Chicago Typewriter Episode 11 Recap

There are forces at play beyond our couple’s control…

Chicago Typewriter Episode 11 Recap 

I’ve been waiting for the weekend all week…let’s see what Writer Jin has in store for us….

Indoor firing range… Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) is at the indoor shooting range. She remembers She remembers moment in the past when she rushes into the room with Se Joo’s back to her in front of his typewriter. She recalls having her gun trained on Se Joo. She remembers Se Joo’s turning towards her. She remembers firing the gun. Jeon Seol drops the gun. She falls to the floor. She shakes at the revelation. Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) finds her on the ground. He asks what happened. With tears in her eyes, Jeon Seol stares into Se Joo’s eyes. She remembers her mother warning the ill-fated relationships must not be repeated. She sobs.

Se Joo’s house…
Baek Tae Min (Kwak Si Yang) enters Se Joo’s writer’s lair. He searches for the first draft of Fate. Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) watches him rifle the room. Tae Min finds the first draft of Fate. He holds it and laughs. Jin O says he’s still a rat. Tae Min turns and stares at Jin O. He asks who he is. Jin O realizes Tae Min can see him even though he’s a ghost. Menacing he says he has much to say to Tae Min. He directs his hand to the first draft and it flies from Tae Min’s hand to the desk. Tae Min is stunned and makes for the door but Jin O blocks him.

Awesome! Jin O steps away from the chirpy persona into a man facing a mortal enemy. I’m on board with whatever Jin O can dish out to evil Tae Min.

Indoor firing range… Jeon Seol lies that she’s crying because Se Joo came to her so quickly, it is a dream come true. Se Joo asks if she saw more of her past life. Jeon Seol confirms this. Se Joo asks if she saw who she killed in her past life. Jeon Seol see’s Se Joo’s face clearly. She lies and says she didn’t see that. She knows when she cries, he hugs her. Se Joo chuckles and calls her shameless. He hugs her. She cries harder. Se Joo wonders what is going on.

I didn’t expect her to tell the truth. But lies come back to bite you.

Eatery… Jeon Seol asks Se Joo how the novel, Chicago Typewriter, ends. Se Joo admits he doesn’t know yet. Jeon Seol claims her right to now as she’s one of the characters. Se Joo says the ending is still unknown. He admits he’s working the novel with a third party. He asks if she believes in ghosts. She laughs. Se Joo promises to tell her when the time is right. She wonders if the novel has to be finished. Se Joo says he made a promise to finish the novel to the third party. He promises to tell her more when the time is right.

Jeon Seol’s house… Jeon Seol thanks Se Joo for the food and walking her home. She wants to meet the third party. He may tell her how the novel ends. Se Joo asks why she’s fixated on learning the ending. Jeon Seol says she just can’t wait. She thanks him for the food and company. She notices she’s late for work and dashes into the courtyard. Se Joo calls after her but she doesn’t turn back. Se Joo can’t believe that he called to her and that she didn’t respond.

Inside the courtyard her friend Ma Bang Jin (Yang Jin Sung) spies a distressed Jeon Seol who loses her lunch.

Se Joo’s house… Jin O watches Tae Min sleep and wonder why he can see him. Tae Min wakes and wonders how he got to the bed. He wonders if it was dream. When leaves the bedroom he meets Se Joo. Going to his writer’s lair, Se Joo hands him the first draft of Fate. Recall Tae Min plagiarized the novel from Se Joo. Tae Min can’t believe it. Se Joo says he’s past the anger and caring about the past. He tells Tae Min he should break from the past too. Tae Min leaves the house quickly.

That pink shirt and jacket works on Se Joo.

Jin O can’t believe that Se Joo handed over the first draft and forgave Tae Min. Se Joo didn’t forgive Tae Min, he’s giving him another chance. Tae Min warns some don’t deserve second chances. He’s sure Tae Min will betray him again, just like he did in the past. Se Joo asks what Tae Min did in the past. Tae Min declares that is the one item from the past that is crystal clear.

1930… Tae Min is at Carpe Diem watching Jeon Seol sing to an appreciative crowd. A drunk man tries to pull Jeon Seol from the stage in the middle of her performance. Things get heated. Jin O and Se Joo walk in and see the situation. Before they can do anything, Tae Min intercedes. A bar fight breaks out.

Sharing a drink, Jin O and Se Joo thank Tae Min for intervening with the drunk. Tae Min says he’s a writer albeit an unsuccessful one. He knows Se Joo from his early successes as a writer. Jin O promises a free drink next time he comes in the club.

As he leaves, Jeon Seol enters and thank him. She sits at the table with Jin O and Se Joo. Tae Min sees their easy camaraderie.

