Chicago Typewriter Episode 9 Recap

Se Joo realizes something from his past has impacted the present…

Chicago Typewriter Episode Recap 9

Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) walk down the dark street recalling the woman he cares for Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) crying in the arms of Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In).

Jeon Seol tries to ascertain is Jin O is the man that saved her those many years ago. Recall it was a masked Se Joo, not Jin O that whisked her away from the authorities. Jin O learns his singer just quit. His talent manager Madam Unni tells him not to worry, she knows someone that would be perfect. She stares at Jeon Seol. Jin O stares at Jeon Seol.

Jeon Seol isn’t happy with idea but Madam Unni deftly guilts her into acquiescence.

Jin O is gob smacked when Jeon Seol appears dressed for the stage. His heart tumbles into love.

Have you noticed that the lighting and camera around Jeon Seol is often soft? I’ve wondered if the Producer Director is sensitive to the 6-year age gap between Yoo Ah In and Lim Soo Jung, so they soften the focus and lighting around her.

Present…Jin O thinks he was the first to see Jeon Seol as a woman. But he knows as a ghost he’s got no chance with present day Jeon Seol.

Se Joo asks Jeon Seol if she’s done crying. They sit companionably on a park bench. Se Joo asks why looking into the past scares her. Jeon Seol starts to tell him a story…

a young Jeon Seol asks her mother if she’s pretty. Her mother smiles and confirms this. Jeon Seol shocks her mother when she asks if she’s still pretty even if once, a long time ago, she shot someone. Her mother takes her to shaman Bang Wool who stares intently at Jeon Seol. She shoos Jeon Seol to play with her daughter Bang Jin. Bang Wool tells Jeon Seol’s mother she’s “not one of us”, not a shaman. She suggests the Jeon Seol is remembering a past life. Bang Wool assures Jeon Seol’s mother that all Jeon Seol needs is extra love to deal with the memories.

Jeon Seol tells Se Joo that often as a child she’d wake crying telling her mother than she’d killed someone. Se Joo reminds her that memories aren’t her fault. Jeon Seol wonders if her mother leaving her and returning her to her father was due to the stress of dealing with her memories. Se Joo asks if she still has memories. Jeon Seol flashes to memories (all them she cannot she Se Joo’s face). She smiles and lies that she doesn’t have those memories anymore.

Too bad that she chooses not to be honest. They were open to each other in that moment.

Se Joo walks Jeon Seol home. When she coughs, he puts his hand to her forehead. She flashes to him caring for her in the cabin (early episode of the series). He tells her to rest. He assures her that he’s not scare of her or the memories. Se Joo admits he feeling that he’s the crazy one. Se Joo tells her he doesn’t abandon those he cares for, because he was once abandoned himself. Swoon! She’s lost in his eyes. Se Joo feels the pull too. He says he’ll take good care of the shaggy dog and leaves quickly.

Middle of the series, they are starting to build a “real” relationship. I like it, but I’m greedy and want it be proceed quicker.

The next day Se Joo must suffer through Jin O’s obsession with all things entertainment related. You have to laugh when Jin O weeps at a scene from Come Back Mister where the leads have switched bodies (which harkens to Jin O’s stuck as a ghost status).

Se Joo notices Jin O looking longingly at his lunch. He asks Secretary Kang to set another lunch at the table. Though Secretary Kang doesn’t know it, Jin O now has his own lunch. Jin O is touched by Se Joo’s kindness who demurs he only did to stop Jin O from staring at his food. Jin O shares that living all those years stuck in the typewriter in America was lonely and when Se Joo appeared for the book signing it was wonderful. Se Joo cuts him off, stating he won’t listen to his sob story. But Se Joo requests Jin O tell him his food preferences.

Sweet! Lovely moment. Se Joo is a softy underneath the prickly exterior.

Publisher Gal Ji Seok (Jo Woo Jin) bursts into the house and tells Se Joo they are in trouble. Someone has been stirring unrest in the investors. They may be to pay the penalty for not completing Chicago Typewriter. Se Joo reiterates he’s done with that project. He admonishes Publisher Gal to admit the truth to the investors and deal with the consequences.

