Tunnel Episode 14 Recap

This is a jam packed episode!

Tunnel Episode 14 Recap

Tunnel of destiny…1986… Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) is chasing the young serial killer Jin Wook (Coroner Mok). We see the shimmer in the tunnel. Kwang Ho is focused on chasing Jin Wook. He must catch Jin Wook. The shimmer occurs at the end of the tunnel as Jin Wook exits. Kwang Ho runs and the shimmer envelopes him. He exits the tunnel. Kwang Ho is BACK in 2017!!!!! Kwang Ho yells his frustration. So close…yet so far…from catching Jin Wook in the blasted tunnel!

Present… Coroner Mok (Kim Min Sang) thinks about the conversations (in person and overheard) where he learned Professor Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young) is Kwang Ho’s daughter.

Coroner Mok flashes to the confrontation that JUST HAPPENED in 1986 between his younger self and Kwang Ho. Coroner Mok is stunned at this new memory.

OMG!!! Writer Lee you amaze me!!!

1986… Shin Yeon Sook (Lee Shi A) waits outside the house for Kwang Ho to return.

Kwang Ho knows Yeon Sook is waiting for him and he can’t to home. He cries that he left his wife alone…again. He runs back into the tunnel. He thinks about her asking him not to leave, her fear that he wouldn’t return. He cries knowing he’s broken his promise to his wife just to catch a killer Mok Jin Wook. He sits in the tunnel and tries to cope with this crazy time travel that he can’t control or escape.

Present… Lt. Kim Seon Jae (Yoon Hyun Min) drives and recalls that the forensics expert told that the type of strangulation used, slow or fast strangulation, cannot be discerned by the marks on the body. The only person that would know if it was slowly or quickly strangle would be the murderer! Seon Jae eyes open wide. He thinks of Coroner Mok and all the times he knew things only the murderer would know.

Seon Jae get out of his car by the river and thinks about his mentor, his friend, the murderer.

Seon Jae thinks about how Coroner Mok murdered his mother.

Seon Jae falls to his knees. He pounds his fist in anger on the ground. He tries to cope with the fact that he told everything to his own mother’s murderer!

Great package of flashbacks of Seon Jae’s moments with Coroner Mok. Please Seon Jae don’t confront Coroner Mok alone. TELL SOMEONE!!!

Professor Shin’s house… Professor Shin is at home when the doorbell rings. It’s an upset Seon Jae with a bleeding hand. She ushers him inside and tends to his hand. With tears in his eyes, Seon Jae says HE knew and was watching him all along. He must have laughed at his inability to figure out who he was. Professor Shin seems to know that Coroner Mok is the murderer. What? She says she’ll do whatever she can to help him. Seon Jae looks at her and says he went on autopilot and came to her. Seon Jae knows Kwang Ho figured out that Coroner Mok is the murderer. Professor Shin knows Kwang Ho is in the past trying to catch Coroner Mok as they speak.

Tunnel of destiny…Present… Kwang Ho wonders how he time traveled this time. He realizes his pursuit of Coroner Mok has been the key. He remembers the pen engraved with Noel that has the physical evidence he needs. It’s not in his jacket. He left it in his jean jacket pocket in 1986. Kwang Ho can’t believe it…the conclusive evidence is in 1986. He tells himself to stop sitting and start moving. He jogs out of the tunnel.

Coroner Mok drives to the house where Professor Shin lives on the first floor and Kwang Ho lived on the second floor. Both apartments are dark. Coroner Mok tells himself that Kwang Ho can’t be back in 2017.

Police station…
Team Leader Chun (Jo Hee Bong) stares at the whiteboard that lays out the investigation into the dot murderer. He shakes his head at the difficulty catching this killer. He murmurs that Kwang Ho disappeared like a ghost. Kwang Ho strides into the bullpen stunning Team Leader Chun. He jumps to his feet and backs away. Kwang Ho asks what’s wrong. Team Leader Chun sputters that he went back to the past. Kwang Ho agrees but moans he’s back. He says he was chasing the killer in the tunnel and ended up back in 2017. Kwang Ho thinks he time travel whenever he encounters Coroner Mok in the tunnel. Team Leader Chun asks if Yeon Sook knows he’s back in the future. Kwang Ho shakes his head no. Team Leader Chun can’t believe the back and forth time travel. Kwang Ho vows to catch the killer and return back to his wife. He asks Team Leader Chun to call Seon Jae.

