Suspicious Partner Episode 7 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 7 “A Reunion After Another” Recap 

The murderer places a “gift” of shoes on Bong Hee’s desk. He takes the time to read her investigation notes about his murder of her ex-boyfriend (for which she was falsely accused).

The murder wearing a hat, mask and earbuds makes him creepy and difficult to discern any facial features that would lead to his identity.

Having promised that she won’t long for him from afar, Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) bursts into her office and flings herself on the couching murmuring that they never dated yet they parted as if they had. She’s surprised to find a new pair of shoes on her desk. The cryptic note reads “If you keep looking for me, I’ll find you.” The note is constructed from cut out letters so it cannot be traced. She flashes back to her banner telling the murderer she was looking for him.

As No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) drives away from Bong Hee’s office he recalls her promise that she won’t bother him and she doesn’t like him. He spies her compact on the car seat. He shakes his head.

Ji Wook calls Bong Hee to tell her about the compact, but she immediately tells him that the murderer was in her office. Then she senses it, the presence of the murderer who is watching her. She tells Ji Wook that the murderer is there. Calmly he walks into the office and out the door. As Ji Wook barks at Bong Hee to do nothing, she races after the murderer. Ji Wook spins his car around when he realizes that Bong Hee has dropped the phone.

Bong Hee pursues the murderer down the hallway and down the stairs. But once on the street she can’t find him. When Ji Wook drives up, he leaps from the car to make sure Bong Hee is okay. She’s upset that the murderer got away. Ji Wook sees her inner frustration and tells himself he can’t walk away.

Nice moment when Ji Wook realizes that Bong Hee needs his help. He is her knight and her protector. I can get behind this aspect of Ji Wook who so far hasn’t completely grabbed me yet.

Ji Wook calls Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) to help spur an investigation from the prosecutor’s office. Assistant Jang tells Ji Wook he’ll do what he can. He reminds Ji Wook that he’s no longer part of the prosecutor’s office. Ji Wook hangs up on him. Assistant Jang wonders if this has anything to do with the murder that lead to Ji Wook’s resignation from the prosecutor’s office.

Bong Hee dramatically describes how she sensed the murderer and gave chase. Ji Wook notes that this is serious business but she doesn’t seem to be giving it due consideration. Bong Hee asks if he’s concerned about her, hope stirring in her heart. Ji Wook notes he’d be concerned about anyone in the same position. Bong Hee tells herself to get grip and rejects the hope that Ji Wook cares for her personally. Bong Hee knows it is serious, she’s the one that was falsely accused for a crime this elusive murderer committed. She’s candid that her life has been a struggle ever since. But she continues to solider one for her mother and the man that lost his job freeing her from the false charge. Seeing his responsibility in the matter Ji Wook states they’ll find the murderer together. He offers to take her home. She states the office is her home.

Ji Wook takes her to his house which makes Bong Hee uneasy. She knows it’s for her safety. She declares whatever happens next, isn’t her responsibility. Inside, Bong Hee marvels how everything is the same. She chirps about the last time she was there. Then she recalls falling on him and trying to kiss him. That shuts her up.

Over ramen, they agree to clear the air. Never shy, Bong Hee asks Ji Wook if they slept together 2 years ago. LOL!!! Stunned and irked, Ji Wook declares they didn’t sleep together. Bong Hee is relieved to know once and for all.

I love how forthright Bong Hee is. She’s the joy of this show.

Being late to work the next day, thrills his office mate, Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) and his boss Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa). But Ji Wook is distracted thinking about Bong Hee.

Flashback… Bong Hee watches Ji Wook sleep with a contented smile on her face. She’s embarrassed when Ji Wook catches her.

The forensics expert dusts for fingerprints at Bong Hee’s office. He asks if she saws the intruders face. She explains with the mask and hat, she doesn’t know what he looks like making any DNA evidence crucial. When the forensics expert finds something under the desk, he recalls being in her office the night before. We now know what the murderer looks like! He picks up the item and distracts Bong Hee when she notices. Outside the office, his look of malice is evident.

Who is the forensics expert / murderer? Why is he killing?