Se Joo explains to Jin O that the penalties will wipe out his savings. Jin O recommends completing Chicago Typewriter. Se Joo doesn’t want Jeon Seol to read the novel and recall her past life. Jin O points out that Jeon Seol has been reading Chicago Typewriter without realizing it her past life is the story. Se Joo can’t take that chance. Jeon Seol remembers her past life as a negative and he won’t add to her distress. Jin O points out not everything about Jeon Seol’s past life is bad. But Se Joo refuses to burden Jeon Seol. Jin O considers and has an idea…

Chicago Typewriter’s investors are not happy to hear the Se Joo is no longer writing the novel. Publisher Gal tries to put a positive light stating Se Joo is on a break. Mother Baek arrives and announces she’s the biggest investor in the project surprising Publisher Gal. Mother Baek announces that she and the other investors will sue and demand their penalty payments. She demands that Se Joo explain himself. Surprising the room at large, Se Joo strides in declaring he will explain the situation. Mother Baek glares. Se Joo gives her a small bow and smile.

Bang Jin tells Jeon Seol that the next installment of Chicago Typewriter has been published. With a smile, Jeon Seol declares she knew about this already.

Se Joo (and our invisible ghost Jin O) bring Jeon Seol the next chapter of Chicago Typewriter. Se Joo asks her to read it and approve it for publishing. She’s thrilled. He’s irked that he must seek her approval. As Jeon Seol reads the chapter, Jin O and Se Joo watch her for signs of distress. She loves it! Jin O is pleased. Se Joo tells her he may ask for her opinion again.

It’s a dream come true, Jeon Seol coos, to have Se Joo tell her he’ll call her again. Bang Jin doesn’t understand why Se Joo is bring the chapters to Jeon Seol for approval. Jeon Seol believes Se Joo is being polite because she’s his number one fan.

Baek Tae Min (Kwak Si Yang) calls Jeon Seol supposedly wanting the veterinarian book she has. She offers to drop it by his office.

Chicago Typewriter’s
investors see the positive feedback on the website from the latest chapter. Se Joo tells the thrilled room that he’s committed to the project. But Mother Baek isn’t happy with his success. Se Joo tells her she raised him to be strong. Publisher Gal tells the investors if they want to withdrawal so be it. The investors ask Mother Baek why she called the meeting when there is no problem. Everyone walks out of the room. Before Se Joo leaves he apologizes to Mother Baek for not living quietly. She seethes.

If looks could kill, Se Joo would be dead. Mother Baek’s veneer cracks and shows the crazy hatred underneath.

Tae Min is surprised when it’s his father at the door, not Jeon Seol. Writer Baek suggests his son stop. Tae Min doesn’t understand. WB says it’s time for Tae Min to stop pretending he didn’t steal another’s writing. Writer Baek says they both know it’s true even if no one else does. Tae Min glares at his father. He knows his father didn’t expose him to save himself from embarrassment. Tae Min yells that his father is an accomplice. He refuses to come clean. He declares his father has to share the blame. Writer Baek tells Tae Min that Se Joo has the first draft of Destiny. WHAT!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Writer Baek says both he and Se Joo will wait for Tae Min to speak on the matter. He tells Tae Min he should admit his wrong doing.

I wanted to smack Writer Baek for putting a target on Se Joo’s back for his crazy son, begat by his crazy wife, to pursue Se Joo with an intent to harm. Dude, you are NOT helping Se Joo, you are HURTING Se Joo!

As Writer Baek leaves, Jeon Seol arrives. She introduces herself. Writer Baek is gracious and leaves. Upset by the encounter with his father, he asks Jeon Seol to have a drink with him. She declines. He asks if she overheard the fight with his father. She admits to realizing they were arguing, though she doesn’t know what the fight was about. Tae Min says his poor relationship with his father stems from the endless comparison to Se Joo and always being found lacking. Sufficiently guilted, Jeon Seol agrees to have a drink with him.

