Chicago Typewriter Episode 10 Recap

Best episode of the series so far!

Chicago Typewriter Episode Recap 10

After hearing the police run past, Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) breaks the passionate kiss with Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung). He comments that if she waves the “do it for the country” flag as the reason for them to kiss, the least she can do is participate whole heartedly. “Do it well. Do it right.” Jeon Seol demands that Se Joo tell her if he was the masked man that saved her years ago. Se Joo tells her it wasn’t him. He promises not to charge for the kissing lesson. He leans in teasing that she might want a recap. She pushes him away. Jeon Seol stuck her hair in her cap, slaps his gold pocket watch in his hand, and turns to leave. Se Joo stops her noticing the blood on hand. Jeon Seol tells him to remain cool and indifferent. She reminds him the kiss was only a diversionary tactic, nothing more. She strides away. Se Joo leans against the wall, shakes his head, and wills him to get over that hot kiss.

Just between you and me, I’d sign up for a kissing lesson from Yoo Ah In. Story-wise Se Joo pushed Jeon Seol away by demeaning her kissing abilities. Unfazed Jeon Seol pressed him to reveal if he was the masked man that saved her. Se Joo lied. Did Jeon Seol really believe him?

At Carpe Diem Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) tells Se Joo the mission went well and Jeon Seol is back. In fact, Jeon Seol is singing on stage but Se Joo ignores it writing instead. He asks Jin O if he’ll write again. Jin O claims dating is more appealing than writing. Jin O points to Jeon Seol as the object of his affection. Se Joo knows he has feelings for Jeon Seol too.

Jeon Seol can’t get Se Joo’s kiss out of her mind. But the rule is while she carries a gun for the resistance there can be no relationships to cloud her head.

Se Joo can’t get Jeon Seol’s kiss out of his mind. But Jin O is only one reason why he won’t proceed. Jin O sits down and Se Joo tells him to lie to Jeon Seol that he was the masked man that saved her years ago. Jin O tells him to admit the truth. Se Joo won’t because he can’t risk Jeon Seol learning he is the leader. Se Joo is adamant, Jeon Seol can never know.

Jeon Seol finds them and asks if they want to join her tomorrow for an outing. Se Joo declines saying he has a date. She’s not happy and follows him down the hall. Se Joo says time with a beautiful woman is preferable to time with a plain jane. Jeon Seol tells him to stop with his playboy ways. Going on the offensive, Se Joo steps towards her and asks if she’s jealous. He back her against a wall. He asks if she wants another kissing lesson. He learns towards her…and she doesn’t decline the offer. Se Joo is forced to pull away. He snaps that she isn’t supposed to wear perfume. Jeon Seol flees. Se Joo stares after her hating that he has to hurt her.

Outside the club, Jin O finds Jeon Seol crying. He’s wearing a mask. He says the same words Se Joo said to her years ago. Jeon Seol asks if he’s the masked man that saved her years ago. He teases her that it has taken her long enough to figure it out. She laughs and smiles. Jin O says her smile is beautiful. They ride together on a bike. They laugh and enjoy the moment. Se Joo watches them go by, knowing he can’t join in the fun.

Present… Se Joo’s fingers fly as he writes the story! Loving it!

Jin O finds Se Joo at his desk and read the first draft of the fourth chapter. Jin O likes it. Se Joo ask who Jeon Seol loved in the past. Jin O says only Jeon Seol knows that as she had to hide her feelings. Jin O asks why Se Joo cares. He admits feeling sorry for past life Se Joo. He declares he’ll go all in when he falls in love.

Se Joo wakes Jeon Seol with an offer of a workout date. She arrives and he suggests they ride bicycles. They race and laughter abounds.

Jin O searches for ways to reveal himself (a ghost) to humans.

Jeon Seol and Se Joo pant after their race. Jeon Seol snaps he should have let her win. Se Joo counters that life is a competition. She gripes that it was unfair because she couldn’t prepare. Se Joo suggests an alternative competition.