Professor Shin’s house… Seon Jae is stunned when Team Leader Chun tells him Kwang Ho is back. That gets Professor Shin attention too. Seon Jae hangs up and confirms her father is back. He starts to leave. Professor Shin says she must go too. Seon Jae asks if she can handle seeing her father. Professor Shin nods yes.

Police station…
Team Leader Chun start to tell Kwang Ho that Professor Shin knows he’s her father but Seon Jae bursts into the room. Seon Jae angrily declares he’s been looking for him.

Kwang Ho spies Professor Shin in the doorway. He calls her Yeon Ho (her birthname, not her adoptive name) and stands. Tears fill her eyes and she stares into the face of her father. Kwang Ho asks what’s wrong. Seon Jae says she knows everything. Kwang Ho grasps what that means and stares at her.

Kwang Ho goes to his daughter. With tears running down her face she says “I was always alone. I thought I had no one.” Kwang Ho cries, takes her hand, and apologies for failing to make everything right for her. He hugs her. They hold onto each other and sob.

Awk! Tears! I sobbed through that scene. I’m relieved that connection has been established and that everyone is in a single spot. No one is going after Coroner Mok alone.

1986… Yeon Sook waits outside the house for Kwang Ho knowing he’s back in the future. A tear rolls down her face as she looks at the whistle and tells her husband to catch the killer and come back to her. She vows to wait and believe he’ll be back.

Police station… Professor Shin fingers her whistle necklace (props alert) and tells Kwang Ho she doesn’t know where to start with her questions. He agrees. She asks how he came back to 2017.

Coroner Mok’s house… Coroner Mok smiles knowing he can continue his life and never be caught.

Police station… Kwang Ho doesn’t want Professor Shin involved in catching the killer. She insists it’s the only way to get him back to her mother. Seon Jae and Team Leader Chun enter the room surprised they aren’t hugging but arguing. Kwang Ho grouses that Professor Shin wants to catch the killer. He doesn’t know where got that from. Team Leader Chun barks that she got that from him! Seon Jae agrees that Professor Shin should help. Kwang Ho says they don’t even know who the killer is. Seon Jae says he knows who the killer is. Professor Shin says she knows who the killer is.

Kwang Ho asks Seon Jae if he’s okay with the revelation of the killer’s identity. He remembers he left the fountain pen in the past. Team Leader Chun and Seon Jae ask what he means. Kwang Ho says that the killer used that fountain pen to mark his victims. Kwang Ho says the fountain pen is engraved with the word “Noel”. Team Leader Chun and Seon Jae reel at that. Kwang Ho bemoans that he changed clothes leaving behind the empirical evidence that would put the killer away. Professor Shin says that Coroner Mok must have searched for the pen and be nervous that it’s gone. Seon Jae thinks Coroner Mok may suspect that Kwang Ho took the fountain pen. Kwang Ho says he has to confront Coroner Mok. Professor Shin immediately say no and struggles to call him by his relationship with her. Team Leader Chun gently says Kwang Ho is her father. Kwang Ho says this isn’t easy for her. He grasps her hand and tells her to call him what she likes. Seon Jae comments that Coroner Mok knows that Kwang Ho is from the past. Kwang Ho declares they should arrest him and get him to confess. Seon Jae counters they have no evidence. Kwang Ho counters that Coroner Mok believes he has the fountain pen. Seon Jae agrees and tells Kwang Ho they should go arrest Coroner Mok.

Hmm, I disagree. Without evidence, Coroner Mok will just smile and deny everything. Surprise is an advantage they are easily giving away.

Seon Jae and Kwang Ho find Coroner Mok laughing with his work colleagues. Seon Jae wants to approach first, but Kwang Ho grasp his wrist, indicating he’ll do the honors. He strides to Coroner Mok, kicks the coffee table out of the way, and leans down declaring he’s back. Coroner Mok can’t believe it. Kwang Ho knows Coroner Mok thought he was gone forever. Kwang Ho says “the real game begins now”. He orders Coroner Mok to come with them.

The work colleagues protest but Seon Jae silences with the declaration this is police business. Coroner Mok looks at Seon Jae. He assures his work colleagues this is a misunderstanding that will soon be clarified. Kwang Ho scoffs that his work colleagues will turn on him once they know what he’s done. Seon Jae ignores Coroner Mok greeting. Seon Jae puts handcuffs on him and declares his under arrest for two recent murders. Coroner Mok laughs. Kwang Ho can’t stand it. He pulls Coroner Mok down the hall. Seon Jae stands there, grasping that his mother’s murderer was just arrested.