Bong Hee’s disappointment is obvious when Assistant Jang arrives at Bong Hee’s office not Ji Wook. Assistant Jang informs Bong Hee because she’s so far behind in paying for the office, utilities are being cut off and the building owner wants her out. CCTV footage is hard to find and Bong Hee remarks she wouldn’t recognize the murderer anyhow. She notices Assistant Jang’s cool stance. He admits to being miffed that she wasn’t happy to see him. Bong Hee admits that she’s trying to stop hoping and waiting for someone. Assistant Jang asks if Ji Wook is that someone. She’s surprised that she’s been obvious. She worries Ji Wook knows. Assistant Jang assures her that Ji Wook’s radar doesn’t seem to identify a woman’s interest. Bong Hee wishes Ji Wook did know. Assistant Jang guarantees Ji Wook’s ignorance.

Cute exchange between these two. I like Assistant Jang, he is direct and has a sharp dry wit. Bong Hee is fun in these bantering conversations.

District Attorney Jang (Ji Wook’s former boss and father of murdered Jang Hee Joon) isn’t happy to learn that Bong Hee and Ji Wook spent time together yesterday from his assistant. He murmurs it’s been over two years.

As the assistant leaves District Attorney Jang’s office, he avoids the eyes of the incoming Ji Wook.

In District Attorney Jang’s office Ji Wook tells him that he visited Bong Hee yesterday and spied District Attorney Jang’s assistant watching Bong Hee’s office. District Attorney Jang says he’s a grieving father, he can watch his son’s accused murderer. Ji Wook asks if District Attorney Jang’s car has a black box. He explains someone darted into the alley last night and he needs footage. District Attorney Jang says his cars don’t have black boxes. Ji Wook isn’t surprised. As he leaves, District Attorney Jang asks if Ji Wook has ever seen the murderer that Bong Hee claims is the real culprit. Ji Wook counters that the evidence shows someone else is involved. District Attorney Jang demands what if Ji Wook is wrong. Ji Wook counters what if he’s right. District Attorney Jang scoffs that Bong Hee is free. Ji Wook remembers Bong Hee admitting the shadow of being an accused murderer is a long one. Ji Wook tells District Attorney Jang that Bong Hee isn’t free at all. With certainty Ji Wook promises that if Bong Hee is innocent, District Attorney Jang will pay for planting the false evidence in her apartment. District Attorney Jang jumps to his feet and declares if Bong Hee isn’t innocent, BA will pay. They glare.

I could feel the righteous anger in Ji Wook. He is a man that seeks justice and truth. His father would be proud.

District Attorney Jang tells his cronies to spread the rumor that Ji Wook verbally attacked him. He chuckles thinking that when Ji Wook’s associates in his law firm, start to lose cases, they’ll blame Ji Wook.

Bong Hee’s mother retires from being a masseuse but tells Bong Hee she’ll continue working, just not with her hands. Her prickly client isn’t happy to learn that her favorite masseuse is gone. She’s even more upset to learn that Bong Hee’s mother personally called her important clients.

Upset the prickly client calls her son…it’s Ji Wook! He tells her to calm down and hangs up. Assistant Jang tells Ji Wook that fighting with District Attorney Jang isn’t a wise move. Ignoring that, Ji Wook asks about the CCTV footage. Assistant Jang doesn’t have any of value and grouses the District Attorney Jang’s help is no longer an option. Assistant Jang asks why Ji Wook is reopening this old case. Ji Wook admits that he feels like Bong Hee’s guardian in the matter. It doesn’t make him happy. But that’s the way it is. Assistant Jang sagely states Ji Wook seems to enjoy being involved with Bong Hee. Ji Wook denies it. Assistant Jang looks at him knowingly.

Assistant Jang knows that Bong Hee likes Ji Wook. He sees the Ji Wook likes Bong Hee more than he’s willing to admit. Assistant Jang knows all and sees all. He’s the genie of the show!

Ji Wook realizes that the last two years of his life without Bong Hee were monotonous. But now that’s she’s back, he’s not bored, and he likes it. He comes upon Bong Hee with her suitcase outside his house. He smiles.

Ji Wook approaches Bong Hee and overhears her practicing what she’ll say to him to let her live with her during their mutual investigation. He startles her when he speaks. She stumbles. He admits he’s drunk. They stare into each other eyes.

