Tunnel Episode 13 Recap

Past and present are both prominent in this episode.

Tunnel Episode 13 Recap

Tunnel of destiny…the two men fight viciously. Coroner Mok (Kim Min Sang) tries to inject Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) with a drug. They grapple. They flip. Kwang Ho hits the ground hard. Things morph. Kwang Ho ends up in the tunnel IN THE PAST!

Present…Coroner Mok looks around him. He’s alone in the tunnel.

1986….Kwang Ho looks around him. He’s alone in the tunnel. A man rides past on his bicycle. Kwang Ho hears the music. He realizes he’s back in the past. He can’t believe it. He wonders what happened to Coroner Mok.

Present…Coroner Mok wonders if Kwang Ho returned to the past. He spies Kwang Ho’s cell phone on the ground.

1986….Kwang Ho realizes if this is the past, his wife isn’t dead. He runs to their house. It’s still there. With tears in his eyes he runs down the street to the woman he loves. Awk! Tears!

He bursts into the courtyard. Shin Yeon Sook (Lee Shi A) is drops her basket of folded laundry as she stares at the man…could it be? Kwang Ho approaches her and says her name. The tears flow. She hits his chest asking why he’s so late, where has he been? Kwang Ho can only sob his relief and hug his wife. He’s home. She’s alive. Awk! Tears!

Beautiful moment between this couple. It wasn’t the pretty crying. These two actors went for it. Yeon Sook didn’t just blindly fall into his arms. She wanted to know where’d he been. Kwang Ho couldn’t answer, he just had to hold her.

Present…Coroner Mok throws Kwang Ho’s cell phone into the river. He sighs.

1986….Yeon Sook asks Kwang Ho where he was and what he is wearing. Kwang Ho spies the whistle around her neck. He asks when their daughter is due. Yeon Sook is surprised he knows she’s pregnant and that it’s a girl. Yeon Sook says it’s been 5 months since he went missing. Kwang Ho muses that time passed at the same rate. Yeon Sook asks Kwang Ho again where have you been? Kwang Ho asks if she’ll believe him, no matter his explanation.

Professor Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young) can’t believe what she heard. Lt. Kim Seon Jae (Yoon Hyun Min) has told her Kwang is her father and he came from the past. Seon Jae says he didn’t believe it either…at first. He reminds her that he once asked about a man with no records. He says Kwang Ho was the man and he was hiding that he was from the past. Professor Shin stands and starts to live. Seon Jae stops her when he says he knows about the whistle her mother gave her. She sits back down. Seon Jae says Kwang Ho told her the whistle was given to him by her mother. Professor Shin grasps the realization that Seon Jae is telling the truth. She asks if Kwang Ho really is her father. Awk! Tears!

Over 12 episodes this pair has wormed their way into each other’s hearts and mine. She trusts him. She couldn’t believe him but his empirical knowledge about the whistle forced her to realize the truth.

1986…. Kwang Ho tells Yeon Sook about grappling with the murderer and ending up in 2017. He explains some of the technology and how the police station had new faces. Yeon Sook tries to take it in. 2017? Yeon Sook clings that he knows about their daughter know, when he did not before he left. She asks him to confirm she gave the whistle to their daughter. Kwang Ho shakes his head. He wouldn’t believe his story either. Yeon Sook asks if he met their daughter. With a broad smile, Kwang Ho says he met her and was able to recognize her because of the whistle. He says she’s kind and her name is Yeon Ho. Yeon Sook smiles at the name, a combination of their names. Naturally Yeon Sook asks if he met her in the future. He hesitates. She asks if she looks old. Kwang Ho smiles and says she as beautiful as ever.

Kwang Ho is wise to NOT tell everything to Yeon Sook. It would be overload and hurt her. Kwang Ho’s careful consideration of what to tell her and what to keep to himself is another indicator of his love. What I find interesting is this couple hasn’t had much air time and didn’t establish a bond the resonated with me in the first episode. But now after 12 episodes, I feel their bond, their joy at being reunited, their click as a couple.

Professor Shin arrives home. She stares at Kwang Ho’s upstairs apartment. She recalls his concern, his shock at the whistle, and his denial recognizing the whistle. With tears in her eyes and trembling finger she dial’s her father’s phone number. She receives the message the phone is off.

