Chicago Typewriter Episode 14 Recap

Our trio reaches a critical juncture in the past and present…

Chicago Typewriter Episode 14 Recap 

1930… Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) finds the folded photo that Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) dropped. Se Joo plucks it from his hands and tells him in the next life, he’ll have to give her up. The “her” in question, Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung), sidles next to Jin O and urges him to join the resistance fighters celebrating on the eve of the big event that they hope will set their country free from Japanese occupation. Se Joo, Jeon Seol, and Jin O join the conga line as laugh as they circle the room with their fellow fighters. They all hope that if they are reborn in the future, they’ll have the opportunity to be together again.  Awk! Tears!

Se Joo’s house… Jeon Seol wakes in the guest room. She’s psyched to be there. She finds Jin O and Se Joo in the kitchen vying for her attention with their breakfast cooking skills. Jeon Seol can’t believe the volume of food they plan to cook. She reminds them that even men watch their figures. Se Joo boasts he’s never had to work at his fabulous body. Jin O points out that Se Joo was doing pushups earlier. Ha!

When Jeon Seol picks Jin O’s breakfast plate over Se Joo’s breakfast plate, Se Joo takes his to the dog. The three of them wash the dog together. While they dry the dog, Jin O notices the love Jeon Seol lavishes. He possesses the dog and enjoys Jeon Seol’s touch. When Se Joo notices that Jin O is missing, he immediately realizes that Jin O is in the dog. He pushes Jeon Seol aside and vigorously dries the dog forcing Jin O to exit. Ha!

Jin O thinks that they need to seize this moment, because they may not be together tomorrow.

As Jeon Seol and Se Joo nap, Jin O looks at the crack with a sliver of light coming from underneath his skin. It’s longer than it was yesterday. He knows his time in this world is limited. He removes the first draft of Fate.

When Reporter Song arrives at work, he finds an envelope that contains the first draft of Fate on his desk. He’s stunned when the writer is listed as Se Joo.

Jeon Seol, Se Joo, and Jin O sign the writer’s contract. Before they write they share what they learned from the past. Se Joo talks about a spy in the resistance fighters, but Jin O’s meeting with past Tae Min was a planned counter move, therefore spy’s identity is unknown. There is a moment of silence then Jeon Seol admits that her mother may be the spy. She shares that her mother confessed her past life was at the same time as Jeon Seol’s past life. Jeon Seol identifies Madame as her mother. Jin O is stunned.

1930… Madame meets with Baek Tae Min (Kwak Si Yang). She’s upset her son hasn’t been released from prison as Tae Min promised. He notes immunity for killing a Japanese police officer would require top shelf information not the dreck she has supplied so far. Desperate, Madame offers the date and time of the next counter event. But Tae Min wants to know the leader’s name. Madame doesn’t believe she can find this out. Tae Min dangles not only immunity for her son but safe passage for both of them, if she provides the leader’s name. He also has one more thing he needs…

Se Joo’s house… Jeon Seol explains her mother left her years ago so her past bad karma wouldn’t interfere with their current lives. Her mother has vanished so she can’t ask the question – what past life event shouldn’t be repeated? But Jeon Seol claims she figured out some crucial details…

1930… Madame offers Jeon Seol the singing opportunity at the exclusive party for Japanese occupation supporters. Jeon Seol declines the opportunity. Madame grabs Jeon Seol and says refusing isn’t an option or Carpe Diem will be targeted by the police.

Jeon Seol explains to Jin O that the invitation may be an opportunity to throw suspicion off herself. Jin O refuses to let her attend. Jeon Seol counters that if she attends the scrutiny of them could lessen. Se Joo agrees to let Jeon Seol attend much to Jin O’s dismay. Se Joo declares they will adjust their counter event accordingly.