At the bar, Tae Min promises they won’t drink too much. Her only job is to stay by his side. Tae Min says he’d like a romantic relationship with Jeon Seol but knows she’s not interested. He whines that his father doesn’t love him, his mother defends him, and Se Joo doesn’t trust him. He uses emotional blackmail and says he’ll drink himself silly unless Jeon Seol agrees to be his friend. He starts pounding shots. Jeon Seol is decidedly uncomfortable.

Tae Min makes me nervous. With what he did to his cat, I bet he can and will commit violence against Se Joo, especially to shut him up permanently about his plagiarism of Destiny.

Jin O is thrilled to learn that the building the Japanese operated from during their occupation of Korea is no longer standing. He asks Se Joo to take him there. Se Joo refuses stating the deadline for the next chapter is all they’ll focus on. He stares at the upset Jin O. He caves and agrees to take Jin O. He can’t believe he’s saddled with an emotionally sensitive ghost that he doesn’t particularly like.

Se Joo suggests the Jin O switch up his fashion. Jin O surprises Se Joo when his clothing becomes a mirror image of Se Joo’s. LOL! Jin O asks if Jeon Seol can come with them.

Tae Min wakes from sleeping off the alcohol. He finds a note from Jeon Seol stating she and the taxi driver took him home. He calls Jeon Seol to thank her.

Jeon Seol is surprised when Se Joo snatches her phone from her during her conversation with Tae Min. Se Joo warns that Tae Min better not bother Jeon Seol again. He tells Tae Min to erase the contact from his phone. He hangs up.

Is it just me or did you enjoy that alpha male moment Se Joo just displayed?

Se Joo hangs Jeon Seol her phone and announces she’s going with him after she’s done with her shift. He strolls outside to wait. Jeon Seol smiles.

Outside Jin O and Se Joo wait for Jeon Seol to be available. Se Joo warns Jin O that Tae Min may show up. As they wait both men watch Jeon Seol work. Jin O can’t help but notice the smile on Se Joo’s face as he watches her.

Jeon Seol can’t help but smile seeing Se Joo waiting for her and smiling at her. The owner veterinarian sees Se Joo waiting, reminds Jeon Seol that she worked an extra shift and urges her to leave.

On the Seoul city tour bus, Jin O is agog at everything he sees. Se Joo tells Jeon Seol this is research. She feels snubs when Se Joo doesn’t include her in the picture Jin O begs him to take. Se Joo snaps at Jin O. Jeon Seol thinks Se Joo is snapping at her and gives it back to him.

At the landmark, Jeon Seol writes a wish “Please don’t let his emotions be unstable anymore”.

The three of them walk the streets enjoying the day. We see them in the past enjoying themselves.

Both Jeon Seol and Jin O pepper Se Joo with suggestions of what to do next. Se Joo tells Jeon Seol to stop calling him Writer Han. She wonders what she should call him. When she playfully suggests hyungnim (brother), Se Joo flashes back to Jeon Seol calling him that in the past. Surprising her, Se Joo agrees she should call him that. He notices Jin O is missing and goes to look for him.

Se Joo finds Jin O staring at a temple were the building used to be. Jin O muses their past resistance efforts must have come to fruition. Jin O wishes he could live in 2017. Se Joo reminds him every timeframe has things that must be resisted. Se Joo tells Jin O he’s grateful to him and the other men and women of the past resistance. Jin O is touched. I am too. Jin O reminds Se Joo he was active in the past resistance.

Jeon Seol finds him. Jin O asks a favor. Se Joo takes a picture that includes Jin O. The beautiful “Writing Our Story” plays in the background. Awk! Tears! It’s poignant that Jin O won’t be seen visibly but Se Joo will insert Jin O when he looks at the photo.

Se Joo includes himself for a trio photo (which is visibly a duo photo).

That was an absurdly touching moment. Even if Jeon Seol can’t remember their friendship, Se Joo and Jin O do. Jin O’s longing to belong and be human again was palpable and moving. Se Joo felt it. I felt it too.

At home Jin O admits that the photo makes him sad but his memory of that moment is unchanged. Jin O comments that Jeon Seol’s shooting skills would have world-renowned in the present. Se Joo asks how Jeon Seol became a shooter in the past.