Se Joo takes Se Joo to an indoor shooting range. Jeon Seol reminds him that shooting guns is a past trauma. Se Joo ignores her and says the best in four shots wins. Se Joo pulls the trigger. It’s a bulls-eye. Jeon Seol says he’s practically a sniper. Se Joo asks if she remembers him. That confuses Jeon Seol. Se Joo says they met long ago. Jeon Seol playfully asks if they meet 100 years ago or 1000 years ago. He tells her it was 80 years ago. He completes his fourth shot. He turns and asks if she remembers him. He tells her their names and that they were members of the resistance. He tells her she was a sniper. Jeon Seol thinks he’s joking. Se Joo says before he didn’t want her to remember but he’s changed his mind. Whoever she killed, she did it for her country. He tells her that’s something to be proud or not ashamed. He calls her by her former code name. He tells her to take her four shots. Jeon Seol fires. All four shots are in the same spot in the bulls-eye. He smiles. She turns to him all smiles. He pats her head.

Wow! Color me surprised he told her. Se Joo’s reversal surprised me. Se Joo had been so adamant that Jeon Seol NOT remember the past. What changed? Does he want to pursue Jeon Seol romantically and for that he needs her to remember her past choice? Look, I though Se Joo’s rationale for not telling Jeon Seol felt like coddling but this sudden change feels a bit off.

As they walk, Jeon Seol thanks Se Joo for telling her to face her past without fear. She thanks him for using the characters from the novel Chicago Typewriter to illustrate his point. Se Joo says there is a reason why they met. Jeon Seol smiles and thanks him for cheering her up. Se Joo asks her to read the next chapter when it is released tomorrow. Jeon Seol promises to read it. Se Joo warns her the characters are them in the past and she might start to remember again. He urges her to share any memories that come back to her. Se Joo says he doesn’t want her to suffer the memories alone. Jeon Seol loves that and smiles. She promises to tell him if she remembers anything. He pats her head again. Jeon Seol is surprised that he’s touching her. Se Joo looks into her eyes and takes her hand. Jeon Seol is even more surprised. Se Joo teases her and they walk down the street hand in hand, smiles on both of their faces.

Wow! Color me surprised at Se Joo’s bold pursuit and honesty with Jeon Seol. I think I’m feeling what Jeon Seol is. I like it but I’m stunned.

A customer is reading the novel on her phone. The owner asks what she’s reading. When the customer says it’s the serial novel Chicago Typewriter the owner grabs the phone and begins scrolling. She looks stunned.

Who is she? Is she Madam Unni?

Jin O loves the positive feedback rampant in the comment sections. Se Joo teases Jin O saying he was only a minor character. Jin O bristles and says he’ll take charge of the love story from now on. Se Joo snipes that won’t make Jeon Seol like him. Jin O realizes that the past and present are colliding.

I’m still dealing the shock of a playful, almost open Se Joo. Don’t worry I’ll get there. Jin O’s observation is spot on. It is time for the past and present to meet and resolve the old wounds. Undoubtedly there are unknown present day players none of them know about.

Jeon Seol reads the next chapter. She amazed that all her memories are reflected in the chapter. Jeon Seol remembers Se Joo telling her they had a past life relationship. Jeon Seol tries to reconcile the possibility that maybe she and Se Joo did know each other in the past. Se Joo surprises her when he shows up with the agreed upon items for winning yesterdays’ contest. Jeon Seol is thrilled. Se Joo asks if she read the next chapter. He asks if she had any new memories. She asks if he came to check on her. Se Joo urges her to tell him. Just then, Jeon Seol has a new memory…of their passionate kiss. She gets flustered and blushes when Se Joo encourages her to tell him. Se Joo chuckles when she won’t make eye contact and her face to beet red. He murmurs he can guess the memory she just had. Jeon Seol rushes away. Se Joo loves it!

That was darling. I’m thrilled Jeon Seol recalls the kiss. I’m thrilled that Se Joo knows she recalled the kiss. Jeon Seol’s embarrassment is understandable. I’ve griped about the leisurely pace and Writer Jin is moving things along this episode!