That was a decent arrest scene. I’m still nervous they’ve jumped the gun and won’t be able to cobble the evidence needed. If Kwang Ho can’t time travel without engaging Coroner Mok how can he get home to retrieve the pen? How can he get home once they put Coroner Mok in prison?

Police station… Coroner Mok sits alone in the interrogation room. Professor Shin, Team Leader Chun, Kwang Ho, and Seon Jae watch him. Team Leader Chun comments Coroner Mok’s innocent face fooled everyone. Kwang Ho declares they have to break Coroner Mok’s demeanor.

Get that lie detector guy, he was efficient and fabulous when he broke the first serial killer Jung Ho Young.

Seon Jae assures Kwang Ho he can handle the interrogation. He needs to hear Coroner Mok admit what he’s done.

Seon Jae asks Coroner Mok if he admits to the two murders. Coroner Mok asks if Seon Jae thinks he killed the victims. Seon Jae squashes the personal tone Coroner Mok take and tells him to behave as a murder suspect and he’ll behave as an interrogator. Coroner Mok says he does not admit to the two murders. Kwang Ho asks about his baptismal name, Noel. Kwang Ho asks about the fountain pen with Noel engraved on it. That gets Coroner Mok’s attention. Kwang Ho asks when and where he lost it. Kwang Ho slides the dot victims forward. He states Coroner Mok would leave dots on the victims. Coroner Mok claims ignorance. Kwang Ho asks if he remembers running into him in the tunnel. Coroner Mok claims ignorance. Kwang Ho says DNA on the fountain pen will be the tangible proof needed. Coroner Mok claims ignorance.

So endth the interrogation that yielded nothing but gave Coroner Mok information.

Professor Shin says Coroner Mok is trying to discern if they have sufficient evidence. Seon Jae reminds everyone they have 48 hours to find the evidence they need. Kwang Ho declares he will search Coroner Mok’s house regardless if they have a search warrant or not. He directs Professor Shin to go home. Professor Shin says she’ll go with them. Kwang Ho replies her mother would not be happy if he let anything happen to her. Kwang Ho directs Team Leader Chun to take her home. Ignoring her father, Professor Shin declares they have to find what button to push to crack Coroner Mok. Kwang Ho calls her bullheaded. Team Leader Chun states she gets that from her father. Kwang Ho chuckles. He tells Professor Shin she does get that drive from him. He tells her to keep her doors locked. She agrees.

Coroner Mok’s house…
Brandishing flashlights (props alert) Kwang Ho and Seon Jae illegally search Coroner Mok’s house which is practically empty except for clothes and books. Upstairs they find a wall of funeral pictures. They assume all these are victims.

Excellent reveal. It makes 1988-born Kwang Ho’s investigation into his Grandfather’s death by Coroner Mok and his subsequent murder by Coroner Mok validated. Syringe happy Coroner Mok had been killing for years. Going back to strangulation was trigged by learning one of his dot murder victims survived. But the fundamental question remains…WHY does Coroner Mok kill?

Professor Shin’s Apartment… Professor Shin reviews Coroner Mok’s file and sees his mother and grandmother died in 1985 and 1987. She wonders what his motive is. She’s sure the answer lies in Coroner Mok’s past. She calls Kwang Ho but he no longer has a cell phone (recall Coroner Mok threw it in the river at his encounter with Kwang Ho in the tunnel).

Police station… Coroner Mok sits alone in his cell. He’s relaxed. He knows the clock is ticking on the 48 hours he can be detained.

Officer Kwak and Officer Song join everyone watching Coroner Mok wait in the interrogation room. They can’t believe Coroner Mok is the murderer. They wonder what happened to Kwang Ho. Team Leader Chun tells Kwang Ho that they need to know everything. Their help is a must to get the evidence. Team Leader Chun implores Kwang Ho to share the truth with his trust worthy fellow officers.

In the conference room, Officer Kwak and Officer Song reel with the news. They don’t believe it. When Team Leader Chun shows the old picture of the violence crime unit from 1986, they can’t believe their eyes. When Seon Jae tells them that Kwang Ho was the original officer to investigate his mother’s murder, they waver. When Team Leader Chun tells them that Professor Shin is Kwang Ho’s daughter, it’s too much and they laugh the tension away.

Cute scene! I’m glad the final twosome of the violence crimes unit knows. These two have grown in my esteem throughout this series. They are hardworking, honest, officers. Practically impossible to find in most kdramas.

