Suspicious Partner Episode 8 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 8 Recap 

Ji Wook’s house…
Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is thrilled to have No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) tend to her twisted ankle. When he falls asleep (recall he’s an insomniac but can sleep if Bong Hee is there) she gently settles him covering him with a blanket. She reminds herself not to have feelings for Ji Wook.

That’s like telling yourself not to breath. Bong Hee is enamored, no ifs, ands or buts!

Ji Wook dreams of District Attorney Jang telling him that he’s just like his father, a man that made a mistake. Ji Wook dreams of being in a burning house, crying for his father, when an unknown man stands next to his father. Ji Wook wakes with a start.

That’s an interesting revelation. Ji Wook’s father’s “mistake” is more likely slander but the fire flashback indicates intent to harm by the unknown man.

The next morning in a coffee shop…
Bong Hee moons over memories of Ji Wook hot and sweaty after a run. When 3 men try and steal a woman’s laptop, another woman Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) effectively and physically disarms then. When Bong Hee realizes Yoo Jung is unaware one of the men will hit her, she hurls herself into the fray reinjuring her ankle. Yoo Jung takes Ji Wook to get a brace for her ankle. Afterword the women exchange business cards, each openly admiring each other’s spirit.

The women in the show seem to have all the fun. That was a great and unusual initial meeting.

Ji Wook’s house…
When Bong Hee gets home, Ji Wook is concerned and solicitous. He even tries to sweep her into his arms to carry Bong Hee to her bedroom, but has to settle for a piggyback. LOL when Bong Hee asks if he can manage that! Bong Hee basks in Ji Wook catering to her every whim.

Cute, cute, cute!

Yoo Jung sits down to eat and Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) joins her admitting she’s admired her from afar even when she went to the US to get another degree. Yoo Jung bluntly states she went to the US after she cheated on her boyfriend. A flashback confirms the boyfriend was Ji Wook. Yoo Jung calls herself a cheater. Ji Hae can relate as she cheated with Bong Hee’s boyfriend. Yoo Jung admits she plans to get her ex-boyfriend back.

Ji Wook’s work… A colleague bursts into the office upset that Ji Wook’s actions lost him the trial. Recall District Attorney Jang told Ji Wook that his actions would have a ripple effects on his colleagues. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) ushers the colleague at work. Ji Wook shows little reaction to the disturbance. Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) finds Lawyer Ji and the colleague arguing in the hallway and orders them to stop.

Lawyer Byeon’s office…
Lawyer Byeon is unconcerned other will continue to blame Ji Wook when they lose trials. Ji Wook counters that it is easier to blame someone else for your own inadequacies. Lawyer Byeon scoffs that if Ji Wook is so smart, he was stupid to upset District Attorney Jang. Lawyer Byeon orders Lawyer Ji and Ji Wook to drink with their coworkers and bond. Lawyer Ji offers that he’s well loved. Lawyer Byeon laughs and informs Lawyer Ji that the other lawyers hate him. Ha! Ji Wook smiles at Lawyer Ji’s shock.

Bong Hee frets about finding a new office. She gets a call from a former classmate that she doesn’t like, but that vanishes when she hears what is said.

Ji Wook and Lawyer Ji drink with three colleagues but isn’t not exactly festive and Ji Wook is a bit rude. But when Bong Hee walks in the bar with 3 other men (yes one of the them is the guy that she rejected in college) for a “drinking” interview, both Ji Wook and Lawyer Ji can’t look away. No surprise but Bong Hee is fun as they drink with zeal.

When Bong Hee takes a break, Ji Wook finds her and says a “drinking” interview isn’t something an ethical law firm would do. Bong Hee is forthright. She’s desperate for a job and will take anything. She silences him when she declares she can’t be a leech and live with him forever.

Back at the “drinking” interview, the 3 men tell Bong Hee she’s hired. She’s thrilled. They tell her short skirts and revealing tops are what they want from their receptionist. Bong Hee is stunned. Receptionist not lawyer, she inquires. Then she starts to get angry. Just as she’s about to throw a drink in their face, Ji Wook interrupts and tells her they aren’t worth it. He tells her to come with him. Bong Hee agrees to leave with him.  Bong Hee strides away. Ji Wook looks at the men in disgust. Lawyer Ji smiles watching Ji Wook engage in life again.

Nice scene! Ji Wook is her knight. She accepts this. It is obvious they make a good team.

Outside the bar, Ji Wook tells Bong Hee he wants her to work with him again. He offers her a job.  Then he falls into her arms. Is he asleep?

