Suspicious Partner Episode 3 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 3 Recap 

We begin episode 3 with Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) recalling how her demanding annoying mentor boss Ji Wook was sweet to her. Then she remembers almost kissing him on the night 3 months ago she got drunk and Ji Wook took care of her. Trying to shake off the memories, she got to the window and breathes in the night air.  She doesn’t have her glasses on so everything is blurry.

Unbeknownst to her, a man in black watches her from the rooftop. Is he thinking she can see him? He hoists a bag that appears to have a body over his shoulder.

We know she leaves her apartment to head to the convenience store.

Her ex-boyfriend Jang Hee Joon (Hwang Chan Sung) enters her apartment chuckling that she hasn’t changed the access code. The man in black appears behind him.

Bong Hee passes the man in black exiting her apartment complex as she returns.  He stops and watches her. Is he thinking that he’ll need to return to take care of her?

When Bong Hee returns to her apartment she trips over Hee Joon’s body. There’s blood. She gets blood on her hands. She calls the police.

The man in black tosses the knife he killed Hee Joon with in a field.

At the police station, Bong Hee realizes they suspect her of the crime. She urges the police to find the real killer. But Hee Joon’s new girlfriend, Na Ji Hae (Kim Ye Won), arrives and accuses Bong Hee of killing Hee Joon. Now Bong Hee is the prime suspect. They fingerprint her and take the mug shots.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) recalls a monk telling him when he was a young boy that a woman would mess up his life. But right now, his lack of sleep is the issue. His assistant recommends finding a woman to help him sleep.  Bong Hee calls Ji Wook. She tells him she’s been arrested. He goes through the usual list of possibilities. She tells him she’s been arrested for murder. He laughs assuming she’s joking. But he knows she’s not. He stares at his assistant.

An older man identifies Hee Joon’s body. His father? It’s the district attorney and he’s out for blood. At least they have the murder suspect in jail.

At the police station, Ji Wook can’t believe it. A distraught Bong Hee tells him she didn’t kill Hee Joon, she only left her house for beer, and when she got back Hee Joon’s dead body was there. She doesn’t know why he came or who killed Hee Joon. She tells Ji Wook that she’s putting her faith in him to help her. He doesn’t want that responsibility. But Bong Hee tells Ji Wook he’s the only person that know the law she knows, he has to help her. Bong Hee relents and tells her to shower and his assistant will get her fresh clothes.

In the shower, she cries the pain of loss of a man she once loved. Even though their relationship ended badly she wouldn’t want him to…die in her house and mess up her life! LOL!

Th next morning Ji Wook and his two assistants watch the new reports that detail that Hee Joon was the district attorney’s son and his alleged murderer was the jilted ex-girlfriend who couldn’t cope with rejection.

And it only gets worse for Ji Wook…the district attorney assigns him as Bong Hee’s prosecutor. He can’t believe it.

When Bong Hee arrives at the justice building the swarm of reporters knock her glasses off her face and pull the mask away.

In the interrogation room, Ji Wook arrives and is all business. He tells her he is the prosecutor.

Flashback…Ji Wook is told to get Bong Hee to confess or he’ll lose any chance of advancement.

Back to the interrogation room, Ji Wook tells Bong Hee that the convenience store clerk doesn’t remember her. Ji Wook tells her because of the blackout, there is no CCTV footage to corroborate her story. She tells him her glasses were crush in the press of reporters. She admits without sight; her hearing is lessened without seeing his face.

Ji Wook moves his chair so Bong Hee can see him. He pretends to sympathize but she tells knows this tactic and calls him on it. Other tactics don’t work either. Ji Wook can’t get the warning from the monk that a woman would turn his world upside down out of his head. He tells Bong Hee she’s the woman the monk foretold.

Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) and Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) discuss the case, they wonder who will defend Bong Hee. Lawyer Ji is surprised to get a call from Ji Wook.

Ji Wook’s assistant praises him for calling Lawyer Ji, a man he despises. Ji Wook shudders just thinking about it.

Bong Hee’s mother brings her the spare glasses. She tells her mother she’ll be out of jail soon. Their conversation is sweet, supportive, and they are strong for each other. But alone Bong Hee’s mother breaks into tears.

I like this mother and daughter!

Lawyer Ji meets with Bong Hee. He’s more interested in her relationship with Ji Wook. Bong Hee tells him to be her lawyer and get the facts. Lawyer Ji has only one question. Did she kill Hee Joon? Bong Hee answers with a sincere no. Lawyer Ji says that’s all he needs to know.

Ji Wook and his assistant note the broke CCTV cameras and the blackout on the night of the murder. No murder weapon has been found. Ji Wook says it’s unlikely but maybe the murderer isn’t Bong Hee. The assistant hope so.

Ji Wook and his assistant go to Bong Hee’s apartment. They see the chalk outline of the body. Ji Wook steps out to the balcony and wonders if Bong Hee saw something she wasn’t aware of witnessing. Ji Wook realizes from the chalk outline that Hee Joon was stabbed by someone outside the apartment then he fell backwards to the floor.