When Professor Shin arrives with sandwiches, Seon Jae stands and Kwang Ho thrusts him back in his seat as he approaches his daughter. She smiles and says she was worried they weren’t eating. Seon Jae starts to take a coffee but with a glare from Kwang Ho, he puts it back. Officer Kwak and Officer Song realize they are father and daughter. Showing he’s got brains to match his sensitive nose, Officer Kwak asks about 1998-born Kwang Ho. Forced to share the unhappy truth, Kwang Ho says Coroner Mok murdered him. Kwang Ho wonders how 1988-born Kwang Ho knew about the dot murders. Team Leader Chun reminds everyone that Coroner Mok is a ruthless killer. He lists the dot victims, the present-day victims, 1988-born Kwang Ho and, Kwang Ho himself. Team Leader Chun implore them to find the evidence to bring Coroner Mok to justice. Seon Jae suggests another round of interrogation.

Another cute scene. When Kwang Ho pushed Seon Jae back into his seat he was on full dad alert, not wanting Seon Jae to show interest in his daughter. This violence crimes unit is a winning group of officers.

Seon Jae asks why Coroner Mok killed. Coroner Mok states that’s the wrong question, so he won’t answer. Coroner Mok asks if the DNA from the pen has provided any evidence. Kwang Ho says the results will be available soon. Coroner Mok says they are the ones with the clock ticking down. Seon Jae supposes the Coroner Mok would love to admit he killed quickly unlike Jung Ho Young who killed slowly. Coroner Mok reminds Seon Jae he helped save Professor Shin’s life. Coroner Mok asks Seon Jae exactly who Kwang Ho is. Coroner Mok says Kwang Ho stole 1988-born Kwang Ho’s identity. Kwang Ho asks if that’s a threat. Coroner Mok denies it. He asks for his phone call. Watching from the two-way window, Officer Kwak and Officer Song declare him creepy. Team Leader Chun declares him a monster.

Coroner Mok’s home town… Professor Shin interviews those that new Coroner Mok as a boy. He was raised by his Grandmother. His mother left him at age 11 to get a better paying job elsewhere. His mother would bring presents when she visited. The neighbor declares she received a pair of stockings. That gets Professor Shin’s attention. The neighbor says the story was that she mother did laundry for prostitutes but it was obvious she was one. She’d cuss in front of her son. She died in the hospital from the ravages of alcoholism. Professor Shin wonders if Coroner Mok’s mother’s death trigger his need to kill.

Finally, we get an inkling why Coroner Mok began to kill. His mother was a drunk and a prostitute. That partially explains Coroner Mok statement that Seon Jae’s mother was a “bad woman”. Did he designate his mother as a “bad woman”? Did he use that label repeatedly with his dot murder victims?

Police station…
The violent crimes unit wonders what to do next. Officer Kwak and Officer Song urge silence on Kwang Ho’s identity. The boss strides in upset that Coroner Mok is under arrest without evidence. Seon Jae reminds him they still have time on the 48-hour clock. The boss orders Team Leader Chun to release Coroner Mok. The boss says he’ll do it himself. Kwang Ho yells that Coroner Mok is a murderer. The boss yells back they need evidence.

While irritating, the violence crimes unit did disobey his order to cease and desist. Most bosses operate in power mode, do as I say. Admit it, you shook your head when they arrested Coroner Mok without sufficient evidence. They set themselves up for this outcome.

Coroner Mok tells the boss this was all a misunderstanding. He mentions Kwang Ho then the camera cuts to the violence crimes unit watching and worrying. When Coroner Mok departs, the boss says Coroner Mok said that Kwang Ho was over eager to arrest without sufficient evidence. He admonishes Team Leader Chun to not make further mistakes.

Coroner Mok walks away and smiles. He says “Kwang Ho may be back, but he doesn’t have any evidence.”

Team Leader Chun tells the team what the boss said. He orders Officer Kwak and Officer Song to watch Coroner Mok first. He orders Kwang Ho to go home and rest. He orders Seon Jae to go home and rest. Seon Jae offers Kwang Ho a ride. Kwang Ho assumes he’s doing this to see his daughter. Seon Jae pushes him to the care. Kwang Ho orders him to leave as soon as he drops him off. Seon Jae smiles as he walks around the car.

Cute! The humor breaks the tension which I appreciate.

In the car, Kwang Ho looks at Seon Jae’s phone history and isn’t happy to see the number of phone calls Kwang Ho has made to his daughter. He deletes Professor Shin’s contact. Ha! He tells Seon Jae he will protect his daughter.