Se Joo follows Jeon Seol outside startling her. He looking at her knowingly saying it isn’t an unpleasant memory. Jeon Seol counters he doesn’t know what she remembered. Se Joo warns her that if she continues not to look him in the eye, he’ll make a move and “do it for the country”. LOL!!! Jeon Seol eyes fly to him. Se Joo leans close to her. I LOVE THIS! Jeon Seol doesn’t pull away. Se Joo smiles. He tells Jeon Seol he knows what she remembered. He says they should have dinner together. Jeon Seol agrees. The eatery owner watches them from close by. She looks upset.

Was that the best moment so far in the show or what? I’m embracing the playful, direct, and completely irresistible Se Joo. Jeon Seol is still adjusting. She’ll get there. I did.

Publisher Gal Ji Seok (Jo Woo Jin) and his team have dinner together. They are thrilled with the success of the novel. Someone asks why Mother Baek hates Se Joo. Another cites a rumor that Tae Min and Se Joo are brothers. Publisher Gal irritably states that’s an old rumor.

Publisher Gal meets with Writer Baek (Tae Min’s father). He requests that Publisher Gal not reprint the book “Fate”. He says Tae Min is too dependent on his first successful novel. Publisher Gal doesn’t agree stating royalty income is important. Writer Baek counters that Tae Min has a current contract with Publisher Gal for a new book and that should be his focus. Publisher Gal doesn’t want to agree. Writer Baek presses him to do it as a favor. Publisher Gal states he’ll discuss it with Tae Min. Publisher Gal apologizes for the impolite inquiry and asks what happened between Writer Baek and Se Joo. He tells Writer Baek that his wife is out to destroy Se Joo and while the investor revolt was mitigated, Publisher Gal won’t allow her to toy with Se Joo again.

At home, Writer Baek demands to know why his wife has invested in Se Joo’s latest project. She lies that it’s more lucrative than investing in art. Writer Baek angrily states she is doing it to crush Se Joo if possible. She warns him that confronting her only makes her want to crush Se Joo even more. With venom, she says she wants to crush Se Joo and watch her husband suffer while it happens. Writer Baek says they owe Se Joo an apology for what he and Tae Min did to Se Joo 10 years ago. She acts surprised at the inference that Tae Min plagiarized Se Joo’s writing. She tells him to do something. He walks away.

Again, I want to smack Writer Baek for putting a target on Se Joo’s back so his crazy wife will protect his crazy son by eliminating Se Joo permanently. Dude, you are NOT helping Se Joo, you are HURTING Se Joo!

After class, a student approaches Baek Tae Min (Kwak Si Yang) for an autograph on a first edition of “Fate”. While he signs, she asks if it is hard to take credit for a book he didn’t write. Tae Min asks what she means. She’s heard “Fate” was written by Se Joo. Tae Min stares daggers at the girl and asks who she is. She smirks and says he should know.

Wow! That was a surprise. Who is she? What is her connection to Tae Min? Is she from a past life? Is Tae Min part of their past lives? While I personally don’t mind Tae Min suffering for his plagiarism, I’m afraid for Se Joo, and by extension Jeon Seol.

Jin O bemoans that he’s not able to possess human beings and there aren’t any books on the matter. Se Joo quips he should write one. He ducks out of the house only to find Jin O next to him in the car. Jin O reminds him their contract demands honesty about everything, including dating Jeon Seol. Se Joo quips that Jin O treats him like they are married.

At dinner (with Jin O there too), Jeon Seol finally believes her shared past with Se Joo. She asks how long he’s been aware of his past life. Se Joo says the typewriter she delivered to his house, he used in his past life. That surprises Jeon Seol. Se Joo says the pocket watch is also his from his past life. Jeon Seol sputters that her father gave it to her. Se Joo says his father gave it to him in his past life. Jeon Seol is stunned. Se Joo reiterates they were meant to meet.

Chef Ricardo isn’t happy in the kitchen with Se Joo and Jeon Seol in his eatery on a date.

Jeon Seol asks about the third person, a tall handsome man, in their shared past. She recalls his name. Se Joo and Jin O are surprised. She admits he is the first person she remembers from her past life. She states she only recently remembered Se Joo’s face. Jin O is touched and pleased. Jeon Seol wonders if the sweet man that taught her to shoot is nearby.