Lawyer Ji gets revenge on the men and smiles. Nice!

Ji Wook’s house…
Ji Wook wakes the next morning in his bed. He’s slept well again. But he’s naked save his tie. He remembers falling against Bong Hee. He recalls Bong Hee helping her in the house. He recalls Bong Hee falling into his bed and staring at him in shock as he hovers over her. Horrified he wonders if they slept together.

Love it! A full circle moment. Now Ji Wook recalls snippets from his drunken haze and wonders what happened just like Bong Hee did in the opening of their relationship.

When Ji Wook goes downstairs he is forced to ask Bong Hee what happened last night. She gives him the same response he gave her “I don’t know.” He asks for details. She doesn’t offer any. He frets they slept together.

Ha! Ha!

In her room, Bong Hee reveals knowing that Ji Wook is feeling what she felt before. She chortles that it serves him right to wonder if they slept together or not. She wonders if his job offer was real.

The murderer calls Bong Hee but she doesn’t answer. He puts a NFC device against a lock to gain access.

When Ji Wook tries to sneak out to work, Bong Hee startles him as she’s getting ready to leave for work too. She notices she missed a call from the forensics guy. She wonders if the results of the DNA analysis from the murderer’s visit to her office is available. Bong Hee calls him and agrees to meet him at the station.

Ji Wook is surprised to step outside of his home and find Yoo Jung waiting for him. Ji Wook is stunned. Bong Hee sees them standing there. Immediately she realizes these two have a past history.

My Thoughts

The shoe was on the other foot when Ji Wook got drunk and didn’t remember what happened. I enjoyed Bong Hee withholding the details from Ji Wook just like he did to her when she got drunk. Turnabout is fair play Ji Wook!

There is a quite a bit of back lighting in this series, which irks me. I prefer all parties to be well lit.

Why is the murderer pursuing Bong Hee now after a 2-year gap? We know the murderer if the forensics’ guy but have no details. I need more on this plot point.

Ji Wook’s ex-girlfriend wants him back. I enjoyed her physical takedown of the goons. I enjoyed Bong Hee jumping into the fray. I enjoyed their instant chemistry. But that’s going to tank. Two girls, one guy, nope, someone will not get what they want. Yoo Jung freely admitted she cheated on Ji Wook, but her declaration that she wanted him back was tinged with “winning” him not “wanting” him. We shall see in their interactions if she truly cares.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) squirmed in embarrassment when he didn’t recall his actions when drunk. He remembered their compromising position, but doesn’t know what happened. I enjoyed his discomfort. Ji Wook’s affinity for Bong Hee is clear. It’s like she’s a tuning fork for him and he resonates at a better frequency just being around her. He’s more likable with her. He’s her knight. I look forward to him realizing it and acting upon it. Then there was the accusation that his father was less than honorable which I don’t believe. But the fire looked suspicious and there was the mystery man. Did Ji Wook’s father have information on District Attorney Jang? Isn’t it telling that Ji Wook, an insomniac, can sleep when Bong Hee is around?

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is the spirit of this show. She’s bright, feisty, and fun. But she’s more than the typical perky kdrama heroine, she’s smart and forthright. I like her. It’s easy to like her more than him. Ji Wook is the straight man, while Bong Hee is the flamboyant one. Bong Hee is the flame and Ji Wook (and viewers) are the moth.

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17 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 8 Recap
  1. Grace Longalong says:

    I love this episode! The sparks are starting! I enjoy seeing Bong Hee getting giggly and excited whenver she has physical contact with Ji Wook. Cute!


  2. Beez says:

    I wonder why Ji Wook never told Bong hee the truth regarding whether they slept together or not?

    If not, and he liked her, it would be a way of teasing her and keeping her around. But since he is not interested in her (for the last 2 years), why not answer her?

    If they did, does he think he’s being gentlemanly not to tell her?

    What do you guys think? 🤔


    • I think it’s a mix; enjoyment at having knowledge she doesn’t (more to tease) and the moment passed by and isn’t relevant in his mind, which of course means they didn’t sleep together.


      • Beez says:

        @kjt – that makes sense. Although the more they show is of ji Wook, he’s a good guy but a bit of an azz.