Professor Shin is arriving as Seon Jae arrives with Kwang Ho. Seon Jae gets out and greets her. Kwang Ho tries to shoo Seon Jae away. Kwang Ho tells Professor Shin to get back in the car to take him somewhere. Professor Shin complies. Seon Jae watches the object of his affection drive off with her father.

Seon Jae had an adorably frustrated yet amused look on his face. I like watching Kwang Ho and Seon Jae play keep away with Professor Shin.

Coroner Mok’s office… Coroner Mok watches Officer Kwak and Officer Song watch him.

Kwang Ho takes Professor Shin to the dumpling eatery. He tells her she’s sitting where her mother used to sit. Professor Shin shares that she remembers coming with her mother. Kwang Ho asks if she took a cruise with her mother. Professor Shin searches her memory then confirms it.

1992… Yeon Sook takes Yeon Oh to the cruise ship to celebrate the sixth anniversary. Yeon Sook buys three tickets which Yeon Ho questions. Yeon Sook explains one ticket it for her father.

That is sweet that Yeon Sook repeated buying an extra ticket just like when Kwang Ho purchased a ticket for Yeon Oh when Yeon Sook was pregnant. Those moments touch my heart.

Professor Shin asks about her mother. Kwang Ho describes her as beautiful and kind. He’s sure she loved Yeon Oh enough for the both of them. Professor Shin admits when she saw the burnt photo of her mother, she felt the love her mother had given her long ago. When the food comes, Kwang Ho prepares her noodles and admonishes her for not eating enough. Awk! Tears! Professor Shin smiles happily having her father take care of her. Kwang Ho admits he doesn’t like that her work puts her in danger. He chastises her for the way she handled Jung Ho Young. Professor Shin smiles and eats.

Kwang Ho tells her he’d fall apart if something happened to her. He tells her to find another line of work. He tells her not to date Seon Jae. He rescinds his approval to date Seon Jae. He tells her to look for a reliable man just like her mother did. Kwang Ho declares that men may not reveal their real selves. Professor Shin smiles and urges him to eat. Kwang Ho wants to tell her these things before he returns to the past. That wipes the smile off her face but only briefly. Kwang Ho promises to catch Coroner Mok and return to her mother. He promises to make her life better when he returns. Professor Shin tells him to be careful when he watches Coroner Mok. Kwang Ho promises to be careful. They both smile, relishing this brief but beautiful moment together. She gives him a new cell phone. He thanks her. Seon Jae calls. Kwang Ho doesn’t like that Professor Shin gave Seon Jae his new number. They both chuckle.

That scene was perfection. I’m so glad that Writer Lee gave us a longer scene to feel the ease with each other and love for each other these two have. Professor Shin realizes the Kwang Ho needs to return to her mother. Does she know that when he does her life will change forever?

Coroner Mok’s office…
Seon Jae and Kwang Ho arrive to relieve Officer Kwak and Officer Song. Aware that Kwang Ho is his senior, Officer Song is respectful. Kwang Ho looks at Officer Kwak expectantly. Officer Kwak declares Kwang Ho will allows be the rookie in his mind. Ha! Kwang Ho smiles as he watches them leave.

Another cute moment. Writer Lee is hitting the cute mark often!

Kwang Ho and Seon Jae watch Coroner Mok’s house. Kwang Ho gets a feeling something isn’t quite right. Someone else is in his office and informs them Coroner Mok has left for the day. They find Coroner Mok’s car in the parking lot but no Coroner Mok. Seon Jae calls Officer Song to trace Coroner Mok’s cell phone. They take off for his house.

Oh no…
A woman walks home alone. She’s on the phone with her boyfriend. She stops for a moment and doesn’t notice Coroner Mok next to her. He turns and it’s all over. The smile on Coroner Mok’s face while he strangles her is disturbing.

Yikes! That’s didn’t seem like a quick kill to me. Coroner Mok’s pleasure was difficult to watch. That murder was overt and a clear taunt at the police officers trying to convict Coroner Mok.

The next morning…
Kwang Ho arrives at the location and views the latest victim. He yells his fury. The entire team is there. Team Leader Chun reads the victim’s journal, she was a teacher. Team Leader Chun says he should have kept Coroner Mok in prison regardless of what his boss said. Seon Jae notes there aren’t any dots on the victim. Kwang Ho says Coroner Mok doesn’t have his pen. Kwang Ho can’t contain his fury. He vows to kill Coroner Mok. He rushes away from the scene of the crime. Seon Jae takes off after him.