Jin O holds a meeting of the resistance in the cellar of Carpe Diem. They wonder when they’ll get to see their leader’s face. Jeon Seol waits outside knowing something is happening in the room. Jin O hears her. Everyone goes to the door, guns in hand. Jin O flings open the door aiming at Jeon Seol. Unfazed Jeon Seol enters the room where multiple guns are trained on her. She tells Jin O she wants to join the resistance. He’s shocked. She bluffs that she’ll call the police if she can’t join. Jin O tells everyone to put their guns down. He tells everyone to leave.

Jin O isn’t pleased. Jeon Seol comments she wondered what he did with the profits from Carpe Diem. Jin O asks if she realizes what this is. Jeon Seol asks Jin O to teach her to shoot so she can kill those that killed her father. Jin O counters revenge isn’t a good reason to join. Jeon Seol counters that killing those that killed her father is exactly what the resistance does. Jin O hesitates. Jeon Seol declares she’ll call the police. Jin O says IF the leader agrees, she’s in. He warns her betraying this organization is unforgivable. Jeon Seol says she’s ready to die for the organization.

Jin O explains the situation to the leader whose back is to him. When the leader turns, we see its Se Joo. He says if Jeon Seol has the desire and talent, he’s willing to train her as a sniper. Se Joo says a female sniper would be a positive addition. Jin O worries that Jeon Seol will struggle with that role. Se Joo is confident. He muses that Jeon Seol could become a great sniper.

Se Joo is stunned. He says the person that made Jeon Seol into a sniper was him. Jin O concurs. Se Joo can’t believe he’s the source of her trauma.

1930…Now we see the original past clip of this series. Jeon Seol is assembling the gun. Jin O is pleased with how quickly she does it. Se Joo writes at the typewriter. Jeon Seol comments her gun is named Chicago Typewriter because it makes a sound similar to a gunshot. She urges him to write important work.

Present…Se Joo recalls Jeon Seol urging him to write important work. Se Joo wonders if the person Jeon Seol killed in the past that she seemed a mistake, was a hit he ordered. Jin O doesn’t know the answer to that question. Se Joo realizes that Jeon Seol’s injury from a gunshot stemmed from his decision that she would be a sniper.

1930…A man from the resistance asks Se Joo when the paper will be available. He checks his gold pocket watch and says noon. He recalls Jeon Seol on the bike. The articles Se Joo writes, are code missions for the resistance. This one will be Jeon Seol’s first mission. Jin O wonders if she’ll be able to handle it. Se Joo says this is a test.

Se Joo waits for Jeon Seol to show. He’s at the spot she should pass by. Jeon Seol comes running the police in hot pursuit. She grabs Jeon Seol and pulls him to run too. In a nifty move, they run and sometimes it is present day Se Joo running with Jeon Seol, and sometimes it is past Se Joo running with Jeon Seol.

Jeon Seol pulls him into the alcove. She shoves Se Joo against the wall. He starts to talk. She covers his mouth. Jeon Seol realizes he’s the man that saved all those years ago!!! She removes his glasses. Jeon Seol says “it’s you. The masked man that rescued me.” Se Joo feigns ignorance.

They hear the police approaching. Jeon Seol pulls the cap off her head and tells him to help the resistance by doing this…and she kisses him. He can’t help it, he responds. He drops his glasses and pulls her tight to his body. He deepens the kiss. She responds in kind.

OMG, that was a totally hot kiss!!!

My Thoughts

Se Joo is the mystery leader of the resistance. His writing for the paper is actually coded messages with resistant event details. I wasn’t surprised Se Joo was the leader. It had to be him. We know only 3 primary characters from the past. Process of elimination yielded Se Joo. In fact, Se Joo was the one that chose the role of sniper. Present Se Joo grappled with the ripple effects that choice. Se Joo is protective of Jeon Seol. He doesn’t want to trigger Jeon Seol’s memories of her past life. His logic is guilt based. I’d like to think that past Se Joo’s assessment of past Jeon Seol is still true. She’s tough and can handle it.