I’m going to stop commenting after every scene in a minute…how appropriate that she called him instead of walking up to his door. That’s what we do in 2017. The tears in her eyes touched me.

1986…. Kwang Ho and Yeon Sook lay in bed with smiles on their faces. Kwang Ho wonders if returning was a condition. Yeon Sook tells him not to leave again. He pulls her close. He smiles. He is happy to be back.

Present… The station chief is not happy that Team Leader Chun (Jo Hee Bong) is investigating a closed case. With Seon Jae, Officer Kwak Tae Hee (Kim Byung Chul) and Officer Song Min Ha (Kang Ki Young) looking on, Team Leader Chun explains that the same killer didn’t kill all the victims. He can’t take it. The station chief gently then firmly tells Team Leader Chun and the team to stop this investigation…NOW!

Cute hand play between the station chief and Team Leader Chun.

Officer Song looks at the white board. He urges the team to continue the investigation. No one responds. Officer Song yells at his senior officers. They all stare at him. He has the grace to look chagrined. They all laugh. Officer Kwak declares he can smell they will solve the case. Seon Jae smiles and agrees to pursue the case. Team Leader Chun asks if Seon Jae is one of them now (he’d previously held himself apart until Kwang Ho entered the picture). Seon Jae smiles. Team Leader Chun smiles.

That touched me. What is with this show that gets my emotions flowing? I LOVE that Seon Jae is indeed one of the gang. I respect this unit of officers. I enjoy their comradery and how each of them contributes in their own way. They are the definition of a functional team.

Professor Shin calls Seon Jae and asks if Kwang Ho is at work. Seon Jae says Kwang Ho isn’t there yet. Professor Shin shares that Kwang Ho’s phone is off and she doesn’t think he came home last night. That gets Seon Jae’s attention. Professor Shin believes Kwang Ho has disappeared. Seon Jae says “Kwang Ho has disappeared?” That gets the team’s attention.

Team Leader Chun, Professor Shin, and Seon Jae find nothing in Kwang Ho’s apartment. Seon Jae recalls Kwang Ho telling him to go forth, he had something else to investigate. Team Leader Chun tells Kwang Ho to trace the cell phone and look at the call history. YES! Coroner Mok called Kwang Ho last night! Team Leader Chun worries that Kwang Ho has nowhere to go considering he’s from the past. Team Leader Chun reminds Seon Jae they can’t report Kwang Ho misses since he doesn’t exist in this time. Professor Shin can’t believe it.

Coroner Mok arrives at work and notices his pen engraved with “Noel” is missing. He tears his office apart but can’t find the pen. He considers where it might be.

I LOVE seeing Coroner Mok rattled. He’s had the upper hand all the way in this series. I want him unsettled. I want him caught!

Coroner Mok searches the tunnel but can’t find the pen. He tells himself there’s no way that Kwang Ho knows about the pen.

I can’t wait for Coroner Mok to feel the cold metal handcuffs around his wrists.

Present… Kwang Ho stare at the pen. He knows if he were in 2017, tests would show DNA from a victim on the pen tip. He puts the pen in a plastic bag and tells Yeon Sook in 2017 they could catch the killer with this pen. He vows to preserve the pen until DNA tests are developed. He places the plastic bagged pen in the jean jacket breast pocket. That’s not what I’d call carefully preserving the pen. He tells Yeon Sook he need to catch the criminal now so other victims don’t die. Yeon Sook is worried that he won’t come back. He tells her to call him on his cell phone. But the jean jacket doesn’t have his cell phone. He also realizes the cell phone won’t work in this time. He promises to call her often from public pay phones.

1986…. Kwang Ho heads to the police station. He realizes that he can’t arrest Coroner Mok without evidence. He runs into Reporter Oh would can’t believe he’s alive. Kwang Ho grabs him and says he needs his help.

Over coffee he asks for Reporter Oh’s help to find the surviving victim, Kim Young Ja. Reporter Oh plays hard to get until Kwang Ho guarantees him an exclusive story. They have a deal.

Kim Young Ja’s mother tells them her daughter is working at a factory in Seoul and living with her Uncle. They obtain Kim Young Ja’s Seoul address.