Coroner Mok’s office…
Seon Jae and Kwang Ho arrive to find a congenial Coroner Mok who says he knew they’d be coming so he prepared them tea. OMG!!! That is the arrogant and cocky! Kwang Ho loses it. He grabs Coroner Mok and demands to know if he killed last night after evading their surveillance. Coroner Mok counters that there isn’t any reason to get upset that he prepared tea for them. Kwang Ho can’t hold it in. He punches Coroner Mok. There’s blood on Coroner Mok’s face but he only laughs. Kwang Ho loses it. He puts his hands around Coroner Mok’s neck and starts to strangle him. Seon Jae watches and doesn’t stop him. Security arrives and drags Kwang Ho off Coroner Mok and away.

Seon Jae clenches his fist as he stares at Coroner Mok and asks if he knew everything when he approached him seven years ago. Coroner Mok feigns ignorance. Coroner Mok states “if you think I’m the killer, find the evidence and prove it.” As Seon Jae turns to go, Coroner Mok tells him to wait, tosses him a chess piece (the king), and says “Don’t give up even though you’ve made a foolish move. The game won’t end until you catch the king.”

It finally happened. I’ve got bloodlust against Coroner Mok. I’ve been a bit ambivalent on Coroner Mok but that changed with this latest murder, and his interactions with Kwang Ho and Seon Jae. I wanted Kwang Ho to kill Coroner Mok. I was thrilled that Kwang Ho strangled him. When Coroner Mok “taught” Seon Jae the lesson that he should preserve and then he smiled that smile that has irked me but now I hate, I wanted Seon Jae to punch Coroner Mok with his clenched fist. Yes, I want Coroner Mok dead, that is the only justice acceptable at this point.

Professor Shin reads about the latest victim.

Professor Shin tells her class the worst criminals are the ones that hide amongst us. A student drops his pen. Professor Shin picks it up for him. There’s a name on the pen. Professor Shin flashes back being a little girl and holding THE PEN (still in plastic) with the name NOEL on it!! YES!! She rushes out of the class. She calls Kwang Ho.

She tells Kwang Ho about the fountain pen. She says it’s an altered memory.

She flashes back to finding the pen, showing her mother, who tells her not to touch the pen without permission. Her mother says the pen belongs to her father and one day he’ll need it. Yeon Sook suggests they hide it and when father returns they’ll help him find it.

Professor Shin tells Kwang Ho it was the Noel engraved fountain pen. Kwang Ho asks where she hid the pen. Professor Shin can’t remember. Kwang Ho takes her hand and assures he she’ll remember. He reminds her of her recent memories of the cruise and the dumpling eatery. Kwang Ho vows to catch Coroner Mok regardless.
Police station… Seon Jae stares at the king chess piece and remembers Coroner Mok’s words. Kwang Ho arrives. Seon Jae tells him that the latest victim had no DNA evidence from the killer. Seon Jae is sure this killing is a message from Coroner Mok. He can’t stand that they have no evidence. Kwang Ho says there may be a way.

University… Professor Shin receives an old album from the dean. She tells her she’s looking for something. The dean invites her to stay with her. Professor Shin promises to think about it. The dean leaves.

Professor Shin looks through the album with pictures of her as a young girl. She recalls her mother suggesting they hide the pen in her stuffed animal, the red bear!

Professor Shin gets into her car outside the university. She calls Kwang Ho and tells him she knows where the pen is. She agrees to come to the station. Someone open the car door. It’s Coroner Mok! He asks “where is the pen?”

Flashback to Coroner Mok putting a listening device in the chess piece.

That was a clever move on Coroner Mok’s part. Drat him!

Now we see Seon Jae and Kwang Ho talking with the chess piece on Seon Jae’s desk. Kwang Ho tells Seon Jae that they may find the evidence they need. Kwang Ho says Professor Shin has the fountain pen. Coroner Mok is listening to every word.

Coroner Mok stares at Professor Shin and smiles. Professor Shin stares into the face of a serial killer.

Kwang Ho waits outside for Professor Shin. She’s late. He takes a taxi to Professor Shin’s office. She’s not there. He’s told she’s left for the day. Outside the office, he calls Professor Shin. He hears her phone ring. He looks in her car but it’s locked. He finds the ringing phone next to the driver’s side door. Kwang Ho realizes something is terribly wrong. In a panic, he calls her name.