Chef Ricardo interrupts when he places food on the table. He tells Jeon Seol that Bang Jin will be over shortly. Jin O gets nervous. Se Joo pretends to answer a phone call (though his phone doesn’t ring and Jeon Seol notices this) to talk to Jin O. Se Joo asks what is wrong. Jin O says Bang Jin can see him. Jin O then confides if he’s away from the typewriter for too long he weakens. Se Joo tells him to go home. Jin O doesn’t want to leave with Jeon Seol talking about him. Se Joo insists Jin O go home. Jin O leaves.

Chef Ricardo believes Se Joo was really talking to him. He asks Jeon Seol to change the light bulb in the women’s restroom. Jeon Seol leaves. Chef Ricardo stares at Se Joo.

As he walks home, Jin O sees Bang Jin. He tries to make himself invisible but he’s too weak to maintain it. Bang Jin spots him. Jin O turns on the charm. He tries to leave but Bang Jin grabs him. Bang Jin quips he keeps disappearing on her just like a ghost would. Ha! She asks for Jin O’s contact information. Jin O won’t tell her until she lets go of his arm. He tells her his name and runs. She swoons closing her eyes, then Jin O is gone when she opens them. She runs in the direction she thinks he went. Jin O smiles as he watches her.


  Chef Ricardo warns Se Joo not to trifle with Jeon Seol. Se Joo assures him he won’t. He brags he’s know Jeon Seol for 22 years. Se Joo counters he’s known Jeon Seol for 80 years. Chef Ricardo quips that Se Joo would have to be immortal for that to be true. He brags he has a pet name for Jeon Seol. She returns asking if Chef Ricardo purposely created the light bulb situation. Flustered he denies it. Se Joo calls Jeon Seol by her past nickname. He looks meaningfully at Chef Ricard and says that’s his pet name for Jeon Seol. Se Joo grabs Jeon Seol’s hand and purse and leads her out. Jeon Seol asks why he and Chef Ricardo are fighting like children.

Terrific, fun scene! Chef Ricardo’s passion for Jeon Seol finally adds value to the story. I love watching men duel over a woman. Sigh

Se Joo drives Jeon Seol home. They get out the car. Se Joo tells her to go in. Not happy with being dismissed Jeon Seol calls Se Joo hyungnim (brother). He grabs her and hugs her. Jeon Seol smiles. He tells her if she remembers anything to tell him. She agrees. Se Joo leaves.

Bang Jin comes out having spied on our couple. She claps at Jeon Seol’s successful date. She bemoans the mystery man she likes that disappears on her just like a ghost would. She asks if Jeon Seol likes Se Joo. With a smile, Jeon Seol confirms this.

The eatery owner apologizes for bother Bang Wool who is not happy to see her.

OMG!!! It’s Jeon Seol’s mother!!

Jeon Seol’s mother pleads with Bang Wool that she must tell Jeon Seol something. Bang Wool can’t believe that Jeon Seol’s mother abandoned her daughter without a word and shows up unannounced 20 years later. Bang Wool orders her to leave. Bang Jin and Jeon Seol enter the room calling greetings. They spy a woman whose back is turned to them. They ask who she is. She turns towards the girls. Jeon Seol asks mother? Jeon Seol’s mother says her name. Jeon Seol is stunned.

Now alone, Jeon Seol’s mother begins by apologizing to Jeon Seol. She says her life has been okay. Jeon Seol asks why she’s there. Jeon Seol says she abandoned her for another man. Jeon Seol says that she disappointed her when she didn’t come to father’ funeral. Jeon Seol admits she hoped her mother would return and ask Jeon Seol to live with her again. Jeon Seol says she would have said no only once, then would live with her. Jeon Seol’s mother cries an apology. Jeon Seol cries and asks her mother to leave. Jeon Seol’s mother asks if she can see her past life now. Jeon Seol can’t believe that’s why her mother is here. Her mother says it’s time Jeon Seol know why she left. She admits she has memories of her past life. OMG!!

Jeon Seol sits back down and asks her mother if her past life was in the same timeframe has her past life. Jeon Seol’s mother confirms this. Jeon Seol asks why she left her. Her mother admits she was worried their ill-fated past life would leach into their present life. She warns Jeon Seol to stay away from Se Joo. Jeon Seol demands specifics. Her mother won’t give details. Her mother warns her not to repeat ill-fated relationships. Her mother urges her to forget her past life.

