Chicago Typewriter Episode 12 Recap

There is a break through for our three friends…

Chicago Typewriter Episode 12 Recap 

At the hospital… Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) stares into the eyes of Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung). He absolves her. He tells her today, he’ll do something for his country. He kisses her passionately. Jeon Seol holds on for dear life. From the doorway, Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) watches his friend kiss the woman he loves. Tears fill his eyes.

Jin O walks the streets and recalls Bang Wool’s advice to stop longing to be human. He says Jeon Seol’s past name knowing that he hoped that would make her able to see him. He realizes that doesn’t matter anymore.

Se Joo is startled to wake to Secretary Kang touching his forehead, not his dream woman Jeon Seol. Secretary Kang takes the direct approach and tells Se Joo he’ll need to bring a better game to win in love. He’s surprised.

Meanwhile, her friends Chef Ricardo and Ma Bang Jin (Yang Jin Sung) effectively prove that Jeon Seol is transparent as glass when it comes to revealing her feelings for Se Joo. Whenever they call Se Joo’s name, Jeon Seol gets a goofy grin. LOL! They tell her she’s like Pavlov’s dog.

Meanwhile, Secretary Kang makes the same Pavlov’s dog analogy with Se Joo. Whenever she calls Jeon Seol’s name, Se Joo gets a goofy grin. Secretary Kang startles Se Joo by holding up a hand mirror so he can witness his love-sick grin. LOL! Secretary Kang tells Se Joo he’s two dimensional in a three-dimensional dating world. Ha!

Meanwhile, Bang Jin tells Jeon Seol she’s two dimensional in a three-dimensional dating world. LOL! As Jeon Seol listens to Chef Ricardo’s advice, she murmurs the cause of his dating issues have been revealed. Ha! Jeon Seol declares she will follow her own path to love.

Meanwhile, As Se Joo listens to Secretary Kang’s advice, he murmurs the cause of her dating issues have been revealed. Ha! Se Joo declares he will follow his own path to love.

I couldn’t do that series of scenes justice, suffice it to say the quick intercuts were highly amusing.

As Jeon Seol starts to leave the restaurant, a girl (motorcyclist that almost ran down Se Joo and is blackmailing Tae Min), shows up looking for a job. Chef Ricardo tells her the position has been filled. The girl makes an earnest plea. Jeon Seol encourages Chef Ricardo to hire the girl. He acquiesces.

Outside the restaurant, the girl thanks Jeon Seol. As Jeon Seol walks away the sweet smile turns into a sneer. Tae Min calls her to change their meeting location.

Tae Min’s office…
The girl tells Baek Tae Min (Kwak Si Yang) she wants money to keep her mouth shut that he plagiarized Fate. Tae Min turns the tables and show her the CCTV footage that identifies her as the motorcyclist that almost ran down Se Joo. Tae Min suggests they are in a standoff. The girl admits he’s a better opponent that she imagines. Before she leaves Tae Min reveals his assumption that Se Joo is her target. She laughs saying he’s got that wrong. He asks who her target is. She asks who he thinks her target is.

Bang Wool, Bang Jin and Jeon Seol return from the sauna to find Se Joo waiting. Bang Jin shoos her mother inside. They both turn and listen.

Se Joo asks if Jeon Seol has returned from the sauna. (Bang Wool and Bang Jin groan). Se Joo asks if Jeon Seol is uncomfortable because she is not wearing makeup. (Bang Wool and Bang Jin groan). Se Joo asks why Jeon Seol is still in town. Jeon Seol declares she decided to follow her heart. Se Joo smiles. He asks her to not work again for Tae Min. Relieved that she can easily fulfill his request, Jeon Seol agrees. Se Joo smiles. He startles her when he suggests they should write Chicago Typewriter together with his friend the ghost. She considers the idea. Se Joo leans close and tells Jeon Seol she’s pretty without makeup. She smiles. He smiles.

Another cute scene! No woman who wears makeup wants to be caught without it. Jeon Seol handled it as well as anyone could. Se Joo is clueless and cute!