Kwang Ho’s phone records reveal a 9pm call (Coroner Mok called Kwang Ho) from a burner phone. Bummer! And the burner phone was turned off at 10pm. Team Leader Chun and Seon Jae plan to head to the last known location of the burner phone. Officer Kwak and Officer Song are assigned CCTV review between the police station and the last known location. They agree Kwang Ho’s disappearance a secret for now. Officer Kwak and Officer Song take off.

Professor Shin offers to help. Seon Jae says Professor Shin knows who Kwang Ho is. Professor Shin is surprised that Team Leader Chun knows. Likewise, Team Leader Chun is surprised that Professor Shin knows. Seon Jae explains that Team Leader Chun and Kwang Ho were once partners. Professor Shin realizes that’s why Team Leader Chun would often defer to Kwang Ho. Team Leader Chun nodes. In the understatement of the day Professor Shin says “there have been many surprises.” Professor Shin has many questions but now her father is missing.

1986…. Kwang Ho and Reporter Oh go to Kim Young Ja’s address in Seoul. She answers the door. Kwang Ho identifies himself as the police. She slams the door in his face. Kwang Ho calls out that she has nothing to be ashamed about, the murderer is the guilty party. Reporter Oh barks that she can identify the murderer. She doesn’t believe testifying will change anything. Kwang Ho says she can save other women’s lives. Kim Young Ja won’t involve herself. Kwang Ho tells Reporter Oh all they can do is wait until she changes her mind. He scribbles and note and shoves it under the door.

Seon Jae deduces that the tunnel may the location. Seon Jae, Professor Shin and Team Leader Chun arrive at the tunnel. Cool shot when they all three walk through the tunnel of destiny. They stand where Kwang Ho tried to unsuccessfully return. Officer Kwak calls Team Leader Chun to report Kwang Ho took a cab to the hospital when he left the police station. Team Leader Chun orders them to talk to the driver. Team Leader Chun tells Professor Shin and Seon Jae where Kwang Ho went. They are mystified why he’d go there. Seon Jae mutters it might be better if Kwang Ho returned to the past. Professor Shin doesn’t understand the statement.

In a taxi, Professor Shin ponders Seon Jae words that Kwang Ho came to 2017 chasing the dot murderer and hoped he’s be able to return to the past to stop Yeon Sook from dying after he solved the case. Seon Jae says if Kwang Ho is safe in the past, then he’s alive. She puts her head in her hands. Awk! Tears!

Kwang Ho meets Yeon Sook at the river boat where he left her waiting for him in vain 5 months ago. Adorably Kwang Ho buys a ticket for the invitro Yeon Ho. They admire Seoul at night. Kwang Ho buys a teddy bear for Yeon Ho. Kwang Ho pledges to be a good father has he rubs Yeon Sook’s belly.

They go to the eatery in Seoul and have dumplings. Yeon Sook admits the 5 months without him were difficult. Kwang Ho apologizes for leaving her. Kwang Ho tells Yeon Sook that he bought Yeon Ho dumplings from this place in 2017. Kwang Ho is relieved that Yeon Ho never knew who he was. He knows that would be hard for her to deal with now that he’s gone.

Awk! Tears! Professor Shin once again left behind by a parent is affecting me. Nice tie in with the eatery. Recall Professor Shin went to eat alone and had the deja vue. Writer Lee, you are awesome!

Professor Shin visits Kwang Ho’s apartment. She finds the picture of her mother. She remembers her mother feeding her dumplings. Awk! Tears! Professor Shin realizes the photo is her mother. She cries. Awk! Tears!

Goodness, I’m a crier when I watch this show. Professor Shin’s memory and realization the picture had her mother was affecting. It’s Mother’s Day when I’m watching this, maybe that has something to do with it. I’m happy to see Professor Shin feeling versus being.

Seon Jae wonders why Kwang Ho went to the hospital. Officer Kwak and Officer Song arrive and report that Kwang Ho went to the tunnel. Officer Kwak reports there are no further reports or sightings of Kwang Ho after he entered the tunnel. Seon Jae and Team Leader Chun pass knowing looks.

Alone, Seon Jae can’t believe that Kwang Ho left without saying goodbye. Team Leader Chun says that doesn’t matter, they need to focus on catching the murderer. Seon Jae can’t let it go.

