Suspicious Partner Episode 6 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 6 Recap 

In court, Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) is giving her argument as the lawyer for a defendant when No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) walks in. She loses her train of thought and declares her client admits guilt. That confuses the judge and make adversary Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won) smile. She quickly reverses her statement and flees after case is complete. For his part, it’s obvious Ji Wook is only going through the motions as he defends his client. Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) catches her watching Ji Wook. She flees as Ji Wook exits the courtroom.

LOL when Bong Hee swipes Ji Hae’s shoes when she receives a call from a new client.

Making her way to the new client Bong Hee reflects at her odd ball assortment of clients she’s had. She hopes this one is normal.

Bong Hee’s new client is the ex-boyfriend who was suddenly dismissed. Upset, he followed his ex-girlfriend to get an explanation, what he got was a restraining order. After a year apart, they were both startled when they ended up on the same bus. He tried to talk to her and she shoved him out the door onto the sidewalk.

Ji Wook’s new client is the ex-girlfriend who suddenly dismissed her ex-boyfriend. She asserts that her ex-boyfriend is stalking her. Ji Wook sees her trembling hands.

In court, Ji Wook and Bong Hee argue vigorously for their clients. But when Ji Wook starts talking about being uncomfortable being observed from afar, Bong Hee realizes he’s describing her behavior towards him. She says as much. The judge brings their attention back to the case.

I like that she saw the parallels to her own behavior.

After the court session, Ji Wook and Bong Hee chat in the elevator. She doesn’t like his formal language with her. He counters that it’s been two years and their two months as boss-employee no longer has any bearing. He reverses his direction after he exits the elevator thwarting any attempt Bong Hee might make to follow him. She sighs.

It’s hard watching Ji Wook be listless and unhappy. I look forward to him finding zip in life again.

Ji Wook brings the ex-girlfriend to meet with Bong Hee and the ex-boyfriend to sign the settlement agreement. Their clients leave expecting to not see each other again. Bong Hee watches Ji Wook leaves without acknowledging her. She sighs.

The ex-boyfriend directs his taxi to turn around and follow his ex-girlfriend’s taxi.

Bong Hee doesn’t understand why the ex-boyfriend smiles serenely considering this was the last time he’d see his ex-girlfriend. She recalls the ex-girlfriend received a phone call during the meeting and realizes the ringtone is probably the song the ex-boyfriend referenced before. She calls the ex-boyfriend who ignored the call. She calls Ji Wook who picks her up and they head to his client’s home.

Meanwhile the ex-girlfriend realizes the ex-boyfriend is following her. She breaks into a run.

Bong Hee tells Ji Wook that her client wasn’t acting like a man that would never see the woman he loved again. She details the ringtone might have given him false hope. Ji Wook retorts the ringtone is so minor, that proves the ex-boyfriend was looking for an excuse to reengage.

The chase ends with the ex-girlfriend in her apartment but she’s dropped her cellphone outside. The ex-boyfriend approaches her door and smiles.

When Ji Wook and Bong Hee arrive, she tells him she’ll make sure his client is okay while he parks the car. As she exits the car, Ji Wook warns her not to get involved. Heartened that he used informal language, she promises.

Darling the way she points out his informal language. Her smile light up her face.

The ex-girlfriend cautiously retrieves her cellphone but the ex-boyfriend catches the door before it completely shuts. He smiles, she looks like a cornered animal. She pepper sprays him and retreats to her bedroom. He screams for her come out. Bong Hee enters the apartment and find the ex-boyfriend brandishing a bat. He yells at her not to interfere. Ji Wook arrives and deftly disables the rabid ex-boyfriend. Bong Hee stares in amazement. Ji Wook retorts she shouldn’t be the one to hurt her own client.

After the police take the ex-boyfriend into custody, Ji Wook finds Bong Hee. She bemoans not know her client’s true intentions. Ji Wook assures her she could only know what her client revealed. He cajoles her to come with him to the police station to give their statements. She brightens noting his informal language which he denies.

Lovely moment between our couple. There was a connection there. More importantly, a connection reestablished after a two-year break.