Publisher Gal Ji Seok (Jo Woo Jin) calls Se Joo about the motorcycle man that is also a cyberbully of Se Joo being arrested. At the police station, the man begs Se Joo for leniency. Se Joo grants it much to Publisher Gal’s chagrin.

The man calls the woman blackmailing Tae Min to report his success at alluding jail by following her instructions. She agrees to pay him for his performance.

As she heads back into the restaurant she runs into Jeon Seol who has take-out. The girl claims to enjoy working there. She exclaims that Jeon Seol’s boyfriend is lucky to have her. Se Joo arrives and the girl stares as he greets a smiling Jeon Seol. Once he turns his attention to the girl, she quickly goes inside. Se Joo tells Jeon Seol the girl looks familiar. Jeon Seol grouses. Se Joo enjoys seeing her jealous.

Jin O mourns that he missed his chance with Jeon Seol. He wonders if he should reenter the typewriter. As he types on he hears Se Joo calling for him. Jeon Seol is surprised that Se Joo has Jeon Seol in tow. She asks where the ghost is. Se Joo tells her. Jeon Seol introduces herself. She smiles. Jin O can only stare. Se Joo wonders how to prove Jin O is there. Jin O recommends a coin toss. Jeon Seol tosses the coin. Jin O slows the flip with his hand suspends it mid-air. Jin O tells Se Joo to tell Jeon Seol to open her hand. The coin falls into her hand. She stares and realizes that her past friend is before her. Se Joo says they should go into the writer’s lair and continue writing.

Jeon Seol is sad that Jin O has lived in the typewriter for 80 years. Se Joo says completing the novel may unlock Se Joo’s ghost in perpetuity status. But first things first, they draft a writer’s contract for Jeon Seol. She can hardly believe it when the typewriter is driven by an invisible Jin O. They all agree to write together, share memories, and not stop until the book is done. Just for Jeon Seol he adds that she’ll continue her relationship with him after the book. She smiles. Se Joo declares the contract is done. Jin O protests he didn’t add anything. Jeon Seol protests she didn’t add anything. Se Joo counter that only the small minded would want to add a ton of stipulations.

They celebrate with champagne. Now Jeon Seol understands that Se Joo didn’t rip her purse, Jin O did. Se Joo tells her to assume anything weird that happened was Jin O’s fault. Irked Jin O reminds Se Joo he’s also been responsible for fun times. Se Joo loves playing selective interpreter for Jin O. When Se Joo gets a text that a fellow writer has died, Jeon Seol offers to say with Jin O while Se Joo goes to the viewing. Se Joo implore her not to touch Jin O. Se Joo reminds Jin O he cannot inhabit anyone while he’s gone. Se Joo leaves.

Jeon Seol tells Jin O this is a different experience. She wonders how to communicate. She suggests yes or no questions with Jin O tapping the champagne glass. It works. She smiles. He smiles. Jeon Seol wishes she could see his face. But she tells him her dreams supplied his face.

1930… Jin O teaches Jeon Seol to shoot a pistol.

Present… Jeon Seol tells Jin O he was a handsome shooting instructor. She thanks him.

1930… Jin O tells Jeon Seol to keep her eye on the target at all times.

Jeon Seol wonders why Bang Jin and Se Joo can see Jin O but she can’t. Jin O thinks about the poem that speaks his love. Jeon Seol gets a text and tells Jin O she has to leave. She wishes him good evening. Jin O says her name. Jeon Seol hears him speak! She turns…she sees Jin O!!! He looks into her eyes! Awk! Tears! Her stunned expression tells Jin O that she can see him. She confirms this. Tears fill his eyes.

I’m a total sucker for lovely moments like that.

Tae Min sits in his office and recalls the blackmailer’s identifying Jeon Seol as the target. Why? It’s the best way to hurt Se Joo. Tae Min’s mother calls him.

Did I expect Tae Min to intervene when he learned Jeon Seol was the target to maximize Se Joo’s pain? No, but it confirmed my low opinion of Tae Min.