Tae Min learned Se Joo had the first draft of the book he plagiarized. I wanted to smack Tae Min’s father for telling him that. It literally puts a target on Se Joo’s back. I HATED how Tae Min tried to force Jeon Seol to be his friend in the bar. I LOVED it when Tae Min’s mother investor meeting imploded in her face. Her heart doesn’t pump blood, it pumps hatred.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) for to preview the next chapter of the book before it was published. She doesn’t realize the book tells the story of a past life. I look forward to when she knows this and gets past it. Or she’ll find out and she’ll kill someone important again. I hope she takes out Tae Min protecting Se Joo. We’ve only gotten moments of the past life but Jeon Seol in that past life is more interesting. I’m not saying that present day Jeon Seol is dull but given the circumstances of the Japanese occupation and fighting for freedom while avoiding the clutches of the law, past Jeon Seol has more going on.

Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) wanted the memory of having a photo taken with Jeon Seol. The was a touching scene. Jin O’s desire to be near the woman he cares for. Se Joo was sensitive to Jin O’s need. I liked how Se Joo suggested a picture of the three of them. Jin O knows there’s a pull between Se Joo and Jeon Seol. I’m assuming he knew this in the past too. I applaud Jin O for not being bitter (like Tae Min). Jin O has graduated past a humorous ghost to a man who loved, lost, and wants to be human once again.

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) realized in his past life, he recommended Jeon Seol become a sniper. He was upset to know that his choice in the past touched the present-day Jeon Seol in a negative way. Se Joo doesn’t want to harm others. It’s obvious if he cares for you, he doesn’t want to hurt you. I’m not sure he considers Jin O a friend in the present but he knows they were friends in the past. Because of that he’s willing to grant Jin O the favors he asks (when reasonable). He asked for food placed for Jin O at lunch. He’s sensitive to Jin O’s feelings for Jeon Seol. Se Joo is more sensitive that his brusque exterior would lead you to believe.

Let’s talk about that ending kiss. That was dynamite. Most couples in kdramas do not have much passion. Desire is typically cloaked. That kiss showed it doesn’t take much to effectively convey passion. When Se Joo dropped his glasses, the passion took over. He drew Jeon Seol close to him, she acquiesced. When Se Joo deepened the kiss, Jeon Seol was initially surprised then matched his need with her own.

I missed this show last week. It was preempted due to the presidential elections. Last episode I said the pace was leisurely. This episode delivered what I’ve been waiting for…a mix of the past and present, the unfolding of the past and how it effects the present, and more information about what happened in the past. My hats off to the editor for the scene when past and present Se Joo switched when running down the street with past Jeon Seol. Finally, Writer Jin has a deft hand with humor. It’s there, almost subtle but effective.

The 5th song of the OST takes us back in the past. Check out “Wind” by Park Dan. This is the song Jeon Seol sang in Carpe Diem.



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29 comments on “Chicago Typewriter Episode 9 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    I’m rocking side to side and bouncing a little thinking “it’s getting so gooood”.

    “Is it just me or did you enjoy that alpha male moment Se Joo just displayed?” kjtamuser

    You know I was squee-ing!

    Jin O babbling excitedly on the bus and See ju trying to shut him up without appearing looney is killing me! lol

    @kjt FYI- hyung-nim, when used by a female means brother-in-law and/or sister -in-law (between females). “Brother” for a female is “Oraboni” or “Oppa”. It’s far more intricate than the way I’ve explained it and, while the way the subtitles listed it as hyung-nim, that’s usually reserved between men. This link, while not precise with regard to the situation we have here of a woman using it (and it doesn’t address “hyun-nim between sisters-in-laws , gives an idea of the usage):

    kjt, you’d figured it out but I was shocked that Past Se ju is the leader. I mean, we knew he was a freedom fighter hiding behind mild-mannered romance author – but to be the leader!

    That kiss! Whew! Wait kjtamuser. I have to pause before I can continue reading your summation thoughts. Omo!

    I thought Jin O was the leader. Then, this episode, I thought he was going to be the real life historical figure that Jin O mentioned in his meeting. So I was floored when it was revealed it’s our rich boy pharmaceutical heir.