Se Joo’s house
… Se Joo asks what adjustments did he make. Jeon Seol doesn’t know. Secretary Kang interrupts and declares that Reporter Song has just dropped another bomb. Se Joo doesn’t know what it could be. Jin O says nothing about sending the first draft of Fate to Reporter Song.

Baek house
… Mother Baek denies that her son plagiarized Fate. She seethes with rage blaming Se Joo for this mess. Mother Baek rages at her husband Writer Baek that Se Joo couldn’t be trusted after all. She rails at him, she knew one day his son Se Joo would harm their son Tae Min. Writer Baek declares Tae Min should confess to the plagiarism. Only then will Tae Min be able to move forward free from the shackles of the past. Writer Baek declares he’ll confess for Tae Min. Mother Baek says that would be an unforgivable offense.

Writer Baek, dump her, move on with the remainder of your days free from the crazy woman that is your wife.

Publisher Gal Ji Seok (Jo Woo Jin) goes into damage control mode. Needless to say, he’s upset.

University… Tae Min walks through the school listening to the derisive comments from the students. He refuses to give waiting reporters a statement.

Publisher Gal meets with Tae Min. Now he knows why Mother Baek disliked Se Joo. Publisher Gal says he signed Tae Min to his stable of writers because of the strength of Fate. Publisher Gal cuts off Tae Min’s explanation. He trusts Se Joo over Tae Min. Publisher Gal cancels their contract. He warns Tae Min that his witch of a mother better not bother Se Joo again. Tae Min glares trying to maintain his façade of control.

Awesome! Money doesn’t trump everything in Publisher Gal’s world!

Tae Min believes that Se Joo betrayed him. He meets the blackmailer. She thinks he wants to work with her to get revenge. Tae Min turns the tables. He waves the CCTV video and reminds her that her leverage doesn’t exist anymore. She will now do as he dictates.

Se Joo’s house
… Se Joo is livid when Jin O admits what he did. Jin O is firm that Tae Min must pay. Se Joo says not only Tae Min will pay but also Writer Baek will pay. Jin O believes Writer Baek is equally culpable for allowing his son’s actions to go unchecked. Se Joo can’t believe that Jin O did this without his consent. Se Joo asks why Jin O is willing to bring an ill-fated relationship from the past and recreate it in the present. Se Joo warns him not to meddle again.

Jeon Seol is able to lighten the mood when she tells Se Joo that her crush on Tae Min for Fate, should have been directed to the brilliant Se Joo. She claims she can’t escape his aura. He smiles. She smiles. Jeon Seol comments that past Se Joo and present Se Joo have secrets. She reminds him that past Se Joo promised not to live behind a wall and be open. He hugs her. She reminds him that without Jin O’s actions, she’d never know the truth, and is glad the truth is finally revealed. Se Joo tells her Jin O should apologize first. She calls him immature.

Clever girl that she is, Jeon Seol goes to Jin O and agrees that the truth had to come out. Jin O is surprised she agrees with him. While she justifies Jin O’s actions, he argues Se Joo’s perspective. Jin O tells her Se Joo should apologize first. She calls him immature.

Jeon Seol gather Se Joo and Jin O. They refuse to budge in their positions. Jeon Seol says she’s leaving. That gets their attention. She cajoles them into shaking hands, or rather touching fingers. Ha! Jeon Seol then directs them to speak informally with each other. Se Joo and Jin O snipe at each other until Jeon Seol orders them to stop.

LOL! Jeon Seol’s handling of the two men was masterful. Everyone makes valid points. I’m glad the truth is out. I hated that Se Joo gave the manuscript to Tae Min. I know this has put a target on Se Joo’s back. But Tae Min got away with a career based on Se Joo’s work. Now Tae Min is exposed for the plagiarizer he is. That is satisfying.

Bang Wool’s house… Jeon Seol finds her friend Ma Bang Jin (Yang Jin Sung) despondent that Jin O is a ghost. Bang Jin perks up when Jeon Seol says she brought Jin O with her.