Later Tae Min meets his thugs that previously chased Jeon Seol. He tells them to watch Carpe Diem. He’s sure there’s something going on there. He tells his men he has baited to hook. He’s going to catch a big resistance fish this time.

Se Joo’s house… Se Joo is surprised to learn that Tae Min was a secret agent for the Japanese. He says that role suits him well. Se Joo wonders if Tae Min killed Jin O. But Jin O doesn’t remember. Jin O is sure that Tae Min will cause Se Joo problems. Se Joo says with the first draft Tae Min will either burn it or admit his plagiarism. Se Joo sighs not caring what Tae Min chooses. Jin O warns that the past casts shadows on the present. He’s seen a writer’s work stolen, then be the one blamed. Jin O admits a grudge against Tae Min.

Tae Min’s office…
A man knocks Tae Min’s backpack to the ground. Tae Min gather his things and heads into his office. Jin O watches holding the first draft. Tae Min finds the lighter, ready to burn the first draft. But it isn’t in his backpack. He assumes the man that bumped him stole the first draft. Enraged he blames Se Joo for messing with him. The woman that threatened him with knowledge that he plagiarized Se Joo’s work calls reminding him that she won’t wait forever. Tae Min calls someone to find out who his blackmailer is.

Jin O’s memory “He’s seen a writer’s work stolen, then be the one blamed” comes true immediately. I wish Se Joo weren’t so cavalier about Tae Min. But from Se Joo’s perspective Tae Min is a part of his past he no longer wants him his present. Was Se Joo similarly short sighted in the past?

Jeon Seol’s house… Bang Wool and Bang Jin watch Jeon Seol sleep fretfully. Bang Wool declares her mother caused this. She tells Bang Jin not to disturb Jeon Seol’s sleep.

Jeon Seol dreams her mother’s words that holding a gun eliminates the possibility of relationships. She recalls holding the gun on Se Joo.

Bang Wool is startled to find Jeon Seol sitting next to her when she wakes. Jeon Seol asks Bang Wool to do a face reading on Se Joo. Bang Wool admits she’s already done one, recalling telling Se Joo that he had dark energy surrounding him, death around him, untrusty worthy people in his life, and two upcoming events. Bang Wool admits she told Se Joo what she sensed without filtering it. Bang Wool believes Se Joo lost his parents young and has been alone in life far too long. The right woman will increase his life energy. Jeon Seol asks for a compatibility reading. She must know if she and Se Joo have an ill-fated relationship. Bang Wool immediately knows that Jeon Seol’s mother frightened Jeon Seol about her relationship with Se Joo. Jeon Seol asks Bang Wool to provide her mother’s address.

Jeon Seol learns her mother quit her job the previous day. No one knows where she went.

Jeon Seol can’t get her mother’s words “ill-fated” out of her head. She can’t get Se Joo’s declaration that they were “fated” to meet. She tosses a coin to determine if she should continue her relationship with Se Joo.

Se Joo’s house… Se Joo wonders if Jeon Seol’s memories have created a major issue. Jin O recalls his encounter with Tae Min. Se Joo can’t write until he talks to Jeon Seol. He warns Jin O not to follow him.

But before Se Joo can leave the house, Jeon Seol calls and tells him she’s on her way to spend the afternoon with him. Though he’d thought he’d play hard to get, he doesn’t dissuade her from coming.

All kinds of cute… Jeon Seol compliments Se Joo’s car and he is disappointed she’s not talking about him. They stroll compatibly until Se Joo notices all the attention he’s getting. He tells Jeon Seol to buy them two hats so they can mill about with their identities disguised. Se Joo’s enjoyment of a street singer group embarrasses Jeon Seol. When browsing an art gallery Jeon Seol snaps pics of Se Joo who is willing to pose for her. Walking together Jeon Seol realizes that Se Joo has better things to do. She asks if he should be writing. He’s concerned the book will continue to troubling her. She assures him she can take it.

She turns to leave then runs back and flings her arms around him. She gives him a wonderful hug. She recalls the coin flip that told her NOT to continue to see him. Tears fills her eyes. He feels the shift in her emotion and asks if she’s okay. She tells him as a super fan, this is a dream come true moment. He lets himself fall into the moment and hugs her back. Awk! Tears!

Gosh, that was a lovely moment. They have a soft edge to them. You know that they only have these kinds of moments with each other. They are both adrift in some regards, and their relationship offers support and the ability to be themselves. It’s lovely to watch. When Yoo Ah In hugged her back at the very end, my heart melted. And by the way, Yoo Ah In had some decent “moves” when watching the street singers!