Seon Jae finds out that Kwang Ho asked another officer for information. YES!! The officer states Kwang Ho wanted the personal information of Coroner Mok. YES!! Seon Jae is surprised and asks for the same information Kwang Ho received. YES!!

Professor Shin stares at the picture of her mother and the whistle. Team Leader Chun calls and informs her that Kwang Ho has returned to the past. Team Leader Chun wishes Professor Shin had never found out. Professor Shin disagrees. She always wanted to know about her parents. She says know she can move on, alone. Awk! Tears!

Coroner Mok is surprised to find Seon Jae outside his office so late at night. Seon Jae asks if Coroner Mok met Kwang Ho last night. Coroner Mok denies it. Seon Jae admits he can’t reach Kwang Ho. He asks Coroner Mok again if he met Kwang Ho. Coroner Mok says he left work at 9pm and would have missed Kwang Ho. Seon Jae asks about the bruises on Coroner Mok’s face. Coroner Mok bluffs an excuse but then follow with the truth, “does it look like I fought with someone”? As Seon Jae leaves, Coroner Mok asks if something happened to Kwang Ho. Seon Jae says they don’t know the details yet.

1986…. Kim Young Ja finds Kwang Ho’s note. It’s straightforward. He lists all the victims noting each one had a family. Catching the culprit and giving the victim’s justice is the next step. She’s the only one that can help.

Making up for lost time, Kwang Ho does the laundry and present delicious strawberries to Yeon Sook. Kim Young Ja calls Kwang Ho stating that none of the victims did anything wrong. He agrees. She agrees to testify. Kwang Ho thanks her. After hanging up Kwang Ho tells Yeon Sook he can now catch the murderer. This makes her nervous. She asks him to stay home. He can’t. She’s not happy fearing that he won’t come back. Gently Kwang Ho tells her that he’ll be back. He promises. She cries. He hugs her. He tells her she’s pretty when she cries or glares at him. That earns him a smile. He promises he’ll return. He walks away. Yeon Sook touches the whistle like it is a talisman.

Did you wonder if Yeon Sook would give him the whistle necklace?

Present… Professor Shin goes to the adoption center. Her records confirm Yeon Sook and Kwang Ho were her parents. She notices a name she doesn’t recognize on the registry. It’s from the medical clinic where Yeon Sook rented a room for herself and Yeon Ho. The adoption counselor states foreign adoptions typically require parental consent.

That’s an underlying question – why was Professor Shin a foreign not in country adoption?

1986…. Reporter Oh tells Kwang Ho that he can’t go to Seoul because of a hostage situation.

Professor Shin goes to the medical clinic. When she walks in the courtyard she has a memory of jumping rope with the whistle necklace on. She smiles. The owner tells Professor Shin she looks like her mother. She mentions a young man (Kwang Ho) visiting and telling him about the day her mother died in the car accident. The owner says the man cried copious tears when he heard this. The owner says the man sat right where Professor Shin is sitting. Professor Shin skims her hand over the bench and smiles knowing her father was searching for her mother. She smiles and says mother and father must have met again.

I love how Professor Shin has evolved into a woman willing to feel pain, loss and love of her former family. What a gift Kwang Ho time travel was to her. How wonderful that Seon Jae told her the truth.

1986…. Kwang Ho goes to the school of medicine to meet with a young Mok Jin Wook (Coroner Mok). He’s not in classes because of his Grandmother’s death. Kwang Ho asks for his home address.

Seon Jae remembers the accusatory tone Kwang Ho took with Coroner Mok last they spoke. He shakes his head. Seon Jae is surprised to find Coroner Mok talking to Team Leader Chun when he arrives at the police station. Coroner Mok is like a cockroach the pops up when you don’t want it to. Team Leader Chun says Coroner Mok offered to help in anyway with the missing Kwang Ho. Coroner Mok leaves. Seon Jae asks if Team Leader Chun talked about Kwang Ho’s accident or coming from the past. Team Leader Chun scoffs he wouldn’t do that.

Professor Shin tells her class murderers evolve and typically showed signs even when they were little. She notes that murderers can come from privilege or poverty. She wonders why a murderer would mark his victims. She wonders if it has to do with Kim Young Ja.