Bang Jin meets Jin O in the park. She looks great. Jin O melts her heart when
he retrieves a balloon for a crying child. He apologizes for leaving without a goodbye. She admits her reaction was excessive. He asks her out. She cries copious tears saying his kindness makes her like him even more. He hugs her.

Bang Wool’s house… Jeon Seol soothes Bang Wool. She says Jin O will let Bang Jin down gently. Bang Wool states Jin O will disappear when his time on this earth is done. Jeon Seol says Bang Jin’s kind heart comes from her mother. They both smile.

The blackmailer calls Jeon Seol upset that her pet is in distress. Jeon Seol agrees to go to her.

Se Joo’s house
… Se Joo tells Publisher Gal he doesn’t want to pursue publicly flogging Tae Min. Publisher Gal respects and dislikes his maturity. Publisher Gal warns him that he’ll have more reporters than when the stalker committed suicide. That tickles Se Joo’s brain. He remembers the stalker stating his sister tipped of the reporters. He remembers seeing the new waitress (the blackmailer) and having a sense of recognition. Se Joo puts it all together. He asks Publisher Gal to find out where the stalker’s sister is.

Blackmailer’s house… When Jeon Seol arrives at the blackmailer’s apartment she asks if she lives alone. She confirms this mentioning her brother died recently. This sick cat isn’t sick and the blackmailer feigns irritation that her cat faked her out. Jeon Seol is gracious and stays for drink of orange juice. The blackmailer calls Tae Min and reports that Jeon Seol is in a drugged sleep. Tae Min directs her to stay with Jeon Seol until says to release her. The blackmailer wants details. Tae Min scoffs that he’s the one in control, she’s only his lackey. Tae Min sends an email.

Se Joo’s house
… Se Joo is unhappy to leave another message on Jeon Seol’s phone. Desperate, Se Joo calls Bang Wool. He asks if Jeon Seol is there. She tells him Jeon Seol left earlier in the day. Tae Min calls and asks if he’s unable to get ahold of Jeon Seol. Tae Min directs him to check his email. He does. The email contains proof who the motorcyclist was. Se Joo asks why Tae Min is calling. Tae Min says the stalker’s sister had been blackmailing him about Fate. Se Joo tells Tae Min to get to the point. But Tae Min relishes drawing the information out, and claims it is Se Joo’s fault that the stalker’s sister lost her leverage over him. Finally, Tae Min states the stalker’s sister is holding Jeon Seol hostage. Tae Min says the stalker’s sister directed him to bring money or Jeon Seol would die. Tae Min claims Se Joo should handle this. He promises to send the address. He urges Se Joo not to provoke the kidnapper, go alone, and tell no one. Se Joo rushes out the door. Tae Min laughs in triumph over his arch enemy knowing the rest of his plan is yet to come.

Tae Min manipulated Se Joo perfectly forcing guilt, fear, and responsibility on him. Tae Min is scum.

Secretary Kang is surprised when Se Joo knows that the motorcyclist is the stalker’s sister and Tae Min had the CCTV altered. She tells him the stalker’s sister has been blackmailing Tae Min. She asks if the police should be involved. Se Joo tells her to do nothing but be available should he call.

Blackmailer’s house
… Jeon Seol wakes to find herself tied to a chair and her mouth duct taped.

Rooftop… Se Joo drives to the address Tae Min provided but Tae Min is there without Jeon Seol. Tae Min reminds him he was not to provoke the kidnapper. Then Se Joo realizes, Tae Min is the kidnapper. Tae Min tells Se Joo the facts. The stalker’s sister blackmailed him. He knows where Jeon Seol is being held. Se Joo asks what he wants. Tae Min had considered asking Se Joo to help mitigate the bad press over his plagiarism but realized Se Joo could not be trusted. Tae Min places the blame for the situation on Se Joo.