My Thoughts

* WOW!!! What an episode!! This episode epitomized everything good and bad about this series. The good – humor between people that respect and like each other, gripping reveals that surprise, a villain you want caught, everyone one on the team now knows about Kwang Ho, and a prime character now in peril. The bad – logic gaps that make you want to smack our heroes, a boss that let a suspect go ignoring his own officers’ assurance the suspect was a killer, the inability to gather physical evidence that Coroner Mok is the murderer so that everything hinges on a pen…that’s it. Yep, in this show, the good always outweighs the bad.

Writer Lee surprised and impressed me when:
* Coroner Mok had the new memory of Kwang Ho chasing him in the past.
* Professor Shin had the altered memory of the “Noel” pen and hiding it in the bear
* Coroner Mok hiding a listening device in the king chess piece that gave him direct insight into Seon Jae and Coroner Mok’s conversations.

* Lt. Kim Seon Jae (Yoon Hyun Min) is still a bit stiff and unemotional compared to the evolved Professor Shin. I must say he did show emotion when he learned Coroner Mok was the murderer, at Professor Shin’s house, and when Kwang Ho returned. But his emotion is more anger based. I enjoyed Kwang Ho blocking his access to his daughter and Seon Jae trying to get around him. Seon Jae is respectful of Kwang Ho’s wishes but still pursues Professor Shin. I liked that Seon Jae did nothing to stop Kwang Ho from strangling Coroner Mok. I like that Seon Jae was upset (a rare show of emotion) when Kwang Ho returned from the past showing that he cared for the partner he once considered a nuisance.

* The chess master, Coroner Mok, is an arrogant #@$. Yes, my first time with doing that. Thanks to Writer Lee I know have bloodlust and want to see Coroner Mok pay with his life. I’ve stated that Jung Ho Young was the compelling serial killer while Coroner Mok was not. That is still true. But Coroner Mok’s continual arrogance grated my last nerve. His flagrant killing to send a message to the police showed the monster he was. His taunting tea waiting for Kwang Ho and Seon Jae to arrive was too much. Coroner Mok is smart but not as smart as he thinks.

* Professor Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young) was reunited with her father. The most touching scenes were with Kwang Ho and Professor Shin. It’s wonderful to see her emotions displayed (when appropriate). I felt their connection, love, and pleasure at spending time together. I was secretly hoping Professor Shin would figure out how to get Coroner Mok. Now the Coroner Mok has her, will she suffer at his hands like she did with Jung Ho Young?

Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) reconnected with his daughter. Their reunion was touching. Their dinner was touching. I enjoyed the way Kwang Ho worried about her and she did the same. The sweet way Kwang Ho touched her hand and told her she’d remember the pen’s location. Lovely! I right with Kwang Ho when he lost control with Coroner Mok. I wanted him to strangle the life out of Coroner Mok. But now his daughter is in danger. Coroner Mok just woke the bear. Kwang Ho will make him pay, count on it.

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4 comments on “Tunnel Episode 14 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    We finally saw the 🦋 effect. Mok remembered Kwang Ho chasing him in the tunnel in 1986. Jae Yi remembered hiding the “Noel” pen with Yeon Sook in the red teddy 🐻 that Kwang Ho gave to Yeon Sook when he returned to 1986.

    It seems the trigger 🔫 for the time-travel is Kwang Ho and Mok being in the tunnel together. Twice we have seen the two successive shimmering waves indicated time travel occurred. I’m glad it is Kwang Ho traveling and not Mok; shudder the thought 💭.

    Seon Jae’s flashbacks 📸 evidenced the reality of Mok being the murderer. KJT and I were singing 🎶 the same song “Don’t confront Coroner Mok alone. HELLO SOMEBODY​!!!”

    KJT wondered how Jae Yi knew about them being the murderer I have 👀 noticed this writer doesn’t seem to have the actual reveal of 4⃣1⃣1⃣ on screen, but show the reaction only. This also happened when Seon Jae told TL Chun about Jae Yi being Kwang Ho’s daughter we saw the reaction after the reveal.

    The father-daughter reunion was very ♥ ♨-ing. This scene was testament to the writing, directing, and actors that these two people who are similar in age TRULY seem to be father and daughter.

    I think it was foolish to arrest 🚔 Mok without evidence. I agree that the lie detector technician should have been called in to interrogate. Now the element of 🎊surprise🎉, other than seeing Mok’s face when he recognized Kwang Ho, was ruined. We’re the 👮 niave enough to believe the wily 🐺 Mok would confess⁉ Things turned from bad to worse when the chief released Mok. On a ➕ 🎵 the whole team is now on the same page 📃 with the truth about Kwang Ho being a time-traveler I 💗 detectives Kwak & Song’s reactions to the truth. I’m glad the team is looking into Rookie 👮 Kwang Ho’s death.