Se Joo helps a drunk Writer Baek as they exit the viewer. Writer Baek admits he loves reading Se Joo’s work. Se Joo tells him he’ll drive him home. They sit as Writer Baek tries to get a grip. Writer Baek admits that he drank because of the viewing. He bemoans time passing by. Se Joo tells him to drink moderately. Se Joo reminds him of a moment they shared when he was in high school.

Tae Min arrives at the viewing. He spots his father laughing with Se Joo.

Writer Baek tells Se Joo he doesn’t wish to be young again, but he wishes he had the same vigor. Tae Min approaches and tells his father his mother called him to bring him home. Se Joo bids Writer Baek and Tae Min good night. Tae Min glares at Se Joo’s retreating back.

When Se Joo unlocks his car, Tae Min asks why Se Joo took the first draft of Fate from him. Se Joo doesn’t know what Tae Min’s talking about. Tae Min doesn’t believe him. Tae Min steps forward and warns Se Joo that he won’t let him mess with him again. Se Joo shrugs unconcerned by the threat. Tae Min follows it up with the statement that Se Joo is endangering Jeon Seol. That gets Se Joo’s attention. Tae Min claims that telling him this is the last favor he’ll do. He walks away. Se Joo mutters that everyone wants to separate him from Jeon Seol.

Tae Min is scum. Se Joo continues to be more than gracious. Yoo Ah In looked smoking hot in that suit.

Jeon Seol can’t believe she can see, touch and tickle Jin O. Jeon Seol asks why she can see and hear him now when she couldn’t before. Jin O claims it is a miracle. Jeon Seol puts the gold pocket watch on the table. Jin O says it is Se Joo’s pocket watch. Jeon Seol says she killed the owner of the pocket watch. She saw herself aim a pistol at Se Joo. This surprises Jin O. She wonders if she betrayed Se Joo. Jin O declares that she’d never betray Se Joo.

1930… Jeon Seol appears in front of Jin O dressed in lovely dress. Jin O tells her to be a singer now. Se Joo arrives and tells Jeon Seol she looks the same as always. Jeon Seol glares. Jin O suggests they all enjoy time together.

They walk outside. Jeon Seol asks why Se Joo isn’t writing the novel anymore. Jin O says Se Joo is too busy. Jeon Seol asks if Se Joo is too busy dating women. Jeon Seol spots candy that reminds her of her father. She stumbles as she walks away claiming she didn’t want the treat. Tae Min watches them walk away.

Jeon Seol smiles at the photo of the three of them. Tae Min approaches her. Tae Min asks when she’ll next perform. She tells him to come to the club next weekend. Tae Min asks if she’d accept his request for a date. He offers her something but she won’t accept it. Instead he offers a paper bag of the candy she eyed before.

As she walks away Jeon Seol muses about the odd vibe from Tae Min. She notices the candy is wrapped in a newspaper article she helped Se Joo type. She realizes the article is code. She remembers running from the authorities with Se Joo on the date the newspaper article cites.

She strides into Carpe Diem upset. She hands over the photos to Jin O. Then she hands over the paper bag and asks what the article means. Jin O stares at her like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.

Present… Jin O admits that he told her everything. Jeon Seol sits there stunned. Jin O asks what’s wrong. Jeon Seol declares she just remembered what happened.

Jeon Seol points the gun at Se Joo. She tells him he’s been lying to her all this time. She declares Jin O told her everything; that he’s the masked man that saved her, that he’s the head of the resistance, that he’s the one that turned her into a sniper. Se Joo closes his eyes sorry this day came. He asks if she’ll shoot him. He turns to her. He puts her gun at his forehead. He tells her to shoot him. Jeon Seol can’t pull the trigger. Se Joo pulls away from the gun. He reminds her she should follow his orders not lose her ability to execute them. He declares she can no longer be a sniper. With tears running down her face she stares at him. She lowers the gun. He tells her to engage the safety on the gun. He turns away. Jeon Seol realizes that Se Joo lied to her to keep her focused on the sniper activities. Se Joo counters he was worried he’d hesitate to send her on the dangerous sniper activities.