Fabulous surprise to have Jeon Seol’s mother return. Unfortunately, her advice was extremely unhelpful to Jeon Seol. Her mother shows up after 20 years and warns her not to repeat bad relationships from the past. What relationships? Her mother warns her to stay away from Se Joo. Why?

Back home, Jin O is disappointed the Jeon Seol wasn’t the first human that saw him, but Bang Jin was. Se Joo tells him it’s time to write. Jin O is ready being once again near the typewriter that recharges his batteries. Jin O bemoans that he can’t reveal himself to Jeon Seol. But he’s happy she remembered their past life. He’s confident he’ll find a way to reveal himself to Jeon Seol. The doorbells rings. Jin O quips the doorbell never brings welcomed visitors.

Tae Min stumbles through the door. Se Joo murmurs that Jin O was right. Tae Min staggers to Se Joo and hugs him. Se Joo pushes him away and gets out his phone to call a driver to take him home. Tae Min falls to his knees and asks Se Joo to help him. Se Joo tells him to get up. Tae Min asks for the first draft of “Fate”. Oh no you didn’t! Tae Min admits his father wants him to confess to plagiarizing the book. Tae Min says he can’t confess. He can’t bear the scorn and pity of the public. Just as Se Joo agrees to give it to him, Tae Min passes out. Se Joo puts him in the guest bedroom to sleep it off.

Don’t even get me started on Se Joo agreeing to hand over the draft of Fate. That is stupid on his part.

Jin O warns Se Joo not to trust Tae Min. Jin O says Tae Min was a two-faced liar in their past lives too. That surprises Se Joo. Jin O confirms Tae Min was in their past life. Se Joo asks why Jin O didn’t tell him. Jin O states he wanted to watch Tae Min. He knows villains from the past may not be villains in the present. Se Joo asks if that’s why Jin O pushed Se Joo to be with Jeon Seol. Jin O states that’s part of the reason. Jin O says Tae Min is one person he wanted to find to help determine how he died. Se Joo asks who the other person is. Jin O says it was the madam from Carpe Diem named Sophie.

Jeon Seol’s mother is the madam? Is everyone in this story part of the past?

We see Jeon Seol’s mother in Bang Jin’s bed. She looks at the sleeping Jeon Seol. She cries and wishes she’d stayed by her daughter’s side. She apologizes and leaves. Jeon Seol opens her eyes. She heard her mother. She goes outside and calls to her mother. Jeon Seol apologizes because she doesn’t believe her mother. She won’t run from her past anymore. She declares she’s not scared. With tears running down her face, Jeon Seol says she can’t believe her mother had so little faith in her, in their ability to face the past together. Her mother says she didn’t want to repeat their ill-fated relationship. Jeon Seol declares she won’t be like her mother. She runs back into the house. Her mother cries.

Se Joo recalls Jin O telling him that Tae Min and Sophia were associated with his death, though the specifics have been erased from his memory. Se Joo smiles broadly when Jeon Seol calls. He answers the phone using her nickname. Jeon Seol reminds him he wanted to know her problems. She asks if he can meet her. Se Joo is out the door.

Tae Min awakes. He hears Se Joo leave the house. He enters Se Joo’s writer’s lair. He searches for the first draft of Fate. Jin O watches him rifle the room. Tae Min finds the first draft of Fate. He holds it and laughs. Jin O says he’s still a rat. Tae Min turns and stares at Jin O. He asks who he is. Jin O wonders if Tae Min can see him. OMG!!!!!

How many reveals is Writer Jin going to load in a single episode?

Jeon Seol is at the indoor shooting range. As she raises the gun she remembers her mother’s warning not to cross paths with Se Joo. Jeon Seol fires. She remembers Se Joo saying their present relationship is not an accident. Jeon Seol fires. She remembers her mother saying the ill-fated relationships must not be repeated. Jeon Seol fires. She remembers moment in the past when she rushes into the room with Se Joo’s back to her in front of his typewriter. She recalls having her gun trained on Se Joo. She remembers Se Joo’s turning towards her. She remembers firing the gun.