    Kjt, your summation is DAEBOK! I love how you’ve brought me back to the “reality” that Se ju and Past Seju are still two different people. I was starting to lump them as one.

    Every observation you’ve made, I’m so on board with! I can’t wait until I have a chance to watch Ep 10! If only Present Seju will realize that he has more than just possessive feelings because he wants to keep that scum Tae min away from Seol.


    • Beez, I knew I could count on you to love the alpha male moment too!

      Thank you for the link. My quick google, didn’t suffice I see. The more I know, the better. Though no guarantees I’ll remember!

      That kiss! Whew! Wait kjtamuser. I have to pause before I can continue reading your summation thoughts.
      It was worth a second look…a third…you get the idea.

      Kjt, your summation is DAEBOK! I love how you’ve brought me back to the “reality” that Se ju and Past Seju are still two different people. I was starting to lump them as one.

      Every observation you’ve made, I’m so on board with! I can’t wait until I have a chance to watch Ep 10! If only Present Seju will realize that he has more than just possessive feelings because he wants to keep that scum Tae min away from Seol.
      Glad my observations resonate!
      I am worried about Tae Min, his kind of crazy includes physical violence.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    The Baek family continued to be a pain in the butt. “Mother Baek” has got a bee in her bonnet about ruining Se Joo; I’m so pleased her plot blew up in her face. I am furious “Father” Baek told his plagiarizing son that Se Joo had the original first draft of “Destiny”…that is precisely what a psycho needs is more reasons to go after Se Joo. Tae Min was spot-on about Writer Baek being his accomplice in the plagiarism of “Destiny”. While I enjoyed Se Joo’s alpha male moment, I think I was squeezing along with Beez! However, I worry about how much more Se Joo’s actions will wind up the psycho.

    I saw Jin Oh watching “Tomorrow With You” at the 14:30 mark from the beginning. Se Joo proved he was a softy, protecting Seol and accommodated Jin Oh’s requests. I thought the Seoul Bus Tour was especially interesting. I was laughing my butt off when Seol told Se Joo if he like the bus tour so much he should date the “Seoul Train” station. Now we know where the Soul Train originated! LOL! It’s too bad the camera didn’t really capture Jin Oh’s image in the photos; in spite of it, the moments were poignant for Jin Oh and I think Se Joo.

    Can I say I ❤ that a 1930s song is on the OST! It was fascinating to discover 1930s Se Joo was the resistance leader and assigned Seol to be a sniper. OMO, the kiss at the end was sooo passionate! “He drops his glasses and pulls her tight to his body. He deepens the kiss. She responds in kind.” OMO OMO! ***FANS SELF***


    • JT, you make me smile with your on-point description of that kiss. It was passionate. A running issue I have with kdrama couples is lack of passion, though love is represented. This kiss was passionate but not overly sexual. If you recall Another Miss Oh’s hot against the wall kiss that was overly sexual. Hot Another Miss Oh Kiss

      I saw Jin Oh watching “Tomorrow With You” at the 14:30 mark from the beginning. Se Joo proved he was a softy, protecting Seol and accommodated Jin Oh’s requests.
      Good eye for detail. Nicely stated.

      It’s too bad the camera didn’t really capture Jin Oh’s image in the photos; in spite of it, the moments were poignant for Jin Oh and I think Se Joo.
      The fact that the camera can’t capture Jin Oh makes it even more poignant.

      Can I say I ❤ that a 1930s song is on the OST!
      I couldn’t find anything about the song or singer, but I appreciated the additional to the series compact but powerful OST.


      • Beez says:

        @kjt – I didn’t watch that Another Miss show, but I followed your link and watched the video (without reading the kiss set up) – I admit it was hot but only because you can see she’s begging for it. If that actress didn’t convey being “hungry”, I’d have said call the domestic violence police! lol

        Liked by 1 person

        • Another Miss Oh had a interesting story and of course Eric, who has “the Eric effort” in all his roles. Intense eyes, passion that simmers…that’s the “the Eric effort”.


          • Beez says:

            I’ll have to check out Another Miss as everybody raves about it.