Present… Se Joo arrives home surprised that Jeon Seol is still there. She stares into his face her mind reeling with the past memory. Jeon Seol stands. Se Joo asks if she remembered something else. Worried, he asks if it was a good memory or bad. Jeon Seol declares that previously she only saw part of the memory. She knows she didn’t kill him because she remembered the rest. She smiles happy to know that was a positive moment from the past. She turns and tells Jin O he was right. Se Joo is stunned. Jin O tells Jeon Seol he’s happy she remembered. Se Joo continues to be stunned. He asks if they can see and hear each other. They confirm it. Se Joo tries to take it in.

Se Joo pulls Jin O aside and demands to know when he became visible to Jeon Seol. Jin O says it happened after he left the house. Se Joo demands to know when Jin O figured out how to reveal himself. Jin O suggests they finish the novel. Se Joo can’t believe that Jin O is willing to jeopardize their friendship. Jin O can’t believe that Se Joo called him a friend. Se Joo is loath to repeat it. Jin O promises not to do anything to undermine their friendship.

In the writer’s lair, Jin O stares at Jeon Seol who looks at Se Joo who is distracted. Jin O tells them the clock is ticking on the amount of time he can spend with them. They agree to write. With fingers poised over their respective keyboards they ask what they should write. Jin O reveals the Carpe Diem match box. He tells them once he lights a match they will be back in the past. Awesome!

Se Joo realizes Jin O sent him back to the past by lighting a match when they first met. Jeon Seol asks if it is time travel. Jin O corrects it allows them to experience their past life. Jin O says it drains him but he wants them to enjoy their time in the past. Jeon Seol smiles in eager anticipation. Se Joo asks why Jin O won’t come with them. Jin O correct that he cannot come with them. They can return because they are human. He cannot return because he is a ghost. He asks if they want to go. Se Joo declines. Jeon Seol accepts. She tells Se Joo she’ll go alone. Se Joo caves and agrees to keep Jeon Seol safe. Jin O holds that match and tells them it’s time. He lights the match.

1930… Se Joo and Jeon Seol stand in the middle of the street. Jeon Seol marvels. Se Joo recognizes it. They hear the police coming. Se Joo tells Jeon Seol to run. They run down the street.

Jin O watches Se Joo and Jeon Seol who appear to be sleeping as they visit the past. He spies the gold pocket watch on the table. He picks it up. The watch start to fill with blood. Jin O remembers a pool of blood next to the typewriter. He hears the gunshot. He drops the pocket watch. He remembers being shot and falling on top of the typewriter. His blood drips into the typewriter and on the table.

Wow! Who shoot Jin O? Will this realization drain Jin Jo and make it so Se Joo and Jeon Seol can’t return?

My Thoughts

Jeon Seol finally was able to see and hear Jin O. I’m glad she can. The trio of friends lacked total bonding when Se Joo was the only one both of them could interact with. Am I surprised that Jin O was the one that was shot? No. This had to be the suppressed memory. Do I think Jeon Seol shot Jin O? Absolutely not.

This show hits its stride with the past memories and present day activities. I loved that Jin O sent Jeon Seol and Se Joo back to the past with the match. As he watched them “sleep” I worried that someone could easily hurt them in this state. With the blackmailer, Tae Min, and his mother looming, I’m nervous that something will happen to one or both of them while they explore their past lives. But let’s worry about that tomorrow.

Tae Min got leverage on the blackmailer and learned Jeon Seol was the target.  The blackmailer is right that hurting Jeon Seol will hurt Se Joo more than directly causing him pain. The blackmailer admitted she wanted revenge for her paralyzed brother (I think that’s what she said). Tae Min doesn’t care but he lorded his knowledge over Se Joo and warned him he was a danger to Jeon Seol. I like that present and past Jeon Seol feels the negative energy that wafts off Tae Min.

Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) said Jeon Seol’s past life name and was rewarded with her seeing him. He clearly cares deeply for her. She is sweet and kind but all kinds of smart too. No wonder both men are drawn to her. I was happy that Jin O was finally recognized by Jeon Seol. But Jin O got the shock of his ghost’s life when he held the pocket watch, saw it fill with blood, and had the flashback to being shot and dying slumped on the typewriter. That was an effective sequence. Jin O’s horror at the suppressed memory felt real. I’m also worried that Jin O describes things draining him. Will the memory of his death drain him further? All this speaks to a future moment when Jin O won’t be able to help his friends when they desperately need it.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) realized she did not kill Se Joo in the past. We all knew she didn’t kill him. Just as we know she didn’t kill Jin O either. But incomplete memories lead Jeon Seol to believe she had killed Se Joo. Now she knows she didn’t. What a relief for her. I loved her joy at seeing Jin O, the poking, the tickling, etc. She was eager to experience the past even though Se Joo didn’t want to take the risk. Her stubborn declaration that she’d go without him forced Se Joo to change his mind to keep her safe.

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) was shocked when Jeon Seol could see and hear Jin O. His warning to Jin O not to keep things from him revealed the truth. He considers Jin O a friend. Jin O was thrilled. I was too. I remember Bang Wool describing Se Joo as a drift and alone in his own life boat. I’m happy to see others on the boat with Se Joo. No one should be alone as they walk through life. That’s why we seek shared experiences. That’s why we share our love for kdramas together. You aren’t alone in loving this show and I’m not either. See? We have a shared experience!

Back to present day Se Joo, he’s the target of so many that want to hurt him. Sometimes I think it is a good thing he doesn’t know or chooses to ignore how many truly wish him harm. Let’s mention that passionate kiss in the hospital. Yep, Yoo Ah In has “it”- presence, intensity, good looks, and an ability to draw you to the character he portrays. Do I want to save Se Joo from those that want to harm him? You bet. Will I be able to? No, he will suffer at other’s hands. Will he die? He could, he really could. I hope not, but I can’t discount the possibility.

Past Se Joo’s encounter with Jeon Seol over the gun was taunt with tension. Both actors brought their A game with that scene. This couple works for me past or present.

Who didn’t love the schooling that Se Joo and Jeon Seol received from their friends on how to play it cool in the romance department? Who didn’t love Se Joo’s cluelessness when he highlighted Jeon Seol without make? But he made up for it by calling her pretty. Sigh….he is dreamy.



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7 comments on “Chicago Typewriter Episode 12 Recap
  1. The worst spirit fear is of staying so long on earth in one’s disembodied state that one becomes an evil spirit with a grudge….but in this case the living guy with the grudge is the most dangerous person in the world. Tae Min is truly scary –dead, reincarnated, or alive.

  2. Beez says:

    Haha! Se joo is appalled at his own stupid grin facial expression!

    “Se Joo loves playing selective interpreter for Jin O.” kjtamuser

    So funny. And so convenient to be able to blame all your own azzhattery on the unable to speak up for himself ghost. lol

    I love that when Seoul says she’ll just stay behind and play with the dog, Se joo freaks! Because she might be “playing” with Jin O! lol

    Tae min and that pseudo concern for Seoul. He knows Se joo won’t blindly believe anything he says so to vaguely say “Your being with Seoul is putting her in danger” is so fake and he only wants to enjoy having knowledge over Se joo.

    “Se Joo counters he was worried he’d hesitate to send her on the dangerous sniper activities.” kjtamuser

    Ohhhhh. That’s what he meant. That makes more sense. The subs I watched were a little vague so I misinterpreted this to mean he hesitated to enter into a relationship with her.

    It tickles me that when Jin O says “I won’t do anything to cause any cracks in our relationship, later, when Se joo sees Jin O staring at Seoul in lovesick adoration, Se joo warningly says “I see the beginnings of a crack”. lol It speaks to me that these two men, both past and present, seem to be able to love her and still love each other. (Although, granted, we haven’t seen all that transpired in the past yet. But I think they persevered and all continued to love each other…I hope.)