His assistant finds Bong Hee’s journal where she besmirched Bong Hee. He tries to keep it out of Ji Wook’s hands but is forced to hand it over. The assistant gets a call that the murder weapon was found. Ji Wook has to disagree as he pulls a knife from underneath the refrigerator. What? Didn’t we see the murderer toss the knife in the field?

My Thoughts

The mix of murder, humor, and heart is working. Bong Hee has my support. Ji Wook wants to support her too but is in the dreadful position of being her prosecutor. In actuality that’s a positive because Ji Wook is obviously thorough and hasn’t determined that Ji Wook is the murderer. Through all this, sweet moment and funny moments are woven in. I like the mix.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) knew she was in trouble from the start. She’s smart. No one had to tell her she was the prime suspect. Bong Hee is drawn to Ji Wook. Bong Hee trusts Ji Wook. She is right to do so. I love her positive supportive relationship with her mother. The positive parent relationship is not the norm in a kdrama and it’s like a breath of fresh air when it’s part of a drama.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) couldn’t shake the memory of the monk telling him that a woman would mess up his life. He knows Bong Hee is that woman. We can only agree. The murder scene points to Bong Hee but Ji Wook knows it’s not that simple. I liked the interrogation scene when his tactics but didn’t work because she was aware of his game. I liked it when he told her to wash the blood away and change into clothes. He did that with sensitivity. Ji Wook is a man of honor.

The first song of the OST has been released. Check out “Why You?” by SEENROOT. The lyrics are below the embedded video.

What is this? Why today?
Why are you here, why am I here?
Why is everyone saying something to me
Without any concern for me?

Is this destiny? To you, I’m a bad match
For me, are you my meant to be?
Why did you come into my life and mess it up?

I shout out no
But you’re at an age where you don’t believe me
Now I know, the person who is approaching
It’s you

You’re coming closer to me
You stole my heart
Like destiny, I can’t avoid you
Who are you?

One day, suddenly, my heart started beating
That moment when you passed again
I can’t call this just a coincidence

Is this destiny? To you, I’m a bad match
For me, are you my meant to be?
Slowly, you’re knocking on my heart

I wanna avoid you, more and more
I tried to ignore this
But no matter how much I avoided you
Your heart is getting closer

You’re coming closer to me
You stole my heart
Like destiny, I can’t avoid you
Who are you?

You softly came to me
So I can’t even escape
I’ve gotten used to
Your eyes, your touch, your voice

You’re coming closer to me
You stole my heart
Like destiny, I can’t avoid you
Who are you?


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8 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 3 Recap
  1. I love this drama to the fullest. I agree with you on the mix of humour, thriller and heart. Plus the mystery of did they kiss? or did they have that one night stand? I hope they did ahaha, it will be an exciting twist.

    Thanks for your recap and review…I appreciate it much!

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I also enjoy the mix of humour, thriller and heart – this series is off to a nice start. I ❤ the mystery about Ji Wook and Bong Hee 💋ing, but also wonder if it went any further?

      No doubt about it JCW is 👁🍬!

    • Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you are enjoying this drama too. I know it is my last chance at gazing at Ji Chang Wook before he joins the military so I am relishing it!

  2. oh and did I say, JiChangWook is a distraction and candy to the eye at the same time? He is drop dead gorgeous here no doubt!

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    It appears Bong Hee was the intended recipient of the 🗡, not cheater Hee Joon. The murderer must mistakenly think Bong Hee witness the body disposal; did the killer dump the body in the apartment water tank ✳EWW‼ CRINGES​✳. Was the victim in the bag stabbed too?

    I do not understand why Bong Hee kept describe Hee Joon’s death as an “accident”, that terminology puts her in a bad 💡. I enjoyed the interrogation banter with Bong Hee pointing out Ji Wook’s techniques she had been learning from her mentor.

    Why in the 🌏 would the D.A. be involved in a case where his son was the victim⁉ Is the 🇰🇷 judiciary not aware of “conflict of interest”⁉ or is it simply Kdrama writers lack of awareness or concern⁉ Why would a conflicted D.A. muddy the waters even further by assigning Bong Hee’s mentor, prosecutor Noh, to the ⚖ case⁉

    What is Noh Ji Wook’s relationship to lawyer ⁉ Why does Ji Wook have animosity towards lawyer Ji⁉ Why would Ji Wook ask lawyer Ji to take Bong Hee’s case⁉

    • Why did the murderer assume Bong Hee saw something? It was dark, what could she see? Was there a body in the bag the murderer hoisted? Was it the man from the train who also saw the murderer? Plus the murderer was in black with a mask, Bong Hee would have no idea who he was. That was proven when he passed her and she didn’t react until she felt the prickle of the murderer’s stare.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        OMO, it could have been the subway 🚇 pervert, who witnessed another murder (or was it the body disposal?). If the murderer would get his act together and be careful he wouldn’t compelled to ‘clean 🗡 up’ any would be 👀 witnesses. We’ll have to wait and see if the perv turns up dead.

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