        Liked by 1 person

      • imberreader says:

        It is possible he doesn’t really know either, to be honest. He was drunk, too, after all. But judging by the state of her outfit, I’d guess nothing beyond a possible kiss didn’t happen anyway.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I find the D.A. to be unlikeable.😾 I simply do not understand why the D.A. framed Bong Hee for his son’s murder 🗡 and did not seem interested in pursuing the possibility of another suspect. ⚖ Why does the D.A. persist in antagonizing Bong Hee, by following her, and Ji Wook, by spreading rumors? I wondered if the mystery ❔ man at the death of Ji Wook’s father was the D.A.?

    I was disappointed in Bong Hee’s former classmate 🎓 not being upfront about the job he which he was recruiting her. I have never heard of a secretary who was a lawyer or a “drinking” 🍸 interview; seems fishy 🐠, but Bong Hee truly was desperate. I was very pleased Ji Wook came to Bong Hee’s rescue.

    Turnabout was “fair play” with lost drunken 💋 memories Bong Hee withheld from Ji Wook in Round 2⃣. Do either of them really remember what happened in Round 1⃣ and Round 2⃣? I 💗 these two together‼


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Oh and I got my question “Was Ji Hae the woman at the 🏨 with cheater Hee Joon?” from episode 2⃣ answered. I find both Ji Hae and Yoo Jung to be shameless. Ji Hae verbally assaulted and slandered #⃣©💲 Bong Hee, even before the cheating boyfriend was murdered, presumably to cover her guilt. Ji Hae “thick skinned” for attempting to win back Ji Wook after cheating on him. These bosum buddies are cheaters in the same boat 🚣.


      • I find Lawyer Ji more likable but not forgivable.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        The writer showed us Lawyer Ji was interested in Ji Hae before Ji Wook, but Ji Hae confessed to Ji Wook 🐝4⃣ Lawyer Ji could confess to Ji Hae. Is it just me or is anyone else finding all these “Ji’s” confusing⁉. I’m calling Lawyer Ji by his first name, Eun Hyuk, from now on. Anywho, Eun Hyuk liking Ji Hae first does make it okay for Eun Hyuk to negate bromance rules 📏: “Bros 🐝4⃣”…well, you know‼

        The difference between cheaters in the same boat 🚣 and Eun Hyuk is that he has shame 😳 and seems to be trying to set things right 📐. The same boat 🚣 cheaters are pretending their wrongdoings never happened, making them shameless ➖ 😳. Which makes Eun Hyuk “more likeable, but not forgiveable” See episode 10 for more backstory.


        • Beez says:

          @JT -“Anywho, Eun Hyuk liking Ji Hae first does make it okay for Eun Hyuk to negate bromance rules : “Bros 4⃣”…well, you know‼”

          I’m guessing you meant “does NOT”?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Okay, I was so confused about the “Ji’s”, I confused cheater Ji Hae, Bong Hee’s former classmate 🎓, with cheater Yoo Jung, which is Ji Wook’s ex, in my last post.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Does NOT make it okay! I’m so glad Beez sees their my typos‼


        • Beez says:

          That’s cause I have so many swypos myself!

          And just when my old phone was finally typing what I wanted it to, I had to replace it and this phone is HORRIBLE!


    • I wondered if the mystery ❔ man at the death of Ji Wook’s father was the D.A.?
      You aren’t alone in wondering that.

      I simply do not understand why the D.A. framed Bong Hee for his son’s murder 🗡 and did not seem interested in pursuing the possibility of another suspect. ⚖
      Agreed. Wouldn’t you want to know the person that murdered your child was brought to justice?

      I was very pleased Ji Wook came to Bong Hee’s rescue.
      He is her knight in shining armor.

      Do either of them really remember what happened in Round 1⃣ and Round 2⃣? I 💗 these two together‼
      I’d like to see “what happened” at some point. Though the person drunk falling asleep was likely what happened. These two have sparkle.💎


  4. imberreader says:

    After some truly hellish months, I am back and while I truly plan to finish up the dramas I began before my nasty hiatus, I fell into hole that’s called Suspicious Partner and I’m loving it so dang much.

    I am so happy to see you’re recapping it, too, love to read your opinion as always!!

    The acting blew me away, especially the male lead’s. I genuinely saw how stressed and trying to find the best solution, and then giving into his conscience he was at the court where Bong Hee’s fate was decided.

    Also, I just love (!!) the otp!! This episode could be alternatively be titled “Wook hates* to be Bong Hee’s caretaker”
    *hates = totally loves
    Because his attentiveness is so genuine and I’m just. HE IS SO DONE FOR HER AND DOESN’T EVEN REALIZE. Like. Wow.


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