Jin O tries to figure out why Tae Min was able to see him. Was it because he was backlight or near the typewriter? Then he shocks himself by wondering if calling a person by their name in the past life, makes him visible.

Jeon Seol goes to the vet clinic. When Tae Min texts her that he’s waiting for her, Jeon Seol tells her boss that she has a favor to ask. Jeon Seol’s boss meets Tae Min and apologizes that Jeon Seol can no longer work with him but she’ll provide the vet based research he needs. Tae Min manages to hold his smile…but just barely.

Denied! Awesome! Nothing worse than being blown off by a surrogate!

Tae Min’s mother calls Se Joo and gives him two options – come to her house or she’ll come to his. Writer Baek (Tae Min’s father) is surprised and not happy when Se Joo arrives. They all sit down to awkward meal. Writer Baek feigns an upset stomach and leaves the table. After the meal, Se Joo says goodbye to T Writer Baek. He tells Se Joo that Tae Min’s mother is trying to protect Tae Min. Se Joo says she told him. Se Joo surprises Writer Baek with the news that he gave Tae Min the first draft of Fate. Se Joo doesn’t respond to the inquiry if Tae Min asked for the draft. Instead he says that because of the family he’s become a stronger person. As Se Joo turns to leave, Writer Baek apologizes for not being a good father. Se Joo closes his eyes, says nothing, and leaves.

Is that Father in the biological absolute or surrogate mode? I dislike this family of losers. There is nothing of merit. Se Joo is more than gracious.

Jeon Seol packs for a trip to clear her mind. Bang Jin isn’t happy, worried that Jeon Seol may not return. She asks Jeon Seol to arrange a date with Jin O. Jeon Seol doesn’t know who that is. Tae Min calls and informs her he’s outside her house.

Egad, Tae Min is presumptuous! I hate the way he boxes her into situations.

Tae Min is angry and let’s Jeon Seol know he does not appreciate being brushed off like that. She’s afraid of him. He grabs her shoulders starting to escalate when Se Joo drives up. Se Joo asks why Tae Min is treating Jeon Seol like that. Tae Min states that Jeon Seol violated their employment contract. Se Joo lies that Jeon Seol is now his assistant. He grabs Jeon Seol and they leave in his car.

I’ve got give it to the actor that plays Tae Min. I believe he’s unstable and full of hate. He’s unnerving.

Jeon Seol asks why Se Joo came to her house. Se Joo explains he went to visit her at the vet clinic and found out she’s taking a leave of absence, something she omitted to tell him. Se Joo says he realized their day together was her goodbye to him. He says they are going to the shooting range, where she started to lie to him. Jeon Seol doesn’t want to go. Se Joo wants the truth. Jeon Seol admits she believes she killed him in the past. Se Joo pulls the car over. He asks her to repeat that. She explains she thinks she shot him the head. Tears fill her eyes. She’s leaving town. She knows they met so she could remember and atone for her sins. She fell for him and now can’t be near him. She wishes him well and hopes he finds a woman to make his life better. She gets out of the car.

Se Joo only pauses for an instant then he gets out and catches up. He points out the past is the past. Jeon Seol counters the pain of the past is in her present. He points out he could have been a bad man in the past. Jeon Seol doesn’t care. She can’t watch him get killed, she’s seen two near misses already. A motorcyclist almost runs them down but Se Joo gets them out of the way in the nick of time.

Our couple vibrates together. This isn’t a cute kdrama couple. Their present relationship is mired in the pain of their past.

The motorcyclist is the woman blackmailing Tae Min.

Tae Min returns to his office and receives phone call about an email about the blackmailer. The man has a picture of her and another man. The man plays the CCTV footage of the woman almost running down Se Joo and the footage of the woman getting off the motorcycle.

The CCTV footage of an incident that just happened seems unlikely.

Publisher Gal Ji Seok (Jo Woo Jin), Secretary Kang, and Jeon Seol accompany an unconscious Se Joo into the emergency room.

Jin O decides to test his theory that Jeon Seol will be able to see him if he calls her by her past name. But Bang Jin finds him outside the house, not Jeon Seol. Irked that her friend draws all men to her she peppers Jin O with questions. Bang Wool wonders who Bang Jin is talking to. She opens the gate and sees that no one is there. Her mother orders Bang Jin inside. Then she orders the person next to Bang Jin inside too.

Bang Wool sends Bang Jin out so she can talk to Jin O (who she cannot see). Bang Wool mutters that she can’t see or hear him. She tells him that Bang Jin can’t discern he is a ghost. Jin O tries to explain that Bang Jin is the one clinging to him. Bang Wool states that ghosts that hand with humans become obsessed about becoming human again. She warns that his obsession could turn to anger. She tells him to live with his own kind. A disappointed Jin O leaves the house.