Se Joo’s house… Jin O enters the empty writer’s lair. He’s stunned when he can hear the conversation between Tae Min and Se Joo. He closes his eyes to go to Se Joo but pain racks him. The glow under his forearm is bright. Jin O grits his teeth and tries again.

Rooftop… Tae Min tells Se Joo to save Jeon Seol he must call Reporter Song and recant that Fate was his book. Se Joo comments that Tae Min’s kidnapping is compounded by his further demands. Tae Min lies that he has no control over the blackmailer’s volatility. Se Joo tells Tae Min what really happened. The blackmailer blackmailed. Tae Min counter blackmailed with the CCTV footage. The Reporter Song’s article about Tae Min’s plagiarism of Fate was published. Tae Min cuts him off and asks if Jeon Seol will live or die. But Se Joo continues unruffled. He’s sure that with the blackmailer’s hold of him gone, Tae Min sought to manipulate the situation to his advantage. Se Joo realizes that Tae Min blackmailed the blackmailer into doing his bidding. Tae Min tells him the choice is his.

Jin O appears next to Se Joo’s car. He struggles to stay there and not disappear.

Se Joo says the blackmailer is waiting for Tae Min’s next order. Tae Min lies and says he called Se Joo per the blackmailer’s order. Se Joo looks into Tae Min’s eyes and says the police will find this matter interesting. He dials a number. He supposedly tells Secretary Kang to call the police and take the blackmailer into custody. Se Joo tells Tae Min he’ll save Jeon Seol without his help.

Tae Min goes to the ledge of the roof and threatens to kill himself. Tae Min tells Se Joo unless he covers up Tae Min’s part in this, suicide is his only option. Tae Min claims he’ll jump because he can’t live with the shame.

Se Joo pulls Tae Min from the ledge. Both men grapple at the ledge. Se Joo goes over the ledge! Tae Min stares as Se Joo falls. One of them flashes back to past Tae Min telling Jin O and Se Joo they will enjoy the party.

Jin O and Se Joo arrive at the exclusive party. Tae Min greets them. He tells Jin O and Se Joo they will enjoy the party. In a voiceover, Se Joo lays out the counter event…they’ll use the heavy police presence at the party to their advantage. Gunfire is heard outside the party. Tae Min and his men run to the sounds.

Now we see Se Joo tells his team after the police are engaged, the other two teams will bomb the companies that have aided the Japanese occupation. Then they’ll distribute the Declaration of Independence.

Tae Min receives the report that two companies that have aided the Japanese occupation have been bombed and flyers of independence are being distributed. The Japanese commander interrupts and order the police to capture the resistance fighters. He tells Tae Min that he will suffer the consequences. Tae Min seethes with anger as he leaves the party.

Now we see Se Joo’s plan is to steal the money raised at the exclusive party, and kill the Japanese leaders and their supporters. They will infiltrate the party as servers and security. He looks at Jeon Seol and declares she’ll get the ball rolling on the primary mission.

Jeon Seol sings at the exclusive party. She sees Jin O and Se Joo get up and walk away from their tables.

In the street Tae Min realizes that Jin O knew when the bombs would go off. He orders his men to stop pursing the resistance fighters.

The lights go out during Jeon Seol’s song. When the lights come back on masked resistance fighters are on the stage. Se Joo, Jin O, and the rest train their weapons on the party goers. Se Joo declares they will never stop fighting to free Korea and they will kill those in their way. They begin to fire at the party goers.

My Thoughts

We reach the apex in the past and present. Tae Min’s manipulation of Se Joo lost its sting once Se Joo saw it for what it was. Then Tae Min played the suicide card. When Se Joo went over the edge of the roof and plunged down, the memory of the counter event at the party came rushing to Se Joo. We saw past Tae Min and the Japanese officers be fooled by the bombs. Tae Min left the party seething in anger that his trap didn’t catch the leader of the resistance fighters. But then he knew, he’d been played and started to rush back to the party. But in the meantime, the resistance fighters had taken control and begun firing.