My Thoughts

Finally, I’m digging this show. Ji Wook admits he wants Bong Hee in his life. Bong Hee likes Ji Wook and wants him in her life. They have a mutual goal to find the real murderer and eliminate the stink of suspicion that interferes in Bong Hee’s life. We’ve gotten to a point where they are open to each other. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Ji Wook valuing Bong Hee for what she is. Bong Hee already knows Ji Wook is a terrific guy. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) has charmed Ji Wook. She charms everyone (except District Attorney Jang). Ji Hyun’s chemistry with everyone is excellent. Her comedic timing is spot on. Her physical comedy works. I’m finding this actress a delight in this role.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) wants to turn his frown of a life upside down. He sees Bong Hee as an enhancement to his life not an annoying encumbrance. It was telling that Ji Wook (a known insomniac) slept soundly with Bong Hee in the house. More importantly the Ji Wook is more likeable with Bong Hee. He’s her knight of justice. This is the perfect role for him.


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16 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 7 Recap
  1. It really is the perfect role for him! (*_*)


  2. Beez says:

    “Ji Wook who so far hasn’t completely grabbed me yet.” kjtamuser

    Me either! And I’m all about JCW so I should be enthralled by now! And I really like the lead actress (a rarity for me) even though this is my first time seeing her. I think maybe they haven’t had enough interaction for me to get into fully shipping them yet (and it’s already episode 8 (Oh. It’s really equivalent to ep4, right? ) We’ve got time then.) yay.

    I hope the ratings get better cause I don’t want JCW disappearing (the way he did after Healer didn’t do well in S.K’s ratings) to China again (well, after military service, that is), where he’ll be making stuff that I can’t watch again, either because it’s unwatchably bad (Whirlwind Girl 2) or it’s literally unwatchable because it doesn’t get released outside of China (Mr. Right).

    Why do his ex-coworkers, like Assistant Jang, put up with him? lol And who are CEO and Attorney Ji to him that he’s not a bit worried about getting fired? They seem like family but they don’t address each other as such.

    “Ji Wook declares they didn’t sleep together. Bong Hee is relieved to know once and for all.”
    The subs I watched don’t have him relieving her mind on the subject. He just said that’s not what he intended to clear the air about.

    “I like Assistant Jang, he is direct and has a sharp dry wit.” kjtamuser

    He kinda fine too. 😛 I tried to find a drooling emoji but they all looked more like slobbering. lol

    Ya know, it does seem kind of odd to me that Ji Wook wouldn’t have tried to investigate Bong Hee’s ex-boyfriend’s real murderer, not for Bong Hee (whom he has no real attachment to) but because it’s a case he lost his job, that he treasured, over. During that two years, why hasn’t he fought the injustice of being fired?

    Ji Wook is a super righteous guy and that’s attractive, but we girls usually crave a little tiny bit of bad boy to be in there somewhere. Hence the reason Superman may best Batman physically, but Batman will go home with the girl. 😆

    But why is it, even when Ji Wook judo flipped the stalker, it still felt ho-hum to me? Is it The K2 counter affect? I’ve come to expect super terrific action from JCW?

    “She charms everyone (except District Attorney Jang).”
    I think Bong Hee has charmed Assistant Jang too, or he wouldn’t be revealing secrets about Ji Wook that JW doesn’t even know about himself, thus giving Bong Hee an opening. If Ji Wook doesn’t know he’s been being stalked, this can be an opening for Bong Hee and Ji Wook to start afresh.

    Sorry for being impatient with the show. I gotta remember, it’s technically only actually ep4.


    • Beez, we are of a similar mind. I’m relieved that we are finally hooking harder into a show that has not drawn us in as quickly as we hoped. Thank goodness Writer Kwon has found the tone for Jin Wook that should do the trick.

      I hope the ratings get better cause I don’t want JCW disappearing (the way he did after Healer didn’t do well in S.K’s ratings) to China again (well, after military service, that is),
      You just painted a scenario I don’t want to occur either. JCW is so adorable. I’d miss him terribly.

      They seem like family but they don’t address each other as such.
      That’s a good way to put it. Hmm…🤔

      He kinda fine too. 😛
      Yes, Assistant Jang does have his own physical presence in this show’s landscape.

      During that two years, why hasn’t he fought the injustice of being fired?
      Exactly. He rolled over and played dead. Now he will wake and rejoin the world of the living.