            I’ve often looked at pictures of Eric and thought “what is all the fuss about?” So, indeed, he must have something since women seem to go ga-ga over him.


    • Beez says:

      Quoting Jane Tilly: “OMO OMO! ***FANS SELF***”

      And there it is. The Yoo Ah in effect.

      Not the finest, but definitely the most intense.


      • “the Yoo Ah in effect”, is a tag line I’ll associate with you!


        • Beez says:

          @kjt – I know I fangirl over a lot of abs– er, actors. But with Yoo Ah in, it’s not the face, or abs, or butt or *ahem*, you know what I mean. With him, it’s pure respect at how he can mesmerize and command my attention with his acting skill.

          Btw, I’ve started to like the actor playing Yoo Jin O. In his other roles, I didn’t care for him one way or another. He was just there. But I felt him in this role. He’s relatively new so it’s a good sign that he’s getting better.


          • My favorite role for actor Ko Gyung Pyo was in Flower Boy Next Door, when his character was paired with the wonderful comedic actress Kim Seul Gi. They played off each other perfectly in a similar manner he plays off Yoo Ah In perfectly. I love a positive screen partnership.

            I’m going to sound silly…yes I like a good looking man. But if I think about my roster of men – Jang Hyuk, Ji Chang Wook, Joo Won, Song Joong Ki, Lee Joon Gi, Gong Yoo and Jung Il Woo – it is their intensity and ability to draw me to whatever ever character they become that does it for me.


            • Beez says:

              Kim Seul gi is in that Flower Boy stuff!? Hold the phone. I gotta find time to marathon that. And I thought I read on Dramabeans that Gyung po had only been around 2-3 years but Flower Boy Next Door is an older drama, isn’t it?

              As to your bias, kjt, ALL of those guys are so fine that I wouldn’t be able to objectively separate their looks from their talent. lol


              • Flower Boy Next Door was 2013. Here’s Ko Gyung Pyo filmography

                As to your bias, kjt, ALL of those guys are so fine that I wouldn’t be able to objectively separate their looks from their talent.
                They are good Looking and talented actors, and fine, and yummy, and…sigh…


                • Beez says:

                  Well, Gyong pyo’s not a newbie at all! The person saying that either didn’t know or either I misunderstood who she was talking about. (Btw,I don’t know where Asianwiki goes to find the worst profile pictures a lot of the times…)

                  Yeah, kjt, your “got skills” biases are all fine; whereas I never thought Yoo Ah in was fine (until he told me himself this year) lol. Although I cannot deny, him in that tangerine suede jacket & jeans…had NOTHING to do with his acting skills.


                  • Btw,I don’t know where Asianwiki goes to find the worst profile pictures
                    I’ve noticed the same thing! It’s like they pick the bad high school picture when a professional shot is available.

                    I cannot deny, him in that tangerine suede jacket & jeans…had NOTHING to do with his acting skills
                    I echo that assessment. It took me a while but the buzz cut and myriad of glasses work too.


      • Jane Tilly says:



      • Jane Tilly says:

        KJT, we have the same men on our roster of handsome​ AND compelling actors.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Kim Seul Gi is one of my favorite 💛 Korean actresses. I liked “Flower Boy Nextdoor”, except Park Shin Hae was still in her practicing lamppost mode for kissing 💋. Did any of you watch “Splash Splash Love” 🌟-ing Kim Seul Gi⁉. It was an awesome 2⃣ episode drama, worthy of our precious Kdrama watching time 🕐.


        • I have not seen “Splash Splash Love”. I looked it up and at 2 episodes and your recommendation, I’ll add it to my watch list.


        • Beez says:

          @Jane Tilly – I did watch Splish Splash but I didn’t know who Kim Seul gi was at the time and I kind of snoozed thru it. It’s on my list to revisit now that she’s one of my favs.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree this kiss was dual party participation, passionate 💋kiss💋! The Another Miss Oh 💋 was hungry and passionate! (highly unusual for a first kiss in Kdramaland) I can do without the girls acting like a lamp post while being kissed.

    Now we have to wait for a passionate kiss for the current incarnation of our OTP. ❤


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May 2017

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