    Holy smokes 🚬, I was disturbed at the pleasure Mok took in strangling another victim. I was 💨-n away that despite Mok’s sense of superiority, he was no different than killer Jung Hi Young, taking pleasure in killing surrogates for his mother. Now the 👮 chief should at least realize there is another serial murderer, even if he won’t believe Mok is the perp.

    When Jae Yi was talking on her 📱 as she got in her car, I was screaming “LOCK 🔒 YOUR DOOR‼”. Then chessmaster nee murderer Mok envitably kidnapped​ Jae Yi. 😱 Mok is a scheming 😈 which outplayed the good guys. GRRR…


    • We finally saw the 🦋 effect. Mok remembered Kwang Ho chasing him in the tunnel in 1986. Jae Yi remembered hiding the “Noel” pen with Yeon Sook in the red teddy
      Present day characters remembering altered memories was clever.

      It seems the trigger 🔫 for the time-travel is Kwang Ho and Mok being in the tunnel together.
      It begs the question of Kwang Ho’s final return to 1986. Does he struggle one last time in the tunnel? Does he return to the past with Mok alive or dead? Will Yeon Ho see her father slip from the present to the past? We’ll know next week!

      This scene was testament to the writing, directing, and actors that these two people who are similar in age TRULY seem to be father and daughter.
      Perfectly put JT.

      it was foolish to arrest 🚔 Mok without evidence
      Emotions overruled logic on that decision. As Mok told Seon Jae he could rise above his mistake. Mok’s arrogance is off the chart in this episode!

      I’m glad the team is looking into Rookie 👮 Kwang Ho’s death.
      Certainly is a whole new avenue of evidence and additional crimes. It’s a bit silly to have everything rest on the pen.

      I was disturbed at the pleasure Mok took in strangling another victim. I was 💨-n away that despite Mok’s sense of superiority, he was no different than killer Jung Hi Young, taking pleasure in killing surrogates for his mother
      So true, Mok revealed his depravity as he slowly strangled the victim.

      Mok is a scheming 😈 which outplayed the good guys. GRRR…
      Writer Lee is setting us up for two satisfying ending episodes to this terrific series. 🤞


    • Jane Tilly says:

      This was an amazing episode, from the poignant father – daughter reunion to Seon Jae’s indignantion​ 😠 at Mok’s palpable arrogance 😏 of literally getting away with murder‼

      I have been impressed the
      the quality of tunnel: from the writing ✍, direction 🎬 and the excellent cast 👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧. I’ve never seen Choi Jin Hyuk shine ✨ so much in his acting. When he emoted, it seems so genuine; I felt what he emoted. This is also the best work from Yoon Hyun Min (Seon Jae) in the 7 out of the 13 Kdramas on his resume that I’ve seen. We have seen marvelous transformations​ of icy ❄ characters Seon Jae and Jae Yi into ♨ and caring individuals, who now display their emotions; they previously excelled at hiding their feelings.

      🖍 me 🎊 surprised🎉 the ratings for this series has hardly had an episode has broken 5% viewership‼ There Is OCN a subscription 💲 station? I can hardly 🐝-lieve such an excellent production has hardly been noticed‼ Why⁉


      • I concur this is a superb drama from every aspect. Writer Lee is now on my must watch list. And this is the first kdrama for this writer! See the short Q&A with Writer Lee just before Tunnel began.
        Q: Why did you use the time slip element?

        A: The time slip was necessary to our story. The fact that Kwangho came from 30 years in the past is the most important element in the story.

        Why did he come to 2017, and will he be able to get back to the past. You’ll have to watch and see.

        Q: How different is Tunnel from other dramas, what will make it attract attention?

        A: Choi Jin Hyuk plays the character of Kwangho. He is a detective hell bent on saving people. But these days with the current science behind criminal investigations, there might not be need for people like Kwangho to catch criminals.

        So I really wanted people with his mindset running around in 2017.

        I thought that in our world right now, it’s not that we cannot save people, it’s that we do not?

        Q: Why did you choose specifically the image of a “tunnel”?

        A: When you go out of the tunnel, I thought that the unfolding of a totally different world would go well with the beginning of our drama.

        Also, I chose the spatial image of a tunnel that goes from darkness to light, because in my opinion, it illustrates perfectly the theme of the drama.


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