      Hence the reason Superman may best Batman physically, but Batman will go home with the girl
      You made me chuckle with that. I think you are right. The bad boy does have a bigger pull than pure good guy. It speaks to our own inner person. No one is pure good or pure evil though society dictates women are to be kind, loving, etc. It can be cumbersome.

      I think Bong Hee has charmed Assistant Jang too
      Agree, I was referencing the victim’s father District Attorney Jang. I just checked and I might have his last name incorrect. It may be Kim not Jang for the district attorney. Sigh…

      Sorry for being impatient with the show. I gotta remember, it’s technically only actually ep4.
      Nothing to be sorry about. Some shows hook us immediately, others take time. After a slew of shows that grabbed me from the get-go, not feeling that way, especially with JCW as the leading man, was a bit odd.


      • Beez says:

        “No one is pure good or pure evil though society dictates women are to be kind, loving, etc. It can be cumbersome.”
        Hey! I got nothing evil going on. I’m kind and loving. I just have an acerbic tongue! lol

        So family & friends know they can come to me for help, but they know they’re going to face a helluva tongue lashing!


  3. Beez says:

    Ok, so look at this “relationship chart”:!AvE2-hpAQD16yyPEImL9yPZ8qgJs

    First, I don’t know why they have an arrow from Bong hee to her slimy classmate and labelled it “friend”. They should’ve pointed that arrow at the female classmate who still tried to be friendly after everyone else was gossiping about Bong hee.

    Second, one of my biggest pet peeves with Kdrama – assuming everybody watches previews and trailers. We’ve spent all this time wondering what the relationship is between Ji Wook and Ji Eun Hyuk when this chart says they’re best friends (or were best friends?)

    Anyway, I really do hate guessing who’s who and if a “hyung” is just out of respect or an actual biological brother.

    Just tell me, Show, and don’t assume I watched all the promos!

    *rant over…for now*


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur with Beez, “The subs I watched don’t have him relieving her mind on the subject. He just said that’s not what he intended to clear the air about.”. I think the did they or didn’t they question still looms. I 💗 Ji Wook likes having Bong Hee around 🏠.

    Is the killer the guy in the KCSI cap⁉ He was younger than I expected. Is he really KCSI or simply using it as a cover⁉. Does this mean no evidence of Bong Hee’s office 🚪 break-in was collected⁉

    I find the side story of Ji Wook and Bong Hee’s mothers being at odds with each other to be humorous 😆 ‼. Ji Wook’s mom was miffed 😤 that her 💆 masseuse, Bong Hee’s mother, didn’t consider her to be one of her VIP clients, who her informed of the 💆 masseuse’s retirement. Oh the anomosity‼


    • Beez says:

      And what could be possibly gain from killing Bong hee’s ex?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I think Bong Hee’s ex was murdered because he opened Bong Hee’s 🚪 for the murderer; I’m not sure if he thought the ex was an 👁‍🗨 witness, or simply saw his face. I gathered murderer is under the impression Bong Hee or someone (a witness) in her apartment saw the murderer with the bodybag, when he was cleaning up from his latest (contract?) murder.

        If the murderer really is after Bong Hee, why didn’t he “do her in” when he came disguised as a KCSI⁉. She was alone and he was disguised.


    • I was surprised it was Ji Wook’s mother, I thought it was her rival’s mother. Ji Wook’s mother makes it more interesting.


  5. imberreader says:

    “Stunned and irked, Ji Wook declares they didn’t sleep together. Bong Hee is relieved to know once and for all.”

    My drama translation didn’t have this or I missed it, hmm. Oh well! I do hope they got a kiss out of it all, though, he definitely seems appreciative and accepting of her leaning down in the flashbacks. It’d be quite the mutual consent, heheh.

    I do like Mr. Jang a lot and for some reason, professional humor cracks me up?? Like, their discussion of betting 50,000 won and that it should be 30,000 to avoid breaking some laws. I laughed my butt off. Maybe it is because it is very *human* to entwine job like this in daily conversation and it gives their lives an actual depth, and their work more of an impact outside the case. Just… gives sense of reality, to me. Because at least, I, and whole bunch of people I know have a habit of cracking these professional jokes.

    Also, that relationship chart seems to prove I was right about my idea Eun Hyun and Yoo Joung had a fling behind Ji Wook’s back.


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