her little one? I need to know before I process how I feel about everything that [didn’t] in this series.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        We have not seen mother and adult son interaction. He left a gift 🎁 for her in front of her restaurant in the first episode and then hid around the corner to see her reaction.

        I’m sure 🔮 Ji Wook’s controlling father forced his mom to leave without her boy. 😢😭


        • Beez says:

          That’s some B.S.! And if they’re not going to show us the son’s relationship with his mom (and the reasons/conflicts involved) … Then do I give two flying figs if the leading lady spends time with his mom? Especially if… [I have to wait for the final ep recap]


        • I agree with JT. I believe Ji Wook’s father drove his wife away and forced her to leave without her son. Hopefully this is clarified on the last episode.


  2. Jan says:

    Does anyone know the song that played right after she kissed him the ending song


    • beezrtp says:

      I can’t remember anything about this drama other than feeling like if they were going to copy Noble My Love then with the bigger budget they had, they should’ve done it better.

      I noticed the writer is not the writer of Noble and I wonder if Noble’s writer received compensation. If not, he/she should’ve sued.


    • If you are talking about the 12:01 mark, that is Summer Rain by Kim So Hyun. Link to the OST:


  3. beezrtp says:

    @kjt – So I was re-reading the comments in this thread and I see that I had a question that we were hoping got answered in the last episode. So I am looking for your recap of the last episode and – FYI – My Secret Romance doesn’t appear in your list of dramas.


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