Seon Jae reads the background data on Coroner Mok. He lived where the murders took place 30 years ago. But that’s not enough information for Kwang Ho to be certain of Coroner Mok’s guilt. Seon Jae strides out of the bullpen without a word to the team. Officer Kwak asks Team Leader Chun when he’ll tell them the rest of the story.

Good question from Officer Kwak. We know Officer Kwak and Officer Song must have noticed the tête-à-têtes between Seon Jae, Kwang Ho, and Team Leader Chun. They know they don’t know everything. That single question acknowledged that point. Seon Jae is investigating Coroner Mok not blindly removing him from the suspect pool.

1986…. Kwang Ho arrives in young Mok Jin Wook’s home town.

Professor Shin tells Coroner Mok she doesn’t know what triggered the murderer to kill again after a 30-year gap. Coroner Mok suggests the murderer thought he’d committed the perfect crimes but when he found out they weren’t he began again. Professor Shin says this murderer isn’t a show-off and the dots aren’t about that. She asks Coroner Mok to compare and contrast Jung Ho Young and the dot murderer. Coroner Mok says Jung Ho Young slowly strangled his victims while the dog murderer quickly killed. He says a criminal’s method reveals his traits. He suggests Jung Ho Young killed for pleasure while the dot murderer kills with intent. Professor Shin comments that she found him, but he disappeared. That peaks Coroner Mok’s interest. Seon Jae calls and interrupts the conversation.

If Coroner Mok learns Professor Shin’s identity, does that put a target on her back?

Kwang Ho walks the tunnel. He remembers his thought process about the murder locations (the murderer started close to home and fanned out). On the other side of the tunnel Kwang Ho looks at young Mok Jin Wook’s home town. He says that Professor Shin was right. Serial killers come closer and closer to their home with each murder.

Present… Professor Shin tells Seon Jae she’s thankful she knows that Kwang Ho was her father even though they’ll never see each other again. Professor Shin says knowing about her past has been a gift. Seon Jae remarks that Kwang Ho was grateful to learn that Professor Shin was his daughter. Rats, Coroner Mok is eavesdropping on their conversation!!

Coroner Mok is surprised that Professor Shin was Kwang Ho’s daughter.

Seon Jae asks where Professor Shin was when he called. She tells him she was with Coroner Mok. She wanted to bounce her theory that Kim Young Ja, the murder victim that got away, was the trigger for the murder to begin killing again. Seon Jae asks what Coroner Mok thought. Professor Shin says that Coroner Mok agreed with her theory saying a victim that didn’t die would be a blight on the murderer’s perfect record. She mentioned Coroner Mok noted the different types of strangulation at play. Seon Jae recalls Coroner Mok telling him the same information.

1986…. Kwang Ho arrives at young Mok Jin Wook’s home. He grabs a flashlight on the wall (prop alert) and illuminates the yard. He finds the memorial table for the Grandmother. He enters the house. He drops the flashlight. Kwang Ho tells himself he needs to find the evidence to convict Mok Jin Wook.

Seon Jae asks the forensics expert about the type of strangulation used. She says that doesn’t matter. Slow or fast strangulation yields victims. But more important, you cannot discern if the murderer strangled slowly or quickly by the marks left!!! WOW!!!! Seon Jae asks what she mean. She says the only person that would know if it was slowly or quickly strangle would be the murderer!!!! Seon Jae eyes open wide. He thinks of the smiling, chuckle Coroner Mok.

Awesome! This is a breakthrough. Now will Seon Jae fall into the trap everyone else has and NOT share his discovery?

1986…. Kwang Ho arrives at young Mok Jin Wook’s room. Oh no, Jin Wook is walking through the courtyard! He hears a noise coming from his room! He shuts the gates to the house. He sees Kwang Ho exit his room. Kwang Ho’s face is in shadow. Jin Wook asks who is there.
Kwang Ho: We finally meet
Jin Wook: Who are you? Why are you standing there?

Kwang Ho steps into the moonlight and closer to Jin Wook.

Kwang Ho: You are home. Did you kill someone and mark them with dots again?

Holy smokes! That’s a big bold accusation!

Kwang Ho lists the victim’s names and approach Jin Wook who backs away. Kwang Ho says he’s going to arrest him for murder. Jin Wook claims not to know what he’s talking about. Kwang Ho asks if he knows him.

Kwang Ho: You hit my head with that rock in the tunnel.