    “Wow! Who shoot Jin O? Will this realization drain Jin Jo and make it so Se Joo and Jeon Seol can’t return?” kjtamuser

    YIPES! I hadn’t thought of that! On second thought, how cool would that be? Because we’d get to spend more time with them in the past and get to unravel who shot Jin O. (I notice neither of us think he’s a traitor or that Past Seoul shot him.😊)

    Oh noes, kjt! I also didn’t think about someone hurting our time travelers while they sleep! One more thing to be anxious about. Although, hopefully, Jin O can scare off anybody that shows up.

    kjta is so right. I’m grateful I can share watching this show with you guys. Otherwise I have absolutely no one whim I can tell how good it is or gush over Yoo Ah in.

    “Will he die? He could, he really could. I hope not, but I can’t discount the possibility.” kjtamuser

    Gone one step too far, kjta. 🤐 Onnnnne step too far. If they kill off Se joo (permanently, and not a fake death or at least join the OTP in some type of heavenly afterlife), I’ll stop watching K-dramas!

    I loved it ALL! This show is my junk!

  3. Beez says:

    A couple of things:

    1) Viki added a nice caveat to its subtitles: As one of the characters says something about “this corruption [in 1930’s] led to the corruption in our country’s government today!”
    The subbers added in parentheses that “(this led to a Japanese sympathizer becoming dictator and eventually to his daughter becoming president; the recently impeached president)”.

    I’m paraphrasing from memory and I can’t recall if it was this episode or the one before. *sorry* But I found that interesting.

    And, this link is very interesting. The first part is dealing with the various poetry that Je soo and Seoul quote. But as you scroll down, it tells you the transcription of actual the pages of the novel Je su and Yoo jin are writing from the pages that flashed across the screen.

    I found this a while ago but didn’t finished reading it. Now I don’t know if I wish I had or not because it reveals a lot about Se joo’s identity, which we now know but I would’ve known sooner had I finished the article. Would’ve I have ranted to be “spoiled”? I’m not sure but in any event, there’s birthing in this article that hasn’t now been revealed so you can read spoiler free. It’s nice to see the details recited in the first person the way it would unfold if we were reading the book.

    • That is a wonderful detailed blog post which I promptly liked. Thank you for sharing. I loved all the quotes. The idea that a book (or any good entertainment) can transport and enrich resonates with me.

      Because the Viki subs take longer, I’ve been 60% other source, 40% Viki when I watch. But just like Six Flying Dragon subs on Viki are superior, I’m all for a better richer subs.

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Carole was 🔴-on about Tae Min being “truly scary –dead, reincarnated, or alive.”

    After getting read 📖 the riot act about being a potentially grudging 👻 by Bang Wol last episode, poor Jin Oh got a dose 💊 of reality when he witnessed Se Joo and Seol 💋-ing in the hospital 🏩 room. It is gr8⃣ to see our OTP finally be established. Our OTP being razzed by the friends was funny. I concur with Beez’s “Haha! Se joo is appalled at his own stupid grin facial expression!” By the way Beez, I enjoyed your entire soliloquy. I was glad 😃 Seol realized she did not kill 1930s Se Joo

    대박, Jin Oh revealed himself to Seol! Being able to see Jin Oh and remembering him from her dreams 💭 and caused Seol to be able to remember/see 👀 more. I am thrilled our trio can truly collaborate on finishing 📝 the story of their 1930s past ⏪ lives. It was awesome Jin Oh could send our OTP back to 1930 to see/relive the ⏪ with the Carpe Diem matches.

    I don’t know who had thee greater gob smacking, me or Jin Oh, when he saw his death⁉ Who pulled the trigger 🔫 on Jin Oh⁉ I wouldn’t put it past 1930s Tae Min to have done the deed 🔫 or possibly the 1930s incarnation of his mother. Why did Jin Oh think Sophia (aka Seol’s mom) was involved⁉

    I had not even considered KJT’s “Will this realization drain Jin Jo and make it so Se Joo and Jeon Seol can’t return?” 🚫⏪

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