The primary question is simple – past and present – who will live and who will die?
* Present – Will Se Joo die falling from the roof? Will Jin O save him and die in the process? Will Jeon Seol die?
* Present – Will the resistance fighters survive the party? Will Tae Min return and slaughter them?

Tae Min blackmailed the blackmailer into holding Jeon Seol hostage.  This was Tae Min’s opportunity to eliminate Se Joo. Tae Min is a delusional, manipulative coward. He foists the responsibilities for his wrong doings on Se Joo. I didn’t get to savor his shame at being exposed as a plagiarist.

Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) sent the original draft of Fate to Reporter Song and started the snowball down the hill. With the fissure in his arm growing, Jin O’s powers are diminishing. He struggled to go to where Se Joo and Tae Min met. Will he die saving Se Joo? Jin O’s moment with Bang Jin was sweet. Jeon Seol was wise to set that meeting up to give her friend closure. I wondered why they met in a public park where others would observe Bang Jin interacting with no one. Jeon Seol was masterful, leading Jin O to see Se Joo’s point of view about his decision to send the original copy of Fate to Reporter Song. The ripple effects of that choice were felt throughout this episode.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) was taken hostage to manipulate Se Joo. Chicago Typewriter could be renamed “Can the Haters Destroy Se Joo?” Those that support Se Joo, like Jeon Seol, get caught in the cross fire. I loved her masterful guiding conversations with Se Joo and Jin O to get them to see the other’s viewpoint. The peace she negotiated was sealed not with a handshake but a finger touch. Jeon Seol proved herself to be smart and considerate when she helped Bang Jin reconcile her unrequited love for Jin O.

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) fell to his destiny and remembered the past. I was more pleased that Se Joo recognized Tae Min’s machinations that lead him to the rooftop. Considering Se Joo’s willingness to ignore Tae Min’s theft of Fate, I wondered if he’d believe Tae Min’s lies. But he saw through his former friend’s story. In the past, his former friend didn’t realize the bombs that Se Joo’s resistance fighters were a diversion to lure the police and Tae Min away from the exclusive party. I love Se Joo’s protective warrior side. His love for Jeon Seol is his Achilles heel. I’d dare to say, he’d also risk himself for Jin O. Didn’t Yoo Ah In looking stunning in the evening suit he wore to the exclusive party?


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One comment on “Chicago Typewriter Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I was laughing 😆😅 out loud when Jin Oh possessed the dog 🐶 to get some skinship from Seol! Ha Ha Ha!

    Madam Sophia (aka Seol’s mom) was confirmed as being a mole ⚫ for the resistance fighters. Both the 1930s and present story are reaching their pinnacle 🗻.

    Jin Oh went against Se Joo’s wishes in sending evidence of Destiny being Se Joo’s manuscript 📖 and not Tae Min’s. Jin Oh’s actions came back to bite Se Joo as Mother Baek stated “You dare repay my kindness with vengeance?” I wondered ‘what kindnesses’? Tae Min kept cool and calm about his plagiarism while at the university and was seething with rage on the inside; he is certifiable. Publisher Gal was slightly redeemed in my eyes for standing up for Se Joo in front of Tae Min. I find it interesting Tae Min was sure Se Joo stole the Destiny manuscript 📖; while a 👻 stealing the manuscript is not a logical conclusion, but why wouldn’t Tae Min even consider someone else, like Reporter Song, stole the manuscript 📖?

    I 💗 the way Seol assuaged Se Joo and Jin Oh’s hard feelings for each other over Jin Oh revealing the original manuscript 📖, contrary to Se Joo’s wishes.

    I’m so glad Se Joo was able to see through Tae Min’s machinations. Did or has Tae Min been having 1930s dreams or visions? It was totally freaky seeing Se Joo fall from the roof in slow motion. I’m sure hoping Jin Oh has enough power to save Se Joo.


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