Holy smokes! That gets a reaction from Jin Wook.

Kwang Ho: Are you surprised I’m still alive?

Jin Wook: I’m not (laughing).

Jin Wook runs. Kwang Ho pursues him. OMG they are heading to the tunnel!! Jin Wook turns away from the tunnel. Kwang Ho tackles him. Jin Wook runs into the tunnel of destiny.

  Tunnel of destiny… Jin Wook runs into the and Kwang Ho chases, right behind him. We see the shimmer in the tunnel. Kwang Ho is focused on chasing Jin Wook. He must catch Jin Wook. The shimmer occurs at the end of the tunnel as Jin Wook exits. Kwang Ho runs and the shimmer envelopes him.

He exits the tunnel. Kwang Ho is BACK in 2017!!!!! Kwang Ho yells his frustration. So close…yet so far…from catching Jin Wook in the blasted tunnel!

My Thoughts

* Originally, I’d imagined this series alternating between time frames just like this episode. In 1986, happy to be in the past, Kwang Ho spent time with Yeon Sook and Reporter Oh. The first is logical, the second isn’t. Kwang Ho had only been gone 5 months. Why didn’t he go to his police buddies? Why did he isolate himself and not tell friends and family he was back? If it was to hide his return from Jin Wook, a statement to that effect would have been helpful. In 2017, our team struggled to find the dot murderer (with two present day murders) without Kwang Ho. Seon Jae suspects Coroner Mok because he knows Kwang Ho suspected Coroner Mok. That’s good. Professor Shin doesn’t suspect Coroner Mok…yet. Team Leader Chun is clueless.

I wondered how Writer Lee would handle the space time continuum. With Kwang Ho in the past nothing in the present changed. I assume because he wasn’t in the past long enough, the present was unchanged.

Why does Kwang Ho time travel but the killer does not? Does Kwang Ho’s pursuit of justice open the time travel door?

* Seon Jae’s new hair style (both bangs are on the forehead) looks good. I was pleased that he suspected Coroner Mok. I was pleased that he turned his tenacious investigative skills on determining what happened to Kwang Ho. When the forensic scientist told Seon Jae that only the murderer would know if the kill was quick or slow, that was a lightbulb moment for Seon Jae. He was right to tell Professor Shin that Kwang Ho was her father. It helped her heal. What a wonderful gift he gave her.

* The chess master, Coroner Mok, was surprised when Kwang Ho disappeared but realized it eliminated the man that knew he was the dot murderer. We learned a bit more about Coroner Mok’s mindset. He considered the dot murders the perfect crime. When he learned that one of his victims survived, he considered that a blemish and that drove him to kill again. But why Coroner Mok became a murderer is still unknown. Jung Ho Young was a compelling serial killer and Coroner Mok doesn’t have the same riveting story. I hope this changes. Writer Lee has made few missteps in the series. But I doubt that with 3 episodes to go that Coroner Mok’s background and capture will be as riveting as Jung Ho Young. We shall see. I’ve doubted Writer Lee before and been wrong. I’d like the same to happen here. I want to smack that smirk off nosy Coroner Mok’s face but I don’t have bloodlust for him like I had for Jung Ho Young who directly attacked Professor Shin in a vicious way that I won’t soon forget. Coroner Mok’s Achilles heel is his arrogance. He openly admitted that the dot murderer strangled his victims quickly and decisively. It makes me wonder how Kim Young Ja survived his brutal quick strangulation technique. Why did Coroner Mok kill 1988-born Kwang Ho’s Grandfather? Was injection-happy Coroner Mok killing by injection too?

* Professor Shin touched my heart this episode. That’s an amazing statement in itself. She’s been walled off emotionally. But almost dying from Jung Ho Young’s attack caused her control to crack. I was impressed that she readily accepted that Kwang Ho was her father. The memories of her mother had her sobbing. I was right there with her.

Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk) reconnected with his wife in 1986. I found their reunion touching. They resonated as a couple in this episode more than any other. Kwang Ho’s tenderness and care of Yeon Sook was lovely to see. Yeon Sook was wise to worry that Kwang Ho might not return from his sojourn to catch a killer. How does Kwang Ho maintain his sanity with the crazy time travel? My hats off the Kwang Ho, his pursuit of justice is admirable.