As Bong Hee watches her client downplay the incident with the police. Bong Hee recognizes the pain of long having affections returned. She wonders what the line between love and obsession is. She realizes she’s done a similar stalking with Ji Wook. She resolves not to stalk him again.

Ji Wook drives Bong Hee back to her office. When they arrive, Bong Hee exits the car. Then she stops. Ji Wook rolls down his window. Bong Hee vows to stop watching him from afar. She promises their future interactions will be work-related or by chance meetings. Ji Wook asks what she’s talking about. Bong Hee rushes on and declares she doesn’t like him anymore. She flees. Ji Wook watches her go.

Inside, the sadness comes. Bong Hee murmurs that they never dated yet they parted as if they had. She cries. She’s surprised to find a new pair of shoes on her desk. The cryptic note reads “If you keep looking for me, I’ll find you.” The note is constructed from cut out letters so it cannot be traced. She flashes back to her banner telling the murderer she was looking for him.

My Thoughts

Maybe our couple has a chance to establish a mutual relationship. It’s natural that our couple meets as adversaries in the courtroom. It’s telling the case was a stalking case. Ji Wook spoke his own frustration in open court at being stalked. Bong Hee heard him loud and clear. She had to examine her own behavior and found herself lacking. She decides to reverse her behavior. Of course, as she vows to do so, Ji Wook isn’t quite as adamant because she’s charming and he’s drawn to her. Perfect!

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) saw her own behavior through the eyes of Ji Wook’s client and Ji Wook. She realized her own behavior towards Ji Wook qualified as stalking. Bravo for her honest self-assessment. I like this character. The big question is why is the murderer reengaging her after a 2-year gap? What is the trigger? What does he want? She’s not been a threat, why engage now?

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) had a dreary day brightened by Bong Hee’s presence. She’s a bit of a whirlwind personality but in a good way. He can’t help it, he’s drawn to her. It’s the little things like steadying her chair in court, reveals his connection to her isn’t dead. Thank goodness.



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4 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 6 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I love Bong Hee because of her unabashed crush on Ji Wook but I didn’t like her stealing the shoes of her adversary. These women are not rivals in the frenemy sense. The rival may be the one who set Bong Hee up for murder for all we know. And even if she didn’t, stealing the shoes proves everything the rival thinks of her – cheap, tacky, etc. I wish they hadn’t chosen to go for that funny scene as that’s not how I see Bong Hee’s character’s character.

    The stalker guy played JCW’s deceased father in Healer. It was a nice touch during backflashes to the past because the actors have identical smiles and when they full on smile, you can see all of their lower teeth.

    “. Ji Wook arrives and deftly disables the rabid ex-boyfriend. Bong Hee stares in amazement.” kjtamuser

    Poor Bong hee. We can see each time she falls a little deeper for Ji Wook.

    “Why engage now?” I’m not sure but it seems to have something to do with that billboard she keeps posted asking for anyone having seen him [a vague person on a bike? ] But apparently she’s had the billboard up all this time so like you said – Why now?

    • Poor Bong hee. We can see each time she falls a little deeper for Ji Wook.
      She can’t help herself. She admonishes herself, but to no avail.

      Yes, why after 2 years, does the killer reappear?

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    The staker case was doubly 👥 interesting; Bong Hee recognized herself as Ji Wook’s stalker 🔭 and Ji Wook came the rescue Bong Hee and the ex-girlfriend victim from the stalker.

    The stalker looked so innocent; I thought the victim overreacted. 🚌 I confirmed the victim who was stalked is Yeon Sook from “Tunnel”.

    What is lawyer Ji’s purpose besides being Bong Hee’s lawyer when she was tried for 🗡 murder and annoying Ji Wook⁉. He is, after all a lead character, isn’t he⁉

  3. imberreader says:

    I absolutely loved how you noted he didn’t seem happy at all about her claim she won’t approach him at all and how she doesn’t like him. His expression and hair ruffling was all “??? what’s this kind of unpleasant feeling at hearing this?? I don’t like this”. I really love Ji Wook’s body language. And the way she kept glancing away and to him when she was saying “I don’t like you. At all. Really.” was extremely telling, too! I love the acting in it, though hers feels a little flat sometimes, but I am blaming it on the numbing situations she ends up in, such as the whole trial thing.

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