Jeon Seol drops the gun in the present. She falls to the floor. She shakes at the revelation. Se Joo finds her on the ground. He asks what happened. With tears in her eyes, Jeon Seol stares into Se Joo’s eyes. She remembers her mother warning the ill-fated relationships must not be repeated. She sobs.

WOW! What an episode! I’m exhausted! I’ll gather my thoughts after a short break.

My Thoughts

Writer Jin crafted a zippy episode full of surprises. This was my favorite episode of the series so far. I commented heavily throughout the recap so if you don’t read the recap and want more opinions, check it out. I worry that Writer Jin revealed too much in a single episode. It’s like the series went from 0 miles per hour to 100 miles per hour in a single episode. This episode could win the “most reveals in a single episode” award.

Tae Min found first draft of the book he plagiarized but the shock of the episode was when he seemed to hear or see Jin O.  Poor Jin O, the one person he wants to see/hear him (Jeon Seol) cannot. Tae Min is evil and manipulative. I am totally irked that Se Joo allows himself to be deceived. You could argue that Se Joo doesn’t care, that is water under the bridge. Duly noted, but it’s smart to keep ammunition to thwart the crazy people in your life. That’s exactly what the first date is. Jin O’s reveal that Tae Min was evil in their past life was expected. I wanted to smack Tae Min’s father for telling his crazy wife that Tae Min plagiarized Se Joo’s book. It literally puts a target on Se Joo’s back.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) remembered the past with Se Joo and Jin O. How darling was the scene when she remembered their passionate kiss? Se Joo practically preened! She was blushing like a teenager. I loved that. Her mother having an ill-fated relationship with her and warning her about Se Joo, took quite a bit of gall. It feels like a lame excuse to leave Jeon Seol and it feels like a lame excuse to return. But Jeon Seol found out that the truth may not set you free. When she saw herself aim at Se Joo and fire, presumably at Se Joo, she was horrified that her mother’s warning was on-point. Will she tell Se Joo what she saw or will she lie by omission?

Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) was thrilled and touched when Jeon Seol remembered him. The banter and comedic timing between Ghung Pyo and Ah In is superb. They sparkle together. Their pairing is as strong as Se Joo and Jeon Seol. Jin O got the shock of his life when evil Tae Min either saw or heard him. That gave me a shiver.

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) did an about face and embraced Jeon Seol remembering her past. I got whiplash at that reversal. How many episodes has Se Joo vowed to protect Jeon Seol from the pain of her past memories? This episode his stance was she’s strong and can face the truth. I loved Se Joo’s unadulterated enjoyment of Jeon Seol’s reaction to remembering the kiss. Yes, that was a kiss to remember and she finally did. It was refreshing to see Se Joo happy not angry. I adore Ah In in this role. He’s the driver of this show.


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4 comments on “Chicago Typewriter Episode 10 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Love luv loving it!

    I’m guessing the female student that confronts Tae min is the sister of Se ju’s obsessed fan who committed suicide.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    There were many reveals this episode. I found it interesting Seol’s mom, aka Sophia, was Carpe Diem’s madam and, according to Jin Oh, likely involved in his death along with Tae Min’s 1930s incarnation. Advice from Seol’s mom might have had more meaning if moms had divulged the reason or more of the truth.

    Seol has been connecting the dots without freaking out at least until her last vision. I’m curious about how much Seol saw in her latest vision.

    OMO, It was awesome the female student confronted Tae Min; give Tae Min’s track record with animals, will she be safe? I think this confrontation spurred Tae Min’s “drunken” late night visit to Se Joo. I’m not convinced de was drunk, he seemed coherent when he was begging for the Destiny manuscript, I think it was a ruse to get in the house to snatch the manuscript.
    대박 ! Tae Min can see or at least hear Jin Oh! Why?


    • This episode almost left me punch-drunk 👊 with the amount of reveals. I almost wished Writer Jin had saved some for another episode. This episode ratcheted up the level of intensity. It was riveting and the best of the series (so far).

      대박 ! Tae Min can see or at least hear Jin Oh! Why?
      I didn’t see that one coming. 😮


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