The question remains… Who will catch Coroner Mok and bring him to justice (past or present)? With Writer Lee sending Kwang Ho back to 2017, all indicators are that Kwang Ho and Seon Jae will bring Coroner Mok to justice. I look forward to it. I want our intrepid detectives to work together, not keep secrets from each other, and catch Coroner Mok once and for all.

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2 comments on “Tunnel Episode 13 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    While I was thrilled for Kwang Ho to be able to return to the past and reunite with Yeon Sook the timing ⏰ wasn’t quite right: 1) Kwang Ho didn’t inform anyone on his team that coroner Mok was the dot serial killer. 2) Kwang Ho took (and left?) critical evidence, the “Noel” ⛲🖋, back to 1986.

    While Kwang Ho interacted with Yeon Sook, reporter Oh, and most importantly young Mok, did Kwang Ho’s return to the past have a 🦋 effect⁉ We didn’t see any evidence of that… yet.

    I find it interesting Kwang Ho worked with despised reporter Oh and didn’t seek after any of the violent crime team members. Did he simply not want try to explain his five-month 📅 absence? How awesome Kwang Ho talk to Kim Young Ja into giving her statement about being strangled. I wonder what Mok said was he attacked to make her say to Kwang Ho “I didn’t do anything wrong” – did he explain to his victims why he was killing them? I fear for Young Ja’s safety now that Kwang Ho has gone ‘back to the future’.

    TL Chun determined Kwang Ho went back to 1986, while Seon Jae determined Mok was likely the murderer. I think Seon Jae being informed buy another coroner that an autopsy could not determine how many times a victim had been strangled seal the deal to realizing Mok was the murderer.

    I was creeped out by Mok stalking Seon Jae and finding out Jae Yi was Kwang Ho’s daughter. I hope Seon Jae will inform Jay of Mok’s identity someplace where they cannot be overheard 👂 I also wondered if Jae Yi would be in jeopardy now that Mok knows her relationship to Kwang Ho.

    I found myself being touched by Jae Yi’s tears 💧 over her parents; I watched this episode after Mother’s Day. Jae Yi’s icy ❄ exterior has melted as this series has progressed. Writer Lee has done an excellent job with this storyline and the characters❗ When Yeon Sook kept worrying about Kwang Ho disappearing again I wondered if we weren’t going to have him ‘go back to the future’.

    I loved Kwang Ho’s confrontation with Mok but questioned whether or not it was the right move. Kwang Ho gave the names of Mok’s victims, including Young Ja. Will Mok be able to find Young Ja by knowing her name and finish the job⁉ As Kwang Ho’s pursuit of Mok progressed towards the tunnel I thought “poor Yeon Sook, she’s going to be alone again. I hope Kwang Ho can return to her.

    I concur Mok’s​ Achilles heel is his arrogance; I want to slap ✋😏 that smirk off his face

    Last episode I supposition that Mok never stopped killing during those 30 years: “Did Mok satiate his murder lust killing old folks with fatal injections 💉❓”. Mok killing a grandpa at the mobile​ health ⛑ clinic put Mok on Rookie 👮 Kwang Ho’s 📡.

    We have murderer Mok running loose in two time periods. How much collateral damage will he inflict before he is caught⁉ If he is caught in 1986 what kind of 🦋 effect will it have⁉. Will Kwang Ho be able to go back to 1986⁉


  2. I find it interesting Kwang Ho worked with despised reporter Oh and didn’t seek after any of the violent crime team members
    That struck me as odd and a slight misstep by Writer Lee (who has done little “wrong” in this series).

    I wonder what Mok said was he attacked to make her say to Kwang Ho “I didn’t do anything wrong”
    I took that statement to be fear of being blamed that her behavior invited an attack (aka blame the victim’s actions not the criminal).

    I found myself being touched by Jae Yi’s tears 💧 over her parents; I watched this episode after Mother’s Day
    Ditto. I watched on Mother’s Day. Tears abound when I watch this show.

    I want to slap ✋😏 that smirk off his face
    We should rotate the slaps between us!

    supposition that Mok never stopped killing during those 30 years
    You are on to something with that thought.

    what kind of 🦋 effect will it have
    Writer Lee seems to ignore the butterfly effect. That’s also a bit odd, but everything else is so good, I mark this as a minor quibble.


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