Bang Jin returns home and tells Jin O that her mother can be prickly. Jin O says this will be the last time they see each other. Bang Jin admits she can’t get him out of her mind. She tells him Jeon Seol is crushing on another man. She cries. Jin O dries her tears. He’s not the man for her. Bang Jin gets a call from Jeon Seol. She barks out Jeon Seol’s location.

At the hospital… Secretary Kang tells Jeon Seol that Se Joo only has a mild concussion. Secretary Kang tells her to go see Se Joo.

Jeon Seol enters Se Joo’s room and sits by his bed. She tells him that death follows them. Even so, she wants to be near him for now. If the next coin toss yields he must leave, she will.

Publisher Gal and Secretary Kang learn the CCTV footage of the incident was destroyed. Publisher Gal realizes there was intent to harm. Needless to say, that riles up Publisher Gal.

Tae Min calls his blackmailer to meet with him.

Se Joo wakes to find Jeon Seol asleep next to him. She wakes. They stare at each other. She starts to leave but he grabs her.

She saved him. She didn’t put him in danger. Se Joo stares intently and claims to know why they are together in this life. Jeon Seol asks why. Se Joo declares in this life, she saves him. Se Joo admits he’s not sure but he thinks in their past, he loved her but didn’t pursue her so they could be together without constraints after the Japanese occupation ended. Tears roll down Jeon Seol’s face.

Se Joo stares into Jeon Seol’s eyes. He absolves her. He tells her today, he’ll do something for his country. He kisses her passionately. Jeon Seol holds on for dear life.

My Thoughts

Se Joo couldn’t let Jeon Seol leave him. I’m glad he took the bold route with Jeon Seol. No more pretending that he doesn’t care in the present and didn’t care in the past. I simply adore the line “do something for my country”.

Tae Min lost first draft of the book he plagiarized to Jin O.  I’m glad that Jin O stole the book back. Tae Min is manipulative and seethes with hate. The flashback to the past showed him as a man that wore an amicable friendly mask with Jin O and Se Joo but in actually plotted against them as a spy for the Japanese. Tae Min’s mother and father, the entire family, could be nuked off the planet.

Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) was realized that Jeon Seol might remember him if he said her past life name. Cheered he went to her house only to find a mooning Bang Jin and her mother that warned him not to want what he could never have again, a human body. Despondent, Jin O was ready to leave.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) admitted she thought she killed Se Joo in the past. What a relief that he forced her hand and she admitted the truth. In the recap, I used the term vibrate to describe how Jeon Seol and Se Joo are together. Lim Soo Jung and Yoo Ah In have a connection that each of us watching can relish together.

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) absolved Jeon Seol of her past actions. I was pleased that her lie of omission was revealed quickly. I enjoyed their afternoon together. I loved that he came to her house and saved her from Tae Min who was on the verge of losing control. I loved that he pulled her out of Tae Min’s aura of hate. I loved that he finally admitted his feelings in the past and present.

And then there’s the danger Se Joo faces from Tae Min, from the blackmailer, and from Mother Baek. He needs Jeon Seol by his side to help face what is yet to come.


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One comment on “Chicago Typewriter Episode 11 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Tae Min both 👁 and 👂 Jin Oh; now he knows the secret of being visible and heard by the living. I think Jon Oh’s theft of the manuscript will come back to bite Se Joo. We finally got to see Tae Min’s 1930s Japanese collaborator incarnation (which I figured we would eventually see), which might be more evil than he is in present day.

    I was irritated Seol lied to Se Joo about her vision at the firing 🔘🔫 range, but glad she finally spoke the truth. While the day Se Joo and Seol spent together was sweet, I am annoyed with the noble idiocy of her leaving Se Joo. This is from my perspective of not 🚫 believing in reincarnation, but accepting it as a Kdrama plot device.

    I concur with KJT about the Baek family “I dislike this family of losers”. I wonder why Se Joo keeps coming back to spend time with them. I was worried the food 🍛 was poisoned ☠

    I felt bad for Jin Oh being read 📖 the riot act by Bang Wol, but she was right, he is a 👻 and lingering will make him unhappy 😞

    I 💖 that Seol sent a replacement to help Tae Min with his “book” 📗 – we all know it is just a ploy for him to spend time with his crush. I did 🚫❤ Tae Min stalking Seol and grabbing her in anger – he is scary! Kwak Si Yang is doing a superb job of portraying an unhinged 😜 Tae Min. Luckily our knight ⚔ in shining armor came to the rescue.

    Who is the blackmailing motorcyclist 🏍? Was she targeting 🎯 Se Joon or Seol⁉ Why⁉


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